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Tamagotchi is a Virtual Pet series by Bandai. Ever since the toys were relaunched in 2004, there have been tons of other Tamagotchi-related media, such as music, a line of Nintendo DS Licensed Games, and even two department stores in Japan. The franchise also got a series of Animated Adaptations animated by OLM Incorporated.

In its home country, Tamagotchi enjoys success to this day. In other parts of the world, however, the franchise has lost its popularity, slinking back down to post-1998 levels. Bandai attempted to revive the franchise worldwide by releasing it free for Android and iOS devices (in the form of the app Tamagotchi L.i.f.e., now discontinued) before launching the toy line Tamagotchi Friends.


Tamagotchi media with TV Tropes pages:

  • Tamagotchi (1996-present): The original Virtual Pet toys. The pets start out as little babies and can grow into a variety of different adult types from there depending on how much the player takes care of them.
  • Tamagotchi Video Adventures (1997): An American VHS that's mainly about the Tamagotchis finding objects from Earth to use as exhibits for Cosmotchi's museum.
  • Manga de Hakken! Tamagotchi (1998-2001): A comic strip about the Tamagotchis living on Earth with humans.
  • Let's Go! Tamagotchi (2007): A simple, more or less Slice of Life webtoon series showcasing the adventures of Series Mascot Mametchi and his friends, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi.
  • Tamagotchi: The Movie (2007): The first movie. Mametchi accidentally transports a human girl to Tamagotchi Planet, and he and his friends must find a way to get her back to Earth.
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  • Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe! (2008): The second movie. Mametchi and friends jump into a book titled "The World's Happiest Story" and notice that a page is missing.
  • Tamagotchi (2009-2015): A TV anime about the various everyday happenings in the lives of Tamagotchi mascots Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and their friends on Tamagotchi Planet.
  • Eiga Tamagotchi: Himitsu no Otodoke Dai Sakusen! (2017): A Short Film released on April 28th, 2017 alongside the Himitsu no Cocotama movie, marking the franchise's first appearance on the big screen in 9 years. The title means Tamagotchi the Movie: Big Operation Secret Delivery in English. In the short film, Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, and Nijifuwatchi (the last of which is a Tamagotchi m!x character who makes her animated debut here) are delivering a package to the Gotchi King when an unusual vehicle with a claw arm appears and tries to steal the package.

Tropes relating to the entire Tamagotchi franchise and Tamagotchi works without their own pages:

  • Allegedly Free Game: Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Tap and Hatch was a free puzzle game that offered in-app purchases. Some of the levels were nearly (if not outright) impossible without buying extra moves and power-ups, the worst offender being Level 59.
    • This also happens with My Tamagotchi Forever. If you want to unlock certain items before you reach a specigic level, you have to buy gems. There's also a $2 option to remove half of the ads and give you double coins, as well as a VIP club that has exclusive features you can't access otherwise like stickers and items for your house,
  • Amazing Technicolor World: Of course.
  • Animated Adaptation: The webtoon, films, and show are all adapted from the virtual pets.
  • Big Honking Traffic Jam: One episode of Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi is about Mametchi being a traffic cop and features lots of angry Tamagotchis honking their horns when Mametchi's lunch break and sleeping for the night disrupt their driving.
  • The Board Game:
    • Cardinal released one in 1997. The game involves caring for your Tamagotchi, like the pets.
    • Pressman released another Tamagotchi board game, Grow Your Pet, in 2007. Pressman's game does share some features from the Cardinal game, while adding an electronic pet in the center of the board.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Incredibly difficult levels in Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Tap and Hatch could be beaten in seconds with the in-game purchases.
  • The Cameo:
  • Captain Obvious: The Corner Shop video game says stuff in this way when a minigame starts or before the rating when one ends.
  • Excited Show Title!: The show and films have this. The only one that averts this is Tamagotchi: The Movie, at least outside of Japan (its original Japanese title is "Eiga de Tojo! Tamagotchi Dokidoki! Uchu no Maigotchi!?").
  • Licensed Game: Goes both ways.
    • Several licensed Tamagotchi video games have been made for multiple platforms, with the Corner Shop games on the Nintendo DS and Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park for the Sega Saturn (predictably enough, given its title) being two examples.
    • Besides this, the Tamagotchi toys themselves have become a platform for licensing, as virtual pets have been made based on Mothra, Doraemon, Sanrio, Pokémon, Disney, Shoujo magazine Ciao and Aikatsu!, among others.
  • Mime and Music-Only Cartoon: Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi has the characters Speaking Simlish, and the only actual Japanese in each episode is on-screen text.
  • The Movie: There are two of them. The first, simply titled Tamagotchi: The Movie, was released in 2007. The second, Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!, was released a year later in 2008.
  • New Job Episode: One episode of Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi has Mametchi taking up the position of a traffic cop. He winds up interrupting everyone's driving twice - once when he takes a lunch break and again when he goes to sleep for the night. While he's still at the intersection.

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