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new example: 18th Nov '18 06:13:04 PM
Best Episode: Mickey Mouse 2013
new example: 17th Nov '18 09:44:24 AM
Sandbox: Best Album Aphex Twin
new example: 16th Nov '18 09:15:22 PM
Best Episode: Star Wars Resistance
new example: 16th Nov '18 03:18:26 AM
Alternative Titles: Pedal To The Metal
new example: 14th Nov '18 06:34:59 AM
Alternative Titles: Artists Wear Berets
new example: 13th Nov '18 06:06:01 PM
Best Episode: Monty Pythons Flying Circus
new example: 12th Nov '18 02:08:41 PM
Alternative Titles: Manual Mode
new example: 11th Nov '18 01:44:56 PM
Alternative Titles: Woe Button
new example: 11th Nov '18 07:18:09 AM
Alternative Titles: Electric Love 2
example edited: 10th Nov '18 12:52:18 AM
Alternative Titles: Sports Fan TLP
example edited: 9th Nov '18 11:06:21 AM
Best Episode: God Of War Series
example edited: 8th Nov '18 02:07:13 PM
Page Action: Oba San
example edited: 8th Nov '18 07:18:50 AM
Best Episode: Animal Crossing
example edited: 7th Nov '18 06:05:23 PM
Single Proposition: Common Knowledge
new example: 7th Nov '18 08:26:31 AM
Best Episode: Beavis And Butthead
new example: 7th Nov '18 05:43:19 AM
Best Episode: Summer Camp Island
example edited: 4th Nov '18 12:40:09 PM
Best Episode: Angry Video Game Nerd
example edited: 2nd Nov '18 09:55:21 AM
Best Episode: Super Smash Bros
new example: 1st Nov '18 02:20:48 PM
Alternative Titles: Uninentional Audible Spellcasting
new example: 31st Oct '18 10:16:35 AM
Best Episode: Homestar Runner
example edited: 31st Oct '18 04:46:48 AM
Alternative Titles: Artist Beret Compulsion
example edited: 28th Oct '18 08:39:34 AM
Single Proposition: Pavlovs Bell
new example: 27th Oct '18 05:49:39 AM
Page Action: Unresolved Cliffhanger
new example: 27th Oct '18 04:48:47 AM
Page Action: The The Title
new example: 26th Oct '18 11:24:53 PM
Alternative Titles: Midas TLP
new example: 26th Oct '18 01:16:34 PM
Alternative Titles: Ouching Sea Urchin
example edited: 26th Oct '18 12:25:17 PM
Alternative Titles: We Have Been Researching Phlebotinum For Years
new example: 26th Oct '18 09:49:39 AM
Alternative Titles: Altum Videtur
new example: 26th Oct '18 09:17:38 AM
Alternative Titles: Skilless Mentor
example edited: 25th Oct '18 09:07:06 PM
Single Proposition: Celebrity Superhero
new example: 25th Oct '18 12:43:19 PM
Alternative Titles: Balcony Scene TLP
new example: 25th Oct '18 02:51:04 AM
Alternative Titles: Shapeshifter One Up
new example: 24th Oct '18 04:09:00 PM
Best Episode: Sherlock
new example: 24th Oct '18 04:06:59 PM
Best Episode: Bojack Horseman
example edited: 21st Oct '18 07:20:10 PM
Alternative Titles: Too Dangerous To Adapt
new example: 18th Oct '18 08:18:47 PM
Best Episode: Cartoon Network
new example: 18th Oct '18 02:14:12 PM
Alternative Titles: Index Of Interruptions
new example: 17th Oct '18 01:24:56 PM
Image Pickin: Sigil Spamcaption
new example: 16th Oct '18 03:53:06 PM
Alternative Titles: Escort Gambit TLP
new example: 16th Oct '18 09:37:40 AM
Best Episode: Super Mario Logan
new example: 15th Oct '18 07:39:21 PM
Alternative Titles: Mistakenly Attacked Mole
new example: 15th Oct '18 01:49:15 PM
Best Episode: Family Guy
new example: 13th Oct '18 04:07:23 AM
Alternative Titles: Withholding The Superman
new example: 10th Oct '18 06:21:12 PM
Alternative Titles: Intentional Continuity Error Tiebreak
new example: 8th Oct '18 11:28:23 AM
Alternative Titles: Intentional Continuity Error
new example: 7th Oct '18 02:25:42 PM
Image Pickin: Fun Hating Villaincaption
new example: 4th Oct '18 02:29:04 PM
Alternative Titles: Arctic Research Station
new example: 4th Oct '18 08:19:57 AM
Best Episode: Mario And Luigi
new example: 3rd Oct '18 10:10:56 AM
Alternative Titles: Isolation Induced Flirting
new example: 1st Oct '18 08:58:44 AM
Best Episode: Arthur