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IP discussion: thread reasons, policies, other stuffPosts: 2,129Aug 20th 2018 at 10:43:11 PM
Image Suggestion Thread (new crowner 18 June 2018): Posts: 2,098Aug 20th 2018 at 5:41:26 AM
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PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY NEW THREADS FOR THE TIME BEING!!!: dfgsdfsgsdfPosts: 21Aug 12th 2018 at 6:32:52 AM
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Pages with oversized pics
Posts: 201Jun 1st 2018 at 2:06:44 PM
Needs Help: Administrivia.Images Without A SourcePosts: 39May 25th 2018 at 7:35:10 AM
Pics awaiting permissionPosts: 23Feb 10th 2018 at 9:51:22 AM
Poor Image: That One Level.Mario PartyPosts: 9 Aug 21st 2018 at 5:29:27 AM
Does Not Illustrate: Nightmare Fuel .Backtothe Future Part IIPosts: 8 Aug 21st 2018 at 5:26:53 AM
Does Not Illustrate: Career Ending InjuryPosts: 18 Aug 21st 2018 at 5:25:47 AM
Changed w/o discussion: Multiple EndingsPosts: 43Aug 20th 2018 at 4:40:33 PM
Just a Face and a Caption: Unreliable NarratorPosts: 16Aug 20th 2018 at 11:33:10 AM
Poor Image: Interspecies FriendshipPosts: 33Aug 20th 2018 at 8:04:18 AM
Changed w/o discussion: Video Game.Sonic 3 And KnucklesPosts: 26Aug 19th 2018 at 5:21:32 PM
Does Not Illustrate: Ho Yay.Sailor MoonPosts: 10Aug 12th 2018 at 4:46:56 PM
Poor Image: Funny.Super Smash BrosPosts: 17Aug 12th 2018 at 12:05:58 PM
Poor Image: Nightmare Fuel.PocahontasPosts: 5Aug 12th 2018 at 12:04:09 PM
Just a Face and a Caption: Incest Yay ShippingPosts: 8Aug 12th 2018 at 10:21:33 AM
Does Not Illustrate: Sigil SpamPosts: 23Aug 12th 2018 at 10:16:45 AM
Does Not Illustrate: All Deserts Have Cacti
Jul 3rd 2018 at 11:59:00 PM
Posts: 23Jul 3rd 2018 at 7:28:10 AM
Just a Face and a Caption: RPG EpisodePosts: 14Jun 26th 2018 at 11:09:24 PM
Suggestion: Characters.Metroid
Jun 28th 2018 at 11:59:00 PM
Posts: 14Jun 26th 2018 at 3:48:19 PM
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