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Cook: Pyjama party means only one thing — girls getting friendly.
JJ: Hang on. Even I know that only happens in overblown and possibly illegal teen dramas.

A gathering of female characters, particularly teens or pre-teens. Often to talk about boys or make-overs. A staple of the simpler days of the Dom Com. Also popular in slasher horror as a convenient way to get a lot of attractive young women under one roof to terrorise them.

More often called a pyjama party in the UK (and, by adoption, usually in Japan as well), seeing as that's the general clothing worn at such an event. And anyway, who sleeps at one of these things? Wacky Fratboy Hijinx will often involve trying to gatecrash (or at the very least, watch).

Boys occasionally throw them as well, and they're full of tropes for tween boys. They just call them "sleepovers" (or even better, just "spending the night") instead of Slumber Party or Pajama Party, though - they usually consider these terms too associated to girls.


Watch out for Sleep Squashing, Blanket Tug O' War, Childish Pillow Fight, and, if you're the only guy caught, Makeover Torment.

Awkward First Sleepover is a subtrope. See also Slumber Party Ploy.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • One omake strip from Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl had Hazumu holding one, with it being the one thing she really wanted to do since turning into a girl. We don't see a lot of what happens in it, mostly just Asuta's attempts to crash it.
  • Yo-Kai Watch: One segment has Nate's friends stay over for a sleepover. Eddie somehow disabled the parental controls on Nate's living room television and plans on showing his friends some very unchild safe shows involving scantily clad women. However a youkai starts messing with their TV and keeps on changing the channel. They only end up watching a few moments before Nate's parents catch them.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid:
    • The finale of the anime feature the tail end of one with Kanna staying over at Saikawa's house. Notable in that Saikawa doesn't have a Cuteness Overload despite being in the same bed as Kanna due to seeing how upset she was over Tohru being taken back to the other world.
    • Chapter 44 of Kanna's Daily Life has Saikawa hosting a slumber party for Kanna and Chloe when the latter comes to Japan. Being a Clingy Jealous Girl, she spends a good chunk of it trying to prove that she's closer to Kanna than Chloe is (before the two of them inevitably make friends).
  • Tamagotchi: The premise of episode 16a involves Chamametchi and Imotchi going over to Kikitchi's house for a slumber party. They tell scary stories that get to Kikitchi and make him unable to catch some sleep.
  • In Chapter 82 of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Kashima has her first sleepover at Seo's along with Sakura. Unfortunately, none of them really know what to do at a slumber party, so Sakura calls Nozaki for advice. He then proceeds to dole out common things that happen in shoujo manga slumber parties, which the girls hilariously misinterpret.

    Comic Books 
  • In one issue of Harley Quinn, Harley held a supervillainess sleepover for all of the bad girls of Gotham City.
  • Cherry Comics: "Slumber Party from Hell". Very little sleep, but plenty of sex, demon summoning, ancient gods and other wacky hijinks.
  • In Cavewoman: It's a Girl's Life, Carrie decides to throw a slumber party for Meriem and Mona after learning that Meriem had never been to one (having spent her teen years in the jungle).
  • Young Justice: Robin, Impulse and Superboy have a sleepover in their new base in the old JSA mountain location to get used to it and have fun. Later the girls have their own sleepover.
  • In a flashback sequence in Superman storyline The Hunt for Reactron, Thara stayed at Kara's house while the latter's parents were away. Kara reprogrammed a robot butler, so it said they were sleeping in bed if her parents called, and both girls went on a camping trip to the Fire Falls.

    Fan Works 
  • This is, combined with a variation of Camping Episode, what Chapter Forty-Six and Forty-Seven are in A Triangle in the Stars, strung together by Steven so he can get Connie to see that Bill isn't a bad guy anymore. Wendy joins as well, near the end of Chapter Forty-Six.
  • Partially gender-inverted in a Pn F Soulmates story, where Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford have a slumber party. Naturally, Isabella can't stop cuddling Phineas.
  • In the Splatoon fanfic Her Fractured Spirit Callie and Marie have a sleepover after an especially tough day. They're adults who live together, but they figured that having a "sleepover" would relieve stress.
  • Mr and Mrs Gold: Belle first heard about Rumpelstiltskin during a slumber party she had with Snow White at Winter’s Pass Finishing Academy for Young Ladies.
    • When Rose offers Ruby a room at their place until she gets back on her feet, they wind up inviting Mary Margaret and Emma too and make a sleepover out of it.
  • After Rei is moved to the apartment next to Misato's in Advice and Trust, she occasionally stays the night or vice versa. However, the two times that are actually shown are very much Played for Drama. She ends up staying with Asuka and Shinji after Ritsuko gives her an overdose of emotional suppressants, and Asuka stays the night with her when Rei finally reveals her true nature (plus Asuka didn't want to be alone due to Shinji having nearly been killed in an assassination attempt).
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail has Chloe, Atticus and Lexi have one in their stay at the Crayon Car. Chloe notes that this is the first time she's had one in such a long time; after Goh became obsessed with Mew, he stopped coming over to her house and all the girls in her class either don't have an invitation for her or are purposefully excluding her from the fun. Lexi and Atticus turn it around by saying that those peers who ignored her are the ones missing out on getting to know Chloe.

