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I can already tell that this is going to be a roller-coaster ride of disappointment.
God-Emperor of Mankind, If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

This trope refers to situations when the character realizes they’re screwed, but groans instead of gasping. Inevitably followed by the lucky character just lowering their head and bulling through the punishment (or bending over and taking it, if they're really screwed). If they come out on top, the result is nearly always a Moment of Awesome, but this trope specifically refers to the "Oh, great" reaction before the pain begins. Operates on the same principle as understatement. Bystanders may offer commentary. If they make it through, they may shout "I'm Okay!" at the end, even if they're obviously not.

"Oh, that's not good" or "This is gonna hurt" are common variations, the latter especially if the situation is likely to result in pain or injury. A variation of Oh, Crap!, where the reaction is resignation instead of horror. Also a variation of Casual Danger Dialog. Sometimes leads into a Curb-Stomp Battle or Bolivian Army Ending. The Deadpan Snarker's equivalent of the Obi-Wan Moment.


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  • M&M's:
    • An M&M commercial had Red demonstrating a new variety or feature by putting his partner Yellow inside a blender. Right before he switches the blender on, Yellow mutters in a low, resigned voice, "This is gonna hurt, isn't it, Red?"
    • One for pretzel M&Ms has Orange complaining about having a large pretzel put inside him. Cue said pretzel appearing on screen saying, "Listen buddy, I'm not too thrilled about this, either." The commercial ends with the pretzel cracking his knuckles and saying, "All right, let's get this over with."

    Anime & Manga 
  • In The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin, Gilbert has this reaction almost as soon as he sees the birds of prey start their approach on the now-exposed penguin eggs.
    Gilbert: Oh, I knew as soon as they left the birds would attack!
  • Buso Renkin: In the first arc, when Kazuki tackles Tokiko to prevent a Homunculus core bonding with her, the pair tumble down a hill and he hits his head constantly against rocks on the way down. When he sees the last rock (a fairly big one), he comments that it is going to hurt but takes it anyway, hugging Tokiko closer to him, despite the fact that he knocked himself out.
  • Often done briefly in CLANNAD, where Tomoya and Sunohara will get a second to realize their imminent demise after provoking Kyou in some fashion. See the fake-love-letter prank from After Story episode 23, the reaction to Kyou as a magical girl in the clubroom, and brief facial expressions shown when they realize she's coming at them with a flying kick or throwing a dictionary at them.
  • Sidoh the Shinigami in Death Note. Poor guy lost his notebook, and to retrieve it...
    Sidoh: So I guess I have to go to... the human world.
    Armonia Justin: Yep, that's right. Have fun.
    Sidoh: ...Well that sucks.
  • Maou of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! tends to cause this when he's at full power and pissed-off. Lucifer's expression as Maou is about to punish him with a very BIG windup (read: a line of magic circles at least a mile in length), followed by a punch so powerful that the impact can be seen from orbit. Archangel Sariel also experiences this as Maou uses his Demonic Blade to drive him into the concrete. The impact can also be seen from orbit.
    Sariel: O God, please forgive me for being a complete and utter tool...
  • In the English dub of Digimon Tamers, Impmon tries to take on a Deva all by himself, and gets his ass handed to him. The Deva throws him away, and Impmon shouts "THIS IS GONNA HUUUUUURT!" just before hitting the pavement.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In the first Tournament Arc, Yamcha sees how strong Goku has gotten after taking Master Roshi's Training from Hell, and comments that he has no chance of beating the Kid Hero. When he sees Krillin, Goku's fellow student, in action, the former bandit just leans back and sighs, "Even second place is looking iffy..."
    • Dragon Ball Z:
      • Goku has a version of this trope when he realizes that the only way to match Vegeta who greatly outclasses him is to use a Kaioken X3. He was explicitly told by King Kai to never go past a double since his body couldn't handle it and he could explode. Having no choice, Goku braces himself for the pain.
      • In the Buu Saga, Goku has a visible 'this is gonna to suck' reaction when he comes to the conclusion that he had to merge with Mr. Satan, permanently, in order to have even a slight chance against Buu after he absorbed Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo. In the Japanese version, he wonders if he will become weaker from the fusion.
      • Vegeta has a similar reaction after he volunteers to fight Kid Buu while Goku charges up to his max power. Goku needs one minute.
      Vegeta: One minute in this fight is an eternity.
      • He has another one after Fat Buu is taken down by Kid Buu and he has to act as a distraction again while Goku charges the Spirit Bomb.
      • And Kid Buu has this reaction as Goku prepared to push the Spirit Bomb to kill him. This is noticeable since every villain in Z either Rage Quit or screamed in disbelief upon their defeat.
    • Dragon Ball Super:
      • Beerus' reaction as he realizes that Monaka is going to fight Hit since Goku forfeited his match and he is their last fighter. Piccolo reacts the same way, you can hear him mentally groaning.
      • Hit's face when he sees how pissed Champa is for him losing and saying how he's going to kill him.
      • Although not said in words, Goku expresses this sentiment to Future Trunks when they're cornered by Goku Black and Future Zamasu, both who are able to beat him up as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and Trunks only being a Super Saiyan 2. Goku can only tell Trunks to give it all they have and hopefully live long enough to come up with a plan. Also, when Goku Black fires his Kamehameha at them and Future Zamasu holds them in place, Trunks gives a classic Oh, Crap! expression, while Goku only grunts in resignation.
  • Not spoken but implied in El-Hazard: The Magnificent World. After figuring out the Priestesses of Muldoon have already gone to the Fountain of Arliman, Fujisawa points out he, Makoto, and Alielle have no choice but to follow them...across the Desert of Bleached White Bones. From the Japanese "EEEEEH?!" to the English "Oooh NOOO!," the tone is this trope.
  • In Girls und Panzer, while Hana is introducing her friends to her mother Yuri, Yukari casually mentions that they're doing tankery together, not knowing Yuri does not approve. Hana's expression is initially one of unpleasant surprise, then she's overwhelmed with dread as she realizes she can no longer hide her participation in tankery.
  • Rally utters this when pinned down by gunfire on a warehouse catwalk in the first episode of Gunsmith Cats:
    Rally: This sucks.
    • Rally says, "This sucks." exactly Once per Episode in the three-episode OVA. In episode two, she learns that Casanova Wannabe Bill Collins actually has a brain and has been tracking her movements. In episode three, she's stuck in the rain and her feet are getting cold.
  • Often said in some form or another by Kyon in the Haruhi Suzumiya series. He can reliably begin any given story wondering when Haruhi will burst into the clubroom with some new insane scheme that he will undeniably have to suffer through just to keep her happy.
  • Hellsing: Jan Valentine, when he bursts in on the Round Table conference to find Integra and the other members calmly facing him with anti-vampire weaponry.
    Integra: You made it. Congratulations.
    Jan: ...oh, fuck me. [gets utterly ventilated]
  • Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini: This effectively sums up Fujiko's reaction to being left alone at Sadachiyo's mercy; particularly when he announces that the "fun's" about to start.
    Sadachiyo: [evil grin] We're going to have SUCH a good time.
    Fujiko: [deadpan] I'll bet.
  • In the penultimate episode of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, a restrained Vivio closes her eyes and winces right before Nanoha uses five Starlight Breakers to free her from control of the Saint's Cradle.
  • In the fourth episode of Mnemosyne, Rin grapples Android Ruon and throws herself out of a flying airplane. What she probably didn't count on is that they are flying straight into the plane's turbine. But her reaction? "This may be too much even for me..."
  • During the fight between All Might and All For One in My Hero Academia All For One has a last-second realization regarding the other's remaining strength:
  • Naruto has a moment when the Ten-Tails fires a city-destroying blast at the headquarters of the Shinobi Alliance. The attack takes long enough to arrive the people there know what's coming and have time to go down swinging.
  • One Piece:
    • That same line is used in the 4Kids dub of One Piece during Luffy's second fight with Crocodile... by Crocodile, right before Luffy sends him flying into a smallish stone building and knocking it down.
    • Used by Zoro after Mr. 1 hits him with a coup de grâce, seriously injuring him and making the stone pillar supporting a stone bridge behind him slowly begin to crumble, bringing the whole thing crashing down on him.
    Zoro: (thinking) I've had bad luck with stones today.
    • Also in the Funimation dub during the Skypiea arc, when Chopper has to remove their ship's ignited mast to protect the boat.
    • Another one from that dub is back in the Syrup Village arc, when Jango, confident that he's not going to fall for the Usopp Pirates' tricks, literally falls for a tripwire. Right before he hits the ground:
    Jango: (thinking) Ohh, damn it.
    • One of the most iconic happens in the Post-Enies Lobby arc. Stubborn Franky refuses to join the Straw Hats, in spite of being stripped from the waist down, so Robin calls out "Dos Fleur", and Franky looks down to see two arms growing out of his legs, in perfect reach of his "jewels". Everyone present assumes shocked expressions... except, of course, Franky, who has this trope all over his Blue with Shock face knowing the other shoe is about to drop.note 
  • Robotech II: The Sentinels has a rather good one when, after interrogating his Tirolian prisoners, the Invid Regent has his enforcers 'reward' their sincerity by tossing a large spheric object at them:
    Random Tirolian: It appears to be some type of timing mechanism. What does it mean?
    Tirolian who caught the sphere: It means our doom.
    [The sphere explodes, vaporizing the building and everyone inside]
  • Sailor Moon has a few in the first season:
    • When Usagi is trapped in a tennis ball by Tesuni when trying to save Naru's sister, she utters "this sucks" as she's getting bounced around.
    • Same for Rei later on in the season when she's bedridden by a cold. She coughs after proclaiming "this sucks".
    • In the SuperS season, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor ChibiMoon realize that using electricity to break a metal chain wasn't the best idea. Harmless Electrocution ensues.
  • Also used in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX during Jaden and Aster's duel with Serena and her clone, right before an attack hits them.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • During the Dark Tournament semifinals Bui from Team Toguro is fighting Kirenja. Kirenja unsheathes a BFS, and makes a comment about Bui deserving an extra-large sized defeat. Cue Bui summoning an axe into his hand, one so large and heavy that it makes Bui's feet crater the arena.
      Kirenja: Oh, damn.
    • Yusuke actually says "This is gonna suck." in episode 35 of the dub. They're about to face three Mind Controlled humans trained in energy techniques he's not capable of seeing yet. So not only is he up against opponents really capable of hurting him, but because they're humans, he has to pull his punches to prevent hurting them too badly.

