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Mr. Boynton and Miss Brooks.

Our Miss Brooks was a popular early sitcom starring Eve Arden, which ran on CBS radio (1948–57) and television (1952–56). The series concluded with a movie adaptation in 1956.

Arden plays Connie Brooks, a benevolent, wisecracking English teacher at Madison High School who deals with her surrounding cast of characters including her overbearing principal Osgood Conklin (Gale Gordon), her cheerful but not-so-studious pupil Walter Denton (Richard Crenna), her occasionally-scatterbrained landlady Mrs. Davis (Jane Morgan), and her desired love interest, biology teacher Philip Boynton (originally Jeff Chandler, later Robert Rockwell).

In September 2016 Our Miss Brooks returned to syndication, being shown weekday mornings on MeTV. The progam is currently being shown by the Decades network.

Our Miss Brooks provides examples of: