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So Bad, It's Good

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"It is so bad that a kind of grandeur creeps into it."
H. L. Mencken, on Warren G. Harding's (mis)use of the English language

Once in a while, a work turns out to be so bad, it creates a disruption in the badness continuum and wraps right around to good. Rather than it unintentionally Breaking the Fourth Wall like usual, something about the specifics of the work in question instead cause an enjoyable, though equally unintended, emotional response in the viewing public. Maybe the hubcap-on-a-wire flying saucers are cute, the spontaneous brothel scene goes on for so long it's hilarious, or the technically oriented find humor in the way the hacker can suborn the traffic lights of New York with no perceptible effort.

Whatever the reason, a truly horrid piece of work can become an unintentional riot and even get its own fandom for its very lack of quality. This can well be an ongoing process as attitudes change, budgets grow, and cynicism increases.

Keep in mind that even when something is So Bad, It's Good, it's still bad. For most (if not all) entries on this list, there will be an almost unanimous opinion that they fail entirely at having the sort of appeal they intended. Far less unanimous will be the opinion that they have a sort of appeal that is unintentional. Where the line lies between simply bad, this effect, and So Bad, It's Horrible, is also controversial. In general, among the very large reserve of things that can be classified as "bad," works that get labeled So Bad It's Good tend to be loaded with unintended Narm and ludicrously crazy factors, while So Bad, It's Horrible is the place for works whose badness only makes them boring or offensive; or even their unintentional suckiness or Stylistic Suck fails to charm and falls flat as comedy.

The difference between the three is essentially a bad movie is painful to watch but at least you can try to get into the story because there's something that's keeping you watching; a So Bad It's Good movie is one that is so bad that you can't suspend your disbelief enough to not laugh at it so you watch it just to riff on it and laugh at it; So Bad, It's Horrible is where not only is suspending your disbelief impossible, but it's not even fun to laugh at and merely watching it, even just to riff on it, is painful. Nonetheless, don't be surprised when you come across some items that wind up on both lists, such as Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing or Soulja Boy's song, "Anime". On occasion, the writers may intentionally try to pull off this trope. Of course, this almost never actually results in something that fits because it's hard not to "wink at the camera", so to speak — though it's often still funny. Among the Japanese Fighting Game Community, works of this nature are referred to as "kusoge" (shitty game), where the foundation is fundamentally broken, but it's still fun to experience regardless. Sometimes, a work may fall on the line between bad and so bad it's good; most of these are box-office bombs with a strong cult following.

Something which is So Bad It's Good has a high probability of becoming a Cult Classic and, in this day and age, a Fountain of Memes. Many are heavy on Camp, therefore falling far onto the silly side of the Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness, and are often considered Guilty Pleasures, although neither is necessary. See Narm Charm. This is also often seen in Memetic Mutation when people combine two or more horrible things (or pieces thereof) into something good. Leeroy Jenkins, for example.

If someone just keeps on churning out work that's considered So Bad It's Good, said person or people are probably Giftedly Bad. Of course, this could also be a result of Springtime for Hitler.

Compare Stylistic Suck (when this trope is applied intentionally and Played for Laughs), So Unfunny, It's Funny (same) and So Bad, It Was Better (when the work improves but fans prefer it this way). Contrast So Bad, It's Horrible. Not to be confused with Bad Is Good and Good Is Bad.

Note: This page is not meant to showcase individual Tropers' opinions on works, despite the title. Only add a work to a subpage if there's a fairly unanimous consensus outside TV Tropes that the work is of poor quality, or at least that elements of it are. (For example, the early Mega Man games have box art widely considered to be hilariously ugly, while the games themselves are thought of as some of the best platformers ever made.) Also, it does not mean Guilty Pleasure. If people find merit in a widely derided work instead of relishing its flaws, then it's Narm Charm or Critical Backlash.

Additional note: The French cinephile community has come up with the word "nanar" to represent this concept, which is considered as a legitimate movie genre in this country where cinema was born. Although this term has been in use since the middle of the 20th century, it technically is a derivation of the 19th-century word "nanard," which would then refer to what you'd call nowadays an "old geezer." Unlike popular belief in France, this word, therefore, doesn't come from "navet" (literally 'turnip'), which is used to designate a movie so bad that it's just plain bad. The English-speaking film criticism world has also coined its own term for this: paracinema.

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    • The Bust of Benito Juarez, in the Mexican town of San Antonio, state of San Luis Potosí. The creator of the statue was paid $1500 MXN (roughly around $75 USD as of September 2021) to make this. The statue looks more like a Grey alien disguised as the beloved Mexican President. Its crappiness had the unforeseen benefit of bringing more tourism into that town, just to see that statue, and also turning into a Fountain of Memes.
    • The Burnside Fountain of Worcester, Massachusetts. Affectionately known as the "Turtle Boy Love Statue", it apparently depicts a nude young man having improper relations with a sea turtle.
    • Many who dislike British conceptual artist Damien Hirst see him like this; there's just something disgustingly delightful about factory-made 'artworks' that were paid for in thousands of pounds just for the sake of making a splash. Really, one of his most famous 'works' is a skull studded entirely with diamonds. What's not to love? A review of the diamond-studded object also did a pretty good job of showcasing art politics, claiming that if anyone else made it, it would be horribly tacky, but because Damien Hirst made it it's a work of genius.
      • Nothing can ever top the rotting, dead shark in a tank full of formaldehyde. Really, the whole of Young British Artists can be seen as this, especially Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin's works. There is even an entire movement called Stuckism that is against this kind of art. Stuckism was founded by Billy Childish (from Thee Headcoats) and Charles Thomson in 1999 and is still going strong.
    • The Lenin Statue of Fremont Washington is subject to this. Due to a convoluted sequence of events and the lack of a buyer, the revolutionary Communist propaganda statue ended up being installed in a neighbourhood in Seattle, in 1995. Locals dress it up with Christmas lights every holiday season, dress it in drag for Pride Week, put political signs or advertisements in its hands, etc.
    • The art community doesn't have an exact version of So Bad It's Good; the closest is Kitsch. It typically refers to cornball works aimed at the lowest common denominator, and often so broad as to be completely unremarkable, apart from the irony of appreciating something so trite and banal. So Bad It's Good refers to a work that is so remarkably bad that you find yourself surprised, mystified, or hypnotized by the staggering depth of its inadequacy. It is not merely a failure; it's a compelling failure.
    • The Museum of Bad Art collects "art too bad to be ignored."
    • An elderly woman tried to restore an ancient Spanish fresco of Jesus, only to end up making "a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic." The woman was a trained painter (though not a trained restorer), but was found out and interrupted before she could finish the restoration. But so many people flocked to see her work it raised a lot of funds for the church.
    • In 2009, a privately-commissioned statue of Lucille Ball was erected in her home town of Celoron, New York. The statue, which was created by local artist and depicts Ball as her famous character from I Love Lucy, quickly became notorious when local residents noticed it looked more like Frankenstein's monster than the famous comedian. Dubbed "Scary Lucy", the residents petitioned to have it taken down, but it became an internet sensation soon after. In 2016, a new statue by a different artist was erected in its place, this one looking much more like Lucy and members of the human race in general.
    • The bust of association football star Cristiano Ronaldo, by Portuguese sculptor Emanuel Santos. The difference between the real Cristiano Ronaldo and the sculpture couldn't be any starker.
    • Overlapping with Trolling Creator, this chess problem. If you never heard of chess problems but are dying to understand the joke: Generically speaking, a chess problem should have a surprising key and thus it is bad to use game-like keys that give check, take a flight, capture an enemy or promote to queen. Of course, an experienced solver knows ...and is the more surprised, since both sides are in zugzwang and the new mate on king to f8 is easily overlooked. The trick also works in solving competitions.
    • The statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest near I-65, which is widely seen as the best representation of the ugliness of white supremacy. The face is so Off-Model that The Other Wiki neutrally, purely factually describes it as "[bearing] little resemblance to Forrest himself, and more [resembling] a screaming deformed man", the expression looks somewhere between stoned and unhinged, the original coloring looked tacky and cartoonish, and the head is disproportionate to the body. Why "original coloring"? Because vandals painted it pink in 2017, and the owner is hoping to invoke No Such Thing as Bad Publicity. The sculptor was Jack Kershaw, the lawyer who defended Martin Luther King Jr.'s murderer, and the co-founder of the League of the South; even the owner admits that Kershaw was not a good artist, and he only keeps it for political reasons. (It would eventually be removed in 2021, prompting a tidal wave of lampooning on Twitter.)