    Comic Books 
  • During Batman: No Man's Land, The Joker was killing random construction workers during the rebuilding phase, trying to get Batman's attention. Just as he was about to cut some woman's nose up with a pair of scissors, a shadow falls over him. Joker proclaims "Darling, there you are! I was beginning to think you didn't love me... Anymore...?" He turns and sees not Batman, but Bane. "Oh, this is gonna suck..."
  • The climax of the Reach Arc in Blue Beetle gives us this glorious moment when Guy Gardener shows up:
    Milagro: I know you. My brother calls you the crazy one.
    Guy: That's right baby girl, I'm the crazy one.
    Random Reach Grunt: We're dead.
  • Phoney Bone in Bone when he has to go work at the tavern for Lucius, especially after the disastrous Cow Race. Phoney also bets Lucius that he can run the bar better than Lucius, and if he wins, he gets relieved of his debt. If, however, he turns out to be wrong, he has to work for Lucius for the rest of his life. Realizing almost immediately that this was a not-too-stellar idea (the townsfolk hate him, and won't patronize the bar at all while he's in charge), his reaction is "... groan I'm dead." Also when he finds out Grandma Ben is Queen of the Valley - "My life is gonna suck, isn't it?"
  • In Dream of a Lifetime, Donald Duck entered Scrooge's dreams and, through them, reviewed several aspects of Scrooge's life. When he found himself at a ship, he was relieved until he realized it was the Titanic. "Oh, brother" really fits the problem.
  • Empowered, just after slipping from over ten stories:
    Emp: This sucks. *WHUDD*
  • Happens to Kyle Rayner (often internally) in Green Lantern:
    Kyle: This is going to hurt.
    [smashes through a bus]
    Kyle: Yup.
  • Anytime a brawler says something involving learning more about how to fight.
  • An issue of Justice League of America has the league facing down a new alien menace. Batman has a plan, but it is rather dangerous for The Flash (it involves him riding a missile). When Flash shows up, Batman starts to explain the plan, while putting a companionable hand on Flash's arm. "He's touching me. Batman is touching me... I'm gonna die, aren't I?"
  • Basile in Léonard le Génie can often see the pain coming in advance. For example, when the aeroplane he is testing fails, he yells something like "I'm gonna break every bone in my bodyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" as he crashes down.
  • Things go From Bad to Worse so frequently in Negation that "BOHICA" (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) used in this sense became Obregon Kaine's Catchphrase.
  • Invoked by The Captain in Nextwave, just before punching though a nuclear reactor.
    The Captain: This is going to sting.
  • In Power Girl #5, PG actually says "Oh, Crap!", but her face is expressing this line instead.
  • At one point while pursuing a mysterious figure across Gotham's rooftops Tim Drake compares the situation to the first time Bane showed up and murmured "Got a feeling this is not good." before launching himself after them.
  • In issue 40 of The Simpsons, Krusty the Klown is taping a show at the family's house. A stick of dynamite is lobbed through a window by Fat Tony's goons, and Homer tries to solve the problem by putting a vase over the stick and sitting on it. Krusty just shuts his eyes and plugs his ears, thinking, "Oh, this won't be pretty. But I gotta admit, it's already better than that sketch was ever gonna be."
  • Spider-Men II: When he saw the portal up close, Miles Morales delivered the "I have a bad feeling about this" line of Star Wars fame. He even clarified that it was not Spider-Sense.
  • In Supergirl story arc Bizarrogirl, the Girl of Steel swears when she sees Bizarro World crumbling apart, but her face is expressing this line.
    Supergirl: Oh, Rao.
    Bizarrogirl: (smiling) Swearing am un-ladylike, Bizarro Me. Me hate it!
    Supergirl: We're too late.
  • In Superman story The Death of Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen says this almost word for word while in a multifaceted deathtrap waiting to be crushed. Played with in that saying this causes him to have an epiphany which allows Superman to break him out.
  • During the Union Jack miniseries, Jack-O-Lantern is desperately trying to flee from Uni, who's chasing him in a flying car. He sees a wall up ahead, and tries to convince the other Jack that they'll both be killed unless Union Jack backs off. The other Jack declares that he'd gladly crash his car if it takes out Lantern. Cue Lantern giving almost the exact words.
    "Oh, this is just gonna suck..."
  • The Falcon + Bucky Cap =
    Falcon: I'm not going to like this plan, am I?
    Bucky: Nope!
  • Said word for word in Ultimate Fantastic Four by Reed Richards as the Fantasticar gets shot down.
  • Watchmen: A scientist celebrating a job well done creating a psychic-squid beast as "special effects for a movie" actually a weapon that will be used to depopulate New York and blamed on a non-existent alien invasion decides to have a quick nookie with a coworker down in the hold. He finds a bomb. His last moments are squeezing her closer for comfort, and falteringly reassuring her that everything is fine.
  • In Zombies Christmas Carol, the narration and art emphasize that this is Scrooge's reaction to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
    Scrooge knew he would not awaken from this, safe in the comfort of his soft bedsheets. Old Jacob Marley's prediction demanded one final Spirit. Scrooge, now quite well versed in the comings and goings of Spirits, understood this to be a simple fact—Here was not a Thing in which to seek comfort.

    Comic Strips 
  • As seen in the page image, this occurs sometimes in Spy vs. Spy when the losing spy realizes he's come out on the wrong end of the duo's latest confrontation.
  • Happens twice during the formation of the Get Rid Of Slimy girlS club in Calvin and Hobbes:
    • When the duo tries to push the family car out of the garage to make room for their club, Calvin insists they don't ask for Mom's help because he doesn't want to bother her. When the car starts rolling toward the road, Hobbes' response is "I think your mom's going to be bothered."
    • When the car rolls across a busy road and into a ditch on the other side, Hobbes is visibly relieved that it didn't hit any other cars... while Calvin's response is just a horrified "Hooray, we're dead."

