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An American anime licensor originally founded in 1990, its big claim to fame was Revolutionary Girl Utena and Slayers. Now defunct, sadly.

Should be noted here that, as was a common practice when the company existed, they would re-score many of the animes they worked on, supposedly to make it more accessible to an American audience. This resulted in such mutilations as was done to Dominion: Tank Police. If you have the DVD release, switch back and forth between Japanese and English soundtracks. It's almost two different shows.

Their divisions included "U.S. Manga Corps", "Software Sculptors", and "Anime 18", as well as a manga/comics division.

One of CPM's former employees, Justin Sevakis (who worked in subtitling and DVD editing), founded Anime News Network.


Non-hentai works released by this company include:


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