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Rebecca isn't human.
  • Specifically she is of a android race, alien, or even a demon. Specifically due to her reaction to the machine stating how they aren't the tools of humans and how she never confirmed she was in fact human. Not too mention it would be cool if one of the main duo was a non human.
    • An interesting theory, but it's heavily implied in chapter 2 that her reaction is because of Happy and his cyborg/robot body. Still possible, though.

Shiki is the reasoned they time traveled
  • I mean, he was the one piloting the ship when they landed on Nouma. Which somehow resulted in them traveling 50 years into the past.
    • Perhaps because gravity effects time?
    • Jossed. They didn't actually travel through time, but the planet was attacked by a Chronophage which set the planet's timeline back fifty years.

Michael the robot will join the main group.
  • Chapter 1 made it seem like he was just an Advertised Extra after he and the rest of the Granbell robots died, but since then the main characters have traveled 50 years into the past.
    • More doubtful now that it's been revealed that they never really traveled back in time. Then again, if the Chronophage stops by Granbell for a snack...

The series will deconstruct Screw Destiny.
Shiki won't be taking either of the paths that Mother expects him to take. Not that it will necessarily end well...

The Elsie Crimson that Shiki is fighting is not her real self.
  • Shiki has been fighting Elsie Crimson in the latest chapters, but, given her dialogue, she may just be encouraging him to pursue his goals through fighting him with a "clone". — Damon Draco
    • Confirmed for the most part. The "Elsie" that Shiki fights is a Kawpicatt that mimicked her DNA, but there's no real serious goal behind having them fight. It's just more fun for the real Elsie.

Shiki has been a victim of a Chronophage and his "future" self is responsible for creating the Demon King
  • We have learned that a Chronophage erases a planet's current time and rewinds it back to a variable period in the past. What if the Demon King found Shiki after his planet was attacked by one, thus, reducing him to a child. Ellaborating into that, the Demon King and many other machines were built by this "future" Shiki as the friends he always wanted to have. Maybe Future Shiki went into another planet and wound up caught by a Chronophage, only then to be found by the Demon King. — Damon Draco

Homura is Shiki's sister
  • Both are very dark haired
  • Both were trained from a young age to wield Ether Gear. Homura either gear is even implied to be the same as Valkyrie the sword of Eden. Given how Shiki orgin remain a mystery and Homura similar age the two would likely originate from the same place if they were both trained by members of Eden.
  • Homura looks like a female Zeref, the older sibling of the MC Natsu of Fairy Tail
  • Every major protagonist in Mashima stories have a older sibling.
    • Wouldn't Homura have introduced herself to Shiki as his sister when she initially asked to join him, though?
    • Jossed. Homura was revealed to have come from a family and planet of her own compared to Shiki.

Drakken knows how to extract people's Ether Gears by force and transfer to someone or himself
  • Drakken mentions all he wants is Rebecca's Ether Gear and make it as his own. It implies he obtains several other Ether Gears in the past. There are two possible theories:
    • 1) He will either uses a device to extract people's Ether Gears by force and transfer to someone, weapons or himself.
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    • 2) He extracts Ether Gear users by cutting off their limbs or part of their bodies where their marks appear from and get their powers forcibly transfer by him.

Drakken regain his memories after Rebecca unintentionally used her Cat Leaper
  • In Chapter 85, there's a chance that Drakken might retain his memories after Rebecca unintentionally used her Cat Leaper seven days ago . He must have stolen an Ether Gear from unknown user, the ability to become immune to time and space. Meaning all of Rebecca's effort to change the past will be for nothing.

The real nature of the Chronophage
  • It erases recent achievements and persons but also deaths and corruptions. So, it appears to erase the entropy of the universe. This contrasts with other series' interpretation of Spacetime Eaters in that they erase events from time (altering history) or the future of living beings, objects, places.
  • The Chronophage is related to Mother
  • So, the Chronophage can be a sort of restorer. A thought: which planets were retconned until now? They were corrupted by Drakken's actions. That gives the present Wild Mass Guess: the Chronophage is Drakken's future self that obtained the time-rewind ether, in immense measure, and now is living in backwards time, compelled to retcon the planets he damned. Perhaps he stole Cat Leaper from Rebecca in a dramatic situation with no control over the results, becoming a monster; or, more appropriately for his deeds, he obtained this condition as desire and punishment by Mother herself in the conclusion of his story, and now he is an entity damned to repair his evil actions. This can be verified with the first apparition of the Chronophage (alternatively, it is possible the existence of more Chronophages).
    • Witch referred to the Chronophage that showed up a Chronophage, so its confirmed that there are multiple of them.

Shiki will eventually become a member of the Oración Seis Galáctica complete accident. It's stated in the first couple of chapters that Shiki's name will eventually be known far and wide, though it isn't clear whether it will be as The Paragon or The Dreaded. So why not Take the Third Option and have him be a Hero with Bad Publicity? Drakken Joe's defeat undoubtedly left an Evil Power Vacuum, so if it were to leak that Shiki was responsible, it might be enough for the Cosmic Government to consider him enough of a threat to be declared a member. And that's not even considering his friendship with Elsie or his actions against the Nero Empire.