    Fan Works 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Jeice's reaction when he figures out that Vegeta is now strong enough to beat him is a somewhat calm "Oh. Well, I'm right f*cked aren't I?"
  • The version of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged done by Team Four Star has Jan Valentine doing this. In his attempt to kill Integra and the rest of the council, he survives all of his ghouls being wiped out, getting shot at with an anti-tank rifle, and Battle Butler Walter ripping his arm off just to reach the boardroom where Integra and the council are meeting. He breaks open the door... to find all 12 member facing the doorway, guns ready. Surprisingly, instead of launching into one of Cluster F Bombs, he takes it calmly.
    Jan: ... Well that's just not fair at all.
    Integra: I'm sorry, we don't give a fuck.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged: Both Kakyoin and DIO do this, but DIO deserves special mention.
    Dio: "Why can't I move? Wh... why can't I- No, no, (sees Jotaro walking out the fire) nononoNONO! MOTHERF**KER!!! (Jotaro stops in front of him) NO! NO! NO! NO! BULLS**T! BULLS**T! BULLS**T! Okay, okay, okay, calm down, Dio. Calm down. Calm down, Dio...calm down. Okay...okay. If I, Dio, don't move, then he won't realize that I, Dio, am not in front of-"
    (Star Platinum smashes Dio's leg)
    Dio: OH MY GOD!
    Jotaro: "Time Continues."
  • Miki, Ryoko, and Asuza think this in Ponies One Half when Tsukiko decides to confront Queen Cosmos. They're right.
  • This is Chirp's reaction to Twilight's plan for hiding him in Silent Knight.
  • When confronted with an Ax-Crazy Fluttershy with a chainsaw in SHED.MOV, Spike only says "Well, we're fucked."
  • From the end of chapter 76note  of Paper Mario X 2, shortly after the Greater-Scope Villain has taken over Peach's body and brainwashed Zelda and Amy:
    Link: Any last words?
    Mario: ...We just might actually be screwed.
  • In the Transformers fanfic A Child Shall Lead Them, one of the Sweeps mutters "oh frag, this is gonna hurt" when Galvatron's troops realize that they've just pissed off the Dinobots.
  • In Voldemort Goes Back To School, this is "Evan's" reaction when he fails to escape on Harry's broom and is about to become acquainted with the ground.
  • In the Crossover fic Naruto McDowell, this is Danzo's reaction upon hearing that Evangeline has adopted the titular troublemaker.
    Evangeline: ...Your name is Naruto McDowell, my adopted son.
    Danzo: ...We're doomed.
  • In Getting Back on Your Hooves, Trixie, while working for Fluttershy, gets frustrated waiting for the animal she's feeding to come out and get its meal. She sticks her head in the den to get its attention. She has this reaction upon realizing too late it was a skunk den and she's about to get sprayed right in the face.
    Trixie: Horseapples...
  • In the Pony POV Series Shining Armor Arc, Shining Armor has this reaction when he discovers that a regiment of the 18th Pegasus Legion are going to be in Zebrawa at the same time as the Pegasus Guard and the Wonderbolts. Why? Because the 18th hates the Wonderbolts while the Pegasus Guard are generally Wonderbolts fans, meaning a flame war is essentially inevitable.
  • In the Death Note fic Constant Temptation, there is a moment where Mello, Matt, and Near find themselves in a position where they have to confess to spying on L and Light's bedroom activities:
    Near: Are we sure we want to do this?
    Mello: It's not like you to have doubts.
    Near: I don't usually face such definite trouble.
    Matt: That is the one thing we can guarantee will happen. We still in agreement over who to confess to?
    Mello: Light?
    Near: Light.
  • Hobbes puts it best in one episode of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series:
    "Well, this should be nothing short of a disaster."
  • In Chapter 62 of Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons, Blackjack uses the override program EC-1101 to remotely shut down the Core's Wave-Motion Gun array. The required password appears on her computer screen: Thisisgonnahurt.
  • The Infinite Loops sometimes provoke this reaction from Loopers, usually when they are thrown into particularly bizarre and/or unpleasant variant or Fused Loops.
  • In the Shadow of Gods: When some mercenaries realize that they're under attack from Commander Abigail Shepard, one of them speaks for the entire group when he says "We're fucked."
  • The Games We Play: In "Search and Rescue", Ozpin's response when Jaune tells him about the Pandora Shell opening is "Oh. Oh no." From someone as usually composed as him, it's equivalent to a full-fledged Oh, Crap!.
  • In Naruto: The Gamer Files, Naruto agrees to spar with Tenten, then sees her stats, including a Dexterity over four times his highest stat. He has time to mutter, "I'm fucked" before the match starts.
  • At the prospect of fighting an even stronger Hell than they currently have in A Protector's Pride, Ichigo says this trope almost verbatim.
  • In Domovoi, one of the Jaegers (who are alive and sentient in this 'verse) has this reaction to finally seeing the Precursors' technorganic Jaeger.
    "This ain't gonna be good."
  • Very common in This Bites!:
    • Spoken word-for-word before Luffy rockets Cross, Zoro, Sanji, and himself onto the Merry in Loguetown.
    • Cross has a thought process like this as they draw nearer to Little Garden.
    • Cross has a similar thought process as he leaves the safety of his room to stall Wapol from being able to eat the royal armory or the giant cannon until Luffy arrives.
    • In order to get out of Kureha's extortionate medical bills, Cross makes a deal with her that if he can get the armory open, without using the key that Luffy destroyed in his fight with Wapol, without leaving his bed, within five minutes, she'll cancel all of the payments, let them go, and give them free access to the castle's food storage, and if he can't, he'll be her indentured servant for life. Kureha accepts the deal, and she visibly loses all hope as soon as Cross says two words:
      Cross: Hey Luffy!
    He then proceeds to tell Luffy that he can get a lot of food if he can break open those doors. One minute later, the armory doors have been obliterated. Two minutes later, Kureha reluctantly gives them directions to the pantry.
    • In Chapter 16, this happens to Cross…
      • When Smoker and Ace meet up with Luffy.
      • When Luffy begins fleeing from Smoker, and his rubber arm grabs Cross' shoulder.
      • When Luffy recommences fleeing from Smoker, grabbing Cross' ankle.
      • When Cross is about to tell Ace and Luffy that Sabo is alive, knowing that Ace won't believe him.
      • When Luffy decides to use Cross as a human flail to take out the Baroque Works Billions.
    • In Chapter 17, this is Cross's mental state as the crew approaches Yuba, knowing who Vivi is looking for there, knowing she'll not find them there, and knowing that he had lied to her face about it.
      Cross: Pray for me.
    • In Chapter 18, right before, yet again, Luffy grabs ahold of him and begins dragging him as he runs.
    • In Chapter 25, the vast majority of the crew has this reaction once they find out that Luffy has to win a surfing contest against an octopus to save their lives.
    • In Chapter 27, this happens...
      • When Leo realizes that Zoro, who hasn't had a proper swordsmen spar in ages, is about to spar with him.
      • When Vivi and Carue begin to regret their decision of sparring with the Kung-Fu Dugongs.
      • When Donny, who is sparring with Nami, realizes what could happen if Sanji catches him.
      Leo/Donny/Carue: I'm/We're gonna diiiie...
    • In Chapter 35, this is quoted...
    • In Chapter 39, Jabra deliberately stomps on Luffy's Berserk Button and has just long enough to think "I just fucked up." before Luffy gives him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • In Chapter 40, Tsuru thinks this when she decides to throw in her lot with the clandestine Marine coalition she was looking into to clean up the Marines' act, only to find out what kind of insanity she's stepping into.
      Tsuru: ...bother.
    • In Chapter 41, Carue states this verbatim when he realizes that Funkfreed isn't a Mighty Glacier but a Lightning Bruiser.
  • In the Harry Potter/Superman fanfic Rising From The Shadows, Harry has this reaction upon walking into Gilderoy Lockart's classroom for the first time.
  • Catherine in The Passing of the Shades of Black realizes how screwed she is when Agent L informs her they've chosen an alternative punishment for her sabotaging her fellow agents. As former Air Force, she knows that the brass only forgoes standard punishments if they think up something worse. In her case, she's given the choice between getting neuralyzed and sent back to the Air Force, where she'll have to deal with 'the glass gender ceiling'; or she'll be the liaison for the alien race in charge of Earth's porn industry for the next five years, with the proviso that if she does it well, she'll be promoted to second-in-command of their intelligence division, a faster track to branch director than she could ever get otherwise. Both ways, she'll be dealing with sexism for a long time.
  • In Itachi, Is That a Baby?, all of Hari's friends will groan if they ever hear him refer to anything as "interesting" as it's always of the "May you live in interesting times" variety.
  • Fates Collide:
    • Gilgamesh has this reaction when he is ordered to fight Bazett Fraga McRemitz. Even someone like Gilgamesh has to admit Bazett is even tougher than him.
    • Astolfo's reaction when Archer proposes a tag team fight with Archer and Cinder Fall vs Astolfo and Ruby Rose. In contrast, Ruby, oblivious to his worry, gets excited.
  • In What the Cat Dragged In, Clint's response to an akumatized Tony crashing into their hotel room and calling himself “Peacemonger” is an understated “Well, nuts.”
  • In To Intervene, Tony Stark (illegally) learns about the Sokovia Accords over a year before they're officially proposed and spends every spare moment liaising with every enhanced he can find (X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Defenders, etc) so they can provide a united front when the time comes. Upon seeing the news report on the Lagos incident, Tony tiredly blows out a breath, knowing that politicians now have their soapbox they'll use to present the accords.
  • The Raven's Plan: Newly-minted Grand Maester Cressen learns from a hysterical Lord Rosby that Jon Targaryen, the newly-revealed Targaryen who is now pressing his claim to the Iron Throne, is Jon Snow, the supposed Bastard of Winterfell. Realizing what exactly that means, and knowing he will have to tell Robert, leaves Cressen in a quiet panic. When he informs Renly shortly thereafter, Renly likewise realizes just how badly this particular reveal is going to go down.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim: Played for laughs in Season 2 Episode 4, when this trope is Dib's word-for-word reaction to being forced to listen to Bill explain his Insane Troll Logic-fueled String Theory board.
  • Fate/Harem Antics: Several characters have this reaction when they witness Berserker/Raikou's power.
  • In Burning Bridges, Building Confidence, after realizing how much he's failed as a friend, Nino decides to start making amends and change his ways for the better. As part of this, he decides that he's going to have to break up with Alya, who's been getting increasingly volatile and trigger-happy ever since she was replaced as the Fox. As he informs Marinette and her friends of this, he realizes just how likely it is that Alya's going to respond poorly, and that she might get akumatized. He's right. He doesn't let that stop him.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • In chapter 7 of the sequel Diplomat at Large, this is Pharynx's reaction to realizing he'll have to explain his black eye (which he got in his brawl with Thorax) to Luna.
    • Used in chapter 7 of the second sequel, Diplomacy Through Schooling, where Sunburst's reaction, when Twilight leaves him alone to be lectured by her mother over how much he hurt Starlight by effectively abandoning her, is "Yep, I'm in trouble."
  • Blackened Skies: When the students reach an impasse during the first trial, Monokuma cheerfully asks if they've been split in half. All of the alumni from the third game immediately realize that he's about to throw them into a Debate Scrum and have this reaction, while the rest have no idea what he's hinting at.
  • The Self-Insert. Prisoner 10013 in Don't Be An Impel Down-er has spent literally his entire life in Impel Down and each time he gets too strong, he's tossed down to the next level. After fighting a horde of giant invading crabs on level four, Saldeath comments on his ability. This time, he's not even surprised.
    Prisoner 10013: Level five?
    Saldeath: Level five.
  • These are Danny's exact words when Johnny 13 angers Beerus by destroying his ice cream sundae in The Ghost Boy and the Destroyer.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Incredibles: Prior to catching a train — literally — in the first section of the movie, Mr. Incredible winces appropriately. And near the end of the same movie, Syndrome also gets a moment of this right before the convertible Mr. Incredible himself tosses at him knocks him into the Turbine Blender of his Manta plane.
  • Batty in FernGully: The Last Rainforest gets one of these when Hexxus tries to crush him and Zack with falling debris.
    Batty: Ohhhh... this is gonna hurrrt...
  • In Toy Story, Woody is already aware of the toy destruction Sid is capable of; when he and Buzz get trapped in Sid's room, Woody sees the atrocities he's committed against toys there and mutters "We are gonna die."
  • In Toy Story 3, when Andy's toys are first sent to the daycare, they get in place on the floor for the toddlers to find them. Buzz notices, with a sense of trepidation, that the more veteran toys are scurrying to find a hiding place. The door bursts open, and Rex is thrown to the side. Cue Buzz quickly flipping his helmet up just before a kid snatches him up.
  • In Over the Hedge, the Verminator, just before he and Gladys and Vincent are zapped by the Depelter Turbo: "Prepare for a lot of stinging!"
  • In A Bug's Life, when Hopper shows up, Heimlich whimpers "I think I'm going to wet myself".
  • In Atlantis: The Lost Empire, after the attack by the leviathan has left the expedition trapped under the ocean with a huge destruction of equipment, great loss of supplies, and many (off-screen) deaths, Rourke notes that their survival as well as any chance of finding Atlantis "rests with [Milo] and that little book".
    Mrs. Packard: We're all gonna die.
    • She says it again when the Big Bad threatens to leave everyone not on his side behind in the dying Atlantis.
  • Finding Nemo:
    • Dory's expression when she sees the submarine begin to tip.
    • Marlin's reaction to realizing the light he and Dory have been following in the deeps is from a ferocious Alluring Anglerfish. "Good feeling's gone..."
  • Monsters, Inc.: The first time George comes in contact with artifacts from the human world, he's understandably terrified. The second time, he seems much more resigned than scared when the CDA forcefully tackles him:
    George: Oh dear.
  • The Emperor's New Groove and its famous Inevitable Waterfall scene:
    Pacha: Uh-oh.
    Kuzco: Don't tell me — we're about to go over a huge waterfall.
    Pacha: Yep.
    Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom?
    Pacha: Most likely.
    Kuzco: ...Bring it on. [They go over the falls] BOOYAAAAHAHAHAHA!
  • In Anastasia, before the final confrontation between Anastasia and Rasputin, Rasputin's pet bat Bartok abandons his master, saying, "This will only end in tears."
  • In the straight to video Batman: Under the Red Hood:
    • When Jason sees the bomb is a few seconds away from exploding.
    • The Joker is kidnapped and tied up by the Red Hood:
      The Joker: [laughing] Okay, so... what's the plan? Slumber party? Charades? A little truth or dare? Yes! I start with dare!
      (The Red Hood pulls out a crowbar very menacingly.)
      The Joker: [alarmed] Well, maybe I'll just go with truth...
    • Also, when Black Mask sees Red Hood training a rocket launcher on him.
      Black Mask: [deadpan] Oh, hell.
  • Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers: Pete reacts to Mickey, Donald, and Goofy preparing to kick his fat ass in this way. Twice.
  • The Polar Express:
    The Conductor: Well, considering that we have lost communication with the engineer, and are standing totally exposed on the front of the locomotive, and the train seems to be accelerating, uncontrollably, not to mention that we are headed to Glacier Gulch, which just happens to be the steepest downhill grade in the world, I suggest we all hold on... TIGHTLY!
  • Sausage Party: Gum's reaction to the Druggie sobering up from the bath salts.
  • In Disney's Cinderella, this is more or less the Duke's reaction to realizing that there's no way he can sugarcoat the fact that he let the mysterious woman the Prince danced with at the ball escape. Given that the King's reaction is to whip out a sword and try to behead him, the Duke's dread is understandable.
  • The Iron Giant:
    Mansley: S-sir, I,I-
    Rogard: Step outside, Mansley.
    Mansley: (quietly) Yes, sir. (sighs)
    (Cut to the view of the window where Hogarth watches in amusement as Mansley is being yelled at by Rogard)
    • After Mansley is provoked into ordering a nuclear missile launched against the Giant, a furious General Rogard tells Mansley that the missile is locked onto the Giant's current position:
    Mansley: Wha....*turns around to see the Giant standing right there next to them and winces* ....ohhh.....
  • How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup, being a Deadpan Snarker, has this reaction quite frequently when he finds himself in a predicament.
    Hiccup: *after shooting down his first dragon* Did ANYBODY see that? *turns to find a Monstrous Nightmare right behind him* ...except for you?
    Hiccup: *when he finds himself flying directly into a fireball* Come on!
    Hiccup: *after Astrid has just discovered Toothless* , Duh-duh-duh, we're dead.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The porn director Dave Lodoski specialises in fetish films featuring women drowning in quicksand; in every film the victim's last words are invariably, "This sucks SOOOOOO bad!"