    Films — Animation 
  • Mentioned in Monsters, Inc.; how Sulley manages to beat Randall's scare total.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks: Pinkie Pie holds an impromptu one at her house with all her friends (including Sunset Shimmer) so that Twilight Sparkle wouldn't have to sleep in the library again. Pajama party, video games, pizza delivery and other hijinks ensue.
  • Bratz Kidz: Sleepover Adventure speaks for itself, with the sleepover hosted by new girl Ginger. The main story is the other Bratz telling spooky stories, which results in a Gainax Ending.

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • Degrassi:
    • Used on Degrassi: The Next Generation, where the girls often have a Slumber Party — and it never goes the way it's planned. (Usually because some of the girls have secretly told boys about it, and the boys crash the party.)
    • Also used on Degrassi Junior High, where Caitlin neglects her medication and has a seizure in front of everyone.
    • Also used on Degrassi High. In this case, the girls smoke pot, and Melanie tells everyone that Kathleen is anorexic, her mom's an alcoholic, and her boyfriend beat her up. Everyone kind of figured that out already, but Kathleen and Melanie still have a big fight about it.
  • Even Stevens: Ren decides to have an “young woman’s all-night fraternal”, with book discussions and games about college admission. Of course, her best friend steps in and helps her shift gears into a typical slumber party. The main storyline, however, around her brother, Louis, rigging a hidden camera in the living room to stream the events of her private party, and charging all the guys he knows to gather in the basement and spy on the girls through the camera.
  • Saved by the Bell:
    • There's a example where Zack is eavesdropping via a microphone. The girls discover it and use it to start an elaborate prank about Kelly having been committed to a mental hospital.
    • Oddly enough they also did a male version with Slater and Screech sleeping over at Zack's house with all three of them engaging in a hilarious "Risky Business" Dance.
  • In an episode of It's Your Move, Jason Bateman's character eavesdrops on a slumber party with a hidden microphone as well.
  • In the That '70s Show episode "Your Time Is Gonna Come," Donna, Jackie and Kelso's girlfriend Annette hold one of these. The guys imagine them in a stereotypical "sexy slumber party" setting where the girls, dressed in skimpy negligees, suggest having a nude pillow fight and then practicing their kissing. When the guys sneak a peek inside, they're disappointed to find that the girls are just sitting around bored and that only Annette's wearing anything sexy, and not for long, because Donna's father makes her put on a robe.
  • Pandora hosts one in Skins after her boyfriend is shipped back to the Congo. Cook and JJ are desperately trying to break in. It ends up in chaos after Katie spikes the chocolate brownies with MDMA; Pandora locks herself in the bathroom and cries, Cook busts in and has sex with Effy, JJ goes in to rescue Cook and watches Naomi and Emily make out (as the page quote shows, JJ is Genre Savvy enough to know what goes on in teen dramas; but he's not Medium Aware enough to realise that he's in one, so he's still gobsmacked when it happens), and then Katie's boyfriend and about forty of his mates turn up and completely trash the joint.
  • Mother to son on Strangers with Candy:
    "Derrick! All of Jerri's young high school friends are sitting in there in nothing but skimpy nightgowns! Why aren't you hiding in the closet masturbating?"
  • The Brady Bunch: Marcia has a slumber party, and the boys put itching powder in the girls' sleeping bags.
  • Charles in Charge: In the first season the daughter has a slumber party, and all the girls end up talking to Charles about what boys are really like.
  • The Big Bang Theory has Amy, Bernadette and Penny end up in one of these after Amy tells them she had never been invited to one. They end up playing truth or dare, which Amy 'wins' after making Penny storm out after they bring up her relationship with Leonard. Then Amy suggests they "experiment with lesbianism", gets up and follows Penny to her room.
  • On Gossip Girl Blair hosted a sleepover every year in high school.
  • How to Be Indie: Evil Cousin Rubi hosts one in "How to Keep Your Cool in a Heat Wave". Marlon and John unwisely decide to crash it.
  • SCTV - Resident lothario Johnny La Rue hosts "Pajama Party", featuring a cast of bimbos in sexy sleepware, and has the gall to label it "a women's show" and that "men may also get something out of it".
  • Schitt's Creek: Patrick hosts a slumber party themed house warming in which the guests play Never Have I Ever, Spin the Bottle and Twister and do party shots. When a drunken Ted kisses David during spin-the-bottle, both Alexis and Patrick get jealous.
  • In one of the first episodes of Friends, the girls had a slumber party while the guys went to see a hockey game.
  • The opening scene of Pretty Little Liars show the main characters having a slumber party. Alison disappears from the party, kicking off one of the series' central mysteries.
  • The final episode of The Baby-Sitters Club (1990) consists of the girls remembering memories at a sleepover.


