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Now, your adventure has begun. Let your own feet carry you forward.

"The boy has begun his journey. What will he bring upon our universe? Will he become a hero of legend? Or will he wreak insurmountable havoc as a demon king?"

Shiki Granbell has spent most of his days Raised by Robots in an abandoned theme park on a forgotten island, dreaming of new places to explore and friends to make. His life takes a sharp turn when the park receives its first visitors in 100 years: a wannabe web celebrity named Rebecca and her talking blue cat-bot, Happy. When an unspeakable tragedy leads the other robots to chase Shiki out of their home, the two travelers decide to introduce Shiki to the outside world, taking him with them on their boat—which suddenly rises from the water and blasts off into space!

So begins the tale of a boy whose name will one day echo across the universe. But the surprises don't stop there, as Shiki is quickly thrust into command of the Edens Zero, an interstellar warship left behind as inheritance by his adoptive grandfather, the mechanical Demon King, who once used it in his search for Mother, the fabled Goddess of the Cosmos. What follows is a galactic adventure filled with cybernetic dragons, space pirates, existentialist androids, temporal anomalies, magical cyborg ninjas, and much more as Shiki vows to fulfill his late grandpa's dream—and to make as many new friends as he can along the way, whether they like it or not!


EDENS ZERO is the third major manga series by Hiro Mashima, coming on the heels of the long-running Fairy Tail's conclusion in July 2017. Described by Mashima as "Space Fantasy" rather than straight Science Fiction, the series is a classic High Fantasy story with a more cosmic edge that continues Mashima's tradition of reimagining select characters and elements from his previous works, namely Fairy Tail and Rave Master, making it a Spiritual Successor of sorts. But while it continues Mashima's traditional themes of True Companions and The Power of Friendship, it's markedly Darker and Edgier than its immediate predecessor, featuring viler antagonists and a greater emphasis on loss, prejudice, and human cruelty.

The manga was launched in Japan's Weekly Shonen Magazine on June 27, 2018. Owing to Mashima's shift from analog to digital drawing, the manga is notable for being the first to ever be translated and published worldwide at the same time as its Japanese release, done in a grand total of six other languages.note  Mashima has also featured the manga in a short-term Crossover series with Rave Master and Fairy Tail titled Mashima HERO'S, which ran simultaneously with EDENS ZERO and Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest from October 16 to December 25, 2019.


An Animated Adaptation of the manga by JC Staff began in April 2021, with Netflix acquiring rights to stream the series internationally in August the same year. Currently, a single season of 25 episodes, covering up through the Sun Jewel arc, has been completed and aired. Production on the anime is slated to continue; however, director Yūshi Suzuki passed away after completion of the first season. Still, it was revealed the anime will indeed have a second season.

Lastly it also has not one, but two Action RPG video game adaptations by Konami in development: a 3D game for consoles, and a top-down game for mobile devices titled EDENSZERO Pocket Galaxy.

EDENS ZERO provides examples of:

  • Accidental Time Travel: Subverted. Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy travel to the planet Norma. Soon after they arrive, they discover they're fifty years in the past and have no idea how they got there or how to return. When they manage to leave the planet, they learn that 50 years of the planet's time was eaten by a Chronophage. That means that the Norma of 50 years ago is the new present Norma, so no time travel actually took place.
  • An Aesop: The story is all about the importance of making new friends and avoiding complacency with your family when they aren't guaranteed to be around forever, and could leave you to fend for yourself when you aren't expecting it.
  • Ambiguous Situation: The circumstances behind Labilia's confinement in the Belial Gore arc. When Rebecca first encounters her in the arc, she's bruised and beaten all to hell, but when she activates her Ether Gear and is sent back to the point where Drakken attacks the Edens Zero, Labilia is not confined but is still present on the Belial Gore. With the later reveal of Connor also having never been found by the crew follow Rebecca's thirtieth "reset," the situation is muddled even further.
  • Androids Are People, Too: One of the central themes of the series is that every being has a heart, whether they're human, machine, or some other artificial entity, showing that they are capable of feeling the same emotions and forging friendships as anyone else. Unfortunately, this is not a universally held sentiment, with Shiki and his closest friends being among the few people to wholeheartedly think otherwise.
  • Anti-Magic: The Sun Jewel arc introduces the concept of Ether coating, which is used on certain machines to give them resistance to all Ether-based attacks, including Ether Gear.
  • Anywhere but Their Lips: Rebecca kisses Shiki on the cheek in Chapter 176 as a "reward" for always helping her out.
  • Apocalypse How:
    • Planet Granbell, which is inhabited mostly by robots, suffers from a Class 3B apocalypse when the core functions of every bot on the planet completely shut down after an entire century of endless activity. If the bots didn't evacuate Shiki before this happened, he'd be the only living person left on the planet. It escalates to Class X when Ziggy destroys the whole planet with a gravity attack.
    • A 20,000-year Flash Forward shows the aftermath of a Class X apocalypse, with almost half of an unnamed planet ripped off and barely held together from the rest by sinewy strands of Ether.
    • Any planet whose time is devoured by the Chronophage suffers a low-key, planetary-scale variation of Class Z, getting its present permanently overwritten with its past. While the planet may continue to thrive depending on how many years were stolen (ranging from decades to millennia), the original planet is considered to be "dead" for all intents and purposes, along with anyone unlucky or foolish enough to remain on-planet. Such is the case with Norma (which is already "dead" by the time Shiki and co. arrive) and Guilst (which the crew get to bear witness to), along with countless other unnamed planets caught in the wake of the latter.
    • Planet Hook, a place where old and unwanted robots are discarded, teeters on the edge between Classes 2 and 3 due to a shortage of Ether, with Hermit helping a team of scientists build a ray gun to provide emergency energy and avert the crisis. It escalates to Class X when the scientists repurpose the ray gun into a Doomsday Device to obliterate the planet.
  • Artificial Gravity: Every ship shown so far seems to have some form of artificial gravity, as the characters have no problem walking around as if they were on the surface of a planet. In keeping with the story being a Space Fantasy rather true sci-fi, this is taken for granted and not explained in any capacity.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: Shiki, Homura, and Rebecca destroy one of the biggest jewel monsters in Sun Jewel by attacking the weak spot Pino's analysis found on its back.
