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They could probably have chosen an easier way to water down that wine.

"I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you?"
Eurythmics, "Here Comes the Rain Again"

In fiction, love and rain just go together and lovers soaked in rain is a good old romantic classic.

Rain seems to go along with pivotal moments in characters' lives. It's implied that if you can ignore bad weather and brave the elements, then your big moment is even more real and intense and genuine. If you want to be deserving of your love, you won't care if it's raining, you will rush out into the rain to be with her or him, express what's on your mind and have The Big Damn Kiss. This trope often occurs when the couple gets officially together, finally confessing their love, or if their relationship with bucketloads of Unresolved Sexual Tension becomes resolved with a passionate kiss. This variation is very close to Redemption in the Rain and naturally, Love Confession or similar tropes from Romance Arc might accompany it.

Somewhat tamed variant is Happy Rain when lovers stroll outside and it starts raining. It's not cold and our lovers happen to love the rain — they have one another and it's a good opportunity to get closer, so never mind a few drops of water. Could be combined with sharing an Umbrella of Togetherness.

Being outside in the rain often leads to Sexy Soaked Shirt. In Bollywood films, Wet Sari Scene is considered especially romantic if it's caused by rain.

Compare Caught in the Rain when it's pouring and soon-to-be-lovers must seek shelter and get out of the wet clothes. They might kiss or make love after one or both of the participants have just escaped a rainstorm.

The trope is so common that there often occurs a modernized version: lovers splashed with sprinklers or a hose. It could be Invoked to play romantic and set the mood. If it's accidental, it could be Parodied or Played for Laughs.

See also Snow Means Love. Underwater Kiss is related to the variant when the couple kiss. Can be complemented with Electric Love if the romance is associated with thunderstorms. Shower of Love is similar, where the couple gets a little more intimate.


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  • There's a TV commercial for a jewelry company that starts off with a young couple running into a gazebo to get out of the rain, and while inside, they share their first kiss (which leads to their wedding kiss, their baby kiss, etc.).

    Anime & Manga 
  • After the Rain (2014) revolves around this. Akira Tachibana stays in a cafe during a shower, where she meets the manager Masami Kondo and falls for him. The opening title has Akira and Kondo hold out two raindrops which become a heart.

    Comic Books 
  • In After Eden, childhood friends Jon and Celine start their romantic relationship in the middle of the thunderstorm.

    Comic Strips 
  • Zits: Jeremy and Sara walk hand in hand through an increasingly heavy storm. After getting completely drenched and being subjected to a Roadside Wave, they decide that walking in the rain is far romantic in songs than it is in Real Life.

    Fan Works 
  • In Always You, the First Kiss takes place in a sudden thunderstorm, just after Abby chases Strange down to return her blonde wig.
  • In Futures Freak Me Out, Shinji and Asuka have their first real kiss while walking under the rain.
    The first time I kissed Asuka Langley Sohryu, it was disastrous, and it ruined my confidence with women for the next three or so years.
    The second time I kissed her, it was pouring and neither of us had brought umbrellas to class.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In the sequel Picking Up the Pieces, Gentle and Memorizing share their first kiss in the rain, leading to Gentle teleporting them back to her house.

