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Picking the time and place is important for a story.

A setting is the time, geographic place and circumstances of the narrative.

The setting provides the main backdrop for a story. It often includes context beyond the rooms or buildings we see in the story. For example, the story may tell us about the culture, social customs or beliefs of the characters. The setting may show only one point in time, or it may depict time passing (by showing changing seasons).

There are many types of settings, such as natural outdoor settings, historical settings, or depicting a person's home.


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    Time Tropes 

    Perspective Types 
  • Knee-High Perspective: The characters are children, babies, small or tiny animals, small fey beings, or toys, and adults are viewed from the waist, knee, or ankle down.

    Dimensions / Universes 

    Other / Multiple 

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Alternative Title(s): Setting, Setting Trope