  • Series Three of Hair Dorables has a Slumber Party sub-line, where nine of the main characters are dressed in sleep- and lounge-wear; the background for all dolls is a slumber party.
  • The "Dead Tired" sub-line for Monster High.

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner: Strong Bad gives tips on how to handle slumber parties in this email. Of course, this doesn't involve any female characters, so it goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse shows Barbie throwing a slumber party in the episode "A Spooky Sleepover", with help from a mobile app that suggests different activities. Barbie's Hopeless Suitor, Ryan, tries to crash the party and scare the girls into jumping into his arms.

    Web Comics 
  • Amber and Nay first kiss at a sleepover in Khaos Komix, during a truth or dare game.
  • Lucy holds a sleepover in an early chapter of Better Days. Do note the dialogue: it sounds like placeholder text that Jay Naylor forgot to change to something more realistic. It's also possible that Naylor left it in to show that the dialogue was empty and mindless, as all three girls present "note". It's unlikely that he would've let it slip in unplanned when inking the page.
  • Eerie Cuties had a chapter-sized arc about a slumber party in Nina and Layla's house.
  • El Goonish Shive got a big arc around Grace's birthday party... where everyone used TF Gun to change into opposite-sex forms, except Ellen who technically already is.
  • The 3 Little Princesses revolves around one. When Rosalina becomes stranded on Earth, Peach and Daisy throw a sleepover instead of letting her sleep in her observatory alone. Terrible, terrible hijinks happen that leave Rosalina stressed on her first sleepover. The comic ends with Daisy and Peach trapped in Rosalina's observatory in space for several days. Guess what they decide to do to pass the time?