    Film — Animated 
  • The two principal characters from Turner Feature's Cats Don't Dance have an evening rain fall upon them separately, but the romantic connection nonetheless applies. The rain falls on protagonist Danny as part of his Humiliation Conga, having failed miserably at getting his friends an audition with a studio mogul. Meanwhile, his Distaff Counterpart Sawyer sings a torch song outside a diner, which describes how Hollywood made her a Broken Bird, while newcomer Danny reawakened the songstress/dancer at Sawyer's core. As the rain stops, she learns that Danny waits at the bus stop, and hurries to meet him.
  • Charlotte (2021): Charlotte and Alfred go boating on a lake. When a thunderstorm rolls in, the two jump into the lake and kiss in the rain.
  • Parodied in The Incredibles when Bob kisses Helen while she's outside watering and the hose sprays water on them.
  • Rain falls steadily on the outskirts of Ohmtown, where the protagonists of Nelvana Studios' Rock and Rule are getting "snuggly" in the back seat of a convertible. Their fun is interrupted when henchman Zip tears off the soft top to hand Angel an invite from legendary musician Mok.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • 27 Dresses: After drinking and singing at the bar, Jane and Kevin run through the rain to their car to have sex.
  • In 9½ Weeks, the lead couple is making love in a back alley in the rain.
  • In Breakfast at Tiffany's (movie version, 1961), the final kiss between Paul and Holly takes place in a torrential downpour.
  • Bridget Jones: Spoofed in the second movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Bridget runs after Mark, her big love, to tell him to she loves him and that she wants to get back together. She dresses up and looks really pretty, but she gets massively splashed by water from puddles that cars drive into when she gets out of a taxi. Suddenly she doesn't look that great and she's probably cold, too.
  • Bridge to Terabithia: The Film of the Book adds a scene where Jess watches Leslie run home in the rain, with the clear indication that he's developing a crush on her. This doesn't undo his preexisting crush on Ms. Edmunds, though, and this scene turns out to be the last time Jess sees Leslie before she dies.
  • Cast Away has a bittersweet romantic Last Kiss in the rain. After Chuck's rescued from an uninhabited island and returns home, he learns that the love of his life Kelly married somebody else. He leaves, but she runs after him and smooches him in the rain.
  • Cinema Paradiso: While at Cinema Paradiso, a sudden thunderstorm blows through as Salvatore is lying on the ground; suddenly, his loved one surprises him by lying on top of him for a kiss, much to his surprise. As people run for cover, and the movies still play, Salvatore and his girl enjoy a nice make-out session.
  • Daredevil (2003). Matt Murdock's Super-Senses tell him it's going to rain, but he stops Elektra from leaving because he wants to 'see' the effect of the raindrops falling on her body. It's so beautiful their Big Damn Kiss follows (though whether they have sex varies according to which version you watch). Later at her father's funeral it starts raining again, but from Matt's point-of-view her face goes dark as she puts up her umbrella after declaring her need for revenge. However it serves as a Chekhov's Gun in the fight with Kingpin, who has ornamental waterfalls running through the walls of his office. Remembering what happened with Elektra, Matt breaks one of them to shower the room with water and reveal Kingpin's exact location.
  • Eloïse's Lover: After getting caught in the rain together, Àsia and Eloïse kiss before they have sex.
  • Enchanted Towards the end of the film, when Robert and Giselle narrowly avoid falling off the roof of the building, they embrace one another in the rain and share a passionate kiss, properly establishing the nature of their relationship, at last.
  • Fingernails: Invoked. The Love Institute plays rain sounds throughout the offices to enhance the romance. It just makes Anna's coworker want to pee.
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral ends with the lovers finally getting together in the pouring rain.
    Charles: There I was, standing there in the church, and for the first time in my whole life I realized I totally and utterly loved one person. And it wasn't the person next to me in the veil. It's the person standing opposite me now... in the rain.
    Carrie: Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed.
  • The Heiress from 1949. Catherine runs out into the rain as Morris is leaving and he rushes to meet her so they are both dripping wet when they kiss a few moments later.