        Fan Film 
    • Dragon Ball Super - Alternate Ending (*he* arrives)
      • Fandom: Dragon Ball Super
      • Synopsis: A joke "alternate ending" that has Hit come out from his pocket dimension (in reference to a popular, widely mocked fan theory) to deliver the finishing blow to Jiren, then, when asked what his wish was, say "Time to make the donuts" while standing at a Dunkin' Donuts and ends with a title card saying "Then they all got erased, the end"
      • Comments: An odd example, in that it's already an intentionally funny, albeit stupid, joke that gets even funnier with how terribly it's edited. There are a bunch of abrupt, jarring cuts, no continuity between shots and the music is all over the place, leading to the whole thing being only barely comprehensible. This botched editing may or may not have been intentional.
    • Minecraft with Gadget
      • Fandom: Inspector Gadget
      • Synopsis: Mike Matei shows off the mobile version of Minecraft to Inspector Gadget. Gadget confesses his love for building "brown bricks in Minecrap" before declaring the game to be a waste of time for virgin losers. He then kills Matei for talking too much.
      • Comments: Between the "animation" of the Inspector Gadget cut-out, the lousy imitation of Don Adam's voice, and the juvenile bottom-of-the-barrel humour (most notoriously the constant repetition of "I love to build brown bricks with Minecrap" as if it was the funniest thing ever), the video was immediately met with a mockery reception when it was released and quickly deleted. Minecraft with Gadget's awfulness has been the stuff of Memetic Mutation, largely thanks to Mike Matei's desperate attempts to keep it off the internet for a couple of years.

        Let's Play 
    • DarkSydePhil has a reputation that can pretty much be summed up as "the Tommy Wiseau of the Let's Play community", with his at best atrocious and at worst bigoted sense of humor, his complete inability to play any game, and his constant excuses for failing (it's almost always the fault of the game and not his own incompetence).
    • The Game Grumps thrive on this, since as comedians often it's the bad games that give them the most material and, since it's unscripted, gives each other the most laughs:
      • They openly admit during Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric that they ended up gleefully looking forward to the next time they get to play the clearly rushed and barely cobbled together "glitch that is occasionally a game." They also fondly mention in later reviews that the game was "the gift that kept on giving" and even considering to go back and do a second playthrough without using the Knuckles Jump to skip 80% of the game. Danny still occasionally waxes poetic about it, describing it as "a big stupid drooling loyal dog that is always there for you."
      • It's also enforced in their let's play of Mickey Mousecapade. Before playing they watched someone else's Lets Play, and found that the person was doing a downright terrible imitation of The Angry Video Game Nerd. Arin takes this and runs with it, spending nearly the entire episode doing a deliberately bad ripoff of the ripoff and making dozens upon dozens of vulgar and/or uncreative jokes so horrible they're hilarious.
      • Ross's... odd humor is also a massive source of comedy for the show. To illustrate, after triumphantly demanding to start one of their sessions of No Time to Explain because he has "something awesome" for the opening, ends up telling a ketchup pun (The character has a burger for a head). Simply how awkward and corny it ended up being more entertaining than any genuinely funny opening could have been:
        Ross: Hey guys. What's ketch-up?
        Arin: Are you serious? (Cracks up laughing)
      • As are some of Ross's levels from Super Mario Maker. His level "audomadc mcdonald plz star", a deliberately terrible and incredibly short parody of the various "Auto-Mario levels", easily has ten times the plays and stars as his levels that have genuine effort put into them.
      • Their fans are no strangers to this either. Terrible games that have the Grumps screaming in rage (Arin) or sobbing in bitter, cruel defeat (Danny) will get, by the Grumps own admission, around ten-times the views of play-throughs of good games. Sonic the Hedgehog games in particular get this treatment owing to the series fiercely dedicated fanbase and the infamous "quality" of some of the later games, resulting in a brew of viewers who are pissed the Grumps are ripping on a franchise they love and viewers who just want to see the Grumps suffer, earning videos like the first episode of Sonic and the Black Knight over a million views in it's first day.
    • Keith Ballardís playthrough of Super Mario World is a comedy of errors. Even though he had little platformer experience, he still showcased a remarkable inability to adapt to the challenges in the game (at least in the first half; the second is slightly better) and repeatedly took damage mere seconds after getting powerups (to the point where him finishing a level not as Small Mario is an event in itself) and often forgot several techniques (such as the Spin Jump) even after using them before several times, turning what ought to be simple sections into frustrating gauntlets, and for some reason had a habit of jumping right into an enemy despite it being very obviously present and even when there is no reason to jump at all. It also took him half the game to figure out how to use the Cape powerup properly, as he repeatedly pressed the X button instead of the Y button, canceling his flight as soon as he got off the ground, over and over again, entirely because he was remembering the Xbox control scheme and didnít so much as look at the controller in his hand to see what he was doing wrong. With all this, he dies so often that it seems like a Kaizo Mario World Letís Play instead of the unaltered game. The only thing that saves the Letís Play is that he had a sense of humor about the whole thing, joking about how bad he is and making sincere effort to improve, and being so nice that itís very hard to dislike him or remain frustrated for long, such that ultimately the viewers are laughing with him and not at him. The second half mitigates it a little by him occasionally clearing really difficult segments with very little effort, such as finding and getting the infamously difficult secret exit to Valley Ghost House on his second attempt, and beating Tubular in far fewer attempts than normal.
    • The currently removed Omega Edge 29 let's play of Kaizo Mario 64. The quality of the video is very good. Sadly, it seems that he's playing on the video a hack that's too hard for him, leaving him screaming and shouting at the game, whilst needing many tries only to get 1 star. Compare this with the oversensitive soundbox (because it registers his typing all the time) and you have something hilarious to watch. But the best thing about all of this is that he made Kaizo Mario 64. It's also been retsupuraed here.
    • Turpster's old intro video "Turpstervision" (fan reupload here) has gained this reputation among fans of the Yogscast, as well as fellow members of the group. The reason for this is that the song is a parody of "Chucklevision" by the Chuckle Brothers, with Turps' bad rapping and poor singing as well as a nonsensical intro of him slicing a box open, ending with him wearing it on his head the way a child would pretend they're on TV. However, since Turps is Turps, it comes across as dorkishly endearing and funny.
    • Two Best Friends Play often do one-shot episodes and occasionally entire LP's on terrible games for comedic effect, even dedicating an entire weekly segment to terrible fighting games called Saturday Morning Scrublords. In particular, they tend to mock David Cage and his games with this attitude in mind, and have so far played every one of them. This came back to bite them in the ass when they did an LP of the bug-ridden PC port of the already obtuse and dated Omikron: The Nomad Soul, which swiftly became the most infamous playthrough in the channel's history, so far.