  • Will Smith's Catchphrase ("Aww hell naw!")
  • In The Abyss, as Lindsey Brigman is preparing to intentionally drown herself to enable an escape from a flooding mini-sub, she comments, "This was maybe not such a good idea..."
  • In National Lampoon's Animal House, when the gang enters the black night club, and everyone inside is instantly silent (including the band), Otter leans forward and says, calmly, "We are going to die."
  • Armageddon had Bruce Willis lamenting his decision to stay behind on the asteroid to manually throw the switch on the bomb that will split the asteroid in two, saying "This was a smart idea". Armageddon has one of these every five minutes, and then doubles up after they actually get into space.
  • In much the same vein, the Asterix adaptation Astérix and Obélix Take On Caesar has Centurion Caius Bonus, whose actor, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, was clearly chosen based on his ability to make faces that say "today is not going to be much fun", which get pulled out in every scene when he and Obélix interact, typically by means of Obélix punching him.
  • Baby's Day Out: "Ha-ha, ha-ha... the kid's in the gorilla cage."
  • Batman Begins has one of these for Ra's al Ghul when he realizes that Batman isn't going to save him. His reaction has this expression written all over it.
  • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman, being a stoic badass, only gives a dejected "Oh, shit" when he's trapped in his downed Batplane, about to be blasted to atoms by Doomsday's Eye Beams.
  • In Black Hawk Down, Colonel McKnight has more than a bad gut feeling about the mission.
    McKnight: No Spectre gunships, daylight instead of night, late afternoon when they're all fucked up on Khat, only part of the city Aidid can mount a serious counter-attack on short notice... What's not to like?
  • In Cannibal! The Musical, the juvenile character Humphrey uses the exact phrase before crossing the Green River.
  • In The Cat in the Hat, when the Cat is posing as a piñata, and one boy comes up with a large slugger bat:
    Conrad: This cannot end well.
  • In Cloverfield, Hud muses aloud that they could enter Beth's tilted and half-collapsed apartment building through the adjacent building it's leaning on, only to start babbling that it's a very bad idea when Rob opts to do just that.
  • Cube 2: Hypercube. One man trapped in the cube is Driven to Suicide by hanging himself with his belt, but is rescued by the others. So he then handcuffs himself to a wall so he can be killed by an Advancing Wall of Doom that ages all the matter in the room by decades if not hundreds of years. Seeing the effect it has on his briefcase leads him to remark "this is gonna hurt".
  • In Days of Thunder, during one race where Cole is heading in for a pit stop, he has to swerve to avoid another car that suddenly pulls out in front of him. This causes him to spin out and, upon realizing he's about to hit the pit wall head-on at what is, by pit stop standards, a fairly high speed, Cole says, "Uh-oh, this is gonna hurt."
  • Vasily Stalin in The Death of Stalin has just enough time to call "Medic!" before a royally pissed-off Marshal Zhukov walks up and slugs him in the stomach.
  • Die Hard: as John McClane always improvises, and usually with something that'll get him killed if it fails, he's always spurring this kind of phrase.
    • "Oh, John, what the fuck are you doing?" (in the first film, just before he jumps off the roof with nothing but a fire hose tied around his waist to hold him up)
    • "Ah John, what the fuck are you doing out on the wing of this plane?" (second, trying to stop a plane from taking off)
    • "This is a bad idea!" (third, about to jump on a subway train from the sidewalk; fourth, about to throw a car into a helicopter).
  • In Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Freddy Benson's face as Lawrence Jamieson prepares to run at him and smack his legs from across the room. He states this trope name without speaking a word.
  • Downfall: Hitler's subordinates react this way several times when they have to give him news that is certain to send him into another screaming rage, such as the report that Steiner was unable to launch a counterattack and the news that Himmler tried to make a surrender deal with the Allies.
  • Captain Nesmith of Galaxy Quest gets one of these after realizing that "Gorignac" was not the multi-eyed pig-like monster that he was managing to outsmart, but rather the 40 foot high rock monster that was forming behind him.
    "Oh darn."
  • George of the Jungle features George — who incidentally thinks that hitting the tree at the end of the swing is proper vine-swinging technique — attempting to psych himself up for the epic distance he has to travel at the film's climax. "This biggest swing in jungle history. Will hurt very much... But George have to do it." The swing is so long that he builds up enough velocity ("This gonna hurt...") to actually knock a George-shaped section of bark off the other side of the tree. That's Gotta Hurt.
    George: ...George not feel so good.
  • Ghostbusters:
    • Ghostbusters (1984): "I like this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!" Earlier, there's the moment when Walter Peck orders the containment grid shut off. After Peter and Egon fail to convince him what a terrible idea that is, they're seen edging around the police and toward the staircase, getting ready to run like hell.
    • Ghostbusters II: After Vigo uses his breath weapon, Peter gives us this deadpan delivery, "Oh, darn it. Ohh... darn it."
  • Hannibal. After being handcuffed to Clarice Starling, Hannibal Lecter holds a hatchet above her wrist (after she refuses to give him the key) and says, "You know, this is really going to hurt." He then cuts off his own hand. (Averted in the book.)
  • If Hellboy says "Oh, Crap!", it's one of these moments.
    • A better example might be during the climax of the first movie, in which Hellboy is about to be swallowed by the monster he's been fighting, right after setting his grenade belt to blow: "Oh, this is gonna hurt."
      • What makes Hellboy the master of this is that he pulls one off AFTER he beats the monster: "I'm gonna be sore in the morning..."
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: After Thorin holes up in the mountain and refuses to listen to reason, Gandalf and Bilbo go outside to speak with Dáin Ironfoot, his cousin, who has arrived with an army to help.
    Bilbo: Is Dáin like Thorin?
    Gandalf: I've always found Thorin the more reasonable of the two.
  • Said word for word in the Jackass movies when the guys are confronted with stunts that even they know are going to terrify the lights out of them.
    • Actually lampshaded by Bam in Jackass Number Two, before performing one of the stunts:
      Bam: Here we are at some random-ass ranch... and this is The Brand... And it's gonna suck...
  • Jason X features one female protagonist being sucked out into space through a tiny jagged hole. She laments, just before losing her grip, "This sucks on so many levels!"
  • The Lord of the Rings:
    • The Fellowship of the Ring:
      Boromir: They have a cave troll.
    • Gandalf also has a rather unique one in Moria when he realizes just what caused the hundreds of goblins surrounding them to flee in terror.note  He just...closes his eyes and is still for a moment. This what panic looks like from someone with too much self-control to show it to others.
    • In the Extended Edition of The Two Towers, Boromir has this reaction upon learning that Denethor has come to congratulate them for retaking Osgiliath.
    • Théoden's expression immediately before being bowled over by the Witch-King screams this trope.
    • As does Gandalf's when a large number of trolls burst through one of the gates in Gondor in The Return of the King. Made particularly amusing by the fact that he'd just been giving the Gondorian soldiers a pep talk to the effect of "You are soldiers of Gondor! No matter what comes through those gates, you will stand your ground!"
  • In The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm (who survived the events of the previous movie) sees the T. rex duo about to attack the trailer.
    Malcolm: Hang on, this is gonna be bad.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • In Iron Man 2, when Tony and Rhodey/War Machine are enjoying their victory over the Hammer drones, Ivan Vanko arrives wearing his own suit of armor. Rhodey's response? "Oh, this ain't gonna be good..."
    • Thor:
      • Loki has apparently just managed to talk the Jotuns into allowing them all to leave alive. Then one very large Jotun pushes Thor too far...
        Jotun soldier: Run back home, little princess.
        [Thor smirks and readies his hammer]
        Loki: Damn.
      • Later on, Coulson's reaction to fire bellowing up from the stomach of The Destroyer:
        Coulson: Here we go...
    • The Avengers movie:
      • Loki has this reaction after being captured and realizing he's about to get a visit from Thor.
      • Tony has just enough time to say "Uh oh" after he gets one of the helicarrier turbines running...with him still in it. His suit is the only reason he isn't blended.
      • Similarly, Black Widow's reaction when Tony flies in with a giant bio-mechanical alien flying leviathan thing in hot pursuit.
        Tony: Guys, I'm bringing the party to you.
        Natasha: I... I don't see how that's a party.
      • Loki again, at the end of the movie as he's finally crawling out of the hole the Hulk smashed him into and turns to see the full team behind him, looking very, very angry. His face basically screams this trope as he asks for that drink...
    • Then again in Avengers: Age of Ultron:
      (Tony in Hulkbuster Armor repeatedly punching the Hulk)
      Tony: gotosleepgotosleepsotosleepgotosleep...
      (Tony hits Hulk hard in the jaw. Hulk turns, spits out a tooth, and glares right at him.)
      Tony: [Calmly, but terrified] I'm sorry.
    • In the opening to Ant-Man, Howard Stark winces and closes his eyes not for his sake, but for that of Mitchell Carson, who just callously invoked the death of Hank Pym's wife to Hank's own face. Sure enough, Carson gets his face bashed into a table moments later.
    • In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, this is Rocket's reaction when he realizes Groot has run away with the bomb.
      Rocket: We're all gonna die.
      • Earlier, when Yondu realizes Rocket's set a course for Ego, he explains why it's such a bad idea.
        Yondu: It ain't healthy for a mammalian body to hop more than 50 jumps at a time.
        Rocket: I know that.
        Yondu: We're about to do 700!
        (Cue the Body Horror as they learn firsthand what so many jumps at a time does to a body.)
    • Avengers: Infinity War; after the post credits scene, the caption doesn't state that any of our heroes will be returning, no, it reads "Thanos will return".
  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout has Benji figuring out a way to stop the villainous nuclear detonation. Ilsa asks if this means the bombs need to be started in the first place, and he confirms. Fitting of the trope, she just stoically replies "OK!"
  • A bit of a meta-example, during the filming of Monty Python's Life of Brian, they engaged in a bit of Enforced Method Acting, telling the extras playing guards that they would be fired if they started laughing. Cue the filming of the infamous Biggus Dickus scene. Near the end, one of the surviving guards was singled out, and you can just see this phrase run through his mind as it was happening.
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol; at the start of the Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come sequence;
    Rizzo the Rat: Oh, this is too scary. I don't think I wanna see any more!
    Gonzo: When you're right, you're right. [turning to face the audience] You're on your own, folks. We'll meet you at the finale!
  • In Next (2007), Frank Cadillac (Nicolas Cage) can see a bit into the future. Right before he gets punched in the face, he mumbles "Incoming."
  • Notting Hill; Hugh Grant's character is climbing over a fence in a most inept manner; he exclaims "Ohh, this is going to be very unpleasant." He then bangs his shin and swears wholeheartedly.
  • Averted in The Perfect Storm. When the boat is sinking, and the water is rising where the crew members are trapped, the one fisherman's last words are "This is going to be really hard on my kids."
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
  • In Rampage, this is Okoye's reaction to seeing Lizzy for the first time:
    Okoye: "...That sucks."
  • 7 Man Army: A bombed-out, barely surviving platoon of seven Chinese soldiers had recaptured a section of the Great Wall from the Japanese. But then, they received news from a captured radio from the Japanese forces that a Japanese reinforcement of 2,000 soldiers, complete with tanks, are coming to retake the fort.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: On the way to Julie's party, Scott and Neil complain about how much the party's gonna suck.
    Scott: Oh man, this is gonna suck!
    Neil: Suck!
    [cuts to them at the party]
    Scott: Oh man, this sucks!
    Neil: Sucks.
  • Serenity gives us this exchange early on.
    Wash: Well, if she can't get me some extra flow from the engines to offset the burn-through, this landing is going to get pretty interesting.
    Mal: Define "interesting."
    Wash: [completely deadpan] "Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die"?
    Mal: [pulls down intercom speaker] This is the Captain speaking. We're having a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some turbulence, and then... explode.
    [just after that on a different part of the ship]
    Jayne: Are we gonna explode? I don't wanna explode.
    • That scene is mostly a joke about Star Trek: TOS, in which Spock would say that something was about to get 'interesting'. Then various other characters would 'define' it...
  • In Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird, Big Bird is adopted into a family of dodos. Of course, while they turn out to be a loving family, they happen to be ditzes that waste all their time hunting for worms, have no idea on how to use lawnmowers, prefer to pretend to be themselves, and reject friendships with non-birds. Big Bird even knew that this would not be a walk in the park.
    Big Bird: "Big Dodo!?"
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows features an extended battle on a train, culminating with one Mook accidentally dropping a grenade without a pin into a bag full of grenades. The poor bastard has enough time to look up at his mate and wince.
  • Mr. Hinx, the Implacable Elite Mook in Spectre, gives his one and only line in the film when he realizes he's about to be yanked out of a speeding train by his neck.
    Hinx: "Shit."
  • In Star Trek: Generations, as the saucer section of the Enterprise-D hurtles towards the ground of Veridian III, Data manages to convey the situation in two words that are this trope, Precision F-Strike, and one other: "Oh shit!". Data's later able to at least get thrusters working so he can try to level their descent. Riker, who is Acting Captain while Picard's teaming up with Kirk, responds thusly:
  • Every Star Wars movie to date, and a lot of Expanded Universe works as well, includes the phrase "I've got a bad feeling about this". Han Solo seems to be the preferred Phrase Catcher, leading people to create Epileptic Trees fan theories that he is a Force-sensitive who slipped through the cracks.
    • In The Phantom Menace, “I have a bad feeling about this” is young Obi-Wan Kenobi's very first line, unknowingly sensing the involvement of the Sith in the events that are upon them. Cue Qui-Gon giving him a lecture on keeping his thoughts in the here and now. A bit later on, after Boss Nass sends the clumsy exile Jar-Jar Binks on his way with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, he says this to himself as he's being uncuffed:
      Jar-Jar: Count me outta dis one. Better dead here than deader in the core. Ye gods, whatta mesa saying?
    • In Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan is fighting Jango and dropkicks him off the platform... only to realize that he is actually tied to the guy. "Oh, not good!"
    • The Empire Strikes Back has Han Solo say something similar when he's trying to outrace the Empire:
      Han: I think we're in trouble.
      (C-3PO explains why)
      Han: We're in trouble!
    • Return of the Jedi contains an extended sequence when Luke and Han are being ferried out to the Sarlacc pit for execution:
      Han: Together again.
      Luke: Wouldn't miss it.
      Han: How are we doing?
      Luke: Same as always.
      Han: That bad, huh?
    • In The Force Awakens, Han notes that he's "got a bad feeling about this" when Rey releases the Rathtars.
  • Stroker Ace: "You better grab something that floats, Boss." Happens a few seconds before Arnold and Torkle crash through a picnic area and into a lake.
    • Meets Oh, No... Not Again! when Harry Gant realizes Audrey James is once again in position to shove him into Stroker, a move which took him out of the race last time.
  • In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Epps has called for air support during a heavy firefight.
    Epps: [to Lennox] I hope these F-16s got good aim.
    Lennox: Yeah, why is that?
    Epps: I told them to hit the orange smoke.
    [orange smoke drifts into the shot, surrounding them]
    Lennox: You mean that orange smoke?
    Epps: It wasn't my best toss, okay?
    [Beat as both characters are silent, and the trope name can practically be seen going through both their minds.]
    • Epps gets another one earlier, when he sees the various Decepticons coming at their group of soldiers and Autobots:
      "We're 'bout to get our asses kicked!"
    • This from Lennox in the first film during the Mission City battle:
      [Hears helicopter and turns around in time to see Blackout landing on top of a building]
      Lennox: Oh, we're so dead.
  • In United 93, which can also be considered a Real Life example, the passengers are well aware that their chances of survival are slim, even with an experienced pilot and retired air-traffic controller among them.
  • In We Were Soldiers, Sergeant Major Plumley lays it out for the surrounding younger (and many wounded) troops as their HQ is about to be overrun by the NVA:

