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Big City Greens is an animated series on Disney Channel, created by Chris and Shane Houghton (colloquially known as the Houghton Brothers), who both worked on Harvey Beaks, with Chris having been a storyboard artist for Gravity Falls. Rob Renzetti, the creator of My Life as a Teenage Robot and supervising producer on Gravity Falls, served as an executive producer.

The series details the adventures of Cricket Green, a mischievous, enthusiastic country boy who moves to Big City with his father Bill, sister Tilly, and his Gramma, and how his curiosity affects his out of place family and the friendship they develop with their neighbours.

The series was greenlit for a second season a month ahead of its premiere and the show debuted on June 18, 2018.

Big City Greens has examples of:

  • Accidental Public Confession: In "Cricketsitter", while Cricket is waiting in the X-ray room, Tilly accidentally leans on the microphone:
    Doctor [as Tilly accidentally leans on the microphone button]: He must have taken a pretty hard hit. What happened?
    Cricket: Huh?
    Tilly: Well, I guess I can tell you, but this is one of those doctor-patient confidentiality things. So, I was supposed to look after Cricket, but he kept doing a lot of crazy stuff, so I had to scare him a little bit, but instead he got hurt, and it's all my fault, and I'm so overwhelmed that I might fall asleep. [Tilly falls asleep on the button]
    Doctor: What? Wake up!
    Tilly [wakes up]: Oh, wow, it makes me feel so much better to get that off my chest.
    Cricket: What?!
    Tilly: Cricket, no no no no! You weren't supposed to hear that!
    Cricket: I thought you were looking after me, but you were only looking after yourself!
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  • All Animals Are Dogs: Tilly thinks their goat has the spirt of a dog, and enters her in the local dog show.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Almost everyone has skin of wild colors including violet, blue, green, and inhumanly reddish pink, mixed in with a minority of colors that can pass as normal skin tones. The Greens themselves are bright yellow, not unlike The Simpsons.
  • Anatomy Anomaly: Just almost with the entire characters who excludes noses, some background characters had some odd-shaped heads.
  • Animal Theme Naming: Cricket, who's named after an insect.
  • Animation Bump: The intro is more fluid and has better detailed shading than most of its episodes.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Played with in "Bear Trapped", with the lesser offense occurring in the middle:
    Cricket: Bears are a menace; they'll terrorize the innocent, rifle through our garbage, and if left unchecked, will eventually destroy this good city!
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  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: The Pepper Merchant that sells ghost peppers to Gramma in "Feud Fight" has a green topknot and long red beard that makes his head look like a jalapeño pepper.
  • Bavarian Fire Drill: In "Cricketsitter", when Tilly uses a Scare 'em Straight approach to discourage Cricket from doing dangerous stunts with a bucket, Tilly disguises Cricket in a soldier's uniform and rushes him to the Big City medical center:
    Desk Nurse: There's a 45-minute wait.
    Tilly: This brave soldier will be dead in 45 minutes! His wounds need attention now!
    Desk Nurse: What happened?
    Tilly: He's real hurt, see? [Tilly touches Cricket's right arm]
    Cricket: Owwww!
    Tilly: We're losing him!
    Desk Nurse: Oh my, right this way, please.
  • Bee Afraid: In the Bee Tree Short, when Tilly and Cricket encountered a single bee while climbing up the tree, which went into Tilly, who kept still while Cricket frantically calls for helping until the bee leaves from Tilly’s face but went to sting Cricket’s face.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Before "Bear Trapped", Cricket had a aversion towards bears as somehow explained in Space Chicken, he would set up bear traps despite of bears being nonexistent in the city, at least until "Bear Trapped".
    • Subverted when Tilly tames and befriends her and names her Daisy, believing that she's hungry, misunderstood and scared of humans, and she actually turns out to be Beary Friendly.
  • Bland-Name Product: The Greens' pickup is a Kludgenote .
    • Grandma Alice's car is made by Abraham Motors, a pun on Lincoln Continental.
    • Splish soda, a parody of Sprite.
    • Chip Whistler's Wholesome Foods, a parody of Whole Foods Market.
  • Big Fancy House: Mostly the Remington’s Mansion classifies this.
  • Break the Haughty:
    • A mild example with Bill in "DIY Guys". Bill prides himself on being self-reliant and not asking for help, but when he goes to a hardware store, it's too big and confusing for him to find what he's looking for, and steadfastly refuses to ask the employees for help finding it. Eventually he is forced to ask for help when a shelf full of toilets threatens to fall on him.
