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Launched By Working Title Final Title Date
ScarfboyMrReese Mixtape Of Love MixtapeOfLove Mar 19th 2019
guthbrand From Zero To Hero FromZeroToHero Mar 19th 2019
Theriocephalus Acid Attack AcidAttack Mar 19th 2019
XFllo First Period Panic FirstPeriodPanic Mar 19th 2019
Arawn999 Tombstone Teeth TombstoneTeeth Mar 19th 2019
Koveras Gameplay Randomization GameplayRandomization Mar 19th 2019
Narita90 "Stop The Hero" Twist StopTheHeroTwist Mar 18th 2019
Zerukin Reminder of Impossibility ReminderOfImpossibility Mar 18th 2019
Jess0312 Villainous RROD VillainousRROD Mar 18th 2019
themooglekupo Signature Mon SignatureMon Mar 18th 2019
ShaiPa Stringing The Hopeless Suitor Along StringingTheHopelessSuitorAlong Mar 17th 2019
Unicorndance Sperm As People SpermAsPeople Mar 17th 2019
XFllo Amusingly Short List AmusinglyShortList Mar 17th 2019
Drope Proj-egg-tile Projeggtile Mar 17th 2019
Narita90 Adaptational Late Appearance AdaptationalLateAppearance Mar 16th 2019
XFllo Suffrage And Political Liberation SuffrageAndPoliticalLiberation Mar 16th 2019
Dorondes Overwork-Induced Illness OverworkInducedIllness Mar 15th 2019
icewaterfire22 Adult Tropes AdultTropes Mar 15th 2019
kelly-away-from-home Hollywood Blanks HollywoodBlanks Mar 14th 2019
EvilerThanThou The Victim Must Be Confused TheVictimMustBeConfused Mar 14th 2019
Random888 Foot Bath Treatment FootBathTreatment Mar 14th 2019
Piterpicher Common HTTP Status Code CommonHTTPStatusCode Mar 14th 2019
EvilerThanThou Actually A Good Idea ActuallyAGoodIdea Mar 13th 2019
ShaiPa Celebrity Elegy CelebrityElegy Mar 13th 2019
TheNerevarine Resurgent Empire ResurgentEmpire Mar 13th 2019
Pichu-kun Alpha And Beta Wolves AlphaAndBetaWolves Mar 13th 2019
WarJay77 Supporting The Monster Loved One SupportingTheMonsterLovedOne Mar 12th 2019
naturalironist Smart Jerk and Nice Moron SmartJerkAndNiceMoron Mar 12th 2019
Eddy1215 Minion Manipulated Into Villainy MinionManipulatedIntoVillainy Mar 11th 2019
Jubileus57 Boundareefs Boundareefs Mar 11th 2019
TheWanderer Inner Thoughts, Outsider Puzzlement InnerThoughtsOutsiderPuzzlement Mar 10th 2019
NoonboryKedabory Sickness Equals Redness SicknessEqualsRedness Mar 10th 2019
EvilerThanThou Clown Species ClownSpecies Mar 10th 2019
4tell0life4 Decoy Convoy DecoyConvoy Mar 9th 2019
BoukenDutch Door Slam Of Rage DoorSlamOfRage Mar 9th 2019
XFllo Metaphorical Marriage MetaphoricalMarriage Mar 9th 2019
Arend Escort Distraction EscortDistraction Mar 9th 2019
mahidevrans Production Design ProductionDesign Mar 8th 2019
mahidevrans Cartoonists Cartoonists Mar 8th 2019
Pichu-kun Cats Are Lazy CatsAreLazy Mar 8th 2019
Basara-kun Handsome Heroic Caveman HandsomeHeroicCaveman Mar 8th 2019
StrixObscuro Doesn't Know Their Own Birthday DoesntKnowTheirOwnBirthday Mar 7th 2019
mahidevrans Illustrators Illustrators Mar 7th 2019
mahidevrans Webcomic Creators WebcomicCreators Mar 6th 2019
mahidevrans Fanfic Authors FanficAuthors Mar 6th 2019
mahidevrans Painters Painters Mar 6th 2019
DragonRanger Knightly Sword And Shield KnightlySwordAndShield Mar 6th 2019
DracMonster Tiger By The Tail TigerByTheTail Mar 6th 2019
JAG001 You Wake Up On A Beach YouWakeUpOnABeach Mar 5th 2019
Khrunwahl02 Greens Precede Sweets GreensPrecedeSweets Mar 5th 2019