  • The Trope Namer is in the novel Blade of Tyshalle by Matthew Woodring Stover. The main character, Hari, is a paraplegic — and at the moment, he is trapped in a burning building thanks to an assassination attempt. His 200-lb. companion has been knocked unconscious and must be dragged along, the air is full of dust and smoke (making it hard to breathe), his wheelchair is unavailable, and he has to bypass several stories of staircase anyways before he can find an exit. "This, thought Hari, is gonna suck." Don't worry, he gets them both out alive.
  • In a short story involving Johannes Cabal the Detective, Cabal is drinking with a Mr. Samhet when he realizes his sherry has been spiked. Because Cabal didn't drink that much, and being of the precise scientific mind, he manages to calmly say "I appear to have been drugged." This is subverted as the sedative takes further hold and Cabal manages to say “Unghk" and "Bolph." before passing out.
  • Standard reaction for the characters of the Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts books whenever a Chaos superheavy tank, daemon, or similar threat shows up.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Arthur Dent's catchphrase: "So this is it. We're going to die." Thoroughly lampshaded as a Captain Obvious Moment.
  • In Chris Wraight's Battle of the Fang, the Space Wolf called Blackwing ejects from his heavily damaged scout ship seconds before it blows up. Drifting away from the blast, he soon finds himself in the path of one particularly large piece of fast-flying debris. He has just enough time for three thoughts, the last of which is "This is really going to hurt.". Cue plasma drive shaft smashing into armored Space Marine at a couple hundred mph.
  • Harry and Ron in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when they get busted by Snape and are threatened with expulsion for flying Arthur Weasley's car to Hogwarts. They get off with a warning only because Professor McGonagall is in charge of deciding their punishments, not Snape.
  • This is Marco's modus operandi in several volumes of Animorphs.
  • Legacy of the Aldenata: In A Hymn Before Battle, an ACS troopernote  comments, just before getting his hand blown off by a grenade he had planted as part of an effort to escape from a collapsed building, "This is gonna hurt".
  • In the Honor Harrington novels, someone typically says something along these lines in most of the battles. One specific example, from In Enemy Hands:
    "Damn," Alistair McKeon said almost mildly.
  • The Dresden Files: If Harry Dresden can see his beatdown coming, he'll usually say something like this.
  • The first chapter of The Black Gryphon ends with Skandranon Rashkae taking a crossbow bolt through the wing and going into an uncontrolled crash landing (something he apparently did many times during his long military career according to the later books). The absolute last sentence of the chapter is "Oh, sketi, this is going to hurt."
  • In Of Fear and Faith, Kavik basically has this to say about the huge horde of Nichts approaching the fortress near the end of one chapter, then Aiden has a similar moment in the next chapter after red rain starts falling from the sky. Aiden in particular seems more annoyed by how cliched it is than by the dangerous implications of it.
  • In Heart of Steel, Alistair's reaction to his brilliant idea of delaying Cyborg!Jim (while disoriented, missing his usual mechanical omniscience, and sleep-deprived) to give Julia enough time to reach the manual override on the other side of a door is summarized thus:
    This was not the worst idea Mechanus had ever had.
  • In Kitty Goes to War, Kitty and two fellow werewolves stop a fleeing wizard with some Car Fu, while still in the car.
    Kitty: We can still stop him, it won't hurt us.
  • In The Silver Codex this is Xarissa's attitude towards being a Scribe. This changes by the end.
  • Several of the Horatio Hornblower books mention the "traditional blasphemous prayer" that sailors utter when they're forced to wait for an enemy ship to deliver a broadside: "For what we are about to receive..."
  • Words of Radiance (second book of The Stormlight Archive): When Kaladin blows the king's plan by accusing a highlord of murder, the entire arena goes dead silent... except for Adolin, who just groans. He later explains to Kaladin that it was like Kaladin spit on the king's gift, and there was no way it was going to end well for him.
  • The Divine Comedy's Dante, upon seeing the penance of those guilty of pride in Purgatory, says he can already feel the weight of the boulders on his back, since he expects to spend time there once he dies.
  • In The Nikolai Duology, a spin-off novel from The Grisha Trilogy, Nina has this reaction while stumbling through a snowstorm... and straight into a pack of wolves:
    Nina: Of course... Matthias, your country can kiss my fat Grisha ass.
  • Azusa, the protagonist of I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, is so ridiculously, absurdly overpowered that nothing and no one can beat her, and every fight ends up a Curb-Stomp Battle in her favour. As all she wants to do is live a peaceful, carefree life, she often has this reaction to powerful creatures and beings challenging her, or requesting her assistance to face even stronger foes.
  • Discworld: In Night Watch, the main character gets the upper hand on three guys who want to beat him up, and is just talking about how he's going to walk away when the fourth one puts a crossbow to his head. Oops.
    Vimes: I'll just stand with my legs wide apart, shall I?
  • Daylen has this reaction in Shadow of the Conqueror, when he comes to terms with the idea of Lyrah following him around, even telling himself to "Suck it up and take the torture." She feels the same about the arrangement due to his appearance and voice.
  • The Tower, one of two novels two inspire The Towering Inferno has Harry Whittaker, a corrupt safety inspector involved in Cutting Corners, experience this after seeing about the fire on the news, and realizing that the corruption he'd spent so long justifying to himself is going to get people killed, and that the investigation into who is criminally liable will lead to him very quickly.

