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  • Acting for Two: Sage plays multiple characters in the show. Along with Suave and Savage, there's Old Man Sage (an elderly version of Sage who waxes about anime in his youth), a Matlock-style Southern lawyer who shows up in one review, and his imitation of Gendo Ikari.
  • Creator Backlash: This is why he stopped doing Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre.
  • Missing Episode: Most of Masterpiece Fanfic Theater is gone due to vidme closing.
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  • Real Song Theme Tune: Prior to the show's 2019 reboot, Anime Abandon's theme was a section of KMFDM's "Ultra"...which is a combined Shout-Out to Manga Entertainment, who used the full song for one of their trailers, and to the Chun-Li/Vega fight in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.
  • Throw It In!: According to his commentary, the part in Twilight of the Cockroaches where Bennett holds the video box upside down was actually a complete accident that he didn't notice until later.
  • What Could Have Been: When doing Nuts and Bolts, Bennett and Marc frequently discuss bits that they had to cut from their scripts.
    • In Ninja Resurrection they wanted Darcy Lord, the Australian Brodouche God from Lady Death, to make another appearance, but due to conflicts with the actor's scheduling they could not.
    • In the Fist of the North Star review Ben and Gabe (with a cameo from David, the title card artist who appeared in the Doomed Megalapolis review) were going to do a skit where they charged at each other and ended up doing a You Are Already Dead moment. It didn't come together the way they wanted it to and it was cut.
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    • There were originally going to be three episodes during December 2015, but due to unforeseen circumstances (Bennett's computer failed and spent quite a long time in the repair shop) it had to be cut down to two. The unknown third episode even had a title card drawn up for it, and Bennett does hope it can still be made further down the line.
    • Fax Headspace was originally supposed to have been achieved through prosthetics ala the original Max Headroom. The idea had too many moving parts and had to be scrapped, so they rendered him using CGI instead. Bill Rogers found the arrangement more favorable, seeing as he is a voice actor.
    • The beating Bennett took in the Elfen Lied review was supposed to feature Doug Walker, but he was burdened with too many other projects at the time and was unavailable.
    • There were plans to do a month of live-action anime adaptations starting with Speed Racer with Bennett and Marc also planning to review Fist of the North Star and Kite. Unfortunately the plan couldn't materialize due to everyone's scheduling conflicts and Bennett himself was grateful that Doug could come in to review Speed Racer under such short notice. Bennett later reviewed Kite in a Crossover with Chris Stuckmann.


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