  • Author Appeal: A work by Hiro Mashima means fanservice, but besides the obvious curvy women in tight/skimpy outfits and shirtless men, the recurring focus on bondage and feet make it apparent that Mashima has certain kinks.
  • Bad Future: In Chapter 69, Rebecca has a nightmare of what looks to be a possible future. This was before she had fully awoken her Cat Leaper power. In Chapter 149, Rebecca finds herself in the worst possible future again, this time with Master Noah and an adult Shiki confirming it is very real. From what we've seen, there's a war going on, Happy (and possibly the rest of the Edens Zero crew) is dead, and Rebecca lost her legs and can no longer use Cat Leaper.
  • Badass Crew:
  • Badass in Distress:
    • Rebecca gets put in this position for the Guilst arc. Ambushed and kidnapped along with dozens of other B-cubers to be sold to Illega, she quickly takes the lead in working out an escape plan. While she does briefly need Shiki to save her when she ends up running into Illega, she gets payback the next time they cross paths.
    • Homura very briefly gets caught and tied up by Garrot in the Sun Jewel arc after she and Shiki get hit by his paralyzing whip. It doesn't last long enough for Garrot to have his way torturing her before Shiki saves her.
    • In the Belial Gore arc, the entire crew falls under Drakken Joe's mercy when their infiltration goes horribly wrong, getting caught one by one and dragged into a dark underpass while their android friends are decommissioned. The end result: Weisz losing an arm as a "warning", Shiki getting shot dead when he continues to resist, and Rebecca and Homura being too broken to do anything about it. It isn't until one week later that Rebecca awakens her Cat Leaper and undoes their disastrous defeat.
  • Beach Episode: Chapter 107 is a much-needed Breather Episode with the Edens Zero crew going to have fun at the beach of the planet Red Cave, allowing them to relax after all the crazy stuff they went through.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: Jamilov, the Arc Villain of the Digitalis arc, is able to make his player avatar invincible by hacking the game. The heroes decide to use this very tactic against him.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • The Foresta arc ends on this note: the Edens Zero crew manage to stop the virus that's driving the planet's robots to enslave and kill humans, but by then there's been casualties on both the robot and human population, and it's unknown if the humans will be able to trust the robots again.
    • Aoi War Arc: The crew manage to save all the robots in the universe from being deactivated and the resistance, with some help from the Interstellar Military, managed to defeat the Nero Empire. But there are many casualties from the fight including the princess of Oasis whom Laguna was trying to save, Creed from the Interstellar Military who was shot by his own teammate Jesse just as Creed revealed to Homura he was the prince on the planet she was raised on and, most devastatingly, Witch, who sacrifices herself to prevent Edens Zero from being destroyed. And if you think Rebecca's Cat Leaper can fix this, nope! She finds her power won't let her go back to do so for some reason and nearly destroys her body doing so. What's more Ziggy is still plotting something, having brushed off his failure to obtain the All-Link System and kill off the Edens Zero crew while becoming even more of a threat thanks to taking Nero's Wormhole Ether Gear.
  • Boom, Headshot!:
    • Mostly played for laughs with Rebecca. She appropriately applies her gamer skills to almost exclusively land non-lethal headshots with her Ether powered Happy Blasters.
    • Played straight by one of Drakken Joe's henchmen when he takes out the disgraced hacker Spider.
    • At the turn of the Belial Gore arc, this is how Shiki dies in World No. 29 at Drakken Joe's hands.
  • Bowdlerise:
    • When Captain Connor is teaching Pino how to swear, he outright tells her to say "Fuck you" in Japanese (Fakku yū). Kodansha's translation softens the version to have them just say "Screw you."
    • During the scene where Rebecca gets her panties swiped by Paul in the Sun Jewel arc, Kodansha USA edited out the shot of Paul holding them in front of her.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: The Granbell robots, knowing that their days are numbered as their batteries are about to expire, stage an uprising and pretend to have never been friends with Shiki to convince him to leave their planet with Rebecca. They did it to spare him the fate of remaining alone on their dead planet, as they knew he would have stayed in Granbell to try to fix them otherwise.
  • Bridal Carry:
    • Shiki sometimes carries Rebecca bridal style. One of the most notable instances is in Chapter 107, where he carries her flying so she can film the scenery of the planet Red Cave decorated with Ether lights.
    • In Chapter 102, Weisz carries Homura like a princess after the Big Bad starts destroying the ground they were standing on. From Homura's face, she finds it embarrassing.
  • The Cameo: A few Fairy Tail characters show up in a bunch of shots on Blue Garden, including Natsu, Lucy, Shadow Gear, Max, and Warren. Mirajane and Lisanna later show up among the B-Cubers kidnapped by Rogue Out.
  • Casting Gag: Miyuki Sawashiro once again provides voice to a mentor character that dies tragically for the sake of her pupil (with whom she maintains an almost mother-child relationship) in a work of Hiro Mashima.
  • Casual Interplanetary Travel: And how. Rebecca casually travels from planet Blue Garden to Planet Granbell in a civilian spacecraft that she owns as an online streamer to film a "cool video."
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • When Rebecca awakens her Ether Gear for the first time in the Sun Jewel arc. It was foreshadowed during Chapter 15. When Rebecca first used her Ether Gear. The Belial Gore arc reveals that she's always had this power, which allows her to perform time leaps whenever she or her friends were in danger in previous arcs and beyond, and that it's the whole reason why Drakken Joe is chasing the Edens Zero in the first place.
    • In the Sun Jewel arc, Madame Kurenai's Satellite Blaze gets hijacked by Drakken Joe, inadvertently helping out Shiki and the resistance in the process. It shows up again in the Belial Gore arc when a crazed and mutated Drakken points it at Blue Garden with the intent to kill Noah for his meddling.
  • City of Adventure: Blue Garden is described as entire planet of adventure, due to housing the adventurers' guild Shooting Starlight.
  • Cool Starship:
    • The Edens Zero itself is an extravagant black-and-gold dreadnought with a demonic-looking dragon's head at its prow. It also includes various luxuries such as a massive bathhouse with a cosmic skylight and superpower-inducing water, an Unlimited Wardrobe factory, a kitchen that automatically provides whatever food the crew wants, and a built-in fireworks launcher. Its Skull Fairy form is also impressive with a similar-looking dragon head.
    • Rebecca's ship, the Aqua Wing, is a multi-purpose craft that effectively functions as a seaboat, a plane, and a spaceship.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Right after Shiki and Rebecca are told to seek out "Sister", an entity with the same name coincidentally starts kidnapping B-Cubers (one of whom is Rebecca), and Shiki discovers this plot when he gets lost in an enormous city and just so happens to stumble upon Labilia right in time to foil her own kidnapping.
  • Crapsaccharine World:
    • Planet Newton is a world marked by succulent apples that float through the atmosphere where scientists tirelessly work to improve human-robot relations in the cosmos. Said scientists also turn out to be of the evil variety, and actually use the robots as Unwitting Pawns in a bid to destroy a neighboring planet filled with them.
    • Sun Jewel is a glitzy and glamorous metropolis planet and popular tourist spot where travelers go when they want to have a fun least in the rich sector. The poor sector is where its citizens are forced to mine all of the metal used to keep the rich sector thriving, and that metal comes from ferocious mineral monsters that can kill the most skilled of warriors if unprepared. On top of that, the rich citizens don't bat an eye at the fact that their ruler publicly executes criminals on the spot with a Kill Sat that can keep track of each and every citizen, where they go, and what they say on the planet, and exerting the slightest degree of violence—including self-defense—would earn them a one-way ticket to the labor district, where they'd essentially be imprisoned for life.
  • Cross Player: During the Digitalis arc, Weisz and Homura both take the opportunity to select avatars of the opposite gender, Weisz doing so for less honorable reasons. It later turns out Homura is a government spy disguised as her, passing the switched gender off as another one of her quirks.
  • Cyberspace: Digitalis is a virtual planet that acts as a server to the MMORPG Rogue Fantasia, where players upload their consciousness to interact with their surroundings. It's also inhabited by fully sentient NPCs who Grew Beyond Their Programming.
  • Darker and Edgier: In terms of a Spiritual Successor to Fairy Tail, this series has more of a cynical and gritty tone with more grotesque violence, blatant prejudice against marginalized groups such as robots and androids, and utterly despicable Hate Sink villains who've caused widespread death and misery across numerous planets.
  • Death Is Cheap: Zig-Zagged. Despite the abundance of robots and Ether, the series makes it clear that death is unavoidable. When Valkyrie breaks down beyond repair, Sister argues they could just use a previous backup of her mind to bring her back, but Witch argues back that they'd just be making a Replacement Goldfish designed to copy their dead friend. However, Rebecca's ability to time leap allows her to undo Shiki's death when he's killed by Drakken Joe, but she doesn't know exactly how to make it work, and it's stated to be a Dangerous Forbidden Technique.
  • Debut Queue: Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy are all introduced in the first chapter. Then Weisz appears in Chapter 4, followed shortly behind by E.M. Pino in Chapter 6, both of whom stick around long enough to join them as the first crew members of the Edens Zero in Chapter 14 (though the former doesn't officially agree to stay until Chapter 28). From there, it becomes a Gotta Catch Them All scenario with the Four Shining Stars, with the first three found between Chapters 14 and 24, and one extra crew member, Homura, tagging along in Chapter 18.
  • Destroy the Evidence: Jesse deletes Creed’s history about his death since he was the one who kill him. He did this because he doesn’t want to get arrested by the Interstellar Union Army.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Homura's quirk, for which she frequently apologizes later after realizing it.
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • Rebecca wishes to be a famed B-Cuber on the net, but her style is very amateurish and she doesn't really bother with her presentation when making her videos, instead just filming what she feels is interesting and uploading it, something any regular schmo can do. While her rival, Labilia, is a complete Jerkass about her popularity, she at least bothers to put more effort and work into her videos, which catches more views.
      • After the Time Skip, though, this gets turned around. Thanks to coaching from Couchpo, who's still aboard, Rebecca has become a well-respected B-cuber while Labilia is eventually revealed to have gone over the hill and become a has-been.
    • After several successful battles against powerful and influential people, Shiki decides to take the fight to Drakken Joe—leader of the most powerful crime circle in the cosmos—when he's hot on their tail, expecting that they'll be able to pull through whatever obstacles come their way with determination. The whole crew gets beaten and captured. Our heroes get dragged into a dark tunnel surrounded by armed men who use non-lethal force when they talk out of line; the Elite Mooks who got curb-stomped at the start use their loss to go undercover and successfully capture the ship; Happy and Pino get sold to a random junk shop; Weisz gets picked to have an arm hacked off as a way to show that they mean business; and when Shiki declares they'll just get stronger and come back, he's just desperately trying to take advantage of Drakken's Thou Shall Not Kill policy, which Drakken reneges on by shooting him in the head at point blank. All of this completely saps the bravado out of our plucky heroes, reminding us that they're just inexperienced kids in way over their heads.
  • Doomed Hometown: By the end of the first chapter, Shiki's home planet of Granbell is already on the verge of having every robot on his island (i.e., the entire planet's population except for himself) cease to function after over a century since their activation, which happens at the end of the chapter. Tragically, Shiki himself doesn't realize this as the other robots had to keep it a secret, or else he'd spend his life in vain trying to fix them all. By the time Shiki comes to learn what actually happened, the entire planet gets obliterated by the now-evil Ziggy.
  • Dramatic Irony: The first chapter ends with Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy convinced that the Granbell robots have been infected with a virus that turned them hostile against humans, not realizing the robots were just acting the part to save Shiki before they ran out of power. Tragically, Shiki gives them a blissfully ignorant farewell mere moments right after they shut down. This lasts all the way until Chapter 101 when the crew finally revisits Granbell to say goodbye before they ship off through Dragonfall.
  • Energy Ring Attack: Illega's Ray Gun fires a concentric circle beam which turns people into stone.
  • Fake Crossover: Happy from Fairy Tail appears as a major character, albeit with a totally different history and a slight design change (the tip of his tail is black rather than white). Plue, who similarly made the jump from Rave Master to Fairy Tail, also pops up as a race of identical restaurant employees.
  • Family of Choice: All the human members of the crew are orphaned. As explicitly stated after the three-year Time Skip, this makes them united by this common trait and committed to seeing each other as a family that they're committed to protecting.
  • Fanservice: Shown a few times, mainly via Rebecca and anytime the girls of EDENS ZERO take a dip in the bath. The Guilst Arc also features the part where all the B-Cubers, Rebecca includes, are shown covered only in suds that happened to have dissolved their clothing. On the other hand, the same arc shows naked women who have been turned into stone and reduced to little more than human furniture at the hands of a depraved frog-man.
  • Fictional Counterpart: B-Cube is this series' answer to YouTube.
  • Fictional Currency: "Glee" is the most widely mentioned form of currency in this universe.
  • First-Episode Twist: The first chapter makes it seem like a more modernized fantasy adventure series where Rebecca travels to different lands such as islands and kingdoms in a seaboat. Then, when she and Shiki make their getaway, her boat lifts off into space, and it becomes apparent that those "lands" are actually stars and planets.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: Shiki's resentment and trust issues towards Noah are this. While he has every right to be upset over Rebecca and Sister being put in danger, Noah claims he was just trying to stop Drakken Joe. When the crew succeed in stopping him, Noah apologizes to them for all the troubles he caused, but Shiki remains distrustful of him and refuses to consider him a friend. Even with an apology, you just don't stop resenting someone in the blink of an eye.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The "Edens" in Edens Zero is short for "Ether Drive Eternal Navigation Ship".
  • Girls Stare at Scenery, Boys Stare at Girls: In Chapter 107, the Edens Zero crew watches the Ether lights on the planet Red Cave. While everyone admires the beautiful scenery, Weisz is much more interested in staring at Homura's butt, making Homura kick him.
  • Gory Discretion Shot:
    • Happy immediately after his run-in with a drunk driver. It's obstructed by certain angles and the edge of the panels, but just enough of his lower body is shown to indicate it isn't there anymore.
    • A silhouetted version occurs in Chapter 65 when Garrot gets Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Valkyrie's sword, showing the blade plunging through his abdomen with a splash of blood.
    • In Chapter 83, Weisz's missing arm is covered by a speech bubble.
  • Gotta Catch Them All:
    • Once Shiki gets the Edens Zero, the focus of the plot shifts to assembling the Demon King's Four Shining Stars, a group of androids that bring the ship's functions to full capacity, or else they'll find it difficult to make past the Sakura Cosmos's border, where ship-devouring space dragons gather. This ends with the discovery that one of the four, Valkyrie, was Dead All Along, with her pupil Homura taking her place long after already joining the crew.
    • Downplayed with the crew's search for the Relics, artifacts born from Mother herself that emanate with her Ether, each one serving as a radar to the next Relic and, eventually, Mother herself. Instead of needing to gather all the Relics, however, the crew is informed right off the bat that they just have to keep collecting Ether from different Relics until the reading becomes strong enough to detect Mother.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: Digitalis is the server of an MMORPG whose NPCs somehow gained sentience and now act like normal people. This is part of the reason why the game was shut down, causing the NPCs to form their own thriving society.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": If a robot is given a descriptive title indicating their general role or purpose, odds are that actually is their name. Case in point, the Four Shining Stars are named Witch, Sister, Hermit, and Valkyrie. While they all have second names, those are treated more like their surnames.
  • Human Aliens: Every human character is technically an alien by virtue of coming from a planet that isn't Earth. Rebecca takes it further by saying the human Shiki is technically an alien from her perspective because he lived on a planet different from hers.
  • Human Pet: The robots on the planet Foresta do this under the Big Bad's influence to all the humans that they didn't kill in their revolution.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Zig-Zagged. While humans are negatively highlighted for their maltreatment of robots, the series goes out of its way to show that there are humans who treat robots like people, as exemplified by Shiki and his friends, while also having its share of bots and aliens who mistreat innocent humans, up to the robotic Demon King Ziggy coming Back from the Dead and not only abandoning his ideals of harmony with mankind to become the Big Bad, but being revealed as being an amnesiac villain to begin with.
  • Humongous Mecha: Characters such as Sibir and Madame Kurenai pilot gigantic mechs called Knight Gears, which are designed to combat giant warships easily. Shiki's Ether Gear is able to dismantle Sibir's easily, but Kurenai's proves to be much more resilient and powerful.
  • Inside a Computer System: Digitalis is a virtual planet that players "dive" into by uploading their consciousness into it. This also means that death in the virtual realm equals death in real life.
  • Irony: Planets are typically considered to be "dead" once they are eaten by a Chronophage, which overwrites the existence of everything within its atmosphere with an earlier version of itself. The irony comes when a Chronophage does this to Guilst, a world formerly abundant with nature before it devolved into a Wretched Hive, as the apocalyptic event actually returns the planet to a thriving state.
  • Just a Machine: A commonly held belief across the universe is that robots, androids, and other artificial beings like digital lifeforms are just mindless automatons designed to imitate emotion without actually feeling them, which gives rise to some truly horrific acts no different from racism and genocide against ordinary humans.
  • Ki Manipulation: Ether Gear is a cross between this and Magic by Any Other Name, since its users have to reconfigure the flow of Ether in their bodies like a machine, which results in a seemingly endless variety of powers depending on its type.
  • Kidnapped by the Call: Downplayed. Shiki initially refuses the call to stay on Granbell to ensure Rebecca's escape from his rogue robot friends, but Rebecca refuses to hear it and immediately drags him onto her ship. However, she only does this because she knows he always wanted to leave and now has the excuse. Surely enough, Shiki quickly settles into it.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • The fact that EDENS ZERO is a space adventure story in the first place. The setting is so integral to the story, right down to Mashima describing the genre as a "Space Fantasy", that it may come as a surprise that the reveal of outer space was a big First-Episode Twist.
    • Any and all crew members that join following the reveal of the Edens Zero ship itself, including the Heel-Face Turns of the villains Mosco, Jinn, Kleene, and Laguna. The opposite also applies to Valkyrie, who's built up as the last mandatory crew member for the voyage until she is shown to have been Dead All Along, with Homura taking her place.