    • Chip Whistler, the Jerkass manager of Wholesome Foods, gets thoroughly humiliated every time he tangles with the Greens. He chips his teeth the first time; it gets fixed whenever he meets the Greens again, but no matter how unbreakable he says his new teeth are, they get chipped again every time.
  • Buses Are for Freaks: In "Welcome Home", the Greens ride a bus to gramma's house and finds that everyone there is some sort of weirdo.
  • But I Read a Book About It: In "Welcome Home", Cricket claims to be an expert on the Big City, even though he's never been there, because he read a book about it once.
  • Calvinball: The kids invented "Critterball", a combination of baseball and dodgeball. A man watching them admits to not knowing what's going on despite watching for an hour.
  • Captain Ersatz: In "Parade Day", one of the floats is Crabby Tabby, based on Garfield, and another resembles the Genie from Aladdin.
  • Cats Are Mean: In Secret Cat, when Tilly and Cricket are trying to feed Gramma’s other cat, who’s not shown entirely, winds up grabbing and clawing Cricket's face so badly that he unsuccessfully tried to remove from under the couch before being knocked out while dragged under the couch.note 
  • Closed Circle: In "Blood Moon", crazed animals surround the Greens, along with Remy, his bodyguard Vasquez, and Gloria, in the house. It becomes a Trapped with Monster Plot when the animals find a way in; they escape to the apartment building next door, but the animals follow them there. It turns out Bill engineered the whole thing by leaving the barn door open because he wanted to spend Halloween together with the kids, but it got out of hand.
  • Clucking Funny: Cricket tries to get one of the family chickens launched into outer space in "Space Chicken". The chickens end up running amok on the streets, scaring passersby.
  • Companion Cube: In "Cricketsitter", Tilly has one in the form of a burlap sack with a face on it which she named "Sackson". She talks to it, and pretends that it talks back to her by speaking in a gruff voice. Sackson goes on to be a regular "character".
    • She also tends to imagine that random things like a dirty car or a cloud looks at her and talks to her.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Andromeda, the girl Tilly tries to befriend in "Gargoyle Gals". Tilly makes up a story about the gargoyles across the street coming to life to get her to stay over.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: When Cricket and Remy are caught sneaking around in Gramma's room, she makes Cricket and Remy kiss her on the cheek.
  • Crazy-Prepared: In "Harvest Dinner", Tilly is tasked with buying paprika, which Cricket and Gramma, who have to guard the pie cooling in the window sill, feel jealous about. After failing to beat her to it, they then plot to exchange the paprika she bought for a papaya they accidentally bought. Tilly, however, knew they would try something like that, so she took the paprika out of the bottle beforehand and put it in her pocket.
  • Cringe Comedy: Just about everything that sets upon in the show.
  • Country Mouse: The Green Family, who previously left countryside and into the city.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Cricket Versus" and "Swimming Fool" is both for Cricket.
    • "Cricketsitter", "Tilly's Goat", "Mama Bird" and "Forbidden Feline" are mainly for Tilly.
    • "Backflip Bill" and "Fill Bill" are mainly for Bill.
    • "Remy Rescue" is one for Remy.
    • "Gramma’s License" and "Suite Retreat" are mainly for Gramma.
    • "Critterball Crisis" is mainly for Gloria.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: When Cricket's singing fish Barry Cuda is attacked, his theories of who did it and why are shown in black-and-white.
  • Dinner Deformation: In "Cheap Snake", Cricket's new pet snake eats the farm animals, which are clearly visible inside its body. Eventually, Cricket himself ends up inside it.
  • Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Project: Bill plans to renovate Gramma's bathroom while she's away in "Tilly's Tour". Unfortunately, Cricket's attempts to help result in the bathroom flooding and getting wrecked. With only one hour to fix everything, Bill only manages to return it to its previous state.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": In "Cheap Snake", Cricket buys a snake and names it Snaky.
  • Earthy Barefoot Character: Cricket, who is shown most of time being seen without wearing any shoes like the rest of the cast has. When he's forced to wear shoes in "Photo Op", he treats it as a great indignity, especially since Bill tricked the family into getting their photo taken under the pretense of going to the food court.
  • Escaped Animal Rampage: In "Uncaged", Cricket and Tilly accidentally free all the animals in the zoo and have to get them back inside.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The titular name of the city that the Greens move to is literally named Big City.
