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Spring 2015 Anime

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This chart is a list of the known TV anime series that aired between April and June of 2015, along with their Laconic descriptions.

For the previous season see Winter 2015 Anime. For the next season see Summer 2015 Anime.

Here is this season's discussion thread.

TV Series

  • Baby Steps 2
    Airing from April 5

    A second season.


  • Blood Blockade Battlefront
    Airing from April 4 for 12 episodes

    New York is trapped in a barrier with creatures from the otherworld. Badass ensues.

  • Etotama
    Airing from April 9 for 12 episodes

    A series revolving around moe anthropomorphisms of eastern zodiac members. The main focus is the cat trying to become a member.

  • Food Wars!
    Airing from April 3 for 24 episodes

    A boy is sent to an elite school for upcoming chefs. Cooking duels ensue.

  • Gintama
    Airing from April 8

    More Gintama

  • Gunslinger Stratos
    Airing from April 4

    An adaptation of a shooting game. It deals with a disease ravaging a version of Tokyo that's been split into two universes.

  • Hello! Kiniro Mosaic
    Airing from April 5 for 12 episodes

    Second season


  • My Love Story!!
    Airing from April 8 for 24 episodes

    A Gentle Giant doesn't have much of a love life until he saves a girl from getting harassed.

  • Ninja Slayer From Animation
    Airing from April 16 for 26 epsiodes

    A parody of Western views of Japanese culture. It involves ninja, yakuza, spirits, and cyberpunk.

  • Nisekoi:
    Airing from April 10

    Second season. Yes, the colon is how you tell it apart from the first season.

  • Omakase! Miracle Cat-dan
    Airing from 31st March

    An adaptation of Shoko Nakagawa's autobiographical essays.

  • Plastic Memories
    Airing from April 4 for 13 episodes

    The story follows a boy and a female android at a company that retrieves androids that have gone past their service life.

  • Punch Line
    Airing from April 9 for 12 episodes

    Plot details are unclear, but the tag line is "Once he sees underwear, humanity is destroyed!?"

  • Rainy Cocoa
    Airing from April 5

    The story follows a boy working at a cafe. Note: Cast is completely male.

  • Re-Kan!
    Airing from April 2

    The series follows the everyday life of a girl that can see the supernatural.

  • Rin Ne
    Airing from April 4 for 25 episodes

    An adaptation of the latest manga from Rumiko Takahashi. A girl who can see ghosts gets involved with an impoverished shinigami.

  • Seraph of the End
    Airing from April 4 for 12 episode (and then another cour in October)

    In a World… ruled by vampires, our hero is a human boy that joins a demonic army to get revenge on the vampires.

  • Sound! Euphonium
    Airing from April 7 for 13 episodes

    Four girls who have just started high school decide to join the brass band.

  • Triage X
    Airing from April 8 for 10 episodes

    Medicine-themed ecchi action.

  • Urawa No Usagichan
    Airing from April 9 for 12 episodes

    Propaganda for Urawa city starring cute girls.

  • Vampire Holmes
    Airing from April 3

    Holmes, a detective who doesn't solve mysteries or use reasoning, deals with a "vampire slasher" incident.

  • Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
    Airing from April 12 for 12 episodes

    The story kicks off with a boy and girl getting their bodies swapped. They come to realize that this isn't the strangest thing happening at their school.