    • The promotional video for the Demolition Man pinball, which attempts to duplicate the atmosphere and special effects of the movie on a shoestring budget, while hyping up the game's gun-grip controllers, all intermixed with actual film clips. It fails spectacularly, but retains an innocent appeal, like watching an eight-year-old trying to duplicate a Michael Bay film in his backyard.
    • Hollywood Heat qualifies for this trope by having a cheesy Mockbuster premise wrapped around a surprisingly fun and straightforward game. it is regarded as one of Gottlieb's better titles, and renown designer Steve Ritchie has called it one of his all-time favorites.
    • Data East's Laser War mixes fast gameplay with a Ham and Cheese premise and an amusingly schlocky translight starring futuristic warriors all sporting '80s Hair.
    • Dr. Dude sometimes dips into this with its ridiculous 80's aesthetic; nothing exemplifies this more than getting the Gift of Gab, which causes a rap song to start playing:
      "My life was dull
      My life was drab
      'Till I acquired
      The Gift of Gab!
      Always be excellent!
      Never be rude!
      It's the Gift of Gab!
      From Dr. Dude!"

        Professional Wrestling 
    • Professional Wrestling pretty much runs on this trope when it's not relying on being a Guilty Pleasure and an athletic exhibition.
    • WWE wrestler the Boogeyman is an almost-bald Scary Black Man with his entire head painted red with black spots, who walks like he's having a seizure, smashes giant antique clocks over his head, speaks almost entirely in singsongy nursery rhymes, eats worms by the handful, and his catchphrase is, "I'm... THE BOOGEYMAN! And I'm comin'... TO GETCHA!" The whole thing is as hilariously awful as it sounds.
      • His backstory actually lampshades the ludicrousness involved — an actor for a show that didn't materialize who snapped (falling too deep into method acting) and became the Boogeyman, but was sicced onto WWE's WWE SmackDown! brand anyway to see what would happen and because he was still under contract. Seriously.
      • Even more hilariously awful is the time in one skit with DeGeneration X, he appeared from underneath the ring, and told Triple H and Shawn Michaels: "I'm...THE BOOGEYMAN! And I'm comin' to - (briefly sans Boogeyman gimmick) - see if I can join DX."
      • The fact that he lisped his lines made all the better.
    • The Coal Miner's Glove (a leather glove, covered in metal studs) was a supposed to be a Shout-Out to an even worse match from before the Monday Night Wars era. Going into the WCW Halloween Havoc 92 PPV, held on October 25, Sting was feuding with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who devised that they "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal" a match where various gimmick matches were on a giant wheel, and whatever it landed on would be the match they would face off in. However, the wheel itself wasn't gimmicked, and it landed on the worst possible option — a "Coal Miner's Glove" match. Whoever retrieved the glove from the pole first, would be allowed to "use" it on his opponent. The match wasn't much and Jake, due more to personal issues than bad booking decisions, was gone right after.
    • Mick Foley deliberately went for this while wrestling as Dude Love in order to separate the gimmick from his other personae (the sadistic Cactus Jack and the psychotic Mankind). It wasn't the first time he had done this. During his "anti-extreme" gimmick in ECW (a promotion that prided itself on high-quality, high-risk wrestling), Mick (as Cactus Jack) reduced his entire moveset to one move: a headlock. Thus, his matches would consist of nothing but ten straight minutes of assorted headlocks, gaining incredible heat from the quality-hungry ECW fans.
    • During The Misfits' stint in WCW, there was a backstage segment where they try to hit on Daffney Unger, which leads to her attacking Jerry Only. After they call her a freak, she runs away screaming and laughing, almost like a Daffy Duck cartoon.
    • The Shockmaster. And they capitalized on it with the Super-Shockmaster. For those who are not aware of the Shockmaster legend, it is no exaggeration to say that literally everything that could have gone wrong with this promo went wrong. To recap, step one: The pyro goes off too early. Step two: While making his planned dramatic entrance through a set wall, the man in the costume trips over a 2x4 that was nailed too high on set and falls on his face, knocking off his purple glittery Stormtrooper helmet and spoiling the big reveal. Step three: All the other wrestlers on stage lose it (while fully audible on live TV) and several have to leave the stage to keep from breaking character. Step four: Sid Vicious tries valiantly to salvage this clusterfuck, but even that's ruined by Ottman mistaking his cue and miming along to Sid's yelling instead of his own intended voiceover. Step five: Ole Anderson, performing the Shockmaster's voice, does deliver his threat to the heels as intended, but not before he can be heard audibly snickering into the mic.note  The only thing funnier than the failed intro itself were the candid reactions of the other wrestlers present, captured on audio for all eternity.
      Ric Flair: I told you...Oh god...
      Sid: What, did he fall?
      Davey Boy Smith: He fell flat on his arse... he fell flat on his fucking arse!
    • The Ultimate Warrior vs Phil Collins!
    • The Undertaker: One of the best big men in the wrestling business, and a solid WWE worker for thirty years before his retirement doesn't change the fact that he's a Satan-worshipping, gravedigging zombie cult leader Death Incarnate who was a biker for a while back at the turn of the century. It's even more Narm Charm in modern times when most wrestlers are less cartoonish, yet the Undertaker still is portrayed as a supernatural force.
    • NXT Season 3. The show is so ridiculously bad on purpose, that it seems like its target audience is those who read WrestleCrap every week. It's almost as if WWE took everything that was narmy about the WWE Divas, highlighted it, and placed a few other comedy acts on the show to act as foils, such as heel Michael Cole, Goldust, and Large Ham Scrappy Vickie Guerrero. By Week 3, the show was so bad that you had Michael Cole banging a gong at ringside following the rookie challenges. The show's entire appeal is the ensuing Narm Charm, as well as Cole and Josh Mathews sarcastic remarks on everyone else involved.
      • Episode 4 would up the ante even further by introducing CM Punk on commentary, reprising a role he once played in early Ring of Honor shows. Punk would play the role of Deadpan Snarker to perfection, even delivering a Crowning Moment of Funny when he pointed out that he wasn't wearing any pants (he had his ring gear on covered by a sports coat), and then pointed out that he watched NXT every week without pants. When Punk closed the show by announcing that he would be returning the next week, the five people that still watched the show rejoiced.
      • Sadly, that would turn out to be Blatant Lies. However, Cole, Josh, and Matt Striker still brought the awesome every week until NXT was relaunched as WWE's developmental show.
    • WCW's San Francisco 49ers Match between Jeff Jarrett and Booker T is one of the most hilariously stupid matches of all time. It's a glorified pole match (something Vince Russo was fond of) with 4 wooden boxes at the end of each pole; 1 contains the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt and the other 3 contain "weapons:" a blow-up doll, a framed picture of Scott Hall, and a coal miner's glove. It began with an old lady trying to smack Jarrett with a shirt Booker T gave her and ended with Beetlejuice (not that Beetlejuice, the Wack Packer from The Howard Stern Show) giving Jarrett 5 "high blows". The title fell out of the box, and Booker T became the WCW Champion. When the belt fell out, David Penzer had to hand it to Booker. Thankfully, Russo wasn't sharp enough to change the finish and award the title to Penzer instead.
    • Wrestlicious which is exactly what it sounds - pink ring ropes, outlandish gimmicks, camp factor, a commentator that sounds like Stan Lee and a Hurricane of Puns during every match. Yet also features the top women wrestlers in the country as the characters. It's safe to call it the Batman & Robin of indie wrestling.
    • TNA: Final Deletion. This unfathomably inane and hilarious mini-movie/bout includes such highlights as Jeff Hardy defending his house from his brother's army of attack drones with his acoustic guitar, Matt Hardy cackling madly as he drives a lawnmower over Jeff's lawn art, and some of the most stilted and wooden acting this side of Syfy. The best part? We haven't even gotten to the actual bout yet, which features Jeff missing Matt from a dive off of a tree onto a cropped-up ladder (which Jeff treated like it hit and attempted a pinfall), Jeff throwing Matt into a backyard screen, the two boys shooting each other with roman candles and attempting to drown each other in the lake, accompanied by jump cut edits and movie trailer music the whole way through. It's essentially the Sharknado of wrestling mini-movies.
      • You can't have The Final Deletion without the infamous contract signing that drew attention to this nutty feud in the first place. Matt Hardy's opening address, the random music choices, the inexplicable acknowledgment of the gardener, Reby throwing a baby doll at Jeff, and Matt plunging Jeff in overwrought slow-mo through a rickety looking table that was randomly set up next to their ring. Surviving this without laughing is above most men (and of course you can't forget the Memetic Mutation that is "BROTHER NERO"). This actually got people talking about TNA in a more positive light (though sarcastically or seriously is a matter of debate) and some TNA talent took the chance to spoof it as well (which made it onto TNA's official YouTube page).
    • 5 Dollar Wrestling openly acknowledges itself as "Wrestling So Bad It's Good!" Let this promo show you what to expect.
    • The book The Death of WCW points out that a lot of people only watched WCW in its final two years because of this trope.
    • Amidst cameras being interrupted by static, Robocop and Sting busting into WCW to face The Four Horsemen.
    • Any all-woman promotion David McLane was involved in, whether it be GLOW, WOW, or POWW. Stupid, cheesy fun with stupid, cheesy gimmicks, stupid, cheesy action, and stupid, cheesy cheesecake.
      • This also goes for David McLane as an announcer. His grating, high-pitched voice actually enhances his energy and enthusiasm behind the microphone.
    • This DDP promo, where a motivational speaker wants to speak of how his friend Tony had a cat that was killed and it actually saved his marriage. Even the announcer was like "The Hell you say?"
    • Kittitas County Wrestling presents a dimly lit, crudely constructed wrestling arena featuring spotty commentary, stupid gimmicks, and not so much wrestling as pretend fighting. It feels more like a No Budget buddy get-together than a professional wrestling association.
    • If you ever have a chance to find footage of it, it's always a hoot to watch the short-lived wrestling promotion Wrestling Society X (WSX). Their content is notorious for things like a hyperactive ring announcer and the use of pyrotechnics and crazy camera work during their matches. Nothing they produced is good, but it's still a fun romp if you're the type of pro wrestling fan who is able to turn off their brains.
    • Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 2005 is infamous because Michaels got annoyed at Hogan canceling their rematch and demanding he go over, resulting in him overselling all of Hogan's offense and flopping around like crazy in protest. It's pretty kayfabe-breaking but it's hilarious, especially if you understand the context.
    • As far as wrestling announcers are concerned, NWA Mid-Atlantic's David Crockett will never be compared to greats like Gordon Solie or Lance Russell. When he's not screaming at the top of his lungs during an unexpected or exciting turn of events, he's muttering obvious statements ("uh Ö look at him, Tony"). Yet his enthusiasm is so infectious that his attempts at commentary can sometimes be downright enjoyable.
    • In early 2019, Bray Wyatt returned as host of "Firefly Fun House" a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood / Pee-wee's Playhouse like series with goofy looking puppets, wacky sound effect abuse and canned kid reactions. The segments are extremely cheesy, but are among the highest rated segments on RAW due to Bray really giving it his all and the Subverted Kids' Show vibe.

