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Manga / Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo

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Ooaoi Private Academy is a school that assembles delinquents and thugs from all over Japan. Its students are rowdy and violent, and even the teachers will start class by telling the students "Sit down, fuckers."

Aiko Torasawa, nicknamed Torako, is a new student at Ooaoi. Legends of the destruction she's left in her wake, from demolished buildings to fighting wild bears, precede her. To look at her, however, Torako is the furthest thing from the delinquents who otherwise populate this school. She's a shy crybaby who just wants to be friends and it would be easy to assume the legends have been exaggerated... except she's also inhumanly strong, has no control over that strength, and can be quite clumsy to boot.

So begins the story of Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo (Torako! Don't Break Everything!) by Nujima, which ran in Young Animal Arashi from 2016 to 2018. An ecchi school comedy in which Torako tries to make friends in a school full of delinquents, assuming she doesn't accidentally kill them first...

Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo contains examples of:

  • Animal Theme Naming: All of the main characters' surnames begin with the kanji for an animal.
    • Torasawa = 虎 = tiger
    • Takano = 鷹 = hawk
    • Udou = 兎 = rabbit
    • Suzumemori = 雀 = sparrow
    • Enma = 猿 = monkey
  • Big Eater: When everyone is eating lunch on the rooftop together, Takano looks down and realizes Torako is literally surrounded by food. Torako says she eats so much that her older brother has compared her to an American car and doesn't grasp that wasn't meant as a compliment.note 
  • Bullying a Dragon: Takano's constant attempts to pick fights with Torako, even after having seen the inhuman feats she's capable of multiple times.
  • Clothing Damage:
    • The sheer wind pressure from even Torako's most gentle swings are capable of completely obliterating clothing, as Takano repeatedly finds out the hard way.
    • In chapter 13, Torako's brother, Mashiro, loses most of his clothes in the process of stopping Torako from fatally glomping Takano due to the force he's stopping. He's completely naked from the shoulders down as he thanks the Pet Raising Club for being Torako's friend and asking they take care of her. He's used to this enough that he has spare clothes all set to change into immediately afterward.
  • *Cough* Snark *Cough*: When Aiko's petite older brother pays visit to the pet raising club Bullet drops this remark:
    Bullet: You're a real shota*COUGH* You're really short!
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: Torako's issues with her strength would not be as severe if she were less awkward in general.
  • Defeat by Modesty: Whenever Takano takes on Torako, Takano ends up with her clothes ripped. She then slowly curls up into a fetal position and lets woe betide her.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Torako is so inhumanly strong that she can exorcise hostile ghosts just by "cleaning" them with a broom. She doesn't even notice what she's doing — she sees the ghosts as ordinary stains and messes to be cleaned up.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength: The main source of Torako's issues. As gentle and sweet as she is, she is so inhumanly strong that she can't do anything without causing some kind of damage. Even saving a classmate from the path of an oncoming truck breaks said classmate's arm.
  • Dustbin School: The very first page of the manga describes Ooaoi as one of these, specifically calling it a school that gathers delinquents from all over the country.
  • Expressive Hair: Suzume's antenna starts wiggling when it detects the presence of something supernatural.
  • Face of a Thug: This is a manga about deliquents so many characters have faces like this. Most prominently Enma and Suzume. Surprisingly sometimes even Torako herself if she's trying to act serious.
  • Failure Montage: Much of Chapter five centers on Torako trying to join various clubs. Popping the ball and tearing the net in half during vollyball tryouts is a foreseeable-if-unfortunate consequence of poorly controlled Super-Strength. Knocking over multiple bookshelves at the Literature club, however, is just plain sad. Stomping holes into the track while making distinctly below-average time when trying out for the Track club crosses into the realm of Epic Fail.
  • Gag Penis: In chapter 13 Torako's brother Mashiro is thanking the Pet Raising Club for being Torako's friend and asking they take care of her. None of the other girls take in a word of this because, having suffered Clothing Damage from stopping an overexcited Torako, he's naked from the shoulders down. Bullet remarks that he's really packing and when describing its size Suzume, admittedly the smallest member of the cast, is estimating it at about the size of her torso.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: After an earthquake traps the train her class is on within a partially collapsed tunnel, a wounded Torako drags the whole thing to the end, smashes the rubble blocking the entrance... and flees, more convinced than ever that she is a monster.