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"Not Bad For 40 Years Old!"

The Jason Ellis Show is a talk show that airs on Sirius XM satellite radio, Channel 41... er, 103... er, 206... er, 713? No, wait, it's back on Channel 41 now. It's live from 12pm to 4pm... wait, 7am to 10am... wait, now it's 12pm to 3pm... SHOOT, ok, for real this time, 2pm to 5pm Pacific time, Monday to Friday (5pm to 8pm on the East Coast). While it originally started off as a place for Jason Ellis to just pick his own preferred (IE, 'no kooks') music and talk about it a little, he very quickly grew bored of just being a DJ, and decided to launch himself into radio history.

Jason was born in Sandringham, Australia, and dreamed of becoming the greatest skateboarder in the world. After years of dedication and winning local competitions, along with recreational drug use and some staggeringly age-inappropriate sex, he moved to America with no money and quickly joined up with the then-new field of extreme sports. He became friends with Tony Hawk and other celebrities, and spent his time sleeping on people's couches, doing drugs, nailing prostitutes and winning skateboarding competitions (sometimes all four in one day). He was also famous for taking some of the biggest slams the sport had ever seen, including but not limited to multiple shattered wrists, forearms, ankles and knees. It was not uncommon for him to skate a competition while wearing multiple casts from the LAST competition.

After some guest spots on Tony's satellite radio show, Demolition Radio, he got a sweet gig as a DJ, and transformed it into, in his own words, "the circus of my mind". Topics can and have been virtually anything, from discussing STDs to rap music to transgender porn stars to skateboarding to fancy chocolates (again, sometimes all on the same show). Several celebrities are official Friends Of The Show, including Thomas Haden Church, Rob Corddry, Malin Åkerman, B-Real, Rude Jude, and many, many porn stars. Jason's biography, "I'm Awesome", ranked high on the New York Times Bestseller list in its opening week, and has remained there. The show has recently been confirmed to be the #1 show on Sirius XM satellite radio, ahead even of Howard Stern's live listenership, and in August 2013 was granted a brand new studio, professional producers and significantly more clout in the corporation.

Since then, the show has been bounced around the time slots, and the channels. For an extended period it couldn't even be listened to on in-car satellite radio consoles, airing on web-only Channel 103. That has since been fixed, and 103 is now 'Faction Talk', an ad-driven channel. As such, Ellis has to perform constant on-air advertising reads, as well as endure several advertising breaks, and is no longer in charge of any music whatsoever.

The current line-up is Jason Ellis himself and Michael Tully, who went to Oxford University and co-wrote Jason's biography. Josh "Raw Dog" Richmond left the show in November 2013, finally fed up with not being taken seriously enough. The show is currently searching for a new third wheel. Kevin "Kumfat", then "Kumtard", then "Kooltard", now "Cool Beans" Kraft is the former and current producer, as well as regular co-host, joined now by new full-time executive producer Andrew "The Giant" Gruss. There is a rotating cast of special guest co-stars, mainly Rude Jude Angelini and The Dingo.

Classic and current segments on the show:

  • Dude, Is It Gay?
  • Dude, Am I A Slut?
  • World's Greatest Wednesday
  • Who Gives A Fuck Friday
  • Big F***ing Animals with Donald Schultz
  • Ellis Jeopardy
  • Ellisfamily Feud
  • The Google Game
  • The Etsy Game
  • New Music Tuesday
  • Recently Released Music Wednesday
  • Does [Blank] Like It?
  • Blanketty Blanks
  • Dingo Lingo

New segments are added almost weekly. The three hosts also have had multiple bands, starting out as 'Taintstick', retiring after one album to become 'Death! Death! Die!', who dominated the iTunes metal charts for several weeks. They have jammed with Mastodon, Everlast and Mark McGrath. Death! Death! Die! has since disbanded with the departure of Rawdog, and their current musical acts are 'Horseforce', with most of the same members, and 'Tigerbox', a karaoke supergroup featuring Brank Bjork of Kyuss and Blasko of Ozzy Osborne.

Recently, co-host Michael Tully has his own show on Channel 103, "The Tully Show", where he has celebrity guests and purposefully avoids talking about celebrity stuff. Notable was Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's extended discussion of collectible funeral-home-related paraphernelia. Jason and Michael, and occasionally Kooltard, also have the surprisingly successful podcast "Ellistronics"... wait, no it's "Podley Crüe" now. Nope, back to "Ellistronics", because no-one could stand Jason being THAT unfiltered. Download it wherever you get podcasts!

