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TVTropes Changelog

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• To suggest a tech change or report a bug please refer to the Tech Wishlist and Bugs Query forums.

Release Date Development Updates
1. Removed Forums, Discussions, TLP, Reviews, Liveblogs and Queries from the main search.
1. Updated New Edits page per Wishlist Request
2. Updated Trope Repair Shop thread choices per Wishlist Request
3. Updated Image Pickin thread choices per Wishlist Request
1. Single word links now properly have {{}} for visual editor
2. Main/ removed in links for visual editor
3. Made cultist reason mandatory
4. Uploading thumbnails for videos fixed
5. Renamed "Wishlist" to "Tech Wishlist" everywhere
6. renamed "You Know That Show" to "Media Finder" per crowner on this thread
7. Youtube embedded videos fixed
1. Added TVTropes visual editor to most edit pages. 
2. Added Confirm Changes button to source view
1. Capitalized all common edit reasons
2. Added pagination to article history pages (old links should still work based on #edit in url)
3. Removed link to reddit (not associated with 
4. Fixed spelling error on profile page. Bug
5. Added titles to individual queries. Wish
1. Search by troper with auto-complete and search by content added to article history pages (NOTE: auto-complete only pulls last 2 years of tropers)
2. Added Show and hide buttons on edits for easy viewing
3. Added edit reason hover tooltip for easy reading when collapsed
4. Added estimated number for Added, Changed and Deleted text for each edit. 
5. Page title visible when editing a page
6. Edit timer duplicated on bottom of edit pages
7. Checkbox system added of common edit reasons that auto populate input field
8. Editor character length counter added to edit pages
9. Markup help dropdown added to edit pages
10. Fixed edit links not properly linking beyond the first 15 edits
11. Edit reason box is now expandable
1. Fixed PM notifications from blocked tropers still showing up
2. Fixed pagination icons showing up when there was no results in your inbox and followed pages
3. Added filter options for PMs to sort by sent, received, discussions or pings
4. Added checkbox system to select and delete PMs individually or all at once
5. Added the ability to preview PMs on hover
6. Added search bar with filter to search by troper or by content
7. Added mod and engineering icons next to troper names
8. Added notification icon next to ping and discussion notifiers
1. User queries page is now properly sorted by the latest reply 
2. Added drop-down menu for each query type
3. Added extra "status" column to user queries
4. Added status drop-down to Trope Finder, You Know That Show… and Ask The Tropers useable by the original poster and moderators.
5. When set to “resolved” it will lock the query automatically. 
6. Added ability to sort by Open and Resolved queries
7. Added a report button for queries and their replies. 
8. Added a report button for the TLP drafts and their comments. 
9. You can now view others query activity through your own queries page after you've edited the URL. user_queries.php?for=TroperName. This will be made into a button on the troper page in a future update
10. Added the ability to ping other users in Query Forums, Trope Launch Pad, Reviews and Discussions on trope/media pages when you're posting a new comment.
1. Added warjay77 and Amonimus to new engineer role. Wish
2. Added Mrph1 as a new moderator
3. Removed MacronNotes as a moderator per their request.
1. Adds separate follow functionality for discussion pages. Wish
2. Makes discussion button bold if discussions exist for that page and the user hasn't seen it yet. Wish
3. Pulls discussion button outside of the “more” dropdown by increasing buttons by 1.
4. Sends the author a PM when someone responds to their discussion
5. Discussion pages are now sorted by latest reply and then latest discussion posted.
6. Added mobile menu to recent videos pages
7. Adds "mine" and "replies" filters to query pages that work with current filters for extra sorting options.
8. Adds the user join date and signature line to query forums, Trope launch pad, Discussions and reviews as well as their replies.
9. Adds text option for user join date chosen in your profile
10. Sets the relationship status to "NULL" for the "-not set" option so it actually stops it from showing in the forums