  • This sums up Dr. Light's feelings in the first half of the song "Here Comes The Arm" from The Protomen's The Father of Death.
  • The Sarah McLachlan song "Hold On" has a line "Hold on, hold on to yourself, this is gonna hurt like hell". It's referring to emotional pain rather than physical, but the message is the same.
  • In the same vein as Sarah McLachlan above, Nikki Sixx released a book accompanied by his band Sixx:A.M.'s album, both titled "This is Gonna Hurt". Both the book and the album revolves heavily around things that most people consider taboo, or outright find painful to even think or talk about. It's not about physical pain, though the cover-art to the album depicts a heart that's been pierced by a couple of black spikes...
  • Beth Orton's Break-Up Song "This One's Gonna Bruise".
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic gets one in "Albuquerque," when the song's narrator opens his hotel room door to find a "big fat hermaphrodite with A Flock of Seagulls haircut" on the other side: "Oh man, I hate it when I'm right."

    Mythology & Religion 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • It's impossible to count the number of heels who are in the ring doing a big speech boasting of their greatness...and then the loud gong sounds. They have one brief second of horror before the lights go out and a beat-down is inevitable.
  • Before Wrestlemania 23's "Battle of the Billionaires" Vince McMahon announces he's going to make his son, Shane the special referee to clearly make sure Vince wins. Shane comes out to break it to Vince that the board has vetoed that plan and appointed someone else. When Vince asks who, Shane whispers into his ear. Vince appears as if he's about to either scream, cry, or keel over...and the glass shatters.
  • Witness any pro wrestler who finds himself standing across the ring from The Giant. Their body language says it all.
    • Hornswoggle (a 3'10" leprechaun) started crying when he saw he had to go up against the 7'2" Great Khali.
    • Tommy Dreamer had one of these moments after being told he had 30 seconds to make it to the ring for his match. He just barely manages to beat the clock, celebrates that... then turns around to see his opponent, the 6'9" 487-lb. Big Daddy V. Dreamer's expression at that moment says it all.
  • John Cena's reaction when Mick Foley revealed he was about to do "This Is Your Life" with him. It was the only time Cena was ever glad to see The Rock, who ended it before it got any worse.
  • ECW's Axl Rotten sent this message to his opponents, carrying around a chair which featured the words, "THIS IS GONNA HURT!"
  • Dean Ambrose did this when speaking to Roman Reigns and John Cena via titantron and members of the authority just appeared back stage surrounding him.

  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, when it's suggested that the newly-empowered characters become superheroes, Rose's only response is to bemoan that they're all gonna die.

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Part of an old routine by Canadian comedian Mike MacDonald. He thinks that death during skydiving due to parachute failure would suck, because after a couple of minutes you'd get tired of screaming. Then what? "Oh, God, this is gonna hurt... how did I let those jerks talk me into this?!" [shakes fist at the sky]
  • Christopher Titus has a story about falling into a bonfire, and being conscious while the doctor treats him. Couldn't feel it though... at the time.
    "This is gonna hurt tomorrow, huh?"
    • Namely, getting anesthetized (while still drunk, so the effects were doubled) and having his crispy palms be scraped with the equivalent of a pumice stone. The sound alone is enough.
  • Comic Steve McGrew has this take on going down in a plane crash:
    "Lots of folks'll say something like 'Well, I guess it was just their time' whenever that kind of stuff happens, but what if it's the guy sittin' next to you's time? It's his time to die and we're all on his flight; this is gonna suck!"
  • From Denis Leary, formerly the quote for this trope:
    "And you know what Hell is, folks? It's Andy Gibb...singing Shadow Dancing for eons and eons. And you have to wear orange plaid bell-bottoms and sit next to the Bay City Rollers. 'How you guys doing? This is gonna SUCK!'"
  • Jeff Foxworthy uses this to describe every guy coming home to his wife after spending too much time at the bar.
    "I'd rather slam my weenie in a sliding door than go in this house right now."
    • Or from Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, describing the dread of taking kids into a grocery store:Why? 
    “I would rather take a beating with a brick stick than take kids in the grocery store.”

    Tabletop Games 
  • A standard reaction to a certain group of circumstances in Warhammer 40,000. A partial list is as follows:
    • Something really, really big comes on from reserves/teleports in.
    • A Baneblade or Titan opens fire.
    • An Ork mob charges.
    • And then there's the flip from triumph when you finally kill that one unit and mentally pan out to see that the entire rest of the opposing army is within assault distance next turn.
    • The blast attack doesn't scatter. Or does, if it's your Vindicator and not the other guy's.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons, this would be anytime the DM asks you to make a save...with your weakest save. Examples include Fortitude involving some form of expensive-to-cure poison or disease, Reflex a lovely pit of spikes...and Will is you losing your mind.
    • Anytime the Barbarian starts to rage. Doubly so if they're a Frenzied Berserker.
    • A monster casually walks up to you. Assume the worst.
    • You feel an unholy chill fall over the room.
    • If you see the Dungeon Master smiling... or in certain cases, chuckling. There are plenty of cases where that will chill you.
      • If he opens up to the D section of the Monster Manual. Demon, Devil, Dragon, even Dinosaur if you're low to midlevel...
      • If the DM instructs you to roll d20 for no specified reason, then nonchalantly says "Oh, nothing" when you report the (low) result and ask what your PC might've seen or heard.
      • Or, if you're the DM, the players going Off the Rails. Off to extensive plot rewriting you go!
    • If an enemy rolls a 20 when attacking you, they're going to be doing a lot of damage. Doubly so if it's a powerful enemy like a dragon. The only thing you can do in this situation is to pray they roll badly for damage.
  • All tabletop horror games can and will mess with your characters in the worst way. Embracing the horrors just makes it suck less... temporarily.
  • Warhammer: Battle is just as bad as 40000 when given some of the war machines. Like one of the spells from the Lore of Tzeetch list (Infernal Gateway) that whose strength is equal to 2d6. Since the max characteristic test is 10, if the strength rolled is a 11 or 12 it will instant kill a whole unit, no saves allowed. A Tzeetchen sorcerer killed a unit of 400 points of orks, plus standard bearer and general, in one move. It wasn't pretty. Eventually it was declared a Game-Breaker and toned down so that an "overkill" roll is made into a whole bunch of high-strength hits; it's still gonna suck, but now it's just an ordinary kill instead of a potential total wipeout.
  • Any fight against a Yozi or Deathlord in Exalted. Among gaming groups with notably low opinions of the 2e system, any fight at all will attract this kind of reaction, but Yozis and Deathlords are kind of the gold standard.
  • The official Firewall response to The Virus in Eclipse Phase is heavy on phrases like "at all costs" and "It's the Only Way to Be Sure". The unofficial Firewall response, invented anew whenever a team of sentinels has its first encounter with an Exsurgent outbreak, is heavy on phrases like "be glad your synthmorph does not need to change pants" and "make sure your backups are in order and stored at a safe distance".

  • In Philip Barry's play Holiday, Linda reacts this way to discovering that she has fallen in love with her sister's fiancé.
    Linda: I love the boy, Neddy.
    Ned: I thought so. — Hell, isn't it?
    Linda: I guess it will be.
  • In the 2000 adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar, out of all the terrible things that Jesus goes through, it's when the flash-and-dazzle badgering of "Herod's Song" really gets going that he seems to think something along these lines.
  • In Hamilton, this is Burr's reaction to hearing Washington's Leitmotif after the duel with Charles Lee, since Washington explicitly said he didn't want to anyone to confront Lee over his insults.
    Burr: This should be fun...

  • In BIONICLE, Lewa finds himself surrounded and held at spearpoint by a group of angry Agori:
    Lewa: Oh. It's going to be this kind of day.

    Web Animation 
  • Charlie the Unicorn has taken to this as he grows increasingly used to his surroundings. If anything, it's pushed him even further toward Woobie territory.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School actually has an episode named "This Is Gonna Suck" in season 3. The main characters, now isolated from the school as hipsters take over, realize the only ones they can recur to are their Sitcom Arch-Nemesis.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Agent Washington has this reaction in the Reconstruction arc when Caboose, rather than throwing a grenade over a wall that they're using for cover, throws the grenade at it, where it sticks. There's a beat as he stares at it, then says "That... was the worst throw ever. Of all time".
    • Church gets the ultimate one in Season 3 of Blood Gulch Chronicles right before the bomb he's carrying blows up him, most of the other characters, and a chunk of Halo.
      Church: What? Oh, son of a—
    • And earlier, there is this exchange between Wyoming and some no name character (AKA Phil (sp?)):
      Wyoming: Looks like today is your lucky day.
      Guard: Really? Great.
      Wyoming: Yes, I don't have time to torture you, so I'm just going to kill you instead.
      Guard: What?! Aw, this sucks! *BANG*
    • Reconstruction also has this gem towards the end, when Grif is asked what the situation is:
      Grif: Fucked up, we're all about to die, Simmons is a nerd, you know, the usual.
    • Revelation gets its turn in the penultimate episode when the Reds, Tucker, and Caboose come flying in to aid Church using a Pelican.
      Sarge: You do know how to land this vehicle, don't you?
      Grif: Sure, that just means stop flying, right?
      Sarge: Brace for impact!
      Tucker: Oh shit! This is gonna suck!
    • In the first episode of Season 9, South is infiltrating a base when an enemy grunt hits the alarm (or rather, the instant he makes a move for the alarm button she shoots him... but because he'd already started moving, the momentum carries his body right into the button).
      South: Aw shit. About to get loud...
    • Wash uses this line verbatim in Season 15. It's a bit of Black Comedy because he's being uncharacteristically goofy, but for a horrifying reason.
  • Leeroy Jenkins Video: "Oh my god, he just ran in."
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device:
    The Emperor: So, what's up with this "Inquisition" thing?
    Kitten: Oh, boy.
    • He reacts similarly a few episodes later when the Emperor asks him about Custodes Companions.
    Kitten: I'm really, really sorry about this...
    • And once again, when he's about to tell him about what really happened to the Sensei, his children, instead of being given their deserved respect:
    Kitten: Erm... *gulp* about that...
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In the Strong Bad Email "50 emails", Homestar tries to answer an email in Strong Bad's stead, but accidentally causes the Compy to suffer a "flagrant system error". Homestar's reaction is to mutter "This does not look good for Homestar Runner."
    • If you lose the "Revenge of the King" game, Strong Bad's fate is to be slowly lowered into a pile of "whatsit". His reaction is "Uh-oh, this is about to get a whole lot more unfortunate..."
    • In the Cheat Commandos short "Shopping For Danger", Reynold is fooling around with Reinforcements' Justice Rocket Backpack Rocket Rocket when he accidentally falls over, its weight pinning him down as it's suddenly about to go off. Reynold's reaction is simply "My land, I can't see this ending well."
    • In the short "The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show!!", the Knight tries to sanitize the Poopsmith with a "multi-function dragon", but accidentally hits the scale marked "instant death". Right before the dragon keels over on top of him, the Knight sarcastically remarks "Ooh yeah, this is gonna be awesome."
  • Throughout Don Paragon's and the Nomad's confrontation in episode 12 of Nomad of Nowhere, this is the Don's response whenever the Nomad turns the tables. When he realizes he's just given the Nomad ample opportunity to clap and activate his powers, he snarks "Oh that's just..." before being interrupted. When the Nomad brings rocks to life and turns them into armor, Don Paragon spits out an "I hate you." before getting walloped. When Don Paragon is punched into the reservoir wall, giving it the last push needed to break, he can only remark "oh..." as the cracks start to leak.
  • In the Chimney Chickens episode Comeback King, as Rob prepares to throw Blaze out the window, Blaze remarks, "Oh, I don't like where this is going..."