  • High Fidelity mixes Gray Rain of Depression with this, as Laura tells Rob Gordon that her dad just died and minutes later they have sex in the car.
  • The Charlie Chaplin film The Immigrant ends with Charlie and his girl kissing outside in the pouring rain, and then entering the "Marriage Licenses" office.
  • The film critic from Lady in the Water discusses this trope with Cleveland and questions why pairs in romantic movies yell to each other "I love you" when rain falls. Cleveland tries to give a quick answer (as he just survived a Scrunt attack and is heartbeating) and the critic, who is entitled to his opinion, gives him a blunt "no".
  • The Last Letter From Your Lover: Jenny and Rory have The Big Damn Kiss under an umbrella in a rainshower near the end.
  • L.A. Story. At the end of the movie, the magical freeway sign controls the weather to prevent Sara from returning to London. Sara takes a taxi to the home of her Love Interest Harris Telemacher, and they embrace and kiss in a rainstorm.
  • Either invoked or played straight in Little Women (2019). It's pouring with rain when Jo runs to find Friedrich at the train station. Depending on your perspective, this is either played straight, or it's a clue that Jo is lying about whether it happened, or she's trying to make something more romantic that did happen.
  • Love Jones: In the ending scene, where Nina and Darius reunite, they end up kissing in the rain.
  • In Match Point, Chris and Nola first have sex in a wheat field during a storm.
  • Gil of Midnight in Paris says that he loves when it rains in Paris and that it makes the city even more beautiful. At the end of the movie, he meets again a Parisian girl Gabrielle who thinks so too. They agree to stroll together at night in gentle rain.
  • In the famous scene from The Notebook, Allie and Noah run up to each other on the boat dock as rain dramatically (and concerningly) buckets down. She jumps into his arms and they have The Big Damn Kiss.
  • In Pleasantville, when David has a date with a beautiful cheerleader Margaret in the evening, it starts raining for the first time ever in Pleasantville. It's also Redemption in the Rain because David does "Shawshank shot", embracing rain and laughing happily as water pours on his face. They run into a gazebo where other teens watch the rainfall, completely enchanted.
  • In the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (2005), the first proposal (Mr Darcy's Anguished Declaration of Love) takes place outside in the Rosings Park during a rainfall unlike in the novel where it happened in the Hunsford Parsonage. Lizzy refuses him and it's full of passionate love/hate tension.
  • The Quiet Man: When Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher finally (mutually) decide to accelerate the socially prescribed and glacially slow courtship routine in turn-of-the-century Ireland, they seize their chance to be alone together and escape from their matchmaker-cum-chaperon Michaeleen Og Flynn on a tandem bicycle. They are overtaken by a torrential downpour and take refuge in the ruins of an old stone church, where both of them get soaked and have their first dramatic kiss (whereupon it immediately thunders, a metaphorical indication of "you shouldn't be doing that").
  • The titular song in Singin' in the Rain comes when a lovestruck Don (Gene Kelly) goes skipping through a heavy rain after parting from Kathy (Debbie Reynolds). The two lovebirds start a new life with their First Kiss at the doorstep while it’s raining.
  • In So Close, Lynn and her love interest are out on their date when the rain begins, and they're mugged. Lynn is forced to reveal that she's a highly skilled assassin, and her lover shows he accepts her by running into a convenience store and microwaving water bottles to keep her warm.
  • Spider-Man contains Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker as Spider-Man's famous upside down kiss in the rain.
  • The original 1933 version of State Fair ends with Pat coming back to the farm to get back together with Margie. She comes charging out of the farmhouse in the pouring rain, they meet, and they kiss.
  • In Streets of Fire, after Tom Cody tells off Ellen, she chases him back outside in the pouring rain, and a few moments later kissing ensues.
  • One of the most iconic scenes in Turkish Delight (1973) is a romantic scene set during rain. Eric and Olga are sitting on the side of the street drinking wine, while heavy rain pours down on them.
  • Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!: Mimicking the scene from Tad's film in the beginning, Pete and Rosalee finally admit their love for eachother in the rain.