    • Anyone introduced to the series through scenes after Chapter 84 would know that Shiki's death in the Belial Gore arc doesn't stick thanks to Rebecca performing a time leap.
    • Nothing past Chapter 101 makes any attempt to hide that Demon King Ziggy—Shiki's dead grandfather figure and the series' paramount example of Dark Is Not Evil—comes Back from the Dead as the Big Bad, or that his new ship is the Edens One, the Superior Successor to the Zero first name-dropped in Chapter 49.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: While discussing how Shiki imagined the Shooting Starlight guild to be more much more like a big, welcoming family than it turned out to be, Rebecca and Happy mention there used to be of a manga/anime like that.
  • The Load: When the heroes enter Digitalis to save Hermit, they are told they still have access to the abilities they have in the physical world. However, like in regular RPGs, they cannot do anything to modify or alter the game as that would result in them getting banned. This means that Weisz and Pino cannot use their respective technopathic and EMP powers. As Weisz states, this effectively makes them deadweight. Even when Weisz decides to ignore the rules and counter Jamilov's hacking, he needs Hermit's help.
  • A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...: The series focuses on Human Aliens living in a region of space called the Sakura Cosmos.
  • Magic by Any Other Name: Ether is a type of energy present in the universe that can be found in people's bodies, machines, and planets. It can also be compressed into physical objects such as bullets and crystals. However, only people with Ether Gear like Shiki can tap into it via Ki Manipulation.
  • Magitek: All technology in the series runs on Ether, a mixture of Mana and Life Energy. It can also compress Ether into solid or semi-ethereal forms, ranging from bullets and shockwaves to more mundane objects like ID cards.
  • Male Gaze: In the first chapter alone, readers are greeted by shots of Rebecca's curvy frame, further emphasized by scenes where she is tied up or falling. Then there are the times Weisz admires Homura's butt and when Shiki stared at Rebecca while she was in a compromised position (sprawled on the floor, temporarily paralyzed, and wearing nothing but a towel).
  • Maou the Demon King: The title of "Demon King / Maou" belongs to both Ziggy and Shiki as captain of the titular ship, with the former also performing the role at the Granbell Kingdom. Rather than an inherently villainous title, which it's widely believed to be In-Universe, it actually stands for the King of Magimech—the gravity-based fighting style Ziggy and Shiki use—who shares his Ether with machines. Then the role gets played straight when Ziggy comes back wrong becomes the Big Bad, brainwashing other robots into revolting against humans and any other robots who side with them.
  • Meaningful Name: The Sakura Cosmos is filled with Cherry Blossom petals as far as the eye can see. The anime version is especially stunning.
  • Meanwhile, in the Future…: In Chapter 4, the series has a brief Flash Forward 20,000 years into the future, where two Ambiguously Human astronauts discover the remains of a man and a woman on a desolate moon neighboring an eviscerated planet, also stumbling upon what appears to be Rebecca's B-Cube necklace with the words "EDENS ZERO" carved on it. The shift is so sudden and garring that Xiaomei opens the next chapter to reassure the reader that this isn't how the story continues.
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: The dragons that fly through the cosmos look more like dragon-shaped dreadnoughts than anything else, yet they're treated like living beings that are commonly mistaken as comets from a distance.
  • Mega City: Eternal, the home of the Shooting Starlight guild on planet Blue Garden, is a futuristic metropolis filled with spires and a river of water floating across the sky.
  • Meta Twist: The identity of the Big Bad, as well as The Reveal leading to it, both put a darker spin on recurring conventions in Mashima's works: the first is that it's a mentor and father figure (or grandfather, in this case) to The Hero, who are invariably good guys in older Mashima works, if not the Big Good or Greater-Scope Paragon, as Ziggy is built up to be; the second is that it's someone who's Not Quite Dead. Ziggy Came Back Wrong and has undergone a jarring personality change.
  • Mythology Gag: Being a Spiritual Successor to Fairy Tail, which was itself a successor to Rave Master, this series has tons of allusions to both series:
    • Happy's home planet, Excede, is a corrupted version of Happy's species name in Fairy Tail.
    • The skull-and-crossbones flag of Elsie Crimson—an Expy of Fairy Tail character Erza Scarlet—is actually the Fairy Tail guild emblem turned 90 degrees counterclockwise. She also owns a battleship called the Skull Fairy to boot.
    • The top-secret door aboard the Edens Zero labeled "Code 3173" is a reference to the Arc Number in Rave Master, which similarly tied into several of that series' most closely guarded secrets. That secret turns out to be called Etherion, a term used in both Rave Master and Fairy Tail that's closely associated with 3173 in the former.
    • Weisz's modified assault rifle flamethrower is called Atlas Flame, the same as a fire dragon in Fairy Tail. His other weapons in his Arsenal form also take cues from Fairy Tail dragons, such as the Drum Buster (Skiadrum/Skiadram) and the Grandy Ray (Grandeeney).
    • On Digitalis, Homura rides the same kind of "horse" the main characters of Rave Master used for some of their travels.
    • The Berial Goer/Belial Gore, the space fortress used by one of the Oración Seis Galáctica, is named after one of the members of Rave Master's Seis, Berial/Belial.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Subverted with the "Fire Planet" Red Cave, which is actually covered in water. It turns out the planet got its name from its volcanic caves of seemingly sentient fire and magma that stand between travelers and the Mother Relic enshrined on the planet, which only became covered in water after the Relic's disappearance. Once the Relic is restored, the planet goes back to its original state.
  • Non-Lethal K.O.: Ether-based attacks are this because ether is based on life energy. Rebecca's Happy Blasters fire bullets made of ether, so even when she scores a ton of headshots, her victims are just knocked out. Later, Hermit defeats one of Drakken Joe's Four Elements, Fie, and makes a point of adding ether coating to her final attack to ensure a non-lethal victory.
  • Nun Too Holy: Sister Ivry dresses like a nun, but she has a foul mouth and a penchant for torture. Her healing powers simply means she can be even nastier if she wants.
  • Only Six Faces: Shiki and Rebecca have the same general attributes as the male and female leads of Mashima's previous works, particularly Natsu and Lucy (Shiki has slanted eyes and spiky hair, Rebecca has wide eyes and blonde hairnote ).
