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Video Game / Billie Bust-Up

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Protagonist Billie, her pet Oscar, and The Mentor Aristotle

Billie Bust-Up is a musical 3D Platformer developed and published by British independent video game studio Blueprint Games set to release in 2024, following a successful campaign on Kickstarter. It features a variety of talent, such as music composers Daniel Ingram (who worked on Littlest Pet Shop (2012) and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) and Gooseworx (creator of Little Runmo), and voice actors Michael Kovach and Edward Bosco.

Official Twitter; Official Youtube (containing Trailers, Development Footage, and Developer & Cast Q&A's).

Although the game is currently in development, a Pre-Alpha Demo was made publicly available through Steam and (the latter password-locked due to Kickstarter backers getting early access to it), which contains a test level that demonstrates all of Billie and Oscar's abilities, as well as a boss fight against one of the villains, Fantoccio. Previous demos have been released, but only through an official Patreon, and only to patrons. For now, only material from Publicly Available Demos and Trailers should be listed below, as anything in pre-release material is subject to change during development.


Tropes Present in the Trailers and/or Demo Version:

  • Affably Evil: Barnaby, the ghostly owl who is planned to be one of the four main bosses. In this storyboard preview released by the developers, he makes light of, and even giggles at, Billie having to kill herself in order to properly attend his party.
  • Bullet Hell: In Fantoccio's boss fight in the demo, he throws all sorts of different attacks at you, including falling debris or magic blasts, sweeping mops, giant clapping hands, and more. As the fight goes on, you'll have to deal with multiple types of attacks at the same time more and more frequently.
  • Double Jump: One of Billie's abilities, which she can perform in the Demo, is to summon a pair of wings that give her a huge jump, and can flap three extra times in mid-air.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The Pre-Alpha Demo fight against Fantoccio ends with his stage-destroying attacks causing his theatre to collapse on top of him.
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  • Jiggle Physics: Billie's long ears move in a very flowing, bouncy way.
  • MacGuffin: the four magic gems that Billie must collect through out the game.
  • Mickey Mousing: Fantoccio's attacks sync up with his boss theme.
  • Scary Jack-in-the-Box: In the demo, Fantoccio summons jack-in-the-box Mooks to attack Billie.
  • Virtual Pet: This trailer features footage of "Oscar's Petting Game", an in-game activity in which you can play around with Billie's pet fox.
  • World of Funny Animals: Almost all of the characters are anthropomorphic animals. The only exceptions so far are Oscar, a quadrupedal fox that acts like a Nearly Normal Animal, and Fantoccio, a wooden, vaguely humanoid marionette.