    • Every Christmas/New Year holiday break, Radio New Zealand goes "mufti day" and hosts the "Matinee Idle" radio show, where bad, campy and novelty music is played back for laughs.
    • British radio presenter Sarah Kennedy presented the early breakfast show on BBC Radio Two for ten years. She was notorious for gaffes, fumbling, non-PC comments, political bias, and sometimes turning up for work in a state that the uncharitable might mistake for "drunk". (She blamed it on prescription medication.) On one occasion, her long slurring rambling alerted the station to the fact that something was seriously wrong and her show abruptly ended after twenty-five minutes. A relief presenter took over and she was sent home to sleep it off. Sir Terry Wogan, who presented the following show, once famously quipped that "Sarah's been pouring the old gin over her cornflakes again!" People used to set their alarm clocks to wake them up earlier in the hope of catching another Kennedy classic. She no longer works for the BBC.
    • The Doctor Who audio drama Doctor Who and the Pescatons. It's nonsensical, puerile, writes the Doctor with a totally different personality, but its stupidity is quite enjoyable, both Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen are well aware of how bad it is and are clearly having a great time, and the Doctor sings in it.
    • James Brownyard was the owner and the only disk jockey for WHYP, a small Country Music AM radio station in the Erie, Pennsylvania area, who is still legendary in radio circles for the amazing level of incompetence he brought to the airwaves in the 1970s and 1980s. Not just for his gruff, monotonous voice, but also his tendency to go off on long, nonsensical rants in-between songs, letting records skip and repeat on the air, long stretches of dead air, and constantly interrupting songs to report on low-flying helicopters or thunderstorms in the vicinity of the studio. Some examples.

    • A beloved complete failure in the sport of horse racing is the 18th Duc of Albuquerque (Beltrán Alfonso Osorio), famous for entering the Grand National steeplechase seven times and never being able to complete the course. Each and every time he'd fall off the horse at one of the fences, and the bookmakers eventually caught on to this fact — resulting in the Duc making history in 1963, when the bookies began offering odds of 66-1 against his managing to stay on the horse for the entire race. He never gave up, though; in 1974 he fell off the horse during training and entered the race itself with a broken collar bone and a leg in plaster. Amazingly enough, this turned out to be the only time in his career when he actually finished the race without falling off.
    • Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, a British ski jumper who qualified for the 1988 Winter Olympics because every country was (at the time) allowed to be represented in any given discipline, and he was the only British applicant. Edwards had the disadvantages of weighing 9 kg more than the next man in his category and being extremely far-sighted, and his general skills were less than stellar to say the least. Nevertheless, his sheer determination and love of the sport endeared him to audiences everywhere. The Olympic Committee was less enthusiastic about someone "making a mockery of the sport", however, and the rules for qualification were changed next time around, largely to prevent another such case from happening.
      • There's even a mini-meme attached to him. Every single YouTube video featuring him has, as one of the top-rated comments, "Legend".
      • Featured at the same Olympics were the Jamaican bobsled team who inspired the movie Cool Runnings five years later. Though they haven't competed in the Olympics recently, the Jamaican bobsled team did place as high as 14th (ahead of the USA, Russia, France, and one Italian sled) in the 1994 Winter Olympics.
    • Hammadou Djibo Issaka of Niger became a media darling in the 2012 Olympics after becoming a wildcard development entry. He was beyond terrible in the single sculls (a full minute behind the second worst athlete in an event slated for about seven minutes), but the fact that he only started rowing three months before the Olympics gained him a lot of popularity.
    • Stanford's band occasionally has the same reputation, but not for their music, which is quite good. Their conduct is what gets them recognized. For starters, they (since they're not a traditional marching band) don't wear uniforms in the same way that other bands do. What gets them the most attention, though, is their shows, which have earned the ire of some universities, since they have contained performances that others might find somewhat classless. The Other Wiki has a listing.
    • Stanford University's "mascot", the Stanford Tree. Despite Stanford not officially recognizing the Tree as its mascot, the Tree is allowed to dance around during games, and there is a special student committee that determines who gets to be the Tree each season. Whoever is the Tree has to design the costume, hence the varying quality of the Tree each year.
    • The 1962 New York Mets, whose 120 losses remain the post-1900 Major League Baseball record, remain one of the more beloved teams in history. Similarly, in games like football where it's a lot easier to lose every single game (because there are only 16 regular season games, which is a bit more than 10 times less than a standard baseball schedule), it's not uncommon for fans to cheer their team for a "perfect" losing season. (The 2008 Detroit Lions and the 2017 Cleveland Browns are good examples.)
    • As detailed in the 30 for 30 short "The Anti-Mascot", the San Francisco Giants "Crazy Crab" mascot, a guy in an unwieldy crab suit that the audience was expected to enjoy hating right off the bat. Perhaps a little too much so.
    • The University of Central Florida's original mascot, the Citronaut (a combination of an astronaut and an orange) was so unpopular that the student body petitioned to retire it after one year. However, it's seen a resurgence as a secondary mascot since 2014 because of its strangeness.

