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"[W]e should never lose sight of the fact that even a person accused of the most heinous crimes, and no matter the likelihood that he or she actually committed those crimes, is entitled to the full protection of the [law]. Short-cutting or short-circuiting those rights affects not only the accused, but also the entire reputation of the criminal justice system."
Decision of the Canadian Supreme Court in R. v. Burlingham, [1995] 2 S.C.R. 206.

Watch the lawyers do their thing. Also commonly known as a Courtroom Drama, this is a work of dramatic fiction principally about litigation: be it civil or criminal cases, with the latter being more common because it often makes for better drama note . A military courtroom drama is one of the most common subgenres.

Most crime dramas focus on criminal investigations done by law enforcement officers (in the form of a either a Cop Show or a Police Procedural) and does not often extend to anything happening in a courtroom. In such works where courtroom drama only lasts a single or in a few episodes only, it's a Courtroom Episode.

If you're looking for works about people who make the law, see Government Procedural.

Courtroom Antics are to be expected. Also see The Courtroom Index for a list of common tropes.

Index of law procedural works:

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    Anime and Manga 

    Fan Works 




  • Spisi i ljudi (Documents and people) by Serbian lawyer and academic Tibor Varadi is a somewhat fictionalized account of the legal cases from his family archive, spanning from 1893 until today.
  • Storming the Court: How a Band of Yale Law Students Sued the President—And Won by Brandt Goldstein.
  • Verbrechen (Crime) by German lawyer Friedrich von Schirach. Although he stated that the cases presented were fictionalized accounts of his actual cases, those were later debunked.

    Live Action TV 
(adaptations or original works)

  • The Andersonville Trial
  • The Broken Jug (Der zerbrochne Krug) by Heinrich von Kleist. The central element is a trial in a rural court.
  • Chicago, in part, as it cover's Roxy Hart's trial for the murder of her lover in a crime of passion.
  • A Man for All Seasons, and its film adaptation.
  • Parade, a Broadway musical set around the murder trial of an innocent man.

    Video Games 


Alternative Title(s): Courtroom Drama