Shiki himself either won't care about his title in the slightest or will be upset since it will make most people too scared to try approach him.

  • confirmed

Pino's True Purpose
  • Ziggy intended her to stop him if he turned evil again. Evil Ziggy's attempt to erase her memories of her friends was a ruse to try and get her to join him, against humanity.
    • Might still be possible. The "Evil" Ziggy was actually the AI of the Edens One, which may mean Pino was intended to destroy or disable it at some point.

If the crew reaches Mother, someone will wish to properly resurrect Valkyrie.
  • It would be fitting for this to happen, because it would restore the Edens Zero to its full-power state and be a kind-hearted gesture.

Lyra was the one who amputated Rebecca's legs in one of the worst possible futures
  • In Chapter 149, it is hinted that Lyra was the one who amputated Rebecca's legs since she has interest in her legs and she may have discover her Cat Leaper ability. She might have it did after Rebecca loses consciousness.
    • Semi-Confirmed. Rebecca loses her legs after she lose Lyra's strip game and has them "erased" by Lyra. She's not aware of Rebecca's Cat Leaper yet.

Lyra cheats at Lost Card by using her Ether Gear
  • Ever since Lyra lost the game of "Lost Card" to Nero and her left eye, she became obsessed of winning the game so she rigged it and uses her Ether Card to cheat secretly against her opponents.
    • Confirmed.

The potential English dub cast

Ijuna is actually the rebel princess and secretly controlling Shura
  • The rebel princess, daughter of previous boss before Goodwin, was supposedly killed by Shura, but her corpse's face was so badly mangled they couldn't positively identify her.
    • Confirmed for Ijuna's true identity in Chapter 157.
  • Shura is oddly protective of Ijuna who is supposedly just his "secretary" when he clearly does not value the lives of soldiers or other comfort women.
  • As one of the fan submitted characters, her power was described as one that allows her to manipulate people's emotions by making them fall in love. This could be how she is manipulating Shura.
    • Confirmed

Ijuna had romantic feelings for Lagura
  • The only reason Ijuna abandon Oasis is because not only she gets rejected by him after she confessed her feeling for him, but he left the rebel army.
    • Turns out she used her Ether Gear to tie herself to Shura to make herself fall in love with him to save herself from the mental distress of the torture he put her through.
      • Jossed.

Rebecca will unlocks her Overdrive or uses the same ability from Belial Gore Arc to save her friend's lives
  • At the end of Chapter 160, it heavy implies the sea serpent was the causes of Edens Zero crew's deaths and how Rebecca loses her legs in one of the worst futures. Filled with grief and despair of her all of her friend's deaths and Shiki fallen to Dark Gravity after murdering Shura, Rebecca will time leap to World. 31 a few days or weeks before arriving Nero 66 due to her awaken Overdrive. She will try to explain everything she knows from World 30. and tries to prevent the tragic fate and saves everyone like before.
    • Jossed.

Homura will leave Edens Zero for good at the end of Nero 66 Arc
  • After witness Creed's death, Homura will resign her position as Sword of Edens and returns to her home planet because she believes every time the people she close with dies or leaves her.
    • She does this in order to protect her friends without her around. Homura will request Witch or Sister to fully restore Valkyrie even though she won't be the same Valkyrie they knew and they need Sword of Edens in order to protect Shiki and crew. It makes sense since Homura was the first and only person Valkyria passed her technique to her. Unless Edens Zero crew will go back to Sun Jewel and scan her memories before meeting Homura and see if she passed out her techniques from her previous students instead of replacing her with second copy of Valkyrie.
    • Another reason for Homura leaving is to find a successor in Planet Oedo or Sun Jewel that she can pass down her Ether Gear, Soul Blade. It implies she will teach it to either in one of Creed's family members or a orphan child she saved/adopted.
      • Jossed.

potential Ether gears of the big 3 of the Oración Seis Galáctica
  • Deadend could have some kind of Darkness based power
  • Saintfire Nox may be a type of fire ether gear user
  • God Acnoella could either have God Serena type powers or it is a more advanced version of Weiss's.

Captain Connor is a time traveler from the future.
  • Every time Rebecca uses her power to branch off into a new timeline, Connor's circumstances are the most obviously changed, seemingly because events in his past have occurred differently. Therefore, if we discount the theory that Cat Leaper brings Rebecca into a completely different (but similar) timeline, then it stands to reason that changes to the present and future are reflected in Connor's past.
    • Possibly Jossed. In Chapter 172, Noah tells Rebecca that while most of the uses of her power are small alterations to the timeline she currently exists in, she has done a full jump between timelines on two separate occasions.

Saintfire Nox is going to be the strongest member of the Oración Seis Galáctica
  • Considering he is the last member to show up and that his silhouette is the most vague out of the big 3. It is possible that Mashima is saving him for later. Which may be implying he is the strongest.

There is a Greater-Scope Villain behind Ziggy's resurrection and return to being evil
  • Ziggy himself has no clue how he returned, which bodes ill for everyone, potentially including himself. Elsie also seems awfully suspicious of the dark substance that emanates from Ziggy's form. Perhaps a form of Sentient Phlebotinum or worse, Demonic Possession and future Villain Override courtesy of a currently unknown threat?