    Western Animation 
  • Dexter's Laboratory: The episode “Tribe Called Girl”. When DeeDee invites her two best friends, MeeMee and LeeLee, to a slumber party, they start dancing and chanting similarly to monkeys in a documentary Dexter watches. Believing that girls are a foreign species from males, Dexter sneaks into his sister’s bedroom and spies on her friends while they have pillow fights and do makeovers. When they find him out, he continues to view himself as some sort of scientific researcher living among animals or savage people.
  • Hey Arnold! has Rhonda throw one in the episode "Helga's Makeover".
    • The boys from the series have an all-boys sleepover at Arnold's where they tell scary stories.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Flaming Moe's", Lisa and the other girls at her slumber party play Truth or Dare, attack Bart and makeover Maggie.
  • Family Guy:
    • Quagmire hides behind the couch at Meg's slumber party, but storms off disgusted as all the girls do is have ordinary teenage girl conversation. As soon as he's gone, one girl suggests that they compare breasts, and all the girls start taking off their tops.
    • Another episode knowing it to be one of the worst, had the four men in a slumber party during the first act.
  • In a Teacher's Pet episode, Leonard and Scott hide in a closet during Leslie's slumber party to try and get an insight into how the female mind works.
  • In the second-season W.I.T.C.H. episode "E is for Enemy", the girls hold a slumber party at Will's house in order to be better prepared to fight back against Nerissa, who has been attacking the girls in their dreams. And during it, they're able to convince Will's mom not to move her away.
  • The Powerpuff Girls have a great slumber party, and Mojo Jojo shows up and gate crashes.
    • The 2016 reboot episode, "The Stayover", had this as a plot point to the situation of the episode. The girls host a slumber party but get hopped up on candy and go on a sugar rush. Blossom and Buttercup awaken the next day with no recollection of what happened and have to retrace their steps to find Bubbles. Amusingly, Mojo likewise tried to gate crash here too but his plan was foiled due to the girls being on their sugar high, dolled him up in makeup and left him in their closet.
  • The Replacements episode "Late Night with Todd And Riley". Sierra tries to use the party to get incriminating evidence that will cause Johnny to break up with Riley.
  • Used hilariously in an episode of South Park. The boys send Butters in to figure out what the hell girls do at these parties. He is talked into faking his death in order to become "Marjorine", the new girl at school. the piece of advice Cartman gives him?
    Cartman: And in case they start... you know... lezzing out... just roll with it.
  • Bobby sneaks into Connie's slumber party on King of the Hill and performs for the girls. Chane Wassanosong and some bullies later crash the party and humiliate Bobby. When Kahn discovers the boys, Bobby is thrown out of the window while Chang and the other boys are allowed to leave by the front door.
  • In an episode of Codename: Kids Next Door ("Operation: S.L.U.M.B.E.R.), uber-boyish Numbuh Four disguises himself as a girl to get in on a mysterious, girls-only mission that turns out to be a slumber party at Numbuh 86's house. Hilarity, including a makeover, ensues.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • "Look Before You Sleep" presents a rather small one, spontaneously born out of a thunderstorm. Twilight, having never hosted a sleepover and generally unfamiliar with how social gatherings go anyhow, looks up how to run a successful slumber party — where else? — in a book about slumber parties.
    • In "Stare Master", Fluttershy agrees to host a sleepover for the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo) when Rarity is too busy filling a big rush order to watch over them. The kids prove to be even more of a handful than Fluttershy anticipated (they're even too savvy for Fluttershy's attempt to get them to play The Quiet Game).
  • Fern holds one in the second season of Arthur and Muffy's are known for being spectacular, but Jenna doesn't want to go due to her issues with bedwetting.
  • Doug has a funny moment involving one. When Doug realizes Patti has an amateur music video he and Skeeter did at a store, the two attempt to crash the party using Doug's dog Porkchop. However, he forgets his mission until after Patti starts the video! Turns out, she had their principal's music video, forcing Doug to realize that since he had Patti's video, it means that the principal had Doug's video all along!
  • One episode of Rugrats has Tommy and Angelica having one, though Tommy keeps asking what one is and Angelica replies "If you have to ask, you'll never know.". However, Angelica ends up getting Tommy sick, causing him to hallucinate... and promptly puke on Angelica. She's actually impressed by it!
  • The Smurfs subject Lazy to an all-night slumber party in one episode.
  • In the PBS animated version of The Berenstain Bears, Sister Bear attends one at her friend Lizzie's house that ends up being a little girls version of a bad college frat party when they end up inviting basically the entire neighborhood, saying "Sure, what's one more?" each time someone asks if they can come.
  • Angelina Ballerina and her friends have one in the All-CGI Cartoon spin-off The Next Steps with more partying than sleeping.
    Oops, it's almost midnight! When grownups say, "it's night-night everyone, don't want to hear another peep." It's time to go to sleep!
  • Mr. Krabs forces SpongeBob to try and get into Pearl's slumber party, fearing that she and her friends are trashing his house.
  • The Fairly OddParents episode "Sleepover and Over" has Timmy trying to hold a slumber party for his friends Chester and AJ, but they get into a fight and hold their own slumber parties, leaving Timmy in a dilemma over whose to go to.
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: The episode "Sleepless in Retroville" has Carl and Sheen coming to Jimmy's house for a sleep over.
  • In the Gofrette episode, "The Scary Sleepover", Ellie thinks she has ghosts in her tree house and wants to move out. But instead Gofrette plans a scary sleepover there with Hamlet and his new book on how to catch ghosts.
  • An episode of As Told by Ginger has Ginger getting invited to Courtney's slumber party.
  • We Bare Bears: In "Slumber Party", Chloe spends the night over at the Bears. When a big storm knocks out the power, Hilarity Ensues as Chloe and the Bears panic and end up mistaking Chloe's dad for an intruder (when he'd just driven over to check up on Chloe).
  • In the Ready Jet Go! episode "Night of a Bazillion Stars", Jet, Sean, and Sydney have one outdoors.
    • In One Small Step, the kids plan a slumber party, and then take it to the moon to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission. They then take it back to Earth, where they invite Mitchell.
  • Webby has held multiple slumber parties over the course of DuckTales (2017), all of which are A Day in the Limelight for her best friend Lena. There's also a running gag where every single one of them (in Webby's words) "end in supernatural vengeance", to the point that the kids take to having a large stockpile of weapons at the ready and have Mrs. Beakley stand guard outside the room the fourth time around.
  • In the Muppet Babies (2018) episode, "Wock-a-Bye Fozzie", Fozzie decides to have a slumber party at Miss Nanny's house when he hears about the slumber party Summer had at Piggy's house. Kermit, however, is nervous about the slumber party, as it will have been his first time sleeping away from his parents. In an ironic twist, Kermit has a lot of fun at the slumber party, while Fozzie has a miserable time.
  • Molly of Denali: Molly, Tooey, and Trini have a slumber party in "The Worm Turns".
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee: "Enter Sandman" had June go to one with her female friend Jody and Ophelia, with Roger even trying to invade. It ends up getting cut short due to Jody and Ophelia prematurely falling asleep before they can do anything. Later revealed to be the work of Steven, the aforementioned sandman, casting a sleep spell on the city and the first sign something isn't right.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The aptly titled "Sleepover" has Star, Pony Head, Jackie, Janna, and minor character, Starfan13 (basically a Star fangirl from school) having a slumber party which Marco tries to squirm into to impress Jackie. For the most part it's relatively normal until they decide to play "Truth or Dare" with a magical device from Mewni, to which things get crazy and dangerous quickly.


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