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An index of performers and content creators who fall into the LGBTnote , intersex, and/or asexual spectrums. We please ask tropers to only include creators who have directly come out during their lifetimes. Speculating on the sexuality or gender identity of famous persons is subjective at best and tabloid fodder at worst, especially if the person is no longer with us to confirm or deny such claims.


See also Queer Media for a list of works with and about LGBT+ people.

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Actors and Actresses

    Actors A-C 

    Actors D-G 
  • Gustaf Gründgens: Famous 1930s German actor. He was in a "lavender marriage" with actress Marianne Hoppe to conceal his homosexuality, which was severely repressed in Nazi Germany.
    Actors H-L 

    Actors M-O 

    Actors P-R 

    Actors S-V 

    Actors W-Z 

    Voice Actors 




    Fashion Designers 
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier, French designer. Had a 15 years relation with Francis Menuge, who died of AIDS in 1990.
  • Yves Saint-Laurent, French designer who had a 50 years relation with businessman and gay rights supporter Pierre Bergé, from 1958 to his death in 2008.

  • CaptainGerBear, gay Canadian Furry/Manly Gay artist known for creating several video games and the webcomic Grant.
  • Tom of Finland (real name Touko Valio Laaksonen), gay Finnish erotic artist of Manly Gay men and Leathermen, and one of the inspirations behind Freddie Mercury's stage persona.
  • Andy Warhol, iconic American illustrator, painter, filmmaker, producer, director, and musician lived openly as a gay man even before gay and lesbian rights movements kicked off in the 1960s.

    Manga Artists 

Comic Books

    Comic Book Artists 

    Comic Book Writers 


    Drag Queens 

     Performers and Personalities 

     Professional Wrestlers 





    Musicians and Singers A-C 
  • Kevin Abstract, rapper and founding member of BROCKHAMPTON, is gay which he explores in his second album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story.
  • Alexander James Adams, a transgender singer who previously went by "Heather Alexander". He's known for his folk, filk, and celtic music.
  • Emilie Autumn, American singer-songwriter and violinist, is asexual.
  • Azealia Banks, openly bisexual rapper known for hits such as "212" and "Anna Wintour.
  • Taylor Bennett, rapper and younger brother of Chance The Rapper, is bisexual.
  • David Bowie, bisexual singer and actor known for such hits as "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars" and "Ashes to Ashes".
  • Cardi B, Grammy award winning rapper, is openly bisexual.
  • Wendy Carlos, legendary synth pioneer best known for helping develop the Moog synthesizer, and one of the first celebrities to disclose having undergone gender-reassignment surgery. Is perhaps best known for composing the soundtrack for A Clockwork Orange.
  • Vanessa Carlton, bisexual singer known for her hit "A Thousand Miles".
  • Jayne County, former frontwoman of pro-punk band Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, and the first openly trans rock singer.
  • Miley Cyrus, former child actress and Child Popstar, who starred in Disney Channel TV show Hannah Montana. She describes herself as pansexual and genderfluid and is an outspoken LGBT activist.

    Musicians and Singers D-K 
  • Daya, best known for her 2016 smash "Sit Still, Look Pretty", she came out as bisexual in October 2018.
  • Ani Difranco, American singer-songwriter, is bisexual and sings about LGBT issues in her songs.
  • Teddy Geiger, transgender singer known for the hit "For You I Will (Confidence)".
  • Alison Goldfrapp, British singer. Bisexual.
  • Steve Grand, an openly gay indie country/pop artist who went viral with his song and video for "All American Boy".
  • Rob Halford, openly gay British heavy metal singer for Judas Priest.
  • Halsey, bisexual American alternative singer and LGBT activist known for her romantic songs about men and women.
  • Billie Holiday, a jazz singer who is best known for "Strange Fruit." Throughout her career, Holiday was openly bisexual and many of her female relationships were with stage and film actresses.
  • iLoveMakonnen, American rapper known for his hit "Tuesday", is gay.
  • Elton John, prolific gay English singer/songwriter of pop and soul who is also an LGBT activist and humanitarian.
  • iOTA, Australian musician. Probably best known as the Doof Warrior in Mad Max: Fury Road. Openly gay.
  • Janis Joplin, American rock, soul, and blues singer-songwriter, one of the most successful and widely known musicians of the 60s. She was also bisexual, with many male and female lovers.
  • Fergie, American singer known for being part of The Black Eyed Peas and for her solo career, is bisexual.
  • Kehlani, American R&B singer, songwriter and dancer. Came out as queer and pansexual in 2018.
  • Kesha, pop singer, came out as bisexual in 2013.
  • King Princess, musician is genderqueer and gay. Much of her work is influenced by this.
  • Hayley Kiyoko, American singer, actress and former Disney Channel personality, openly lesbian.
  • Frankie Knuckles, American Chicagoan DJ known for developing and pppularizing House Music, was gay.

    Musicians and Singers L-R 
  • Lady Gaga, bisexual pop artist, known for her outrageous stage persona and LGBT activism.
  • Adam Lambert, gay Pop singer and musician, and American Idol season 8 runner-up.
  • Mary Lambert, singer-songwriter best known for singing the chorus to Macklemore's "Same Love," is a lesbian.
  • k.d. lang, Canadian lesbian country and pop singer-songwriter.
  • Liberace, singer and pianist known for his flamboyant personality. Never came out during his lifetime, but his life was later dramatized for the film Behind the Candelabra based on his male lover's memoirs.
  • Lil Peep, rapper known for fusing Trap Music and Emo Music, was bisexual.
  • Bif Naked, bisexual Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter and actress.
  • Lil Nas X, rapper best known for his 2019 number one hit "Old Town Road," came out as gay in June 2019.
  • Barry Manilow, singer/songwriter of disco and pop music. Came out as gay in 2017 after years of speculation.
  • Ricky Martin, Puerto Rican pop star known for being in Boy Band Menudo and his smash hit "Livin' la Vida Loca''. Came out as gay in 2010.
  • Melanie Martinez, a singer known for first appearing on The Voice, came out as bisexual in June 2018.
  • Freddie Mercury, British Parsi lead singer of Queen, known for his flamboyant stage persona, was acknowledged as being bisexual.
  • George Michael, English Pop/R&B singer who broke out from his former group Wham, was forced out of the closet in 1998 and came out as gay.
  • Mika, gay Lebanese-born British pop singer/songwriter.
  • Janelle Monáe, Black American singer, musician, actress and activist. Came out as pansexual in 2018.
  • Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths and now solo artist, considers himself as 'humansexual' (functionally pansexual).
  • Jason Mraz: Pop/alternative singer-songwriter who came out as bisexual in 2018.
  • MtH, transgender female member of SiIvaGunner who also has her own music.
  • Frank Ocean, Black American R&B singer/songwriter and member of OFWGKTA who came out on his debut album, singing about his unrequited love to another man.
  • Rita Ora, singer and actress, came out as bisexual in 2018.
  • Perfume Genius, an American Baroque Pop artist, is gay.
  • Bebe Rexha, American-Albanian pop singer, is bisexual.

    Musicians and Singers S-Z 
  • Troye Sivan, gay South African-born Australian musician and actor.
  • Sam Smith, English R&B singer/songwriter who is gay and genderqueer.
  • Sia, Australian singer-songwriter, is bisexual or pansexual, she describes herself as liking any gender.
  • Sophie, a Scottish trans woman electronic music producer and musician.
  • Dusty Springfield, bisexual British soul singer who came out in a 1970 interview, although her sexuality was not widely publicly known until after her death.
  • Tanita Tikaram, British pop/folk singer-songwriter, is gay.
  • Pete Townshend, British musician and leader of influential rock and roll band The Who, is bisexual.
  • Luther Vandross, influential Soul singer throughout the '80s and '90s. Never came out during his lifetime; his close friends Bruce Vilanch and Patti LaBelle confirmed that he was in the closet his entire life.
  • Domo Wilson, bisexual singer/songwriter and rapper and is known for the song "Bisexual Anthem" and other songs that discuss lgbt issues, mental health, and motherhood.

