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Ocean Productions, Inc. (also known as The Ocean Group, Ocean Media, and Ocean Studios) is a well-known Canadian studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They're responsible for the dubbing of quite a few anime series, as well as a few foreign language live action films and original English language productions. They're probably most well known for their work on nearly every release in the Gundam franchise up until 2010, and for being the unofficial dubbing studio of the works of Rumiko Takahashi.

Their most prolific clients include DHX Media (properties from Studio B Productions, Nerd Corps Entertainment, and DiC Entertainment), Viz Media (who mostly nowadays use either Studiopolis or Bang Zoom! Entertainment), Geneon (now defunct), and Bandai Entertainment (now defunct), among others. They were also used by Funimation and Central Park Media in their early days. Keep in mind that the use of the voice actors in Ocean's talent pool does not mean Ocean had anything to do with the production. Ocean is just a production company based in Vancouver that pulls from the same voice pool the rest of the studios do (it's a very common misconception). Also do not forget that there is a sister studio in Calgary, Blue Water Studios. All shows listed were recorded in Vancouver unless stated otherwise.


Not to be confused with Ocean Software, an 80s/90s video game company.

The Ocean Group has dubbed the following:

The voice actors frequently used by them have also provided voice talents for the following Western Animation, Anime, films and video games, including:

Some tropes that The Ocean Group is most well known for:

  • Alternate Company Equivalent: Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is known as Ocean's "Sister Studio" and while Ocean Studios' name has been mentioned during the credits of dubs that use Blue Water talent the studios are generally very different. To be fair, the voice talent from both studios have worked together before such as Dave Pettit of Mobile Fighter G Gundam fame has been in some English dubs of anime with Ocean lately and Saffron Henderson was the singing voice of Fancy Lala. Heck, both studios have worked together in some of the Gundam games. Blue Water Studios is not as popular as the Ocean Group (in fact some have even considered Blue Water to be a Poor Man's Substitute for Ocean). However in Blue Water's defense, they have been in some renowned dubs such as Mobile Fighter G Gundam, and the Mega Man X series since X8.
  • Out of Focus: Over the course of the late 2000s (and even today), they did not have as much work as they used to. One of the reasons why is because Canadian voice talent was used pretty frequently back in the 1990s due to how the currency exchange between the American and Canadian currency made using Canadian talent more affordable, and how efficient their productions were. But due to the current economic troubles caused in the late 2000s, the currency exchange rate between the two countries no longer worked in Canada's favor and Canadian voice talent (and studios) had less work. For Viz Media, back in the '90s and the early 2000s, when the majority of their properties were voiced by The Ocean Group, they nowadays only use them occasionally such as in Death Note.


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