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Not Tropeworthy: Gainaxing Posts: 88 Dec 9th 2022 at 7:02:56 PM
Misused: Sneeze Of Doom Posts: 38 Dec 9th 2022 at 6:56:14 PM
Misused: Authority Equals Asskicking Posts: 93 Dec 9th 2022 at 1:44:53 PM
Misused: House Rules Posts: 43 Dec 9th 2022 at 9:42:23 AM
Misused: Coitus Ensues Posts: 25 Dec 9th 2022 at 7:30:48 AM
Needs Help: Determined Widow Posts: 16 Dec 9th 2022 at 4:20:06 AM
Misused: Everythings Better With Dinosaurs Posts: 35Dec 8th 2022 at 11:23:41 PM
Needs Help: Aluminum Christmas Trees Posts: 34Dec 8th 2022 at 12:36:53 PM
Needs Help: Names The Same Posts: 42Dec 7th 2022 at 3:39:31 PM
Complaining: Dan Browned Posts: 63Dec 6th 2022 at 5:18:48 PM
Ambiguous Name: Widget Series Posts: 69Dec 5th 2022 at 3:01:53 PM
Misused: Tier Induced Scrappy Posts: 119Dec 5th 2022 at 1:22:02 PM
Not Tropeworthy: Slapstick Knows No Gender Posts: 29Dec 4th 2022 at 8:40:34 PM
Duplicate Trope: Christmas Cake Posts: 41Dec 3rd 2022 at 10:14:08 PM
Needs Help: Surprise Creepy Posts: 85Dec 3rd 2022 at 9:08:34 AM
Misused: Humiliation Conga Posts: 82Dec 2nd 2022 at 4:50:20 PM
Ambiguous Name: Kill Em All Posts: 75Dec 2nd 2022 at 2:27:11 PM
Unclear Description: No Pronunciation Guide Posts: 18Dec 1st 2022 at 1:01:33 PM
Not Tropeworthy: Cool Pet Posts: 19Dec 1st 2022 at 10:11:24 AM
Ambiguous Name: Super OCD Posts: 41Nov 29th 2022 at 8:21:20 AM
Ambiguous Name: Man On Fire Posts: 39Nov 22nd 2022 at 7:57:14 AM
Not Tropeworthy: Surprisingly Good Foreign Language Posts: 40Nov 20th 2022 at 11:24:16 PM
Needs Help: Would Hit A Girl Posts: 84Nov 19th 2022 at 3:06:42 PM
Ambiguous Name: Overprotective Dad Posts: 59Nov 18th 2022 at 11:02:43 AM
Misused: Unintentional Period Piece Posts: 278Nov 16th 2022 at 11:39:33 AM
Duplicate Trope: Bishonen Posts: 69Nov 13th 2022 at 6:36:20 PM
Misused: Black Sheep Posts: 64Nov 13th 2022 at 1:59:34 AM
Misused: Uncanny Valley
Posts: 187Nov 11th 2022 at 10:48:05 PM
Ambiguous Name (Optional Boss example crowner 26 January 2022): Bonus Boss
Posts: 159Nov 11th 2022 at 7:18:03 PM
Unclear Description: Ambiguously Brown Posts: 89Nov 11th 2022 at 2:39:02 PM
Needs Help: Critical Research Failure Posts: 286Nov 11th 2022 at 2:06:04 AM
Needs Help: Armor Piercing Slap Posts: 25Nov 10th 2022 at 7:10:53 PM
Misused: It Was His Sled Posts: 106Nov 10th 2022 at 7:01:33 PM
Misused: Shes Got Legs Posts: 92Nov 10th 2022 at 4:25:45 PM
Unclear Description: The Cameo Posts: 65Oct 31st 2022 at 4:17:26 PM
Misused: Doing It For The Art Posts: 77Oct 30th 2022 at 8:11:37 PM
Needs Help: Spiritual Successor
Posts: 139Oct 30th 2022 at 3:29:24 PM
Needs Help: Memetic Badass Posts: 46Oct 26th 2022 at 11:56:17 PM
Ambiguous Name: Death By Sex Posts: 49Oct 26th 2022 at 1:46:36 AM
Misused: Talking To Himself Posts: 45Oct 24th 2022 at 8:42:53 PM
Misused: Both Sides Have A Point Posts: 72Oct 24th 2022 at 8:09:59 AM
Needs Help: Ship Sinking Posts: 95Oct 7th 2022 at 8:04:32 AM
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