  • Family Theme Naming: The members and animals of the Green Family have a short I sound in their names (Cricket, Tilly, Bill, Alice, Phoenix, Melissa). The only exception is their mother Nancy.
  • Feud Episode: "Dinner Party". The Greens invite the Remingtons for dinner, with Cricket hoping that it will make his and Remy's families best friends like them. Unfortunately, the differences between the grownups are too great, and they end up fighting against each other in a football game in the rain. Even Cricket and Remy get caught up in the rivalry, but then realize that they're still best friends, and ask for the rivalry to stop.
  • Fish out of Water: Downplayed. The entire family is this to the modern, bustling metropolitan Big City. It's clear from the intro that Bill was a farmer. Even their house is a small, homely shack right next to a coffee shop and a unnamed building on the right. However, the Greens have shown that they are familiar with various aspects of city life, such as how the metro works.
  • Free the Frogs:
    • In "Fill Bill", Cricket frees the octopi from the tank of a seafood restaurant.
    • "Uncaged" reveals that Nancy went to jail for freeing cows from an industrial dairy. To prove that they're just as rebellious as she is, Cricket and Tilly try to free an orangutan from the zoo, but end up freeing all the other animals as well.
  • Food Fight: The episode "Feud Fight", surprisingly enough, in which Cricket's war with Chip at the farmer's market escalates into one.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: The character designs have four fingers on their hands.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: In "Swimming Fool", Tilly makes a working oxygen tank out of a milk bottle.
  • Halloween Episode: "Blood Moon", in which a lunar eclipse during Halloween makes the farm animals go savage, ruining the Green's trick-or-treating.
  • High-Dive Hijinks: Cricket tries to jump off the high dive at the community pool in "Swimming Fool", but gets scared when he looks down. He eventually gets over his fear after jumping from the rafters, much higher up than the diving board.
  • How We Got Here: "Feud Fight" starts in the middle of the fighting at the farmer's market, then flashes back to how it all got started.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Andromeda asks Tilly how the latter dares to spy on her while she's spying on other kids.
  • I Want My Mommy!: In "Cricketsitter", Bill says one when the doctor was about to inject a needle into him, he wind up screaming and shouting this then later passing out, although the doctor did mention it to the kids.
  • Identical Grandson: In "Family Legacy", Gramma tells Cricket and Tilly stories of the Greens through the ages, all of which look like Bill, Cricket and Tilly in the flashbacks.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Every episode title is two words long (sometimes one word) and sums up what the plot is going to be about.
  • Imagine Spot:
    • In "Photo Op", Tilly gets Literal-Minded about going to the food court, and imagines being put on trial by anthropomorphic food items, gleefully eating pieces of the jurors and the judge.
    • In "Supermarket Scandal", upon being told what's going to happen to those who eat the fake food, Cricket imagines angry customers using Torches and Pitchforks to drive the Greens out of Big City.
    • In "Barry Cuda", Cricket has stories on why each member of his family wanted to destroy his singing novelty fish. Tilly was jealous of the fish's singing, Gramma saw a scary movie about sharks and was afraid of fish, and Bill was an old friend of the fish who got jealous when he became best friends with Cricket. All three were shown in black and white.
  • Imprinting: In "Mama Bird", the kids find a fallen blue jay nest, and Bill warns them that when the eggs hatch, the chicks will think whatever they see first is their mother. Tilly wants the chicks to think she's their mother, and starts carrying the eggs around; when they finally do hatch, they imprint on Cricket instead.
  • In Another Man's Shoes: In "Cricket's Shoes", Cricket is sick and needs the family to do all the things he had to do that day. So Tilly fills his shift at the coffee shop, Gramma hasd to take Remy to the trampoline park, and Bill has to do a crazy dare where he runs through the dog park while wearing meat.
  • In-Scene Title Text: The Episode Title Card is done this way, appearing on a foreground element at the beginning of each episode.
  • Insistent Terminology: Cricket resents Gloria calling his drawings scribbles. They're doodles, thank you very much.
  • Irrational Hatred: In "Bear Trapped", Cricket talks about how bears are a menace that could destroy the city if left unchecked. Moments later, he casually admits that he's never actually encountered a bear before, making his dislike of them completely unfounded.
  • Jenny's Number: In "Gridlocked", when Tilly squirts the mud off the car with the fire engine's nozzle, its license plate number is T8675309.
