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Romance Arc

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The journey of two characters from strangers to lovers.

One of the perennial herbs and spices in the cauldron of storytelling old and new. It's been around a while, it's a major driving force of fiction and it's not going anywhere. A surefire crowd pleaser; probably the only way to really, really screw it up is to overdo it. Induces emotional stakes in an audience like nothing else.

Comes in a myriad forms and flavors. Employs plenty of tropes to get itself across, though a lot of them are mutually exclusive. Like many other tropes, the Romance Arc is looking for a balance: Too many stock derivatives and it's just too much; too few, and it's not much of an arc at all.

See also: Love Tropes; How to Become a Love Interest

Here are some of the common checkpoints of a Romance Arc in typical chronological order.


Alternative Title(s): Romantic Arc