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Best Episode: Kirby
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Page Action: Punk Punk
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Alternative Titles: How Dogs Say Hello
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Alternative Titles: Mistakenly Attacked Mole
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Best Episode: Death Battle
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Alternative Titles: Paper Thin Alias
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Alternative Titles: Isolation Induced Flirting
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Alternative Titles: The Snooping Friend
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Alternative Titles: Rich Kid Public School
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Page Action: Reality Retcon
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Best Episode: Dragon Ball Super
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Best Episode: Doctor Who
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Best Episode: Madeline
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Alternative Titles: You Are You
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Image Pickin: With A Rival And An Enemy
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Alternative Titles: With A Rival And An Enemy
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Best Episode: Bojack Horseman
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Best Episode: Sixteen
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Alternative Titles: Dreadnought
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Alternative Titles: First Blood Declaration
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Alternative Titles: Electric Love
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Alternative Titles: Villainous RROD
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Alternative Titles: Multiplayer Bot AI
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Single Proposition: Progressive Instrumentation
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Alternative Titles: Iron Maiden
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Alternative Titles: Progressive Instrumentation
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Best Episode: Dance Dance Revolution
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Alternative Titles: Dirty Bomb
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Alternative Titles: Stabbing Through Yourself
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Alternative Titles: Index Of Interruptions
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Best Episode: Rick And Morty
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Best Episode: Summer Camp Island
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Page Action: Other Sites 4
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Best Episode: American Dad
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Alternative Titles: Darkhorse Successor
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Best Episode: Wario Ware
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Best Episode: Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Alternative Titles: Living Prison
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Single Proposition: Split Martial Arts And Crafts
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Alternative Titles: Tropes For Dummies
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Alternative Titles: Balcony Scene TLP
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Alternative Titles: Soft Sheep
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Biggest Complaint: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
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Alternative Titles: All Bats Are Bloodsuckers
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Image Pickin: Characters Metroid
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Best Episode: Black Mirror
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Single Proposition: The Jail Bait Wait
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Alternative Titles: Dizzy Vomit
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Best Episode: Cartoon Network
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Best Episode: Star Trek The Next Generation