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The shikigami user and the great detective

Kagamigami is a manga series created by Psyren creator Toshiaki Iwashiro, It tells about a boy named Kyosuke Kagami a Shikigami user along with his two companions Hakutenamru and rashomaru and an aspiring detective named Mako Miyoshi together they solve supernatural cases committed by evil Shikigami users.

The series was published in Shonen Jump from February 9th to November 16th 2015 and consisted of 39 chapters.


Kagamigami contains examples of...

  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: The tsuraigis family’s attack on the shinkigami association headquarters during the last remaining chapters of the series.

  • Bittersweet Ending :The Tsuraigi family’s plan of invading Hectohell is prevented but Kyosuke decided to remain in hectohell so that he can prevent more evil kodomos from invading our world and the aftermath results in the humans to distrust the shikigamers users even more that the Shikigami association are forced to disband and split into different factions in secret to continue the fight against the evil shikigami users and few of the evil kodomos who escaped from Hectohell.

  • Big Bad: Bou and the Tsuraigi Family.

  • Defeat Means Friendship: After Zankimaru is defeated by Kyosuke’s Taijutsu ,He decided to become his Shikigami so that he can become more stronger than ever.

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  • The Determinator :Kyosuke wanted to be a great Shikigami user similar to Mako who wanted to be a great detective.

  • Fantastic Racism :The Shikigami users are sometimes being distrusted by the humans.

  • Friendly Rivalry: Kyosuke Kagami and Kaito Sumeragi.

  • Great Detective : Mako Miyoshi the second protagonist is determined to be one.

  • Super Mode: Shiro is Kyosuke’s super form when hakutenmaru posses him .

  • The Unmasqued World :This takes place in the world where humans who control supernatural creatures live among ordinary humans.

  • Tournament Arc: The unit selective assessment until it was interrupted when the Tsuraigi family attacked the shikigami association headquarters.

  • Loyal Animal Companion: Hakutenmaru to Kyosuke


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