Tropes Experienced By The Show, The Band and Jason's Actual Life

  • Aborted Arc: Given two of the hosts have the attention span of a THAT DOG HAS A FLUFFY TAIL...
    • The Parade Of Pain: "We're doing this!"
    • Ellis Mini Moto Mania: "We're doing this!"
    • Ellismania in Vancouver: "We're doing this!"
      • Averted finally, when Ellismania 12 was successfully performed in Vancouver.
    • Broadcasting from Afghanistan: "We're doing this!"
    • Trans-Farmers, The Movie: "We're doing this!"
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Much fuss has been made about Jason's thick Australian accent.
    • Lampshaded hilariously with the 'news' segment, G'Day LA!
  • Ascended Extra: Raw Dog was originally on for just one week. Played with later on, as nearly every intern and producer has been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the daily fold of the show and promptly humiliated.
    • Except for notable intern Schumacher, a veteran of the latest Afghanistan war and one of the few people Jason genuinely respected.
  • Ascended Fanboy: So many of the show's biggest fans have become celebrities in their own right, either through repeated call-ins to being showcased on Ellis's television show 'Ellismania' to ending up romantically attached to famous transgender adult film stars (sometimes all three).
  • Bigger Is Better: Hardly a week goes by, even when Ellis was married, that he doesn't talk about how improbably large his manhood is. One of his many nicknames is "Six Pounds Soft".
    • And often subverted, when he complains that he is occasionally TOO large to actually have satisfying sex with some women.
  • Break Them by Talking: Unless you're one of his close friends, Ellis will almost always end up doing this. Sometimes on purpose. Rare is the celebrity that can fight back with any ability.
  • Butt-Monkey: It doesn't matter what Raw Dog does or says, he will always end up being kicked, shocked, bitten, soaked, body-pig-punched, or some other torture. For several months, the torture of choice was having his testicles placed into a spiked ball-collar, which was then attached to a high-powered remote-control car, and then the car would be accelerated anytime he said something Jason didn't like.
    • Hours and hours of radio time have also been devoted to the minutiae of Raw Dog's anal hygiene, sexuality, masturbatory habits, speech impediment and general inability to perform simple tasks, sometimes dominating the entire show.
    • The interns have also had their fair share of torture. Kevin "Kumfat" Kraft had his eyebrows shaved and his own pubic hair superglued onto his face where his eyebrows used to be.
  • Bragging Theme Tune: Thanks to show friends the Jingleberries, Jason has several hundred short, boastful songs at his disposal, though a good number of them also humiliate or degrade Raw Dog. Several of the songs are about nothing other than Jason's penis size.
    • Most of the Taintstick and Death! Death! Die! songs are also extremely boastful.
  • Career-Ending Injury: The entire reason Ellis became a radio host. Decades of spectacular drug abuse led his skateboard career to become ever more dangerous to the point where the accumulated damage to his ankles, knees, wrists and elbows prevented him from even dropping in on the megaramp ever again.
    • Doubled down upon at Ellismania 7, where after knocking out professional UFC fighter Gabe Bruediger, his former best friend "Mayhem" Miller delivered a devastating (and knee-shattering) kick to Ellis while the latter was celebrating. Because Mayhem thought it was funny.
  • Characterization Marches On: Raw Dog was a naive, whiny nerd, which was sort of his appeal on the show. Slowly, he grew a spine, developed an attitude, started having sex with porn stars, and finding some success on his own skills. By the end, his role as Butt Monkey on the show caused him so much rage that he publicly quit at the end of 2013.
    • His 'retirement' was also due in part to his (married) girlfriend getting roofied at an Ellismania, and Raw Dog somehow blaming Ellis for it, since it was Ellis's event.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: A staple of the show.
    • "Fucking, just do the fucking, god-dammit, fucking Raw Dog, just put the fucking collar on! Fuck!" is a particularly tame example.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: A staple of the show.
    • Shock collar on the testicles.
    • Shock collar Pictionary.
    • Spiked testicle collars.
    • "Let the lizard bite you! LET IT!"
    • Repeatedly punching someone (Raw Dog) in the gut while he tries to make animal noises.
    • THREE shock collars at once.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Very much Ellis, though contrary to most, he talks about it CONSTANTLY, even going so far as to call his 80-year-old crossdressing grandfather on the air to ask who sexually molested him as a child.
  • Deadpan Snarker: The entire reason Tully is on the show. He is very intelligent, witty, eloquent and has excellent comic timing, and brings a slightly more dry tone to the show, contrasting the highly-nervous Raw Dog and the adrenaline-junkie Ellis.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Ellis, eventually, has driven away nearly everyone who's been close to the show.
