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Manga / Oyajina

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Clockwise: Ryuu, Shinomiya, Haishima, Akaneko, Chinatsu, Tomoe, and Shiro.

A Boys' Love series serialized in the Opera(Edge) magazine since 2010 and created by Hiiragi Nozomu.

For some reason or another(probably chemical pollution) all the female teenagers in town have been turned into middle-aged men. Friends and classmates are suddenly finding each other attractive and falling in love.

No to be confused with Orangina.

This manga contains

  • Biseinen: They might be middle-age but some of the characters are hot! Especial mention goes to Shinomiya. For more traditional Bishōnen examples there're Satou, Misoji, and Ushio.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Only in comparison to most other BL manga. So far, there has been only 13 characters deemed important enough to appear in the covers, but there have been other characters who get a short A Day in the Limelight or who are just recurring extras.
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  • Love Triangle: In the first volume we have this love square: Setsu has a crush on Ushio who likes Tomoe who likes Chinatsu who likes Tomoe. In the second volume there's one with Haishima, Ryuu, and Shinomiya.
  • One-Gender School: The "girls" go to one, while Misoji, Satou, Shouyuya, Ushio, and Kuni go to another one.
  • Porn Stache: A lot of the other girls get one when they are transformed into men, but Daniella's stands out since she gets a truly magnificent one.
  • Super-Deformed: Tama's mom switches between mom mode and Chibi Mode, while Tama-chan's male form is always this. The other characters are usually only Super-Deformed on title pages and volume covers.