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Media Blasters is a producer, localizer, and distributor of genre media such as anime, manga, Japanese live-action and toku, and horror films (along with the occasional Western animation). They were founded in 1996 as a store specializing in these genres, but began moving into production as time passed.

As far as the anime/manga market is concerned, despite managing to licence several cash-cow series (Voltron/Golion, Rurouni Kenshin, Ah! My Goddess, Bible Black), Media Blasters generally focused on more obscure series and never tried to expand as far as its competitors. (Meaning they didn't overextend themselves as much.)

Media Blasters uses several labels for its releases:

  • Anime Works — anime and manga.
  • Kitty MediaHentai. Has a tendency to use Parallel Porn Titles.
  • Tokyo Shock — Japanese live-action, including Toku.
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  • Shriek Show — Obscure horror and exploitation.

After the anime crash of 2008, they weren't doing too well. On January 10, 2012, it announced it was going freelance and had already laid off 60% of its employees, leaving the actual body of the company comprised of five or six people. Now surviving mostly on legacy titles and heavily relying upon their hentai releases (it speaks volumes that their hentai titles are what's plastered on the front page of their website), post-2008 and particularly after 2012 it became a running theme in anime circles for people to predict that the company would announce its closure "next month". However, the company is still around as of 2019, albeit releasing titles at a very, very slow frequency.


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Alternative Title(s): Anime Works, Kitty Media


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