  • Jerkass: The waiter in "Fill Bill". He refuses to believe Bill when he says he's not a tourist, and talks him into ordering the biggest and most exotic meal on the menu, so he can watch Bill try to stomach it all (which makes it very satisfying when he gets caught in the flood when Cricket breaks the octopi tank, washing him out to the docks outside).
  • Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films: Parodied in "Rated Cricket", where Cricket wants to see a movie titled Kiss of Death, which from the poster looks like an action-horror movie about a motorcycle riding skeleton. When he finally sneaks into the movie, however, he finds it's actually a Paranormal Romance about a woman in love with the skeleton. Cricket is horrified, not by the violence or gore he was expecting, but by all the kissing, both on screen and in the theater.
  • Kneel Before Zod: In "Cyberbullies", when Cricket, Tilly, Remy, Bennee, Kiki, and Weezee are playing video games, the Cyber Knights take the space coins from Cricket's squad. When Cricket stands up to the Cyber Knights, they demand that he bows down before them, and Cricket challenges their drone minicopters to a duel with his kite, and his friends come at the last minute, using their kites to bring down the drone mini-copters one by one.
  • A Lesson Learned Too Well: In "Photo Op", Bill (in an attempt to justify tricking the family into having their picture taken) tells Tilly that lying is okay if it's for a "fun surprise". Tilly spends the rest of the episode telling lies to people, punctuating each one with "Surprise!"
  • Literal-Minded: The Green kids at times.
    • In "Photo Op", Tilly imagines the food court to be a courtroom where anthropomorphic food put her on trial.
    • Cricket's bucket list in "Cricketsitting" is a list of fun things to do with a bucket. He finds Tilly's notion of a list of things to do before you die morbid.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Remy Remington, who would rather hang out with Cricket and Tilly than take boring lessons.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • In "Cricket Versus", Cricket has to fight the most dangerous creature around, but can't find any due to being in a city, seemingly ruining his chances of being on the quilt, until he realizes that the most dangerous creature in the city is Granny, who had fought a bear and won, which Granny agreed counted.
    • In "Parade Day", Cricket can't go watch the parade because he has to work at the café. Then he learns about law-mandated 15 minute breaks and decides to use his to go and watch the parade, yelling "Loophole, loophole, loophole!" at Gloria as he does.
  • Missing Mom: The mother of Cricket and Tilly is absent from the family. In the "Cricket Versus" episode, she was noted for wrestling a wolverine somewhere between the honeymoon and the wedding.
    • In "Mama Bird", after the blue jay finds her hatched baby birds, Tilly and Cricket mention that they can't wait until their mom gets back, hinting that she may still be alive (or at least that they think she is).
    • "Phoenix Rising", the season one finale, reveals that mom had been in jail and had just gotten out.
    • Nancy Green is now a recurring character in the second season.
  • Mistaken for Servant: In "DIY Guys", Cricket is mistaken for a worker at a large hardware store because the employees all wear overalls like his. He is put in charge of the forklift, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Mock Meal: In "Supermarket Scandal", a supermarket manager offers to sell the Greens' produce on his store, but Bill can't fill the order and declines. Cricket then makes fake produce to fill out the manager's order and get the money, painting ordinary objects to look like fruits and vegetables. Bill points out the obvious flaw in his plan — namely, that people will try to eat the fake food and get angry at them for being duped — so Cricket and Tilly have to round up the fakes before anyone finds out.
  • Movie Theater Episode: "Rated Cricket", in which Cricket tries to sneak into a movie named Kiss of Death while the others go to a kids movie.
  • Nerdy Bully: The Cyber Knights are a group who intimidate Cricket's friends by hacking their electronic devices. Cricket is immune to their threats by not owning any devices, thus having nothing for them to hack.
  • Nice Guy: The Greens' neighbor, Brett. He's one of the few people to respond positively to their antics.
  • Noodle Implements: In "Blue Tater", Gramma needs snake venom, dirt from a freshly dug grave, and sour cream to perform her ritual. She already has the first two ingredients in her purse, but Tilly keeps eating the sour cream.
  • The Noseless: The character designs exclude noses of any kind, with Grandma Alice (who has a beak-like mouth) being the exception to this.
  • Overprotective Parents: Remy's parents. When they find out Remy has been hanging out with Cricket, they immediately send his bodyguard over to recover him, and make plans to send him to boarding school that same day. According to Remy, they also decide "everything" for him, making him take various lessons he doesn't even want or like.
