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M. L. Lanzillotta, looking especially ridiculous

"I’m the friend you call when you need to scam H out of a pimp or meet a local rock star... though I can’t do normal things. My life is too screwed up. I’m like an alien. A crazy, scag-addled, book-writing alien with press passes."
M. L. Lanzillotta herself, Twitter

M. L. Lanzillotta (1999- ) began writing at age 14. She hasn't stopped since. Initially, she wrote fanfiction under the name Cececat. The majority were based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 2015 she completed her first original book - a fantasy story called The Girl In the Tower. Over the next few years she wrote a number of books and story collections, including Eighteen Days To Graduation. Lanzillotta began publishing her work at age 18.

She also acts, dances, paints, and directs. In early 2019 she started her own film company (M L Lanzillotta Productions LLC).

Most of ML Lanzillotta's books and stories can be purchasedhere.

Tropes relating to her Youtube channel (and its various personas) can be found here.

She's also a co-founder and editor of Creatives For Sensible Drug Policy.


Works by ML Lanzillotta with their own page:

Tropes found in ML Lanzillotta's writing:

  • Author Filibuster: Lanzillotta's narrators - notably Miranda Duke and Paula Fenice - often rant internally about things that bother her. This is especially obvious in Ugly Memories and Eighteen Days To Graduation.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Her character's surnames often mean something significant in German, Italian, Latin, Icelandic, or Finnish. She's also fond of throwing in German, Latin, or French phrases. She also writes poetry in Latin (which can be read on Patreon [1]).
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Her narrators tend to address the audience directly.
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  • Domestic Abuse: A reoccurring theme in Lanzillotta's books and stories.
  • Historical Domain Character: Her short story The Whitechapel Midwife is based on the Jack the Ripper murders.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: That's how "Math Class" ends.
  • Period Piece: A few of her short stories count.

ML Lanzillotta herself provides examples of:

  • Butch Lesbian: Lanzillotta counts thanks to her queer identity, short hair, messy eyebrows, and boyish wardrobe.
  • Curse of the Ancients: She often says "ye Gods" or "by Jove" on Twitter.
  • Functional Addict: Lanzillotta's addiction to IV heroin didn't stopped her from creating prolifically. She even wrote an article acknowledging this.

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