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Torako is a full head taller than Bullet and Enma. Assuming they're average height for a 15-year-old Japanese girl (5'2" / 157 cm), that puts Torako at a whopping 6 feet / 183 cm tall.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Chapter 3 has Enma getting roped into promising to show off her boobs to any boys who help her defeat Torako. It works, as she has a small army ready to take on Torako. However, when Torako sees them, and sees that Enma is clearly embarrassed by the whole thing, she swings a steel beam at the boys and politely tells them they shouldn't bully. The boys immediately fold, declaring Enma's bra size isn't worth risking their lives for, and not even Enma throwing her bra off on the spot will persuade them to return.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Torako's driving motivation is to make friends with her classmates. She's never had friends before, due to her Lethal Klutz tendencies driving people away. She winds up befriending Takano's gang, despite their best efforts, when their teacher forces Torako onto their Pet Raising Club.
  • Lethal Klutz: Torako causes massive amounts of damage around her without even wanting to. Chapter five features her trying out for clubs and, without fail, demolishes each and every club's equipment, ranging from stomping holes into the Track & Field club's track to knocking over bookshelves in the Literature club.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: When Torako uses her absolute fullest strength, her body bulges with a large amount of muscle.
  • No Name Given: Takano's and Enma's first names are never revealed.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Torako's introduction to her new class was marred by students asking about rumored acts of carnage she would just as soon keep quiet. Flat denials may have worked. Boasting likely would have worked. Embarrassed efforts to explain and downplay them ("I heard you knocked down a building barehanded!" "I-it was old! And structurally unsound!")? Did not work.
  • Older Than They Look: Torako's older brother, Mashiro, is initially taken as a lost little boy when the Pet Raising Club first sees him. The only thing that shocks the girls more than hearing Torako call him "Big Bro" and said big bro throwing Torako around like a ragdoll is the revelation that he's almost thirty-five years old.
    Bullet: Yes!! He's legal!!
  • Orgasmatron: Megumu Udou's nickname, Bullet, comes from the fact that she has a vibrator inserted in her at almost all times. Takano holds the switch and turns it on for her from time to time, though sometimes forgets to turn it off, such as in chapter two when doing so nearly causes Bullet to stumble into traffic.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Torako's brother, Mashiro, is a thirty-four year old who is Older Than They Look and is very easily mistaken for a child. He is also the first person in the series shown capable of handling Torako's insane and uncontrolled strength. He repeatedly dodges her or throws her with enough force to break walls, both sides doing it with a smile as Mashiro describes it as their version of goofing around. He credits his taking care of Torako in place of their parents as the source of his own strength, as simply surviving her naturally made him stronger.
  • Samus Is a Girl: The final page of the final chapter reveals that Gouri-sensei is a woman and, apparently, she's a mother with two kids.
  • Shout-Out: In the final chapter, Torako fireman carries Enma out of a hot spring because she's overheating. Enma tries to wiggle free out of embarrassment. Below them a "Struggle" meter is shown and Rotor even notes "It's like Dead by Daylight", as the over-the-shoulder carry and attempt to struggle free are part of that game's mechanics.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Depending on the fan-translation, Megumu Udou's nickname is translated as either "Bullet" or "Rotor", both in reference to the vibrator she wears non-stop.
  • Stern Teacher: Given the school involved is full of delinquents, it's no surprise Gouri-sensei is strict. Yet, even as classes consist of openly calling students morons, Gouri-sensei acknowledges that there are serious students among them and when Torako comes for help with making friends, her teacher tries to help by suggesting she join a club. When Torako's Lethal Klutz tendencies turn that into a massive failure, Gouri makes the Pet Raising club take her on threat of disbandment. That said, the Pet Raising Club makes the not entirely inaccurate accusation of foisting Torako on someone else after the failures before.
  • Super-Toughness: Goes hand in hand with Torako's inhuman strength. Multiple people have tried to attack her with varying degrees of seriousness and not only does Torako barely notice most of the time, but the attackers either hurt themselves in the attempt or break whatever they were attacking her with.
  • Wooden Katanas Are Even Better: Suzume's most prized possession is a wooden sword she purchased with her savings. She talks it up a great deal, naming it the demon blade Muramasa, but neither it nor she have any special qualities. When she fights Torako, the battle consists solely of Suzume whacking her with her sword until she either gets too tired or the sword breaks. When the latter happens, Suzume starts bawling.

Alternative Title(s): Torako Dont Break Everything