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"A kid's place is exploring space!"

Ready Jet Go! is an Edutainment Show that currently airs on PBS Kids in the United States, and was created by Craig Bartlett (whose works include Hey Arnold! and Dinosaur Train). It made its television debut on February 15, 2016, and is aimed at kids ages 3-8. The series is produced by Wind Dancer Films and Snee Oosh, Inc, in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

A Cheerful Child, ace, and all around good guy named Jet Propulsion and his quirky family hail from the fictional planet Bortron 7, which orbits around a Red dwarf called Bortron. They live at Boxwood Terrace in Washington, where they study human customs and Earth environments for a travel guide. They came upon Earth when they were looking for new life-friendly planets to visit and write more stories about, when they picked up a radio signal, which had a rather catchy tune. And so, the Propulsions figured that the Earthies would still be there, and have a good sense of rhythm, so they decided to move to Earth to learn more about it.


Due to being an alien, and the most interesting kid ever, Jet has become popular in the town of Boxwood Terrace and has formed a posse with the neighbor kids, appointing himself leader of the group with little complaint from the others. His friends are Sydney Skelley, who is a huge science fiction geek and Nice Girl with a great imagination and idolizes a fictional character named Commander Cressida; the 4 year old Little Miss Snarker Mindy Melendez, who is hilariously snarky and is Constantly Curious, often asking the questions that lead the episode's plots, and even though she cannot go into space with the older kids yet, she is still treated as an equal and never talked down to; and the Nervous Wreck Sean Rafferty, a Child Prodigy who is practical, easily nervous, and dreams of leading the first human mission to Mars, but, gets space-sick easily, is afraid of heights, and has claustrophobia, while also having panic attacks. And even better, the Propulsions' car turns into a flying saucer, which they frequently use to take the other kids into space.


Their alien identities are known only to Sean, Mindy, and Sydney, but they otherwise make some effort to conceal their origin. Unfortunately for the Propulsions, they have a difficult time keeping their alien identities secret, having almost exposed their identities several times throughout the series, though they always manage to keep it a secret anyway. The only characters who have likely chances of knowing are Dr. Rafferty (Sean's mother), a DSA scientist who was informed by Jet about his origins, but luckily dismisses it as "imagination", and the resident Kid Detective Mitchell Peterson, who can either be vain, quiet and obedient, or both. He, for unknown reasons, constantly spies on Jet, and even tried to expose his secret alien identity in front of the whole town, which failed, twice. The only one who knows of this is Mindy, who is constantly sneaking up on him when he least expects it.

At the end of each episode, scientist Amy Mainzer (also called Astronomer Amy) hosts educational interstitial segments: the segments are not included in the export version.The educational mission of the series is to build on children’s curiosity about astronomy and earth science, telling stories that feature characters learning about space in a way that is accessible to children.

Before appearing on television, Ready Jet Go! was leaked on the PBS Kids video app. As a result, Ready Jet Go! has received critical acclaim, a million streams online, and the highest ratings on PBS Kids, including 7.6 million kids on linear television. Ready Jet Go! has an app called Space Explorer. The App was featured as ‘Best New App’ on the front page of the US App Store and hit #1 free app in Kids and #2 free app in Education. In August 2016, Ready Jet Go! was renewed for a second season, which premiered on April 2, 2018.

The show's last episode aired on June 17, 2019. On October 19, 2019, it was confirmed that show had been cancelled. In 2021, PBS, Bartlett and co. began dropping hints that the show would return in some shape or form — a new online store with shirts in adult sizes was released, and a marathon of the show's two hour-long specials was aired July 2-4. They were even Rereleased for Free on YouTube. In August, it was confirmed that new content is being made for the series; whether it's a sign that the show could be uncancelled in the near future remains to be seen.

Ready, Jet, TROPES!:

Tiny blue dot, what a gorgeous little spot. Our planet, our spaceship, our home.


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