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All about the people and organizations who actually create works of media.

If you want to create a page for one, the Creator Page Guidelines are recommended reading.


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Tabletop game creators
Miscellaneous creators
  • Agouti-Rex - podcast host and furry cartoonist.
  • Billy Birmingham - sporting humorist, creator and actor in The Twelfth Man Albums.
  • Jon Bois - multimedia creator and humorist, whose oft-surreal works tend to focus on American sports.
  • Gary Brecher (The War Nerd) - web columnist.
  • The Chaser - Australian satirical comedy team responsible for a parody newspaper and various TV and radio shows.
  • Julia Child - world-renowned chef, author of several cookbooks, and the first television cooking show host.
  • Cara Crocker - aspiring porn star and internet celebrity, best known for her "Leave Britney Alone" video.
  • Francis E Dec - conspiracy theorist and a schizophrenic famous for his mass-mailed, typewritten rants.
  • Mike Duncan - history podcaster.
  • End Master: creator of online Gamebooks.
  • Sigmund Freud - Austrian psychologist and cultural theorist, known as the father of psychoanalysis.
  • Hero Of Fire : Zelda Classic quest author who is best known for the scripted Zelda Randomizer quests.
  • Rémy Julienne - Very prolific French vehicular stuntman and second unit director.
  • Carl Jung - Swiss psychologist known for his writings on archetypes, the collective unconscious, and personality typologies.
  • Kibo - one of the earliest internet celebrities.
  • Sean Malstrom - writer on the gaming industry, noted for predicting the Wii's success a year before its release.
  • Mark Musashi - wushu martial artist and stuntman.
  • Reaver - 4chan quest gamer and roleplayer.
  • Seanbaby - Cracked writer.
  • Lore Sjöberg - internet humorist and creator of the original Geek Hierarchy Chart.
  • Alexander O. Smith - Japanese-to-English translator and founder of translation company Kajiya Productions.
  • The Weaver - 4chan quest gamer and roleplayer, creator of Ruby Quest.
  • Voxus - amateur voice acting troupe.

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