  • Emma:
    • Poked fun at the beginning of the novel. Emma recollects that when Miss Taylor and she met Mr Weston in Broadway Lane, it began to drizzle, and he went away to borrow two umbrellas for them from Farmer Mitchell’s, and she began to plan a match between them from that moment. Some illustrations have Mr Weston and Miss Taylor sharing an Umbrella of Togetherness. Moreover, it's raining on their wedding day.
    • Combined with Love Hurts when Mr Martin, still hopelessly in love with Harriet who refused him, accidentally meets her at Ford's while it's raining. He advises her to take a better road that is less floated with water.
    • Mr Knightley rides on horseback from London to Highbury in the rain because he has been informed of Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax's engagement, and he fears that the news is distressing to Emma. He rides rain or no rain in order to soothe and counsel her. Downplayed because when Emma and Mr Knightley meet, the rain is gone, and despite his deep love, Mr Knightley is reasonable enough to go to his own estate first, have dinner and change to dry clothes.
      He had ridden home through the rain; and had walked up directly after dinner, to see how this sweetest and best of all creatures, faultless in spite of all her faults, bore the discovery.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sally and her would-be cop boyfriend go for what he really hopes will be a romantic walk in the rain. She just finds it boring, tedious, wet and uncomfortable, and gets annoyed with him.
  • Bad Teacher: Nodded to in episode "The 6th Grade Lock In" when Meredith and Joel kiss while the overhead sprinklers are on after she gives him a passionate "kiss in the rain" speech.
  • In Black Mirror: Striking Vipers, Danny and Karl meet up after confessing their in-game sexual attraction for the first time in the pouring rain, and they awkwardly kiss, but it's played with because they admit that they don't feel as much attraction in real life, although it's ambiguous how much they're telling the truth.
  • In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this trope is discussed when Jake discusses his and Amy's recent romantic troubles with Charles, who urges him to immediately tell Amy exactly how he feels about her without holding back. Charles then gets a bit carried away and urges Jake to instead wait until a torrential rainstorm to tell her, before immediately realizing what a stupid idea this is and urging him to instead go straight away.
  • In the third episode of The Buccaneers (2023), a sudden rainstorm hits the Duchess of Tintagel's end-of-season ball. An upset Conchita runs away into it, causing panic among the characters, but she reconciles with her husband after he runs after her. Meanwhile, Mabel and Honoria are secretly sharing a kiss in the rain.
  • Castle: In "Always", part of an epiphany that Kate Beckett undergoes after a series of life-crises over the course of the episode involves her brooding alone in the middle of a torrential downpour at night. She goes to Castle, and they finally upgrade their relationship from Will They or Won't They?.
  • Community:
    • Abed comments that lovers soaked in rain is pretty much a cliché. However, he knows that knowledge of pop-culture is what connected him and Rachel when they met. When he wants to make it up to her for not calling her, he asks somebody to pour water on him from a watering can while he talks to her. Rachel loves it and thinks it's the most romantic thing ever.
    • In the episode "Asian Population Studies", such a scene looks like it's addressing unresolved issues with Jeff and Annie, as he runs through a rainstorm and stands streaming wet at a doorway:
      Jeff: Don't say anything until you hear what I have to say. I've known you for almost two years now and I've never taken you as seriously as I should have. You are the strangest, coolest, most genuine person I've ever met. And the thing that scares me about you is how good you make me wish I was. Help me, Rich. Help me become like you. I mean, I am so amazing, but I'm not perfect. You are. Give me that power, so I can abuse it.
    • In "For a Few Paintballs More", Annie and Abed (who has been channeling Han Solo in this episode) kiss while orange paint falls on them from the sprinklers. Troy is doing the "redemption-in-the-rain" shot, extending his arms and smiling — because apparently, their plan worked.
  • Daredevil (2015):
    • Matt Murdock and Karen Page's first private conversation (that is, without Foggy being part of it) is in the first episode of season 1, when Matt takes in Karen for a few nights. The intimacy of the scene is accentuated by several hints of sexual tension, the dimly lit atmosphere of Matt's apartment, and the rainstorm going on outside.
    • Like in the movie, Matt gets to kiss his love interest in the rain. In this case, it is done at the end of "Penny and Dime" to signify Matt and Karen's Relationship Upgrade. While stepping out of Josie's after spending the evening watching the news of Frank Castle's arrest, Karen nervously offers to walk Matt back to his apartment in the rain. When they get to Matt's apartment, Matt stops Karen and forces her to turn around to face him. After several seconds of lustful staring and giggling, Matt slowly brushes a few raindrops off Karen's shoulder and face, and pulls her in for a kissnote . As they break the kiss, Matt asks Karen out on a date, which she eagerly accepts.
      Matt Murdock: Can I take you to dinner?
      Karen Page: Yes!
      Matt Murdock: Tomorrow?
      Karen Page: [grins] Yes! [Matt musters up enough courage to pull away from Karen, and smiles]
      Matt Murdock: ...Good night, Karen.
      Karen Page: Good night, Matt.
      [Karen then gently runs a hand across Matt's chest as she steps away from him to hail a taxi. Matt remains standing there, motionless, listening to the raindrops landing on Karen's skin until she gets into the taxi and closes the door, at which point he finally goes back into his apartment.]
  • Dawson's Creek:
    • In 2x02, after fighting throughout the episode, Dawson and Joey find each other on the pier at Pacey's party in the rain, move towards each other in slowmo, make up, and kiss while it's pouring down.