  • Police are Useless: Officer Keys. While he does have rare moments of competence, he is generally oblivious to any possible crimes happening around him, and terrible at doing his job.
  • Polly Wants a Microphone: In "Coffee Quest", Gloria's parrot shows how lonely she is by repeating things like "I'm so lonely, I miss home" and "Gotta get more ice-cream, can't believe I ate the whole thing again."
  • Reality Ensues:
    • In "Backflip Bill", when Bill does his gymnastics floor routine, it looks quite impressive until he messed up the landing at the end. And despite everybody applauding his performance, he gets sixth place. He also mentions at the end that now that he fulfilled his childhood dream he's going to retire from gymnastics due to his body being sore since he only restarted gymnastics recently and his body isn't as flexible as it was.
    • In "Gramma's License", despite Gramma successfully obtaining her driver's license, her license has several restrictions on it due to her poor eyesight and her age.
    • In "Tilly's Goat", despite heroically saving the dog show judge's dog from being crushed, Melissa doesn't win the dog show (because she's a goat, and had been doing terribly for the entire contest). The judge adds that, with all the damage Cricket caused trying to sabotage the competition, the kids are lucky she's not calling the police.
    • In "Bear Trapped", Cricket brings Daisy to live in the sewers, and overflows the tunnel (with him in it) in order to get Officer Keys and the animal control officers away from her. Immediately after, Cricket suffers a very nasty fever, due to his exposure to sewer water.
    • In "Coffee Quest", Chip, having tracked Cricket and Gloria to the latter's apartment, loudly threatens them to come out. This results in one of Gloria's neighbors yelling at him to shut up (and throwing a boot at him), since it's the middle of the night, and he has work in the morning.
  • Retail Riot: In "Big Deal", the Greens go to Price Busters for a Thanksgiving Day sale. Inside the store, shoppers are fighting each other tooth and nail for merchandise, the poor clerks unable to keep the peace. (One poor soul has been tied to a ceiling fan.) The manager orchestrates the chaos from his office; since he has to work during Thanksgiving, he aims to ruin everyone else's holiday as well.
  • Rite of Passage: In "Cricket Versus", Cricket has to perform the Green rite of passage: to fight the toughest critter around, pinning it for the count of three before sundown. Unfortunately, the city is short on vicious critters, so it looks like Cricket will never get to be a Green, until he realizes that the toughest critter in the city is Gramma herself. He manages to pin her just as the sun goes down, winning the fight.
  • Rock Beats Laser: In "Cyber Bullies", Cricket and his friends manage to destroy the Cyber Knights' drones with ordinary paper kites.
  • Scare 'em Straight: In "Cricketsitter", Tilly attempts this with Cricket (who is attempting numerous reckless deeds involving buckets and was not listening to anyone). It backfires when Cricket gets his shoulder disloated.
  • Sewer Gator: One foils Cricket's attempt to travel through the sewers in "Welcome Home".
  • Shout-Out:
    • The license plate of the Green's truck is A114.
    • In "Gridlocked", when Tilly squirts the mud off the car with the fire engine's nozzle, its license plate number is T8675309.
    • "Paint Misbehavin'" contains a pair of references to Homestar Runner: Tilly's version of coffee is skim milk and gummi bears, a reference to the Strong Bad Email, "bedtime story." Cricket later displays a painting based on Trogdor.
    • "Big Deal" has Cricket throwing a mallet to a giant TV screen, spoofing the famous Nineteen Eighty-Four Apple ad.
    • "Night Bill" has the Greens race against Bill's boss in office chairs, in a parody of the chariot race from Ben-Hur.
  • Slippery Swimsuit: Bill gets his trunks sucked off by the jets on the hot tub in "Swimming Fool". He has to cover himself with his hat as he runs over to the locker room to grab a towel.
  • Special Edition Title: "Blood Moon" has a Halloween themed version of the opening, with red tinting, spooky details added, and brief flashes of creepy things spliced in.
  • Special Guest: Griffin McElroy plays the Pepper Merchant in "Feud Fight", and his performance is heavily reminiscent of Garfield the Deals Warlock.
  • Spin Attack: In "Coffee Quest", Tilly gives Chip the "Tilly Tornado". She doesn't actually hit him, but it works perfectly as a distraction while Gloria and Cricket get away.
  • Subways Suck: The Greens take the subway in "Steak Night". Cricket leaves the package with the steaks on the station, which causes a bomb scare. Tilly, meanwhile, befriends the rats that dwell there.