11. You can no longer like your own queries.
12. Fixed delete button being covered in avatar gallery
1. For Edit History, edit reasons on the bottom will only show when the edit is greater than 600 pixels
2. Removed duplicate Report Bug button in mobile dropdown
3. Fixed unsaved changes warning popping up for TLP, Query and Discussion edit screens.
4. Removed 3 bulletin limit
5. Fixed bug causing html in review titles to echo onto the page: Bug
1. increases upload image size to 5mb and max-width to 1000px.
2. adds "back to profile" button on avatar page.
3. adds title tooltips to the upload image and view avatar gallery buttons on your profile.
4. Adds link to directory thread on Ask The Tropers.
5. Removes synopsis page type. Wish
6. Added all “moments” as options in “Create New" dropdown. Wish
7. Fixes wording mistake in wishlist header.
8. Adds link to Reviews to mobile menu.
9. Put Administrivia and FAQ links on side bar under “tips” dropdown.
10. Put “tips” drop-down from sidebar under main mobile drop-down menu.
11. Fixes CSS for "posts" on the main forums. the 's' and 'ts' were being pushed to a separate line when you shrank the page and sometimes even when full screen. Wish
12. Adds “Mod tools” “page type tool” and “bulletins” from sidebar to bottom of page in mobile view.  Wish
13. Fixes missing buttons on mobile dropdown. Buttons that were in the "more" dropdown weren't being pushed to mobile dropdown. Wish , Wish
14. Adds post number back to just the main forums. Wish
15. Changes the TLP flag icon to a bookmark + adds tooltips of "Show bookmarks" and "bookmark”. Wish
16. Edit reason on edit history duplicated on the top for convenience. I will make only one edit reason appear for smaller edits in a future update.  Wish, Wish,  Wish
17. Adds unsaved changes warning to various input fields when leaving the page (editing a page, new discussions, new trope drafts, forum posts, editing a trope draft, posting a to do list, editing a to do, posting a new query and their replies).
18. Moves changelog link in side bar and adds it to mobile menu.
19. Minor changes to Changelog page.
20. Inserts previous updates from Wiki Talk thread into changelog.
21. Fixes duplicate rows in the troper table + adds default creation date to prevent further “0000-00-00” creation dates. 
1. Fixed wishlist and bugs pages not showing results when their statuses are set to "working" or "closed".
2. Added Link to wiki tools in sidebar under "tools" dropdown.
3. Changed flagging icon of thumbs up back to flag for TLP and made button highlight when you click on it.
4. Adds wishlist to sidebar.
1. Added link to your troper page through the dropdown menu.
2. The descriptions for "on the rocks" and "on the tropes" in the community showcase were swapped.
3. For IP threads that start with the Just A Face And A Caption, Suggestion, Does Not Illustrate, Duplicate Image, Changed w/o discussion, and NSFW/Image Macro thread reasons, the "save draft" button now works.
4. Allowed PM banned users to view their PM.
5. The issue helper now displays previews of the notifier messages properly.
6. Added transparent backgrounds to the [tup] and [tdown] forum icons.
7. Allowed multiple cut requests to be accepted/declined at once.
8. For regular users, now the launch button on a draft appears only when it has five MORE hats than bombs (before it showed up when a draft had five or more hats).
9. Prevented edit-banned users from launching TLP drafts.
10. Wicks for disambig pages now have green text.
11. Content Violations will prompt non-logged-in users to do so.
12. CV and FAQ forums now have morgues, and locked non-stickied threads are now morgued.
13. Deleted button has been removed from crowners.
14. Disambig redirects fixed and also made green.
15. Folders in the forums that wouldn't open/close properly now fixed.
1. We recently discovered that a non-US IP address was hitting us with thousands of SQL injection attempts, none of which succeeded. They did, however, put additional load on the database. This wasn't intended as a [=DDoS=] attack per se but rather an attempt to take control of the site.

2. The administrators activated additional security measures on our Cloudflare firewall that have had the unintended side-effect of causing frequent [=ReCAPTCHA=] prompts for users.  We are aware of this problem and working on a resolution.