  • Our Dragons Are Different: The cosmos is populated by absolutely massive mechanized dragons, thrown in just to show how incredible the universe is.
  • Our Hero Is Dead: This happens in the Belial Gore arc when Drakken Joe actually kills Shiki via a bullet between the eyes. The next chapter is spent on Rebecca unable to cope with his death before her Ether Gear's time travel powers kick in, sending her back to stop Shiki just moments before they can set off on their doomed mission.
  • Outdoor Bath Peeping: Shiki takes Homura to bath at a spring after her fight with Mora. As Homura speaks to him about her concerns of what might happen if Mother can only grant one wish, Shiki turns around to look at her and Homura politely asks him to turn away because she's still bathing.
  • Plot Coupon: The Four Shining Stars are the Demon King's top androids who serve aboard his ship, the Edens Zero, and bring it to full travel and battle capacity. Since most of them have gone their separate ways after the Demon King's retirement, Shiki and the gang learn that they have to gather all four to breach Dragonfall, a sector between the Sakura Cosmos and outer space that swarms with ship-devouring space dragons.
  • Plot Twist:
    • The first chapter contains a First-Episode Twist revealing that the series is actually a Space Western, and not an Urban Fantasy set 20 Minutes into the Future as first suggested. It also reveals that all the robots on Granbell, who appeared to be plotting against Shiki all along, were actually trying to save him from getting trapped on the planet before they all shut down.
    • The true nature of Rebecca's Ether Gear, Leaper. It's not just a speed based power, it actually allows her to leap through time and she's done so subconsciously multiple times in her life and throughout the story without the reader being aware. It's true name is Cat Leaper.
    • Chapter 49 reveals that There Is Another ship with the title of "Edens" called Edens One, captained by a man named Connor. It's elaborated in Chapter 102 that the Zero was a prototype for the One.
  • The Power of Friendship: Played with. Shiki wants to make as many friends as possible, though Rebecca warns him that's easier said then done. That said, Ziggy has taught him at an early age how important friendship is and has since gone out of his way to help Rebecca and other people he befriended when they need help the most.
  • The Quest: By Chapter 3, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy decide to take up a quest to find the seemingly mythical Goddess of the Cosmos Mother, which becomes their most prioritized goal in the series. At first they do it simply as a way to turn heads and get new friends (or subscribers in Rebecca's case), while Shiki personally wants to know why he seems to remember meeting Mother before. Shiki becomes all the more motivated when he learns it was his late grandfather's Tragic Dream to find her, giving Shiki the chance to finally surpass his grandpa and pay tribute to him by doing something he could never accomplish. When his grandfather comes Back from the Dead as the Big Bad, the quest turns into a race to see who can get to Mother first.
  • Raised by Robots:
    • Shiki grew up living as the only human on the Granbell Kingdom, a fully automated amusement part run by robots. They were friendly with him and gave him a good home, but this meant he never really interacted with real humans until Rebecca came along. Once off planet, he has trouble adjusting to talking and meeting with new people.
    • Homura was raised by the android Valkyrie following her Parental Abandonment. This wound up making her a target of unsavory gossip and rumors on her planet, which frowns upon any kind of relationship between humans and machines.
  • Recurring Element:
    • There are several prominent Expies of older Mashima characters from both Rave Master and Fairy Tail, such as Happy, Plue/Nikora, Elsie Crimson (Erza Scarlet), and Justice (Sieg and Jellal).
    • The manga features not one, but two groups referencing the Oración Seis, a group of six powerful villains from Rave Master and Fairy Tail, both being subject to Dub Name Change: the first is the Oración Seis Galácticanote , who are a collection of planet-crushing outlaws known in Japanese as the Ginga Rokumashōnote , alluding to the name's furigana spelling in Fairy Tail as Rokuma Shōgunnote ; the second is a government-sanctioned military squad that opposes the former, and is simply known in Japanese as the Oración Seis, which gets its name switched to Oración Seis Interestelarnote  out of respect of its own furigana spelling as Seikei Rokukishōnote .
    • Mildian, a city from Rave Master and Fairy Tail that is closely associated with time, is reinvisioned as a planet that's cut off from the rest of time, and is home to a fortune teller that can see everything past, present, and future.
    • The secret behind Code 3173 (itself a reference to Rave Master) is called Etherion, a powerful force of destruction that's present in both Rave Master and Fairy Tail.
    • One of the series' Quirky Miniboss Squads is called the Element 4, just like Phantom Lord's Four-Element Ensemble in Fairy Tail, this time working for Drakken Joe as his special forces unit. The group's water representative, Laguna, also makes a Heel–Face Turn just like his Fairy Tail equivalent, Juvia, and both face off against the series Lancer (Weisz and Gray, respectively).
  • Reset Button: One major discovery that begins to dawn on Rebecca during the Sun Jewel arc is that she has the power to jump backwards in time and undo events that lead to her or her friends getting in danger, something she's unconsciously done 30 times throughout her life; case in point, after the initial outing on Belial Gore goes horrendously and results in the ship's capture and Shiki's death, Rebecca jumps back a week right before their infiltration happens.
  • Reused Character Design: The series features Expies of Happy, Plue, Erza, and Jellal, all characters that have shown up in Fairy Tail (and Rave Master, in Plue's case).
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: While most of the old robots on Granbell are instantly recognizable as such, there are others who could instantly pass off as regular people to the untrained eye. Even Happy himself is mostly machine, counting more as a "ridiculously feline robot".
  • Robotic Reveal: Happy is revealed in the second chapter to be a mostly mechanical cyborg with the appearance of a regular cat whose old body was mangled in a roadside accident.
  • Scenery Censor: While Rebecca is taking a bath her nether regions are obscured by a leaf, then after nearly being sucked into space and slamming against the ceiling the bars serve the same purpose.
  • Scenery Gorn: The planet in the Flash Forward is shown to have gotten entire chunks of it ripped off with sinewy strands of ether still clinging to them, giving it the appearance of an eviscerated life form with its entrails graphically exposed.
  • Science Fantasy: EDENS ZERO is set in a world that incorporates space travel, robots, and a generally futuristic aesthetic, but the main characters also have special abilities that allow him to fight with the strength of a machine.
    • An invoked trope according to Hiro Mashima himself in the manga's afterwords, EDENS ZERO is an SF story, where SF stands for Space Fantasy rather than Science Fiction.
  • Secretly Dying: The power supplies of all of the robots on Granbell are nearly depleted and there is no way to restore them, so they pretend to turn against Shiki and Rebecca to send Shiki off-world since they don't want him to waste his life futilely trying to repair them. They last just long enough to see Shiki fly off into space with his new friends before they all shut down.
  • Sensual Spandex: Deconstructed. The crew have to wear skintight suits while "diving" into the Virtual Reality of Digitalis. Once they make it back to the real world after about two whole days, they're completely drenched in sweat due to their poorly ventilated outfits.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong:
    • After finding out they've been sent 50 years back into Planet Norma's past, Rebecca initially has to caution Shiki time and again against doing anything that could alter the timeline. But when they find out a criminal from the past has already started using technology from the future before their arrival, they're forced to take action to stop him. It's subverted when it's revealed they didn't travel through time, but that a Chronophage overwrote Norma's present with its past, resetting the planet's timeline in a paradox-free manner.
    • Played straight with Rebecca, who discovers she has the power to travel back in time with her Ether Gear, Cat Leaper. This allows her to undo the events of the Belial Gore arc that end with Drakken taking the ship, capturing her, and killing Shiki.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Elsie Crimson looks like a cross between Erza Scarlet and Emeraldas.
    • An Omake included with the first volume's limited edition focuses on Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy playing an online Survival Horror game against a player-controlled slasher just like Dead by Daylight.
    • In Kodansha's translation, Happy describes the planet Guilst as a wretched hive of scum and villainy.
    • Negan from The Walking Dead makes a cameo in a crowd shot aboard the Belial Gore during a scene that's reminiscent of his debut episodes, where Drakken Joe has the crew "punished" and kills Shiki similarly to how Negan punishes Rick's group by killing Abraham and Glenn.
    • In Chapter 144, when Rebecca's team encounters a member of the Oceans Six with a mirror themed Ether Gear power, Happy exclaims "Is it an enemy Ether Gear attack!?"Explanation 
    • Also in 144, Shiki ends up pinned down by some of the robots Shura sics on him before one of them reveals a bomb on it's chest and tries to blow him up. This is similar to what happened to Heihachi in Tekken 5.
  • Single-Biome Planet: The EDENS ZERO crew visits many throughout their adventure. Almost every planet they come across has one defining characteristic, usually explained by having Ether of a particular element be abundant in the atmosphere.
  • Slippery Swimsuit: In the Pool Episode in Chapter 176, Homura asks Weisz to make the water at the water park go faster so she can run against the current for her training. Unsurprisingly, Homura ends up losing her bikini because of the water pressure.
  • Space Is an Ocean:
    • Space Pirates are a major threat in the universe, and Rebecca explicitly mentions how Elsie Crimson, the most dreaded of them all, conquered the "Seven Cosmic Seas".
    • The Aoi Cosmos takes this to a whole new extreme, as it's filled with an actual ocean in the middle of space that exists above and below planets.
  • Space Western: The series follows Shiki and the crew of the eponymous Edens Zero hopping from planet to planet in search of Mother, while making friends along the way.
  • Spiritual Successor: EDENS ZERO draws heavily from its predecessor, Fairy Tail, following a boy with powers from a bygone age who was raised by a currently absent, non-human caretaker, quickly partnering with a girl who runs into him by circumstance and becomes his most cherished friend.
  • Super Mode: Jinn and Drakken Joe state that all Ether Gear users can enter a state called Overdrive which happens when the Ether surpasses a certain point and causes a change in the ether itself. Shiki is the first seen to achieve this, and he transforms into a devil-like figure. After training in the Aoi Cosmos, Weisz and Homura can also achieve Overdrive; Weisz's Overdrive form is streamlined, like a humanoid android, while Homura's Overdrive form looks like a kitsune. After the three-year Time Skip, Rebecca achieves Overdrive as well, taking on a Cat Girl form.
  • Temporal Theme Naming: Shiki's name is Japanese for "four seasons". This is in keeping with Mashima's personal tradition of naming main characters after seasons, following Haru (spring) from Rave Master, Natsu (summer) from Fairy Tail, Aki (autumn) from Monster Soul, and Mafuyu (winter) from the one-shot Fighting Force Mixture. Incidentally, Monster Hunter Orage (Mashima's manga based on Monster Hunter), also stars a protagonist named Shiki. In addition, the Cosmoses seen or mentioned so far are all named for Japanese seasonal festivals: Sakura (cherry blossom, spring), Aoi (hollyhock, summer), Kaede (maple, autumn), and most recently mentioned Yukino (snow, winter). That said, each Cosmos seems to play with their name somewhat. Sakura, for example, has cherry blossoms all over the place, while Aoi (which under a different Kanji means blue) has streams of water instead.
  • There Are No Therapists:
    • In Hermit's backstory, after being used by Dr. Muller—first as an Unwitting Pawn and then as a target for his sadistic impulses—she is eventually rescued when the authorities come to arrest Muller and his cronies. Rather than offer her any form of support when they find her emotionally broken from what was done to her, the officers on the scene simply consider her a lost cause and let her wander off on her own so she can find a place to die.
    • Rebecca suffers from traumatic flashbacks and emotional breakdowns periodically throughout the story, and is only able to keep it together thanks to Shiki. One of these flashbacks involves witnessing Shiki's death and being held Drakken Joe's prisoner for a week in the timeline before she makes her first fully conscious time leap.
  • Thicker Than Water: Discussed; Homura's home planet places great value in blood relations between family members no matter how bad they may be, which fuels the low public opinion of the mechanical Valkyrie raising the human Homura. This ends up getting to Valkyrie, who sets out to find Homura's Missing Mom. When it turns out Homura's mother would rather become an Evil Overlord than return to her daughter, Valkyrie—and later Shiki—try to drag her back to Homura by force, determining that as a blood relative, Homura is the only one suitable to judge what to do with her. In the end, the trope becomes defied when Homura chooses the now-deceased Valkyrie as her true mother and disowns her biological mom outright.