    • In 2x11, after fighting following Their First Time, Pacey and Andie talk in her car as it's pouring down outside and Pacey tells Andie he loves her for the first time.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation: In the season 13 episode "Thunderstruck", Tristan is moodily standing outside in the middle of a thunderstorm and Miles goes out to call him back inside. After a suitably emotional talk, helped by Tristan's penchant for dramatic dialogue, they are forced to duck to avoid a piece of flying debris. Tristan comments that if they were in a romantic comedy, that would be the moment when they kissed. They share a kiss later in the episode once they are back inside.
  • Downton Abbey: In the last season, Lady Mary is being escorted by her suitor Henry Talbot to her aunt's place where she is staying in London. It starts raining and they end up sharing a kiss under a roof. Lampshaded by her brother-in-law, who says it was romantic.
  • On Friends, when Ross and Rachel first get together in season 2, they have an argument in an empty coffee house and Rachel throws Ross out. It's raining and he keeps watching her through the window. She unlocks the door, they look at each other, fall into each other's arms and start kissing. The rain pouring down is seen in the background through the open door.
  • The Good Place, "Pandemonium": As a parting gift to Eleanor and Chidi, Michael makes the two love birds watch a movie that is comprised of their romantic moments together. They watch themselves on the big screen, cuddling, as they have a picnic in the rain, smiling, dancing together and kissing while it rains and they're getting wet but look really happy.
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha:
    • Hye-jin and Du-sik have a romantic moment in the fifth episode. Hye-jin frets about the rain; Du-sik drags her in it and into the seawater, encouraging her to live in the moment.
    • In the tenth episode, it's raining as Hye-jin has a Love Epiphany about Du-sik, recalling the above, as well as other moments they shared.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Ted has been in love with Robin for the whole season 1. In the S1 finale, he's convinced he has to make it rain to keep Robin in New York (otherwise she will go on a company trip and might get together with her colleague). Amazingly, it starts raining heavily and Ted heads to Robin's. Ted is soaking wet and convinces Robin to go outside as well, though he comes to her door first and they start kissing violently.
    • Parodied in the plot in which two couples acted with dynamics of boyfriend and girlfriend. Barney & Robin and Lily & Marshall did couple-y stuff, eating brunches, having dinners for four and playing charades. They were jealous of other couples who might replace them, they split up and finally declared that they belonged together and were each other's one true couple for companionship — the promise of course took place in the rain.
    • Robin and Barney had an Almost Kiss in the rain in "Disaster Averted"
    • After failing to find Robin's locket in the penultimate episode of Season 8, the rain starts to fall on Ted and Robin, the latter remembering when Ted made it rain for her in Season 1 and taking it as a sign that she should choose Ted instead of marrying Barney. Ted, however, is having none of it.
      Ted: [stands up to leave] I'll see you at the wedding.
    • In a flashback from season 9, Robin and Barney (who had on-again-off-again relationship and had unresolved feelings for each other, then got engaged) get rained upon after she tells him about her inability to have children and he spontaneously hugs her.
      Barney: Yep. The rain makes it weird...
    • Ted meets the mother of his children at the train station when it's raining. He's wet because he doesn't have an umbrella and she encourages him to share hers.
  • Jane the Virgin: Jane and Rafael get caught in the rain in season 5 and kiss.
  • In Nine: Nine Time Travels, Sun-woo's trips back into the past have created an Alternate Timeline that, among other things, wiped out his romance with Min-young. She has no memory of the original timeline until the discovery of a note she wrote him brings back her memories of their romance. She confronts him about this during a pouring rainstorm. Romantic kissing ensues.
  • In an adaptation of Northanger Abbey (ITV's 2007 TV movie), during Catherine's visit to the Abbey, Catherine and Henry go horse riding to see Henry's parsonage. When they reach it, it's about to start raining. Catherine suggests they race back to the Abbey. It's quite a muddy and rainy ride and at the Abbey, Henry cleans and caresses Catherine's face.
  • In Parks and Recreation, Tom relies on this trope to win Ann back. He waits for her in the rain for an unknown amount of time even though Ann hadn't shown any sign of leaving, and comes back inside, annoyed that his big gesture had gone to waste.
  • In Penny Dreadful, Vanessa and Ethan have their Big Damn Kiss during a giant raintstorm (their hut also caught on fire moments ago but it doesn't matter).
  • Six Feet Under: Distressed and soaking wet David walks into Keith's flat, they embrace, get back together and start making out. It turns out that it happens in Keith's imagination or dream, as it was just one of the show's staple Daydream Surprise/Imagine Spot moments.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Ever since Damon and Elena had an intense scene in the rain during season 1, fans for the pairing requested that they kiss in the rain. According to showrunner Julie Plec, this request was something that was discussed repeatedly in the writer's room. In developing season 6, the story called for a scene for Damon to flashback to that was highly romantic that took place during their unaired summer together. So they decided to use that opportunity to fulfill the highly requested rain kiss, by having Damon remember an intensely romantic moment between them kissing in the rain.
  • In Wives and Daughters, the official couple's fate is resolved when it's raining. It's very intense because they can't come close to each other because there's infection of scarlet fever in his estate. They can just talk as they stand apart and the water pours on their faces and drenches their clothes.
  • In Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex and Mason share their First Kiss under the rain while Jerry watches them from atop with a happy smile.