        Tabletop Games 
    • The Dungeons & Dragons Character Name Generator has a tendency to produce unintentionally hilarious names.
    • At least for some readers, Gary Gygax's prose style is reminiscent of H. L. Mencken's quote.
    • Strike Legion is what Limbo of the Lost wants to be: Something that ripped off so many sources it digs right out of the barrel-bottom of absolute shit and becomes hilarious awesome. Have an MST and mind the picture load.
    • To many, World of Synnibarr qualifies. While the mechanics are terrible and the setting incoherent, it's still a game with a "midnight sunstone bazooka", mechanics that affect the next character you roll up, and an actual Deus ex Machina roll to see if your patron deity turns up to save your life.
      • That said, only a complete fool or a masochist would play this game with strangers. Imagine a game that is literally made for Munchkins. It's in the rules that players can override a GM, look over their game notes and demand in-game rewards if they deviate from the notes or their rules.
    • Via The New Legends is a Russian game made by a man who clearly has no idea how to create or play a tabletop game, is a game that's literally unfinished because the author has split the base rulebook into multiple releases. Yes, the base rulebook. There's also this bizarre and obstinate refusal to recognize the concept of roleplaying. In fact, roleplaying is literally illegal according to the rulebook. Even the GM is forced to strictly follow the outline in the book. It's against the rules to rob stores, even when playing a thief. It's against the rules to create random encounters outside of designated squares. It's against the rules to roll dice without having purchased the dice field from the game's website. It's even against the rules to share dice with your friends. The way the game expects the players to just play the game like a quiet obedient machine, and be so enamored by this experience that they'll buy all the merchandise, is just so silly.
    • deadEarth (yes, that's the proper capitalization), a nuclear post-apocalyptic game that boasted extreme "realism", despite being best described as "Gamma World on crack". The rules are mostly broken-but-unremarkable: challenge numbers rise so fast that it's unlikely for the average character to successfully punch even a dead body, some editions lack any entries for damage on the firearm tables, skills are so granular and prerequisite-locked to each other that characters are more likely to know horticulture than how to haggle, things like that. However, the game also boasts almost-entirely random character creation, and the 1000+ strong "Radiation Manipulations" table, which include everything from mundane illnessesexamples  to not-so-Stock Superpowersexamples  to the outright bizarreexamples , and also throws in lots of personality quirks and character background details that have no business being the results of exposure to radiation. Oh, and not an insignificant fraction of them will straight up kill the character or render them useless if rolled, including during character creation ("020: Decapitation" is Exactly What It Says on the Tin). Still, with a bit of creativity and a lot of patience, a player can roll up some truly odd stories and misfits, from the paladin grandma who lost the ability to metabolize oxygen and left her home a smoldering radioactive crater by exploding repeatedly for a bit over a week, to the six-foot cockroach who is great at wrestling and computer programming, to the scientist who slowly turned into a man-eating dryad, to the lobotomized ex-child-prodigy self-replicating swarm of psychic fungus mummies, and much (much) more besidesnote . The game, almost certainly unintentionally, depicts an off-kilter world where truly almost anything can happen, and it's hard not to see a certain beauty in that.

    • Show Within a Show example: Pyramus and Thisbe in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Duke and his guests order it performed just because it's so badly written and wretchedly performed that it's hilarious.
      • What's even better is that the Pyramus and Thisbe A Midsummer Night's Dream refers to is an actual play that was notorious for the fact there is no possible way to perform it without it being ridiculous, even by skilled hands.
    • The 1955 musical Ankles Aweigh was the kind of vaudeville sister-act vehicle that was such a throwback at the time of its production that its publicity campaign didn't try to hide it. The score is a total Cliché Storm, from the Opening Chorus to The Eleven O'Clock Number titled "An Eleven O'Clock Song." When the show was revived in 1989 by the Goodspeed Opera House, it was rewritten as a parody of musicals.
    • Carrie:
      • The Musical adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie has acquired this reputation. Its commercial failure on Broadway became so notorious that it was the inspiration for the book Not Since Carrie, a chronicle of Broadway musical flops of the latter half of the twentieth century (King himself reportedly liked it, though). Within the show itself, the pinnacle of accidental hilarity has to be "Don't Waste the Moon", a retread of the old "girls want relationships, boys want sex" chestnut with awesomely lame lyrics like "We would go bowling if you really cared / But you don't! ("I do!") You don't!"
      • The revival is a little better, with reworked songs and an official recording, plus better special effects, but it's still delightfully silly.
    • Like We Wish You a Turtle Christmas, Coming Out of Their Shells has developed a cult following among the more forgiving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans as a time-capsule of the Early '90's, its Ham and Cheese delivery, its all-over-the-place messaging and cheap production design.
    • Every Easter since at least 2008, the Manitoba-based Church of the Rock has performed a pageant. These always end up being Jukebox Musicals that attempt to combine the story of Jesus' death and resurrection with something from popular culture (examples including The Avengers (2012), The Princess Bride, and a play that's named after Tombstone but comes off as a generic Western). Between the amateur performances, the shoehorned and often bowdlerised songs, the often hilariously inappropriate picks regarding which character gets the Christ role in each one (Captain Jack Sparrow getting crucified, anyone?), and the surprisingly good set designs, and you have some of the best worse cases of a church trying to be relevant to today's youth in recent history. Jenny Nicholson covers them here.
    • From the team of Bono, The Edge and Julie Taymor comes the legendarily Troubled Production of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, an avant-garde, disaster-prone production that very few people understood and appreciated in its original form, becoming slightly better when the entire show was revised.
    • Robert Coates was such an infamously bad actor people would flock to see him just to see how bad he was.
    • This radio segment is about a production of Peter Pan that becomes an utter fiasco in which the flying apparatus smacks the actors into the furniture, and Captain Hook's hook flies off his arm and hits an old woman in the stomach. By the end of the evening, firemen have arrived and all the normal boundaries between audience and actors have completely dissolved.

