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All-Purpose Policy and Meta discussion: Administrivia.Trope Repair ShopPosts: 7,728 Jun 5th 2023 at 9:45:10 AM
Needs Help: Badass Baritone
Posts: 170 Jun 5th 2023 at 12:20:13 PM
Needs Help: Cool LoserPosts: 45 Jun 5th 2023 at 12:08:51 PM
Needs Help: Loads And Loads Of RolesPosts: 20 Jun 5th 2023 at 10:14:16 AM
Misused: What Measure Is A Non BadassPosts: 15 Jun 5th 2023 at 10:01:28 AM
Needs Help: The Team Posts: 41 Jun 5th 2023 at 7:21:25 AM
Needs Help: Has Two Mommies Posts: 38Jun 4th 2023 at 3:40:19 PM
Unclear Description: Magic Ampersand Posts: 30Jun 4th 2023 at 10:08:06 AM
Misused: Hell Is That Noise Posts: 19Jun 4th 2023 at 10:00:19 AM
Needs Help: Cant Refuse The Call Anymore Posts: 32Jun 4th 2023 at 9:53:29 AM
Ambiguous Name: Overprotective Dad Posts: 69Jun 4th 2023 at 9:30:18 AM
Not Tropeworthy: Long TitlePosts: 22Jun 3rd 2023 at 7:28:05 PM
Misused: Tier Induced Scrappy
Posts: 156Jun 3rd 2023 at 5:36:31 PM
Needs Help: Howling To The Night Posts: 32Jun 3rd 2023 at 5:24:36 PM
Misused: Obvious Beta Posts: 62Jun 2nd 2023 at 9:15:47 AM
Ambiguous Name: Kick The Son Of A Bitch Posts: 39Jun 1st 2023 at 6:15:24 PM
Needs Help: Ship Sinking Posts: 100Jun 1st 2023 at 1:53:02 PM
Not Tropeworthy: Surprisingly Good Foreign Language Posts: 50Jun 1st 2023 at 6:47:26 AM
Not Tropeworthy: Whip It Good Posts: 118May 31st 2023 at 10:37:13 PM
Complaining: Camera Screw Posts: 29May 31st 2023 at 10:27:53 PM
Unclear Description: Ambiguously Brown Posts: 100May 28th 2023 at 10:58:07 PM
Misused: Catchphrase Posts: 39May 27th 2023 at 10:29:10 PM
Misused: Talking To Himself Posts: 52May 27th 2023 at 5:19:21 AM
Misused: Black Sheep Posts: 76May 27th 2023 at 1:11:39 AM
Needs Help: The Hero Posts: 79May 26th 2023 at 3:36:23 PM
Ambiguous Name: Anything That Moves Posts: 41May 23rd 2023 at 7:09:18 PM
Complaining: WTH Casting Agency Posts: 85May 21st 2023 at 9:33:18 PM
Misused: Both Sides Have A Point Posts: 78May 20th 2023 at 7:00:02 PM
Needs Help: Acceptable Targets Posts: 77May 20th 2023 at 4:46:23 AM
Really a Useful Note: Stockholm Syndrome Posts: 57May 20th 2023 at 4:43:17 AM
Needs Help: Surprise Creepy Posts: 118May 19th 2023 at 8:13:33 PM
Misused: Authority Equals Asskicking
Posts: 198May 19th 2023 at 8:14:52 AM
Needs Help: Peek A Bangs Posts: 46May 16th 2023 at 4:27:09 PM
Misused: Hundred Percent Adoration Rating Posts: 58May 14th 2023 at 8:49:39 AM
Really a Useful Note: Senpai Kohai Posts: 35May 12th 2023 at 9:45:35 AM
Ambiguous Name: Widget Series Posts: 84May 12th 2023 at 9:05:36 AM
Ambiguous Name: Power Walk Posts: 21May 11th 2023 at 10:02:37 PM
Ambiguous Name: Man On Fire Posts: 49May 8th 2023 at 12:44:07 PM
Misused: Doing It For The Art Posts: 85May 4th 2023 at 4:27:01 PM
Misused: Villain Has A Point Posts: 86May 1st 2023 at 7:52:26 PM
Ambiguous Name (Optional Boss example crowner 26 January 2022): Bonus Boss
Posts: 180May 1st 2023 at 10:34:35 AM
Misused: Mundane Utility Posts: 33Apr 29th 2023 at 8:17:51 PM
Unclear Description: True Art Is Incomprehensible Posts: 52Apr 23rd 2023 at 2:55:25 PM
Duplicate Trope: Bishonen Posts: 73Apr 23rd 2023 at 8:34:52 AM
Needs Help: Off Model Posts: 66Apr 20th 2023 at 4:01:47 AM
Needs Help: Would Hit A Girl Posts: 98Apr 18th 2023 at 7:29:23 PM
Misused: Rated M For Manly Posts: 61Apr 16th 2023 at 3:11:01 PM
Misused: Oedipus Complex Posts: 87Apr 13th 2023 at 12:27:42 PM
Needs Help: But Not Too Black Posts: 38Apr 10th 2023 at 9:48:34 AM
Needs Help (Real Life section crowner 19 Feb 2023): Make Me Wanna Shout Posts: 54Apr 6th 2023 at 9:28:40 PM
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