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Nozomi Entertainment is an anime licensing company based in Iowa, United States. It's a division of online and mail-order retailer The RightStuf International, and went by that same name up until 2007. They generally have an excellent reputation, choosing high-quality series and when possible, putting out releases that are also as high quality. As seen here, they have plenty of rescued titles from shuttered companies and classic titles, some with fandoms that had little realistic hope to see the titles in the states again.

It is, however, notorious for not dubbing never-before released anime if licensed.

See also: Lucky Penny Entertainment.


Works released by this company include:

  • No Dub for You: Since after The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, all of their new releases are sub only and they completely refuse to do any more dubbing. However, Right Stuf, the parent company of Nozomi Entertainment, is handling the dub for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. Although this is a justified case, since Right Stuf teamed up with Sunrise for the Gundam series, and the fact Gundam is a hugely popular mecha anime title.
    • Lately, they've been using Kickstarter for some of their titles to avert this, starting with ARIA.


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