    • The Piraka rap from BIONICLE. Listen to it here in all of its hilarious glory.
      • Before that, there was BIONICLE Brain, an intentionally horrible parody rap recorded on a promotional tour by the drivers of the "East Coast BIONICLE Unleashed Van", a certain Swift and Danny.
      • The various "Good Guy" and "Bad Guy" promo sets (basically random pieces thrown together to sorta make a figure or a bizarre weapon-thing) they would package with battery packs and the like. One of them eventually got canonized as the official toy representation of a certain character, which is more divisive than a clear-cut example of "so bad it's good".
    • Doggie Doo, in which you push on an air pump to make a plastic dog poop yellow play-doh; see it in its glory here. It's notable for becoming an internet sensation in Germany, and instantly became a meme when it arrived in America.
    • GoBots Rocklords. Think Transformers, but instead becoming something cool like a car, a dinosaur, a plane, or a tank, they became rocks! You could choose between granite, quartz or shale amongst others!
      • The really stupid bit is in GoBots movie - they transform and roll out and slowly clump away down the road like bricks turning under their own power.
      • Parodied in the Tom Hanks movie Big, where Hanks - playing a kid who has been transformed into a grown-up - is shown a new toy that his employers are working on. It's an immobile skyscraper that turns into a giant robot. "So what's so fun about playing with a building? That's not any fun!" He then goes on to propose "a big prehistoric insect with maybe like giant claws that could pick up a car and crush it like that!" In what's probably a funny coincidence, multiple Transformers toys do indeed turn into buildings, though they're more like battle stations or playsets than mundane skyscrapers.
    • In 2006, to coincide with the new film, Jakks Pacific put out a line of Rocky action figures, with characters from the entire series... and several extremely bizarre creative decisions throughout, to the point where it just becomes laughably absurd. Even though the figures were made at a six-inch scale, almost all of them used real fabric clothes, and it's impossible to make clothing thin enough to look good at such a small scale, so they invariably either made the figures look bloated or didn't line up, particularly Adrian. What really sends this into surreal hilarity, though, was the idea to release the slab of meat Rocky trains on as its own action figure sold separately from anything else.
    • While there are lots of shoddy knock-off toys you find in dollar stores that are just boring and poorly made, more than a few are completely bonkers in their presentation. Hideously Off-Model, packages that display clear copyright violations and Gratuitous English or just plain "Blind Idiot" Translation or Translation Trainwreck instructions and eye-catching details or are just such utterly bizarre concepts that they can't help but make you laugh. Superman riding a dinosaur? Thomas the Tank Engine Transformers? Oh, why the hell not.
    • This figure of a Tsintaosaurus, back when it was thought to have a Unicorn-esque slender crest that projected forward and thus looked like... something else, not helped by the decision to give it a pair of air sacs at the base of it, and the crest actually being shaped like one.

        Vanity Plates 
    • A VHS company called The Video Bancorp made an extremely cheesy logo that's literally just a picture of a computer screen with the logo on it. They didn't even bother to hide it either since the interface of a paint program is visible in it. Needless to say, the Closing Logos Group (now AVID) didn't give it the nickname "The Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing of Logos" for nothing. Even funnier, poor graphic design misled the Closing Logos Group into thinking "The Video Bancorp" and "thanks you for using your product" were separate, resulting in seemingly terrible grammar.
    • Hikon Film Video Distribution's logo is a glorious mess. An image of a cloudy sky is shown only to "ripple" to a video of a sunset sky over a beach just a while later, rendering the first image redundant, the logo's general animation reeks of some of the most cheesiest effects ever seen in an '80s home video logo, looking like it was made on Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint, and while the music is fine (if a bit strange), the "Hikon, Hikon, Hikon...!" chanting that starts to sound like "pine cone" after a couple of seconds, shattering glass sound, and one of the potential voiceovers (drunk-sounding male voices shouting "A HIKON FILM!" loudly in unison) are too over-the-top, thus topping off an already ridiculous logo. The other potential voiceover is someone whispering "A Hikon Film" almost inaudibly, which just creates Mood Whiplash after the chaos that just happened.

