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The titular troublemakers

So you have a modern re-imagining of Calvin and Hobbes except with an English Mastiff and two fathers. That's the short version of the story.

AJ & Magnus, as the name might suggest, is a series of comic strips that mainly revolves around the adventures of AJ Parker and Magnus, his dog (who may or may not be a Talking Animal but we definitely know he is real). They cause havoc around the house with their pranks, antics, and crazy adventures, induced by AJ's overactive imagination and dramatic tendencies. Often it is up to the stay at home Dad Alex to clean things up after the two.

The comic strips are written by Bryan Steel and illustrated by his husband Simon. The strips themsevles started on 8th August 2014 but did not gain popularity until later on. It is noted for its positive representation of an LGBT+ family with no overt stereotypes for the two fathers. Well, when they feature anyway. The comic is mainly about AJ and his dog in their misadventures. Heck, we did not even know about the existence of "Pop" John until October later on that year!


The comics can be read here.

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