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Crime and Punishment Tropes

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Tropes regarding the depiction of law, crime, and justice in works of fiction.


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  • Banishment Tropes: Tropes about whenever someone has been denied permission to enter, kicked out and expelled, or banned from returning to a specific location; often as punishment for violating that place's laws or rules (or because the local authorities just really dislike that person and never wanted their presence).
  • Censorship Tropes: Tropes about official restrictions placed on the media or the personal expression of one's opinions, which may sometimes be legally enforced and prosecuted through the government's laws or policies.
  • Civil Unrest Tropes: Tropes about sociopolitical disorder caused by common citizens (il)legally defying the governmental authorities; ranging from peaceful protests and civil disobedience, to violent riots and armed rebellions, which can often be responded with harsh crackdowns by law enforcement and the judicial system.
  • The Con: Tropes about confidence tricks, frauds and scams, and the people who commit them.
  • Cops and Detectives: Tropes about law enforcement / police officers, and other people whose job is to apprehend suspected criminals and/or to investigate crime cases.
  • The Courtroom Index: Tropes about judges, lawyers, juries, witnesses, accusers, and defendants interacting in any sort of legal trial.
  • Criminals: Tropes about all kinds of people who violate the law.
  • Espionage Tropes: Tropes about the act of spying (in a military/political context), which is extremely illegal if one is caught doing so on behalf of a foreign government (especially an enemy power during wartime).
  • Gambling Tropes: Tropes about activities which involve recreationally betting and risking money, which are illegal (or at least heavily regulated) in most places around the world.
  • Morality Tropes: Tropes about how morally right (or wrong) it is to obey (or disobey) the laws and rules of society.
  • Mystery Tropes: Tropes about the investigation of unsolved crimes or other confusing matters.
  • The Oldest Profession: Tropes about pimping, prostitution, and the exchange of sexual acts for profit, which are illegal (or at least heavily regulated) in most places around the world.
  • Organized Crime Tropes: Tropes about gangsters and mobsters, or any career criminals who are members of a larger group or organization, which engage in illegal activities mostly for monetary profit.
  • Perp Sweating: Tropes about how police interrogate suspects.
  • Pirate Tropes: Tropes about piracy, or crimes committed on water instead of land.
  • Prison Tropes: Tropes about detention facilities that are designed to hold people who have been accused and/or convicted of crimes in captivity.
  • A Restrained Index: Tropes about restraints and physically restraining characters, which often constitutes either a crime or a punishment for one.
  • Revenge Tropes: Tropes about vengeance, which can often be a motive for anyone who feels they have been somehow wronged to engage in (il)legal retaliation against their enemies.
  • Smuggling Index: Tropes about the crimes of smuggling and trafficking, or the secret transportation of illegal goods.
  • Steal This Index: Tropes about the crime of property theft and the thieves who do it.
  • This Is Your Index on Drugs: Tropes about the production, trafficking, sale, and usage of various recreational substances that are illegal (or at least heavily regulated) in most places around the world.
  • Vandalism Tropes: Tropes about damaging or destroying any property that doesn't belong to you.
  • Victimhood Tropes: Tropes about people who are at the receiving end of crimes.
  • Violence Tropes: Tropes about (il)legal violence in general.
    • Abuse Tropes: Tropes about various forms of physical and/or emotional torment (especially, but not limited to, domestic violence among families).
    • I Have Your Index: Tropes about the crime of abduction, kidnapping people, and holding them hostage (often for ransom or other demands).
    • Murder Tropes: Tropes about the crime of homicide, or the unlawful killing of another person.
    • Public Execution: Tropes about (publicly) killing people as punishment for (real or alleged) crimes, or the death penalty / capital punishment in general.
    • Sexual Harassment and Rape Tropes: Tropes about various forms of sexual abuse and assault.
    • Terrorism Tropes: Tropes about violent crimes that are motivated by political ideology.
    • Threatening Tropes: Tropes about the use of threats of violence to intimidate and coerce others.
    • A Tortured Index: Tropes about the use of painful violence on people as a method of interrogation, punishment, or just plain sadism.

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