  • Nodwick. Nodwick's job description is "professional Chew Toy", and he tends to react to incoming and unavoidable pain like this. Especially the time he ended up plunging out of a gradual Anti-Magic field, while wearing a collection of magical artifacts who were only being kept stable by said Anti-Magic field. His only thoughts prior to being utterly atomized was "this might sting a little..."
  • Used word for word by the captain in this Angels 2200 strip.
  • You know this is going through Higgs' mind in the last panel of this Girl Genius strip.
    • Not really. He's not called The Unstoppable Higgs for nothing.
    • Higgs — and almost everyone else — gets one here as someone gets his sparkiness on.
      • That seems less of a "This Is Gonna Suck" moment, and more of Get a Room!, except that the spark in question has to stay there...
    • Agatha's party gets a collective one here.
    • Just after Beausoleil kills the Master, all manner of alarms start going off. He isn't reassured when they stop, and with good reason...
      Beausoleil: ...Why does this not seem like a good thing?
      Colette: Think of it - AS A FINAL MOMENT OF SANITY!
  • MegaTokyo: Yanagisawa-oyabin in this strip.
  • Casey and Andy:
  • Subverted in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, by the eponymous character on this page. The Alt Text provides absolutely no comfort anyway. And then we get two characters doing it again a few pages later. All three are correct.
  • Gregory, of Dominic Deegan fame, has a moment, just after he has his powers forcibly removed by a demon and he's about to get blasted. But remember: never take your eyes off the interceptor. And Dominic has one of his own shortly after.
  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • Not said, but you just know that Red Mage is thinking this in the last two panels of this comic.
    • The sprites used in the webcomic leave little room for Oh, Crap! expressions (with the exception of Black mage), so this is actually the most common response to danger.
      Sarda: I was going to give you the illusion of a fighting chance, but now I'd rather your final moments were ones of complete despair.
      Black Mage: Mission accomplished, Sarda!
      Sarda: I haven't done it yet.
      Black Mage: Oh. Fuck.
  • Last Res0rt has a particularly memorable full-page reaction from Jigsaw when Veled's teleported right behind her, waiting for Jigsaw to make the first (and presumably her only) move.
  • Lola and Mr. Wrinkles: One strip has Mr. Wrinkles talk Hugo into running around the house as fast as he can while carrying the end of Lola's leash. As she realizes the plan, Lola's eyes widen. Then she compliments Mr. Wrinkles on a good plan, just before she's yanked off her feet.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • In "Oceans Unmoving", Captain Blacksoul does a variant when Bun-bun pulls an I'm Taking You with Me on him.
      Captain Blacksoul: Oh you suck so very much.
    • And earlier, when Bun-bun challenges him into a supposed duel, but simply uses it as an excuse to set him a trap wherein he's knocked down off the edge of the ship to what might be assumed would be certain death.
    Captain Blacksoul: Should have seen that coming.
  • Earthsong: In order for Tristram to get Willow out safely, he has made a plan that involves him fighting the first hero who comes out, or misleading the first villain who does. Then comes Nanashi. This is inches away from an Oh, Crap!, but Tristram is actually more confident than he's been in a while.
    Tristram: Anyone but her.
  • One Something*Positive strip discusses the apparent bad luck with which Davan's family seems to be plagued. The account of one ancestor who died while working in a lumber mill when one of the saw blades slipped its moorings and went hurtling towards him simply shows the ancestor noticing his impending demise and thinking, "I do believe this will sting."
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! — When Bob and Jerry notice that the world-destroying bomb they've been fighting over has just started ticking:
    Bob: (in tiny little letters) Oh gosh... That's not good...
    Jerry: Smithson, you know any good mineshafts?
  • When Ansem Retort finds itself suddenly competing with another, more viewer-friendly reality show, Zexion delivers the line that sums it up:
    Zexion: What is so important that-oh. Oh. Fuck.
  • Megaman, in Bob and George, is taken over by an evil virus, beaten up, nearly trampled to death, his blaster arm explodes, is forced to shove what's left of his arm into another robot's intake tubes, catches on fire, suffers full-body 6th degree burns, has his three remaining limbs turned completely to ash, and finally glances his behind him and realizes "*sigh* This is gonna hurt."
    • Then, after his miraculous survival, he was cornered by Dr. Wily and mentions how if he "still had a lower body I'd be pissing myself about now."
  • In The Adventures of Shan Shan, when learning Shan Shan is being recruited to help save the universal balance, Backpack's reaction is "We're all gonna die!"
  • The Doctor in Ensign Sue Must Die just before getting shot by the brainwashed Spock.
  • In Erstwhile's "All Fur", the king wishes to marry his daughter. Everyone else is appropriately horrified, but he's the king. So the princess sets him to several Impossible Tasks...but he then performs. This trope is her face in the last panel.
    The wedding shall be tomorrow!
  • Lazarus gets this twice in Underling. Once, when he finds out he's in Ganesha's temple, and the second when he comes from a fight with sabre-toothed tigers...right into a group of wolves.
  • Penny Arcade has it in the form of Gabe's reaction to a new addition to their zombie-fighting group in the "Armadeaddon" story. His prediction is right on the money.
  • In Drowtales, this is clearly what's going through Kio'nel's head when he has to report to Sarv'swati that the Penal Colony he was in charge of was attacked and the slaves escaped. He's not wrong, either, and when a second messenger arrives to say that the entirely colony was overrun after Kio'nel left to make his report she promptly kills him for his failure.
  • Since the whole point of Partially Clips is that all comics consists of three copies of the same clipart image, there's no way to do a Reaction Shot or Oh, Crap! expression if a character realizes he or she is screwed. Which leaves variations, often to hilarious effect. For example: "I kin still feel me arse, but it's already kicked, ain't it?"
  • Sam in Modern Day Treasure Seekers has this reaction twice: once to having to jump out a window to escape her kidnapper, and once to realizing she has no choice but to walk through icy water to move forward.
  • The Order of the Stick gets a memorable one when the team's airship is getting repeatedly hammered by lightning, despite having a lightning rod. They quickly realize that the lightning is divine in nature.
    Roy: We're probably not in Western skies anymore. We were on pace to cross over half an hour ago.
    Bandana: Which was right when the storm started. Which means that this storm isn't Adad's work. It's Thor's.
    (everyone glares at Vampire!Durkon)
    Durkon's vampiric spirit: Crap.
  • In Stand Still, Stay Silent, Sigrun makes that face when a water troll is about to smack her with its tentacle in circumstances in which that could mean drowning.
  • Genocide Man: In this setting, A.I. Is a Crapshoot is taken to horrific levels: Every AI is guaranteed to go murderously insane, and the smarter it is, the faster it loses it. Thus, Jacob has this sort of reaction when he finds himself right in front of one that's just activated, and helpfully told him he has a sanity-span of five minutes.
    Jacob: What's your estimated lifetime?
    AI: Five minutes.
    Jacob: ...terrific.