        Web Original 
    • Similarly Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is an intentional case of this trope.
    • AnimationFilms1212, who doesn't know the difference between "making cartoons for children" and "dumbing down everything". The "animation" is both hilarious and creepy. The voice acting's amateurish at the very best, and the "jokes" are extremely predictable. And it manages to be unintentionally hilarious. While every single animation deserves to be here, "The Bunny Rabbit Movie" deserves a special mention, but no mere description will do it justice. It has to be seen to be believed.
      • They have a second channel called AnimationVideos21 for their "edgier" material. They try to do adult jokes, but it's still incredibly obvious (Children say "damn", "Jesus", and "effing" in the Halloween special, a character called "Spank the Monkey", a Pedophile Priest joke and excessive blood in the Halloween special). It's definitely not for adults either, as the writing in these shows is just as insipid as Animation Films 1212's ones.
    • In Assignment 2, we read excerpts from main character Stanley Brown's novels, which are titled Lance MHS and His Adventures in Bigface's Castle Boat (With His Awesome Bass) and The Gift Horse Who Saved. Both are ridiculously stupid, almost on My Immortal levels. But without the eye-gouging spelling atrocities. A sample:
      "You!" shouted Yeevil. "You killed my father!"
      "Kind of, but I didn't mean to," answered Hemmingway.
      "How dare you," shouted Yeevil quietly.
      "I DO WHATEVER I WANTED TO BE DOING!" muttered Hemmingway silently.
    • Referenced in Todd van der Werff's reviews for AV Club: he has said that he considers a D grade to be worse than an F because an F is so extraordinary in its horribleness that it is almost worth watching for that achievement, whereas a D is merely forgettable and dull.
      • SNL's Victoria Jackson had a similar guide to interpreting ratings. Three stars meant the movie was great; "They don't make 'em any better." Four stars were iffier; the movie might not be so good, but it could be. Two stars are the worst rating you can give a movie; these are the worst of the worst. And one star is "pretty good, too." Pretty easy to see the humor; four stars means it's an "art" movie made primarily for critics and culture snobs (but still might be good), whereas two stars meant bad and not interesting, and one star indicates this trope.
    • Azneyeswhitedragon's series of low rated duelists. Yes, it's basically two terrible duelists fighting against each other, but after facing off after so many pro decks it's just such a welcome break, because it features some amazingly hilarious combos and errors (not to mention by some that their fanboyness towards the anime is hilarious, to the point where their decks are based on it).
    • Star War The Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West is a Translation Train Wreck Gag Dub of Revenge of the Sith, and is ridiculously hilarious. Some highlights include the lines "R2, do you is fucking?", "He is in my behind!", "Do not want", and " what who fuck?"
    • The entire oeuvre of Dhar Mann, a self-styled "mission-driven entrepreneur" that aims to teach important life lessons through YouTube. Basically all of the videos follow the same structure: two characters are in a room, character B antagonizes character A for no real reason and in often blunt and rather stiled terms, a didatic narrator explains what happens next and character B get their commeunpance in an ironic and telegraphed way, capped off with Dhar Mann himself explaining today's lesson as if what transpired was just too subtle. Add to that the poor acting, occasional warped morals and unnatural writing and you get videos that often get the "what he's trying to say comes from a good place but...'' treatment, as Cody Ko and Noel Miller can attest.
    • Emily H The Viking Princess is typical bad fanfiction without technically being a fanfiction. The abundance of spelling and grammar mistakes, ridiculous prose, and most importantly historical inaccuracy makes for an amusing read.
    • The rap album I Hate Birds by Sam Brass Knuckles. "Fuck Pigeons" is one of the more tolerable examples.
    • The Alphabet Songs by YouTube channel Have Fun Teaching are quite cheap looking even for being simple educational songs. Every song uses the same template along with extremely repetitive lines like "Write an uppercase G in the air" being said several times in a row and the segments showing words that utilize the letters in each video use drawings done in an unappealing art style.
    • There are those that watch The Irate Gamer for this reason.
    • In Germany, Karl Fritsch's website became (in)famous for being this. Some fan even wrote a "Karl-Fritschalyzer" which allows displaying any text in this style.
    • Kickassia: A group of over-acting non-actors in a silly plot about internet reviewers from Channel Awesome taking over a tiny micronation in Nevada. The ridiculous nature of the film is largely entirely deliberate. The same is true for the following film, Suburban Knights.
    • The Life of Death Sword, a story about a fight between some guy named John Swords, also known as Death Sword, who was born missing many body parts, including half his brain, so they just got replaced by "alien machine parts from another world." He fights against his enemy, Death Screw, and then the gods interfere for some reason. Such a ridiculous plot, so badly written, and yet, so hilarious.
    • Nuttymadam3575 is an obsessed fan of Twilight whose videos trying (and failing) to defend the franchise from the wrath of the hatedom as well as her reactions to the Breaking Dawn movie trailers make for a good laugh.
    • Short Legs One - A live-action Pokťmon Crack Fic. 'Nuff said, surely.
    • The Facebook page Shrek is love, Shrek is life is known for its "Shrektexts", vignettes that take the style of 4chan's "greentexts", feature poor spelling and grammar, and usually end with Shrek raping the narrator.
    • Something Awful would occasionally have a "Page of Shame" sub-feature at the end of their "Photoshop Phridays". They're usually classified as So Bad, It's Horrible, but there are quite a few occasions that are considered as this trope:
    • The Sonic Amigos, a plush-based web show featuring characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Homer Simpson, Super Mario, and others getting into various adventures. It has to be seen to be believed. Here's the YouTube channel, if you're interested.
    • Channel Awesome runs on this, it's a bunch of people doing webshows on shoe-string budgets, and they love to play up the Narm of it.
    • The Twilight Chronicles - Imagine Twilight as a Black Comedy, with a Cast Full of Gay and a confusing Love Dodecahedron plot. Throw in writer's-strike writing and porn-worthy acting, and you've got this.
    • YouTube's captioning device (which is originally used for deaf people) qualifies when it has such word salad gems as "I have a six-year-old and that may be headed for trouble", "Fuck my sex life", "I designed this virtual stadium myself in prison", "Let me show you who's going to lose a lot of pot", "It's like you've given up on election day", "I learned that I'm alive" and "My brain, you know it going to die" being around. These captions are considered Funny Moments, even if the video shown is supposed to be serious and/or not funny. It's even more hilarious when you find shows and video games that are mainly meant for a younger audience and they find naughty words like "Sexy", "Vaginally", "Shit", "Genitals", "Fuck", "Cock", "Asshole", and "Faggot". If you're on the hunt for hilarious and/or dirty misinterpretations, go click on the CC button for almost any video around if it's shown there. If you want to find some more of these pictures, click either here or here.. To show that YouTube's captioning system has indeed left a mark on the Internet, one needs to look no further than "Steven Magnet", a Fan Nickname given to a purple sea serpent that appeared in one episode because of the line given out during one of his scenes, and became his canon name.
    • Pimpinmast3rDX is considered to be one of the worst ranters out there, but his commentary on Just Keep That In Mind is just outstanding. Rather than talking about how bad this guy is he talks about how good he is. Best of all, it was live recorded, to the point that even his computer screen is visible.
    • Practically 98% of GoAnimate videos are this, with their effortless drag-and-drop animation, unappealing artstyle that looks like it was ripped directly from Seth McFarlane's cartoons, robotic text-to-speech voices that always mispronounce things, a limited amount of animation sets (i.e. Kissing is always done with two characters sticking their tongues out at each other), and a majority of the videos having a cut-and-paste plot of "so-and-so doing such-and-such and getting grounded for it". There's even a Tumblr blog that collects screenshots from many of these videos.
    • This movie trailer for Killer7: The Movie is one of the most epic examples of this trope. Its scenario is set in the most laughable locations imaginable, it has horrible acting, horrible special effects, and horrible pacing. Yet it tried to be ridiculously faithful to its source material, which results in lots of Narm that just really feels charming.
    • The hammy voice acting done by a single guy in the official BIONICLE (2015) webisodes, especially when he begins using ridiculous exaggerated voices in an effort to make each character sound distinct. Some of the international dubs also count.
    • For deep youtube diggers, Compent brings you his short web animations Blakfist (and Don Spaghetti, the sequel), fused with stock green screen clips, characters made out from hilarious stock photos, mediocre voice acting made by a minimal cast of two Youtubers!! According to some commenters, it is a loose parody of Kamen Rider and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and includes appearances of some internet memes, such as the Left Shark from Super Bowl, Cool Cat Saves the Kids by Derek Savage (as one of the doctor's forms), and few other obscure content.
      • However, since of 18th March 2016 (its latest episode's upload) the series isn't seeing light on the rest of the series due to the author stating his retirement after uploading Don Spaghetti Episode 2, but yet, you have the channel's stuff at safety.
      • There was a slight (now removed) announcement which tells that there was supposed to be a Grand Finale of the series as a Blakfist and Don Spaghetti crossover, but soon it was taken down and so the series was taken to the forgotten pits.
    • Similarly to the AV Club example, Nathan Rabin's My Year of Flops featured three grades: "Secret Success" (a movie that's actually good, but failed for reasons beyond it), "Failure" (a movie that's just plain mediocre, uninteresting, or unwatchable), and "Fiasco" (this trope).
    • Wolf Song: The Movie is a feature-length animated web-film about wolf characters. However, it doesn't have the best animation out there, many of the designs don't mesh with the rest of the cast (including yellow colored wolves and earring-wearing wolves), and the plot is a haphazard mix of various animal fantasy tropes. However, it still has its amusing elements and it's impressive to see a film-length web animation.
    • MarioTehPlumber. Nowadays, it's almost unanimously agreed that he's a Troll, but his "reviews" consist of such over-the-top screaming into the microphone, sexual interpretations of mundane objects, and Cluster/Atomic F-Bombs galore, that he sounds like a raving lunatic. This video, for example, has the commentator crack up laughing after the introduction when his Sonic Adventure 2 "review" begins, and a few people have made videos parodying him, such as this one.
    • This anti-piracy PSA. As a teenaged boy downloads Foo Fighters music from a site labeled "Illegal Site" (a piece of paper with a download bar on it affixed to a computer monitor), a law enforcement agent kicks down the door, yells so loudly that he blows out the mic, then arrests the teenager at gunpoint. It's incredibly amateurish, but rather amusing to watch.
    • The works of the You Tuber LHUGUENY consist mostly of incredibly autotuned parodies of various songs, accompanied by Off-Model video game characters and repetitive, jerky animation. The result is usually a combination of Accidental Nightmare Fuel and Narm, with his two most infamous works being FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 3 THE MUSICAL and UNDERTALE THE MUSICAL (the latter usually being referred to as "Story of Undertale" to avoid confusion with Man On The Internet's version).