    Music/Music Video 
  • Invoked in the music video for Passion Pit's "Carried Away." The video showcases two lovers who are constantly fighting, but the man keeps redeeming himself by invoking many romance movie cliches. At one point, he stands at her door in what seems to be a downpour... except that the water is coming from a hose and it's perfectly clear out.
  • In "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)", a man reads a personal ad by a woman who seeks love and wants somebody who likes, among other things, getting Caught in the Rain. He responds and arranges a date because he's into it as well. Turns out, it's his current partner. The both seemed to be bored by their relationship, but the song ends on an upbeat note, suggesting they will probably rekindle their relationship and explore their newly-found mutual romantic interests.
  • Mentioned in chorus of Taylor Swift's "That's the Way I Loved You:"
    And I miss screaming and fighting
    And kissing in the rain
    Now it's two a.m. and I'm cursing your name
    So in love that I acted insane
    And that's the way I loved you

    Video Games 
  • Troublemaker has the cutscene where the two sidekicks, Zaenal and Rani, admits their feelings for each other while sharing an umbrella under heavy rain.

    Visual Novels 
  • In A Summer's End — Hong Kong, 1986 the scene in which Michelle decides to follow Sam out of the restaurant turns into this, with Michelle apologizing and the two sharing a kiss. Note that this only happens if the player chooses to leave Joey and follow Sam. If not, that scene ends with Michelle left alone in the same rain with a much more somber atmosphere, turning it more into a Gray Rain of Depression.


    Web Video 
  • Invoked by Kissing in the Rain, in which actors reenact cinema's most famous examples of this trope, all while growing feelings for each other.
  • Spoofed by Lizzie in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries when viewers expected Darcy to show up. Lizzie starts her video with reminding that she left Darcy a voicemail, but she hadn't heard from him, days passed, and then suddenly her doorbell rang and would we guess who showed up on her doorstep in the rain? It turns out it was her best friend Charlotte who came to cheer her up, rain or no rain. Charlotte snidely remarks it drizzled at best.
    • Double Subverted when Darcy shows up at the end of the episode, presumably in the rain as well.
  • A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever: In Movie Title, Wealthy, Successful Protagonist and Lead Female have a scene in a car while it's raining heavily outside, and Lead Female delivers her Anguished Declaration of Love. It's simultaneously Gray Rain of Depression because their Second-Act Breakup is still on.
    Lead Female: PASSIONATE PLEA!... whisper of repetition...
  • The Weather: In "Thunderstorms", a man proposes to his girlfriend in the middle of a rainstorm, which neither seem to mind.

    Western Animation 
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Twice, in "Stoneheart" and "Mr Pigeon 72". In the first episode, it's raining at the moment when Marinette falls in love with Adrien. In the second, she realize she still loves him. In fact, he may start to fall for her as well.
  • The Owl House: This is something of a foreign concept in the Demon Realm due to the fact that the rain there is literally hot enough to boil people alive. Naturally, one of the things that Luz does when she and her friends end up stranded on Earth for several months is introduce her girlfriend Amity to some non-hostile rain, gently holding the other girl's hand out the front door so she can feel that it isn't dangerous before pulling her onto the lawn so they can dance together.
  • The Simpsons
    • In "Natural Born Kissers", Marge and Homer run through the rain and go to the nearest barn to escape the storm. Their excitement leads them to have sex.
    • In "Married to the Blob", Kimiko compliments Comic Book Guy's snark during their first date. Then they decide to "go walking and mocking in the rain" — Comic Book Guy then says he's in love, yet still a little bit bitter.
  • Towards the ending of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, after the final battle, with the rain washing up the ink, Robin and Starfire admit their feelings for each other and share their first true love's kiss. See for yourself.
  • In one episode of Total Drama, it is revealed that Mike once had a dream where he kisses Zoey in the rain.


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