  • Superstition Episode: "Blue Tater", in which Cricket finds a blue potato, which Gramma says will curse its owner with bad luck. Soon, bad things start happening, and both Cricket and Bill come to believe the potato is cursed, but then Tilly points out that all the things that went wrong were because of Cricket freaking out about the bad luck, and she claims that we make our own luck.
  • Thanksgiving Episode: "Big Deal" which is about the Greens spending Thanksgiving Day in a warehouse store for an all-day sale. In the end, Cricket learns that spending time with family is more important than buying a new TV.
  • Three Lines, Some Waiting: Some episodes involve the entire family going to a certain location then splitting off into their own substories. Often, these storylines will climax at all of them uniting at the end in a giant disaster.
  • Token Minority: Out all of the other characters, Remy and his parents counts as this, as he's the only one that has the brown skin that can overtly identify him as African-American.
  • Too Dumb to Live. Remy in "Tilly's Goat". Despite being extremely allergic to dogs, he insists on going to the local dog show, and petting every dog there.
  • Too Important to Walk: The Cyber Knights in "Cyber Bullies" move around in hoverboards. When the power runs out on them, they complain about having to walk, and do so very awkwardly.
  • Total Eclipse of the Plot: "Blood Moon" involves a lunar eclipse during Halloween (the titular blood moon), which makes the farm animals go crazy and attack the Greens.
  • Tropey, Come Home: In "Phoenix Rises", Cricket's dog Phoenix runs away, and the Greens try to find her. Turns out Phoenix caught the scent of Mrs. Green, recently out of prison; she gives Phoenix a motorcycle ride and brings her back.
  • Two-Headed Coin: Tilly's lucky penny in "Blue Tater" is actually two pennies glued together so that it always lands on heads.
  • The Unintelligible: Mrs. Cho, Gloria's boss, who mostly speaks in grunts. The one time that she needed to give a more detailed instruction, she had it written down on her smartphone.
  • We Need a Distraction:
    • In "Critterball Crisis", Cricket needs a distraction while he retrieves the balls from Gloria's locker. Tilly and Remy then act out a melodramatic breakup scene in the café.
    • Tilly does it again in "Coffee Quest", distracting Chip with the "Tilly Tornado" (she just spins around) while Gloria and Cricket get away.
  • Whodunnit: "Barry Cuda", where Cricket's novelty talking fish (the titular Barry Cuda) is attacked, and he suspects Tilly, Bill and Gramma. Turns out it was all three of them, since they found it annoying. Cricket then finishes the job himself because he loves his family even more.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Even Alice Green, who is typically tough as nails, is afraid of snakes.
    Gramma: You didn't tell me your pet was one of them devil worms! How do they move around with no legs?
    Remy: Actually, they move their muscles and scales in a lateral—
  • The Worm That Walks: A person Cricket tries to talk to on the bus in "Welcome Home" turns out to be a pack of rats hidden inside a hoodie.
  • Working Off The Debt:
    • After the events of "Critterball Crisis", Cricket has to work at the café with Gloria in order to pay for the mess he made.
    • In "Coffee Quest", after Mrs. Cho tears up the debt, just when it looks like Cricket and Gloria will go their separate ways, Gloria knocks over some mugs and vandalizes the café with Mrs. Cho reinstating the debt so Cricket can work there and be friends with Gloria.
  • Worst News Judgement Ever: In "Breaking News", the news crew covering Bill's watermelon say there's nothing else happening. At that moment, a car speeds by chased by police, the driver yelling "I just robbed a bank!" The crew ignore it completely.
  • Worthless Treasure Twist: In "Family Legacy", Cricket, Tilly and Gramma go looking for the Green family treasure buried in the backyard, all the way Gramma telling stories of how the family farm was almost sold each generation. When they do find it, it's a box full of seemingly useless mementos — a watch from Gramma's father, aviator goggles from her aunt, and Gramma's own shovel. Just when Gramma is about to sell the farm, Cricket and Tilly figure out that the items on the box are actually a reminder of how the younger Greens always save the day when the adults have given up, making Gramma realize that the Green family treasure is the farm itself.
  • X Meets Y: Doug meets Little House on the Prairie

"I got sweat in my eyes
Lost a bet and got bit by a hundred flies
I fell out a big old tree
And every branch has scraped up both my knees
I got chased by a dog, licked by a frog
Got a rash on my leg, dropped a dozen eggs
I got splinters at seven and ten
And tomorrow, I'll do it all again"