  • This Is Reality: Rebecca periodically gives Shiki reality checks about how friendship works when he goes gung-ho about making them, pointing out that most people he meets generally won't care about what he has to say. He experiences this firsthand on his first day at the guild, where everyone laughs him off and goes about their business after he makes a scene and, failing to read the atmosphere, gets rebuffed again when he asks to be friends with them all.
  • The Time of Myths: There is an occasionally mentioned period known as the "Dark Ages" where Ether Gear originated from. There's also the case of "Mother", a Mysterious Watcher and Physical God who was supposedly seen by an explorer ages ago, but anyone who claims to have seen her now is laughed off as a lunatic.
  • Time Skip:
    • A relatively minor one in Chapter 133 since only seven days of in-universe time passed during the skip, but it's notable for a few reasons. For one it was specifically called out by the omniscient narrator, Xiaomei. For another, it's notable for what it didn't show. The crew was training under Xenolyth during that time, but it was a special form of VR training that made it feel like a month had passed for them. Not only that, but as the Nero 66 arc has continued, we're seeing the fruits of that training as so far Homura and Weiss have revealed their Overdrive forms, which they most likely achieved during training. Xiaomei skipped the training to preserve the surprise!
    • Chapter 169 ends with a three year skip.
  • Time Travel:
    • Played with in regards to the Chronophage. When the crew visit the planet Norma, they find themselves in the Norma of 50 years in the past. After they leave, they find that they didn't go back in time; rather, the Chronophage devoured the last 50 years of the planet's time, effectively erasing the present Norma and leaving a past version in its place. The older Weisz that Rebecca and Happy knew (as well as anyone else from Norma) evacuated before the Chronophage arrived. The ones they met, including the younger Weisz who joins them, now exist in the same present without any risk of a paradox.
    • Played straight with Rebecca's Ether Gear, Cat Leaper, which lets her use Mental Time Travel to jump back to an earlier point in time—which she's unconsciously done 29 times throughout her life, unable to remember until Shiki's gravity allows her to have a Ripple Effect-Proof Memory.
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: Shiki's impatience to face Shura alone and refusal to listen to his crewmates that it would be risky ends with Shura attacking the ship, critically injuring Sister and Hermit, and kidnapping Witch. He almost makes the same mistake again when he wants to go rescue Witch by himself but Jinn and Couchpo manage to reign the furious Shiki in and convince him to rendezvous with the infiltration team first.
  • Tron Lines: When a person uses Ether Gear, parts of their body—most commonly their arms—become covered in glowing lines of Ether, indicating their similarity to a machine.
  • Underestimating Badassery: The Rogue Out soldiers think Homura is just a "girl in a bootleg kimono" when she offers to stay behind and fight them while Shiki goes after Sister (keep in mind that earlier they had seen her slice a missile in half). When we next see them, the Rogue Out soldiers are on the ground while Homura doesn't so much as have a hair out of place.
  • Underground City: Due to the planet Norma's climate causing giant earth ether pillars to fall from the sky, its people built the city underground.
  • Upgrade vs. Prototype Fight: This winds up happening to the Edens Zero itself, which turns out to be a prototype for the Edens One, helmed by Captain Connor and commanded by the Not Quite Dead—and evil—Demon King Ziggy. This ship also includes its own counterparts to the Four Shining Stars called the Four Dark Stars, who are said to be superior to their predecessors. When the two ships duke it out, the Zero suffers an interstellar Curb-Stomp Battle from the One, and only gets out in one piece thanks to Elsie Crimson.
  • Vehicle Title: "Edens Zero" is the name of the Demon King's battleship, which is inherited and used by Shiki and his friends.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Shiki and Homura discover that they can't use Ether Gear when their hands and arms are restrained by something as simple as rope. Strangely enough, they were never taught this by Ziggy and Valkyrie. Losing the associated limb seems to permanently cripple Ether Gear use. The older Weisz, for example, can't use Machina Maker due to having a prosthetic right hand, while in a Bad Future, Rebecca loses the ability to use Cat Leaper due to the loss of her legs (unlike the others, her ether gathers in her feet—this implies that she would lose her ether powers if bound by the ankles instead).
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 101: Ziggy is revealed to be alive... and out to conquer the universe. Declaring to Shiki and his previous Four Shining Stars his intention of destroying them.
    • Chapter 166: Witch sacrifices herself to save the Edens Zero crew.
    • Chapter 169: The chapter ends three years later.
    • Chapter 172: Rebecca's actions not only involve leaping through time (by which point Noah says she's done it over 400 times), but also branching into Alternate Futures where significant elements differ (this explians the two—soon to be three—Captain Connors she's seen to date). She's so far done it twice: when she hit the Reset Button on their raid on Belial Gore, and when she convinced Shiki to evacuate Nero 66.
    • Chapter 183: Elsie Crimson's real name is Elsie Le Lendard, as in the same planet that Ziggy has taken over and is using to manufacture armies of robots, and which the Shiki/Elsie/Holy alliance is currently attacking.
  • Wham Shot:
    • Chapter 167: Rebecca, while consoling Shiki in his room after Witch's death, begins to take her top off. Cue a full page of half of Rebecca's body cracking as a result of a futile attempt to time leap multiple times to save Witch but failing.
    • Chapter 169: The chapter ends three years later.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Humans generally tend not to view robots and digital beings as actual people, at best being indifferent to their troubles, and at worst damaging, abandoning, and scrapping them without a care (shown poignantly with Hermit's backstory). Ziggy raised Shiki to actively look past such labels, Rebecca learned to do the same from a young age when Happy was rebuilt as a machine, and Homura was raised by Valkyrie, who ended up treating her much better than her real mother, who abandoned her.
  • World Tree: Guilst is home to a gargantuan tree called Mechdrasil that is visible from space, and whose roots cover the entire planet's surface. Due to this, its entire civilization is built on its branches.
  • Wretched Hive: The planet Guilst is an Outlaw Town where all manners of illegal activity are committed freely.
  • Wutai: Homura's home planet Oedo looks like feudal Japan.
  • You Are Too Late: This occurs in the Sun Jewel arc when the crew discovers Valkyrie has been Dead All Along for the past three years, meaning Homura's search for her was All for Nothing.


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