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Administrivia / Itty Bitty Wiki Tools

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Here are a few tools for doing different kinds of research among the articles. If a tool's URL has Namespace, PageName, etc., insert the CamelCase namespace and/or page name that you're interested in in that space. Most tools work for all pages, not just tropes, but some rely on namespace or page type.

Page finders:

Activity checkers:

Page-specific tools:

  • Find tropes shared between two works: Type Namespace/WorkOne into the top box and Namespace/WorkTwo into the other; it will find all tropes with wicks from both pages.
  • Folderizer: This replaces title markup in a page with folder markup, allowing for automated folderization of pages. Replace "Namespace.PageGoesHere" in the URL with the appropriate terms.
  • List of editors for a given page
  • Strip spoilers: Strips all the spoiler tags from a page. Don't use this tool stupidly. You should also add a warning about unmarked spoilers afterwards. Note that it can sometimes mess up potholes within spoiler tags, so it's a good idea to do a search on the page afterward for any stray brackets.

Alternative Title(s): Wiki Tools