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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
MadAnthony94 Home Of The Gods HomeOfTheGods Jan 24th 2019
Miss_Desperado String On Finger Reminder StringOnFingerReminder Jan 23rd 2019
Opdagon Clamshell Mouth ClamshellMouth Jan 23rd 2019
Koveras Cope By Creating CopeByCreating Jan 23rd 2019
Unicorndance Illness Blanket IllnessBlanket Jan 22nd 2019
SingingRain Breathing Index BreathingIndex Jan 22nd 2019
LavonPapillon1 The Real Spoofbusters TheRealSpoofbusters Jan 22nd 2019
TheAlmightyKingPrawn YouTube Kid's Channel YouTubeKidsChannel Jan 22nd 2019
Miss_Desperado Kidnapped From Behind KidnappedFromBehind Jan 21st 2019
nombretomado Midas Touch MidasTouch Jan 21st 2019
JustTroper Mystical Hollywood MysticalHollywood Jan 21st 2019
Unsung Vehicular Kidnapping VehicularKidnapping Jan 20th 2019
pir2h Evil Librarians EvilLibrarians Jan 20th 2019
Luke_The_Great Checkpoint Bluff CheckpointBluff Jan 19th 2019
WhirlRX Getting My Own Room Plot GettingMyOwnRoomPlot Jan 18th 2019
JujuP Game Hunting Mechanic GameHuntingMechanic Jan 18th 2019
NubianSatyress Villainous Ethics Decay VillainousEthicsDecay Jan 18th 2019
naturalironist Movie Making Index MovieMakingIndex Jan 17th 2019
hodges14 Sadistic Game Show SadisticGameShow Jan 17th 2019
WarJay77 Boss's Unfavorite Employee BosssUnfavoriteEmployee Jan 16th 2019
fynnkaterin Competence Porn CompetencePorn Jan 16th 2019
LavonPapillon1 Mistaken for Undead MistakenForUndead Jan 16th 2019
Unicorndance Acting Out A Daydream ActingOutADaydream Jan 15th 2019
pidget_spinner Dreaded Kids' Table DreadedKidsTable Jan 13th 2019
VictorDamazio Five Aces Cheater FiveAcesCheater Jan 13th 2019
naturalironist Balcony Wooing Scene BalconyWooingScene Jan 13th 2019
SallyDraperisGrown Sleepy Depressive SleepyDepressive Jan 13th 2019
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Temporary Name Change TemporaryNameChange Jan 12th 2019
Theriocephalus Feathered Dragons FeatheredDragons Jan 12th 2019
Shelly22 Our Humans Are Different OurHumansAreDifferent Jan 11th 2019
Unicorndance Santa Ambiguity SantaAmbiguity Jan 11th 2019
ElBuenCuate Absurdly Long Wait AbsurdlyLongWait Jan 11th 2019
MisterTwisty The Idol's Blessing TheIdolsBlessing Jan 11th 2019
Miss_Desperado BulletHoleSpelling BulletHoleSpelling Jan 11th 2019
StarSword Sold His Soul For A Donut SoldHisSoulForADonut Jan 10th 2019
PhantomDusclops92 Recycled Animation RecycledAnimation Jan 10th 2019
Pichu-kun Mentor In Queerness MentorInQueerness Jan 10th 2019
Koveras Role Playing Endgame RolePlayingEndgame Jan 9th 2019
lakingsif All Of Time At Once AllOfTimeAtOnce Jan 9th 2019
Pichu-kun Married Animals MarriedAnimals Jan 9th 2019
Luke_The_Great Defeat As Backstory DefeatAsBackstory Jan 8th 2019
darkemyst Never Given A Name NeverGivenAName Jan 8th 2019
DrSleep Ace Of Spades AceOfSpades Jan 8th 2019
StarSword Secret History SecretHistory Jan 7th 2019
indigoJay Crossover Alternate Universe CrossoverAlternateUniverse Jan 7th 2019
CrowTR0bot Villainous Plan Inertia VillainousPlanInertia Jan 6th 2019
DrNoPuma Usurping Santa UsurpingSanta Jan 6th 2019
Karxrida Unlockable Difficulty Levels UnlockableDifficultyLevels Jan 4th 2019
BoukenDutch Breath-Holding Brat BreathHoldingBrat Jan 2nd 2019
Pichu-kun The Discovery Of Fire TheDiscoveryOfFire Jan 2nd 2019