    • Christmas sweaters embody this. Uncomfortable and hilariously ugly. A relatively recent Irish tradition known as "The Twelve Pubs Of Christmas" is basically a pub crawl while wearing one of these ungodly items of clothing. Clothing shops have caught on and sell intentionally bad jumpers for this purpose.
    • Many Danish weekly magazines feature a page full of jokes submitted by readers. These jokes are notorious for being really, really bad. In fact, a local radio-station once did a short program called "Jokes that are funny because they aren't funny", where they literally just read that week's magazine-jokes.
    • Those who watched the Disney Theme Parks parade Celebrate! A Street Party were "treated" to the sight of such Disney icons as Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins doing the Macarena and dancing to "I Love Rock and Roll", among other things.
    • In Japan, there's a yearly award for books which are "amusing from a perspective that differs from what the author intends".
    • Some genius made a mashup of a Justin Bieber song with a Slipknot one. Neither artist is exactly the best in its genre in the opinion of many. When you put the two songs together, it sounds weirdly catchy. Just... watch it.
      • Corey Taylor himself thinks it's hilarious.
      • Best (or worst) thing about it is that there are FAR too many people in the comments going "Anyone who likes this song isn't a true Slipknot fan!" "This is terrible, Bieber sucks!" etc. It's pretty funny to watch.
    • The Louis Tussauds Waxwork Museum, in Great Yarmouth, has been described repeatedly as such because the waxworks are dubbed the worst ever made. It was paraded on a Series 44 episode of Have I Got News for You, where the guests had to guess who the waxwork was supposed to be.
    • This trope is usually cited for Pabst Blue Ribbon's adoption by the hipster subculture. Hipsters, in general, are particularly known for adopting this as their aesthetic, with a fetish for "irony."
    • Planes, Trains, and Plantains, the self-proclaimed "worst term paper ever written." (The author explains the Backstory behind it here.) The amazing part was that it still managed to get a 61%, one point above failing, possibly because it still technically contained a correct overview of the story of Oedipus the King.
      "In the version which must have been the favorite of Sophocles's Athenian audience, Oedipus found sanctuary at Colonus, outside of Athens. The kindness he was shown at the end made the city itself blessed. Which was the gayest ending ever."
    • The iPhone app SimStapler. The app just involves poking the stapler on the screen, and every ten times there is a voice that says "Splendid!". The stupidity of the app has garnered it a fanbase.
      • When the iPhone just started, there was an app called "I am Rich" that cost $999 (the Cap for app pricing) and showed a ruby that would flash when you clicked on it. That's it. Humor was derived from a) having enough money to burn on the app and b) schadenfreude in people failing to Read the Freaking Manual and blindly buying it without checking the price.
      • There is also the iOS 6 maps made by Apple to replace Google Maps for its iDevices... and failing miserably. While Google Maps was really helpful, this map system is utterly useless. It consists of terrible 3D modeling, utterly loathsome photography, and a habit of giving out directions and even getting several famous landmarks wrong. If you want to see for yourself, go to the tumblr showcasing screenshots of the mapping system here.
    • Two pieces of Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art have become much more famous and well-known thanks to their amateurish and poorly drawn quality than they could ever have been if they would have been mediocre or decent quality:
    • This article discusses the So Bad It's Good phenomenon, only just stopping short of referencing the trope by name.
    • Half the reason for the fidget spinner craze was people fawning over what an amazingly dumb fad it is.
    • The Trabant, the epitome of The Alleged Car and everything that was wrong with East Germany (and the Iron Curtain in general), still manages to have a cult following. Seriously.
      • Likewise, the Reliant Robin, an ugly three-wheeled "car" which did a barrel roll if you so much as looked at a sharp turn is a cherished (if often parodied) part of British culture, complete with enthusiast conventions and racing circuits.
    • Any Popsicle modeled after an iconic character. Such as this, this, and this.
    • Poorly designed and outdated websites that look like they are stuck in the '90s often embody this trope.
      • LINGsCARS takes the cake for being the embodiment of everything that's wrong with these webpages with a downright nauseating wall of advertisements. It's just hilarious.
      • This website, with the "You are possible not secure in your own personal faith" security message and epileptic rainbow background. The abrupt cat meow and tacky, saccharine music complete the mix.
    • This is the main appeal of dad jokes. In fact, you could say they're So Dad, They're Good.
    • Beverly is a non-alcoholic aperitif produced by the Coca-Cola Company in Italy from 1969 to 2009, to modest success in its home country. The drink would have faded into obscurity, had it not been introduced to the Coca-Cola sampling stations at the company headquarters in Atlanta and Club Cool at Epcot, where it quickly became perhaps the only simultaneous example of Americans Hate Tingle and Germans Love David Hasselhoff. American visitors, expecting a simple fruit-flavored soda and shocked by the drink's incredible bitterness, came to love the experience of tasting it, and tricking their friends and family into drinking some. Beverly is now often considered an essential part of the Disney World experience by park enthusiasts and, after its discontinuation, is now solely produced for the American sampling stations.
    • Mafia City the mobile game is basically utterly unremarkable, hardly distinguishable from other mobile games of its tier. Mafia City ads, however, consistently defy comprehension in how absolutely WTFtastic they are. A perfect storm of reused assets, increasingly weird "Level X [occupation]" labels and rapid-fire sequences of utter friggin' nonsense.
    • The Casio VL-1, a bizarre and poorly-constructed synthesizer/sequencer/calculator hybrid capable only of producing low-fidelity blips and farts, is regarded by electronic musicians as being to synthesizers what the Trabant or Reliant Robin are to automobiles - that is, total crap, but endearingly so.
    • If there is one television channel that is so bad that it is good, then the majority of Hungarians will surely choose Budapest Eur"pa Telev" (formerly Budapest Telev"). The channel itself was a completely unviable attempt to compete with the more advanced commercial channels of the time, and thanks to its policy (it was not funded by advertisers between programmes, but by contractors who rented the screen for their own shows) the quality was low to say the least. Most programmes were full of mistakes, untalented presenters and other bloopers. This was quickly noticed by viewers and many of the recorded scenes were uploaded to You Tube, making the doomed channel legendary.
    • Some flags end up being enjoyable to look at for reasons other than what their designers intended.
      • The flag of Provo, Utah from 1989 to 2015. It consists of nothing more than the word "Provo" at an angle over a white background, with a rainbow line underneath. It's been compared to the labels on Centrum vitamins, which isn't exactly what you want out of a flag.
      • The flag of Pocatello, Idaho from 2001 to 2017 looks less like a flag, and more like a logo for some sort of restuarant or theme park. It was considered to be the absolute worst state flag in the entire United States by the North American Vexillogical Association.

        In-Universe Examples 
    • In the Vorkosigan Saga, the ImpSec building on Barrayar whose ugliness is such a Running Gag that children's cartoon characters are made out of its gargoyles.
    • In the The Big Bang Theory episode "The Fetal Kick Catalyst", Penny finds out that Serial Ape-ist, a movie she acted for, has a fan following because of this.
      Daniel: I love your movie.
      Penny: Well, thanks.
      Daniel: It has got to be one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life.
      Penny: Your love confuses me.
    • In Orion's Arm, Glarion: The Glorious Conqueror, a propaganda movie of Tylansia (a fascistic, racist, anti-AI, anti-tech, communistic planet, basically a North Korea Expy), is watched for laughs everywhere else and has reached Memetic Mutation status.
    • In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Dedede: Comin' At Ya (King Dedede's animated series from "Cartoon Buffoon") winds up as this for the people of Cappytown. Tiff even calls this trope by name to describe it.
    • In My Hero Academia, Class 1-B puts on a play for the School Festival that is basically a combination of Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, with a bit of Star Wars thrown in. It's a rather incoherent mishmash of pop culture references, but the audience found it rather hilarious.
    • One episode of The Fairly OddParents! has Timmy deciding to make a movie to impress Trixie. The low-budget scenes he filmed with his friends are so funny to the viewers that the movie wins him the award of "Best Comedy", even though he wasn't in that category to begin with.


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