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This is the Kilowicked counterpart to Trope Overdosed Franchises. In contrast to the main Trope Kilowicked (and Trope Overdosed) pages, this page presents all works within a franchise together, rather than separating everything out into individual pages. This page also lists Kilowicked works within Overdosed franchises.

Being Trope Kilowicked indicates that a franchise — or a work within an Overdosed franchise — is noteworthy enough among The Contributors to reach at least a thousand wicks but hasn't reached Trope Overdosed status. How long a franchise has been around also has an effect here; a work may be popular but either wasn't or hasn't been around long enough to be Trope Overdosed.

The wick counts for anything comprising multiple works are the total number of wicks for that page, as seen in the "Related" tab and each of its sub-works, all added up.

Sub-works are listed in bullets a level lower than the primary works.

Listings here are alphabetical.

Trope Kilowicked — 1000-1999 wicks

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    Works S-Z 

Like in Trope Overdosed Franchises, This doesn't mean that these franchises are actually better, nor even more popular, just that more tropers watch them and add examples. Or possibly that one really, really dedicated troper watches it and adds examples. Or possibly that the show just happens to have a really, really high trope quotient while a show you don't see on here doesn't. Of course, a show with a lot of presence here is likely to gain more fans.

A brief note on methodology. To determine a work's ranking under Trope Overdosed and Trope Kilowicked, you can take the "related to" number of all the pages listed for that franchise.