  • Against Me!, Punk Rock band led by trans woman Laura Jane Grace.
  • The B-52s, 80's New Wave band consisting of gay and bisexual members.
  • Bloc Party, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Kele Okereke is gay.
  • Deerhunter, lead singer and guitarist Bradfod Cox is asexual.
  • Fifth Harmony, member Lauren Jauregui is bisexual.
  • Green Day, Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and drummer Tré Cool are openly bisexual.
  • Halestorm, Lzzy Hale is bisexual.
  • Kings X, bassist Doug Pinnick is openly gay.
  • *NSYNC, Lance Bass came out as gay, though after the group broke up and went on their separate ways.
  • Neon Trees, lead singer Tyler Glenn is gay.
  • New Kids on the Block, member Jonathan Knight is gay.
  • OFWGKTA/Odd Future collective consists of the aforementioned queer Frank Ocean and the band The Internet, which has the bisexual Steve Lacy and lesbian Syd the Kid as members.
  • Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie is openly bisexual.
  • Pansy Division, Punk Rock band and best-known example of the Queercore sub-genre.
  • Pet Shop Boys, musical British pop duo consisting of the openly gay Neil Tennant.
  • The Pixies: Kim Deal is asexual.
  • Placebo, Stefan Olsdal is gay and Brian Molko is bisexual.
  • PVRIS, Lead singer Lynn Gunn is lesbian.
  • Savage Garden, Member Darren Hayes came out as gay, briefly after the band parted ways.
  • Scissor Sisters, a Cast Full of Gay American pop/rock band.
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees, Front woman Siouxsie Sioux is attracted to multiple genders though she doesn't identify herself under a particular sexuality.

Video Games

    Video Game Creators 

Web Original


    Web Animation 


Web Video

    Web Video Creators A-E 

    Web Video Creators F-K 
  • LittleKuriboh, bisexual content creator known for creating Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
  • Lucas Cruikshank, a YouTuber known for his hyperactive "Fred Figglehorn" character, came out as gay in 2013.
  • Shane Dawson, a YouTube comedian and personality, came out as bisexual in 2015.
  • Riley J Dennis, a trans lesbian YouTuber whose videos cover a range of topics of social justice as well LGBTQ issues.
  • Lindsay Ellis, formerly The Nostalgia Chick, is a bisexual media critic and video essayist covering topics such as LGBT media representation and serious film and TV analysis.
  • Rowan Ellis, a UK queer feminist YouTuber, who does videos on pop culture and geekdom from a LGBT perspective.
  • Geek Remix, Mari and Stacy, two queer women who do video game reviews, theory videos and Lets Plays.
  • Genderpunksap, a nonbinary YouTuber who mostly focuses on trans issues.
  • Joey Graceffa, a YouTube comedian and personality, came out as gay in 2015.
  • Laci Green, a YouTuber known for her sex positive and sex education YouTube channel, is pansexual.
  • Elisa Hansen is an author and video essayist best known for her Vampire Reviews, many of which discuss feminist and queer issues. She is a biromantic asexual.
  • Hannah Hart, comedienne and YouTuber behind "My Drunk Kitchen" is a lesbian.
  • Dan Howell, a YouTuber who came out as gay in 2019.

    Web Video Creators L-R 

    Web Video Creators S-Z 
  • Jim Sterling, video game and video game industry critic, who describes himself as "not straight."
  • Sky Williams, a gay comedian and YouTuber known for his Let's Plays.
  • Natalie Wynn, aka "Contrapoints", is a trans woman YouTuber known for her videos on social justice and transgender issues.
  • Eugene Lee Yang of The Try Guys came out as gay in 2019.
  • Sarah Z, a queer YouTuber, does essays and reviews on pop culture, sometimes focusing on fictional LGBT portrayals.



    Playwrights and scriptwriters 

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