    Web Original 
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum: This is a common reaction from PPC agents, whether on getting a particularly tough/irritating mission, witnessing Really Bad Stuff happening, or watching events in the fics they tackle.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd: Nintendo Power episode, James was reading about Back to the Future for the NES and saw LJN written in there. James looks at the camera and says, "Wow, they knew it was bad".
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • When reviewing Extreme Super Christmas Special #1 Linkara says that a character named Troll is a member of Youngblood and silently raises his gun to his head.
    • He also had this reaction with Bimbos in Time, after getting a taste of the book's "comedy":
      Linkara: I'm only on page four. This comic is forty-eight pages long. Expect a lot of crying in this episode.
    • In his History of Power Rangers series, Linkara begins his Operation Overdrive retrospective with the phrase "I have not been looking forward to this."
    • At the end of the "Top 15 Personal Favorite Jokes" episode, being a clip show, Linkara opted to use the Phelous clip from Suburban Knights to sum up his feelings about having to review Marville next.
    • In the first Warrior multiverse crossover with Spoony, Spoony!Linkara has this reaction on seeing the cover of Warrior #1, namely that he starts screaming and sobbing hysterically while trying to grab the gun to shoot himself with. When Linksano denies him the gun, Spoony!Linkara sob-screams a Precision F-Strike before getting to the reading.
    • When he does his review of Ultimatum, he talks about how he's never been a fan of the Ultimate Universe, but that a good crossover event is one where you become interested in characters even if you've never heard of them. Then he says "But this is the crossover that people compare to Countdown."
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter:
    • Mr. Enter's reaction to the theme music of Paddy the Pelican, which consists of someone obnoxiously laughing to a vague tune, is to mutter "Oh dear, I feel like I've made a grave mistake."
    • Mr. Enter watches less than a minute of animation from Dorbees: Making Decisions and states that he shouldn't have taken all those drugs... only to lapse into this when he's told he hasn't taken any yet.
      Oh... oh my god. In that case, let's light up; we're gonna need 'em.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • This was his reaction to the first three sentences uttered in Batman & Robin.
    • He used the words themselves on realizing Masters of the Universe mostly takes place in New Jersey.
      Critic: So He-Man is going to use his intergalactic weaponry and medieval-style fighting moves... in the suburbs of New Jersey? (sob) This is gonna suck, isn't it?
    • Subverted in his Follow That Bird review. He starts out thinking the movie is going to blow, but he quickly descends into increasingly higher-pitched fanboy squee and has to get Chester A. Bum to finish the review for him.
    • Happens in his Captain Planet review, right as Captain Planet is about to give his speech about AIDS.
      Critic: This is gonna be painful.
    • It's a general rule that you can usually tell how bad the movie he's reviewing is by his behavior in the opening. This ranges from banging his head on his desk to forget the movie (A Kid in King Arthur's Court), bursting into tears in the middle of his opening Catchphrase (Tank Girl), holding his face in his hands (The Garbage Pail Kids Movie), laughing uncontrollably (Cool as Ice), and trying to run away from the review (The Star Wars Holiday Special).
    • For The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. "I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna hurt."
    • The Super Mario Bros. movie? "Ohhhh my God, this movie's gonna blow."
    • After he announces his 2011 January "celebration" as "sequel month", his face slowly melts into an expression of horror.
    • Following from that, his first Sequel Month review, The Neverending Story III, starts with him loudly weeping in despair. He then states that if the rest of the movies for that month are anything like this one, he is in "serious shit".
    • In Mr. Magoo: "Wow, the first second - literally the first second - of this film annoys me. Nah, there's only 5,492 to go!"
    • At the beginning of Home on the Range: "Let's get this over with."
    • He spends the opening to The Master of Disguise with his face pressed to his desk, pointing into the air to bring up quotes from other reviewers — including Mike Nelson — regarding how horrendous the film was.
    • When preparing to review The Star Wars Holiday Special, he talks about how George Lucas wishes he could track down and smash every copy of the film in existence.
      Critic: This is the guy that says this [Howard the Duck] is okay, and this [Star Wars: The Phantom Menace's Jar-Jar Binks] is okay, and yet this is the project he is personally ashamed of.... I'll say it again: okay, okay, personally ashamed of. ...There are not enough toilets in the world to contain the amount of shit-spewing fear I am feeling right now.
    • He hates Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance immediately because of the constantly sped up footage.
      Critic: Zero seconds in, that's gotta be a record.
    • The beginning to his review of The Magic Voyage is high-pitched babbling that gets faster and faster until he breathes fire and a "One Moment" screen illustrated with him gorging on behavioral meds pops up. You know its bad when he starts the review with a psychotic break.
    • The beginning of his review of A Troll in Central Park has him pacing back and forth, angrily trying to articulate his feelings, but only getting out a Cluster F-Bomb before calming down long enough to just say the title.
      Critic: Just saying the title of this movie pisses me off, that's how bad it is! Watch: A Troll In Central- FUCK THIS MOVIE!! (punches himself in the face) A Troll In Central Park!
    • His review of Bio-Dome has him interrupt his opening catchphrase by chanting "I fucking hate Bio-Dome''!" with increased volume until he descends into high-pitched trilling before water is splashed on him and he immediately calms down.
    • While not in the beginning of the movie, he interrupts his review of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence to take a handful of Advil because he hates the ending so much.
    • The start of his review of Food Fight is a protracted one for the viewers: it shows Critic after the review, in a near catatonic state, before going berserk, feeding the DVD into the garbage disposal, taking a bunch of foods and cleaning products to the laundry room and beating them with a skillet, all while crying hysterically before lying down on top of the mess in a Troubled Fetal Position and sobbing. It then flashes back to his decision to review the film in order to be at the forefront of its "so bad it's good" popularity, even disregarding footage of another critic's suicide after watching it.
    • His review of Kangaroo Jack has him interrupt his opening catchphrase to excitedly gush about how he finally gets to review Samurai Jack, while Malcolm and Tamara are off to the side arguing over who has to go and correct him. While Malcolm is whispering to him, we see Critic slowly tear up and crumple the Samurai Jack poster he was holding, pull out his gun and shoot off all his genitalia before nodding in understanding, and with a look like he's about to puke, state "That's fine, too." At the end of the review, he happily states that next week he'll be reviewing The Green Mile and briefly expresses confusion over Ryan Reynolds being in it. Malcolm once again comes to correct him, and Critic shrieks "Oh, COME ON!!" before it cuts to the credits.
    • His Felix the Cat review starts with him hauling himself up to the table from the floor and warning the audience to just leave and find another video before it's too late. Another moment happens when he gets two minutes into the actual film, and he notices all the problems with the movie are present in the first two minutes (hyperactive animation, too much noise, bad lip synching, and bad sound mixing drowning out half the dialogue):
      Critic: Oh, God, this movie's gonna hurt.
  • The Nostalgia Chick also says this when she's made to do Bratz: "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you."
  • Bad Movie Beatdown: Film Brain's reaction to the knowledge that On Deadly Ground not only starred, but was directed by, Steven Seagal was "This is gonna hurt, isn't it?"
  • When Noah Antwiler sits down in front of the camera for an episode of Wrestle Wrestle and all he can say is "This is gonna suck" you know TNA Impact was really really bad that week.
  • In Suburban Knights, Phelous says this as a reaction to the final battle with Malachite.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    Doctor Horrible: That's not a good sound...
  • In the Two Best Friends Play Portal 2 video:
    Pat: Okay, let's do this, let's get this over with. Come on.
    Matt: This is gonna be fun, right?
    Pat: Okay, yeah yeah, the game is awesome. But you' idiot.
  • Chuggaaconroy: "Nothing left to do but purify every single last one of them before we can move on." (beat) "God help me."
  • ProtonJon: "Okay, what do we have here? We have — A HUNDRED SECONDS?! Oh, mother fuck, this is not gonna be good!"
  • From the ending of the pilot of The Annoying Orange:
    Orange: Hey Pear!
    Pear: Oh god.
  • TV Trash:
  • This is Paul Twister's reaction to being captured by someone who has every reason to clap him in irons, and instead being recruited by her to go loot a dragon's lair.
    Paul (narrating): Wow. When she showed up, I thought I'd just gone out of the frying pan and into the fire. Now I was out of the fire and... I don't even know what I was into now, but this was going to seriously suck.
  • Stuart Ashen: Whenever Stuart reviews a product he doesn't like (such as Poundland food, which he fears eating), a POP Station, or other knockoff products, he'll invoke this trope.
  • Several Let's Players, including Steam Train and Joel from Vinesauce have had this reaction when playing a Genocide/No Mercy run of Undertale after having completed a True Pacifist run. Specific reactions range from general whining of "I don't want to do this" (such as Steam Train) to nearly pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! at the first boss (such as Joel).
    Joel: "It feels like you're going to have a bad time?" NO SHIT I'M HAVING A BAD TIME!
  • Dazzling Addar: In the Tiny video,
    Dazzling Addar: At this point, I don't even care anymore [about taking damage]. I just, I wanna get to the Tag Barrel, get to Snide's, and get the fuck out.
    Vicas: And be done with Angry Aztec until we get to the Kong who can't jump.note 
    Dazzling Addar: (sobs)
    Vioas: I bet that's great in a sand level. Just not being able to jump over itnote .
    Dazzling Addar: (sigh) (beat) Why did I do this? This was a mistake.
  • Invoked a number of times with Retsupurae, especially with slowbeef and Diabetus. For example, a Crappy Pasta reading of a Mario creepypasta has slowbeef asking who Reznor was as he was the main villain of the story. When Diabetus tells him that they're the rhinos on the merry-go-rounds, slowbeef goes silent before he utters "Oh, god. Ohhhh, my god" in shock.
  • The Music Video Show:
  • Idols of Anime: Prior to reviewing it, Viga makes it clear that she really does not like Magical Stage Fancy Lala.
  • One popular Vine meme (examples here; NSFW due to language) is to show footage of someone doing something stupid/risky/dangerous, pause right before things go wrong, and have a voice say, "It was at this moment X knew... he fucked up." Then the clip finishes.
  • In this Vine, the person taking the video can only get out "Oh, damn..." before getting pegged with an air-powered rocket hard enough to make him fall over.
  • Whateley Universe: In The Three Little Witches when the titular witches are facing death by Hellfire Sheba, and Clover, one of the witches, goes:
    “I’m gonna use…” Clover grasped for whatever straw was around. “My WITCH HAT!” Yeah, my WITCH HAT!” She snatched the hat- which had somehow stayed on her head through all of that- off her head and held it out at the approaching nightmare-thing, bottom-first. “Back off, Sheba!” Clover said in her most authoritative voice. “Or I’ll let you have it with the power of my WITCH HAT! Yeah, I have a Witch Hat, and you don’t! So Back Off!”
    “Oh Christ, we are SO dead,” Abra moaned.
  • The very first thing we hear when the Game Grumps played Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is Jon saying "Oh no. Oh no!" as he recognizes the menu screen.
  • In episode 27 of Pokémon World Tour: United, Cobalt and Rose must temporarily trade Pokemon for their rematch with Calico and Agean, Vermillion City's Gym Leaders. Cobalt faces Calico with Rose's Togepi, Scramble, a Killer Rabbit whose Metronome attack has a consistent habit of summoning the powers of Legendary Pokemon. Having seen just that happen twice in the first match, Calico reacts to Cobalt's order to use Metronome with a groan of "Oh, here it comes!", a warning to her Pokemon to brace itself, and a call for all little clawed hands on deck. Scramble one hit KOs her opponent with a Typhlosion's Heat Wave.
  • Pikasprey's video on Donkey Kong Country starts with him claiming that the Donkey Kong franchise is perfect and untouchable...until he remembers what the title of his video is, and watches the intro with a Flat "What" and an "Oh, no.".
  • Kingdom Smarts: After the past games' Downer and Bittersweet endings, Jake's response to watching Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep's opening cinematic and seeing the three protagonists each have charms in the shape of the destiny-linking paopu fruit is "Ah, fuck."
  • Unraveled: Brian David Gilbert undergoes a moment of horrible clarity, for once, before working on the video instead of after multiple hours of work:
    BDG: As far as the cooking goes, we're going to be keeping it as true to Breath of the Wild as possible; we will not add any ingredients not listed in the recipe. That includes salt and pepper.
    [camera zooms in on his face as he puts two and two together]
    BDG: That's gonna suck.
  • Bennett the Sage has started several episodes of Anime Abandon in varying states of dread over series that he knows he's going to hate right out of the gate, from frothing anger (Virgin Fleet, Jungle de Ikou!) to restrained discomfort (De:vadasy, Very Private Lesson, although the latter reduced him to screaming at the very end).
  • In Dream's first Death Swap, George places his trap in the Nether. What George didn't expect was for Dream to have an enchanted golden apple with him. Dream tells him to think about his death for the next four minutes while he just sits there in the bottom of the lava pool, waiting for the swap to happen
    George: No.
    Dream: *laughs*

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