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164. Meaningful Name September 12, 2018

itunes pic
The gang talk about the trope Meaningful Name and their favorite examples, as well as current pop culture recommendations. If you're new to the show from TV Tropes, make sure to subscribe and rate us, and check us out on facebook and twitter!

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Episode 241 - Marvel's Spider-Man September 20, 2018

This week we're reviewing one of the most highly anticipated games of the entire year: Marvel's Spider-Man! Is this the pinnacle of superhero video games? We're also talking about our favorite Collectibles while drinking our own version of Devil's Breath.

Devil's Breath
- 3 oz. Jim Beam Devil's Cut
- 1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth
- 1/4 oz. Grenadine
- 3-4 dashes Angostura Bitters
- 1-2 Luxardo Marachino Cherries

Indie Corner (1:01:35)
- Pizza Defender (Browser)
- Princess Apocalypse (Browser)
- The World the Children Made (Browser)

The Weekly Question (1:15:19)
What are your favorite in-game collectibles?

On The Rocks does not support underage drinking!


Check us out on iTunes and Patreon!

Email us at if you have ideas for future drink/game pairings!