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Bennett White, a.k.a. Bennett the Sage, is an Internet video producer formerly on Channel Awesome, whose matter-of-fact style contrasted with the more theatrical reviewers on the site. He can now be found here and on his own site. He also voices a hapless announcer on Zone Archive's YouTube series.

Bennett currently hosts three series:

  • Anime Abandon, where he looks at vintage anime primarily from the '80s and the '90s, some classics, and some terrible ones. This series started out as an entertainment-focused sketch review show in a similar vein to other Channel Awesome series, but it has gone through a number of changes in format and has purged almost all traces of its CA roots.
    • In mid-2021, Bennett announced a variant called Anime Abandon Plus, where he would revisit titles that his opinion had shifted on or where the original review, especially from the early years, either didn't age well or had to be taken down due to stricter Content ID restrictions.
  • Oldtaku, New Tricks, where he gives his thoughts on newer anime. This is more of a discussion of likes and dislikes rather than the scripted review style of AA.
  • Dumpster Dive, where he collects takes and opinions left on his Twitter page for that particular topic title and gives his thoughts on the ones that most catch his attention.

He previously hosted:

  • Sage Reviews, in which he covered recent video games in a traditional analytical review style (ie, to help viewers decide whether or not to purchase them) rather than purely for entertainment. He announced its formal retirement in November 2013, citing waning interest in covering video games (likely not helped with the collapse of Blistered Thumbs) with his final review being The Last of Us.
  • Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, in which he performed Dramatic Readings of the worst of the worst of Fan Fiction out there. Retired in January 2011.
  • Super Toolshed, a podcast he did with his friend Marc Swintnote , in which they talked about pretty much whatever they felt like. Marc confirmed on Twitter that they weren't doing it anymore.
  • Sage Vs., a vlog series where he reviewed new movies released on a weekly basis with one or more of his friends.
  • Taggin' In, a YouTube-exclusive vlog series dedicated to discussing WWE pay-per-view events.
    • Bennett has not said one way or the other, but the latter two series appear to be at least on indefinite hiatus, if not completely dead.note 

On occasions, Bennett also made regular cameos in other TGWTG personalities' videos, where he portrayed himself with a sadistic persona, thanks to an early crossover with Ask That Guy with the Glasses. From 2009 until 2012, he did an annual anime review crossover with the Spoony One (which led to the creation of Anime Abandon), and he also made frequent appearances on The JesuOtaku Anime Review, where he subjected them to truly horrendous softcore garbage.

On 5/14/23, Bennett announced that he'd been hired to be a writer for A Nut Between Worlds, an H-Game starring the VTuber Projekt Melody. Due to this commitment, production on Anime Abandon would slow down and Dumpster Dive would be going on hiatus.

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    Titles reviewed on Anime Abandon 
These are listed in release order except for the parenthetical cases. Titles in bold have been re-reviewed for Anime Abandon Plus

    Titles reviewed on Oldtaku, New Tricks 

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