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About Writer's Block: What's What and What Goes Where Posts: 2Jan 13th 2021 at 1:16:45 PM
The Great Writer's Block Directory Posts: 1Oct 15th 2020 at 12:26:27 AM
Advice for Protecting Your Publication Rights Posts: 1Dec 18th 2013 at 7:28:24 PM
Writer's Block DailyPosts: 31,280 May 25th 2024 at 12:18:09 PM
Character Development Thread--DiscussionPosts: 41,998 May 25th 2024 at 11:03:26 AM
Random Questions ThreadPosts: 28,770 May 25th 2024 at 8:15:32 AM
The "What's a good name for this?" threadPosts: 9,189 May 25th 2024 at 1:20:18 AM
General Writer's Block threadPosts: 3,138May 24th 2024 at 9:46:25 PM
Character Adventure IIPosts: 645May 24th 2024 at 2:46:47 PM
What is the oddest story idea you've ever had?
Posts: 176May 23rd 2024 at 12:24:36 AM
Looking for ideas for aThe Wizard of Oz and Metropolis mashup.Posts: 2May 23rd 2024 at 12:08:24 AM
Favorite lines from your own writingPosts: 2,463May 22nd 2024 at 7:32:04 AM
Your pet peeve tropesPosts: 463May 20th 2024 at 10:42:40 PM
so I realized I killed off a black character...Posts: 3May 19th 2024 at 1:09:48 PM
How to establish a character is a sex god without coming off as sleazyPosts: 6May 17th 2024 at 12:43:37 AM
Are we too obsessed with making our heroes the "Underdog"?Posts: 10May 16th 2024 at 9:46:24 AM
The Discrediting of Green AesopPosts: 13May 16th 2024 at 9:13:34 AM
Write A Plot From The Title (Writing Game)Posts: 2,353May 15th 2024 at 10:11:54 AM
Free Idea Dumping GroundPosts: 785May 13th 2024 at 2:53:22 AM
What would your character do in the above situation?Posts: 4,145May 8th 2024 at 2:25:58 AM
Villain Critique Thread (Because Its About Damn Time!)Posts: 1,554May 3rd 2024 at 12:48:19 PM
Do you associate certain songs with your characters?Posts: 89Apr 20th 2024 at 3:38:11 PM
Your best, two-sentence horror story
Posts: 225Apr 19th 2024 at 2:13:49 PM
How to wrote alternate future of europe genre into webnovelPosts: 1Apr 13th 2024 at 11:51:08 AM
How do you write characters that are wrong about something? Facts, values, opinions, grammar etc.Posts: 9Apr 12th 2024 at 12:52:43 PM
Horror Story inspired by old power rangers episode.Posts: 2Apr 9th 2024 at 2:08:58 AM
Having trouble focusing a "Girls with Guns" tabletop gamePosts: 10Apr 8th 2024 at 12:04:19 PM
Compulsive Big-Picture PlanningPosts: 6Apr 6th 2024 at 4:36:02 AM
Create Your Own ExpyPosts: 7Mar 27th 2024 at 2:28:35 AM
Is this a justifiable kill?Posts: 5Mar 17th 2024 at 11:25:37 AM
Your own tropesPosts: 1Mar 17th 2024 at 3:55:06 AM
Character Hilbert Inn
Posts: 195Mar 12th 2024 at 5:09:17 PM
A Single Unified LGBT Character ThreadPosts: 1,084Mar 11th 2024 at 4:21:08 PM
The Constructive Criticism ThreadPosts: 2,049Mar 5th 2024 at 1:54:57 PM
Fantasy Races as human sub-speciesPosts: 11Mar 3rd 2024 at 7:50:50 AM
Meaningful names in your fiction.Posts: 54Mar 2nd 2024 at 8:38:26 PM
Help with finding appropriate character tropesPosts: 4Feb 29th 2024 at 8:23:31 PM
Accepting my LimitsPosts: 8Feb 26th 2024 at 1:02:05 PM
Help with element table. Status/subelementsPosts: 12Feb 19th 2024 at 12:25:32 AM
How to tackle Religious Horror if you're not religious?Posts: 37Jan 31st 2024 at 1:50:42 PM
Hero Critique Thread (Because it's about damn time for this too!)Posts: 1,383Jan 25th 2024 at 12:07:57 PM
What to do with 130 abducted kids?Posts: 2Jan 20th 2024 at 5:53:03 AM
Relationship Critique Thread
Posts: 160Jan 19th 2024 at 8:34:50 AM
Character Death ThreadPosts: 28Jan 17th 2024 at 1:52:27 PM
Literary Superhero Universe Posts: 20Jan 15th 2024 at 11:44:23 AM
Writing anxieties, Sturgeon's Law, and talent vs effortPosts: 10Jan 14th 2024 at 6:13:21 PM
What are some common Newer Than They Think things to avoid in 19th century historical fiction?Posts: 16Jan 6th 2024 at 6:04:10 AM
How to play a chase scene for drama?Posts: 11Jan 5th 2024 at 9:02:45 AM
Plausible scale for a setting under the protection of one heroPosts: 5Jan 5th 2024 at 7:35:59 AM
How "strong and independent" do female characters have to be?Posts: 8Jan 1st 2024 at 7:32:13 AM
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