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Administrivia / The Goals of TV Tropes

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Here are the TV Tropes goals. When we're trying to decide how to do things or even if we should do certain things, these are the bottom line considerations.

  1. The wiki is about tropes used to tell stories.
  2. We will be accessible and fun to read.
  3. The wiki is for reaching the reader.
  4. In order to be accessible, we cannot be locked into a specific fandom's viewpoint.

The list is short because it needs to be clear. Stuff that is not about tropes is secondary and goes where it is supposed to go, in isolation from what we are really about. The only reason we host such things at all is because fans will be fans, and we are all fans of something.

Alternative Title(s): The Mission, Mission Statement, Our Mission, TV Tropes Mission Statement, TV Tropes Mission