    • Raw Dog left the show in 2013, after a HUGE multi-week spat over his (married) girlfriend getting roofied in Vegas.
    • Christian James Hand left in late 2014, citing several years of 'going slightly too far' verbal and emotional abuse.
    • Kevin Kraft, arguably the most popular show regular, was fired from the producer job, but in such a way that guaranteed he'd never sit in the guest chair ever again.
      • Except he's back, and he's the producer again.
    • Every intern (except for Schumacher), and every producer. Ever.
    • Perhaps most impressively, Tully quit the show once, and actually came back when his backup plan didn't work. He seems to be the only person able to keep his ego intact.
  • Elective Unintelligible: Ellis himself, particularly while playing Ellis Jeopardy.
  • Embarrassing Tattoo: 80% of his body is covered in tattoos. Some of the least thought-out are:
    • His ass has the signatures of Raw Dog, Joe Willy and, against all logic, Malin Åkerman
    • A tattoo on his shin of Ghostrider on a Kawasaki jetski, that proudly reads 'Kawaski'
    • 'Shrimp On The Barbie'
    • His ex-wife's initials tattooed under his eye. After the divorce, it was filled in to make a heart.
    • The full-head wolf tattoo... on HIS head.
  • Evil Twin: GODWAR!
  • Fleeting Passionate Hobbies: Everyone on the show seems to be BRIEFLY obsessed with something, just long enough to get a sponsor.
  • Gender Bender: When the all-male regular cast busts out the Voice Altermacation machine and pitch-change their voices, their female alter egos are perhaps best described as 'nauseatingly crude cock-hungry whores'. At least, that's how they describe themselves.
  • Groin Attack: It just wouldn't be Who Gives A Fuck Friday without some testicular pain.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Not HATE exactly, but there is not one target safe from being (usually good-naturedly) attacked.
  • Hidden Depths: Jason normally tries to conceal his non-psycho-fighting-and-swearing side, but every now and then he brings it out either to remind the listeners, or remind himself, that he is: a loving father, a motivational speaker, a survivor of near-fatal drug addictions and incestual child abuse.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: He plays it up for laughs, and fodder for his book. His parents' friends having sex with him while he was still in grade school, being forced to shoot animals in the face, going along with his dad's street races that sometimes ended with gunfire, witnessing brutal drunken beatings, and the list goes on. Perhaps some of the crack, heroin and meth can be forgiven, hmm?
  • Hollywood Board Games: Jason's tendency to make even the most mundane of activities extreme or otherwise edgy is greatly exemplified by how he adds shock collars to Pictionary of all things.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: Also a staple of the show, particularly the thirty-second rejoins where the best out-of-context bites are spliced together.
    • "I want a gay micro-dick."
    • "Somebody milk me!"
    • "If you shove it up your ass, you don't need to go poopies."
  • Living Lie Detector: Despite his lack of education, lack of manners, and lack of subtlety, he really does seem to take this to superhuman levels. If he can get a person talking long enough, he can shred any web of lies and drag out the truth, and he's usually so blatantly obnoxious about it that most people don't realize it's happening.
  • Put on a Bus: Pretty much every 'good friend' that Ellis has ever had.
    • Raw Dog, fired / left / quit after an argument about Dog's girlfriend. Taken to the point where Ellis won't even play Raw Dog's sound clips or drops anymore, and edited him out of the clips that they do still use.
    • Christian James Hand, the music soul of the show, eventually couldn't take the insults any more.
    • Every producer ever.
    • Every intern ever (except Schumacher).
    • Perhaps subverted with both Kevin and Tully, who each left the show for personal reasons, and Ellis said they'd never be back... and they are now indispensible parts of the show once more.
  • Serial Escalation: Also a problematic issue with the show... Ellis is OBSESSED with never doing the same sort of event twice, unless the next one is TEN TIMES BIGGER.
  • Shock Jock: Despite his absolute and utter derision for terrestrial radio and the 'shock jock' label, he is undoubtedly far more shocking than anyone else on the air right now, pushing the boundaries of what you can do even through the medium of satellite radio. Should be the Trope Codifier.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism: The show waffles between drinking-while-loading-the-shotgun cynicism and depression, and everything-is-fucking-awesome-forever glory. Usually before halftime.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Tully is, at best, an average-looking, pudgy Irish guy. His wife is a gorgeous Asian fashion designer.
  • Wimp Fight: Raw Dog has a professional fight record of 1 win, 5 losses... fighting girls smaller than him.