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Tear Jerker / Bennett the Sage

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  • His review of The End Of Evangelion. Besides the realization he's got nothing left to say about the movie, you got him regretting not being able to play Little League and do something worthwhile in his life. It's... heartbreaking to say to least.
  • His entry on Alice in Chains for his "Top Ten Favourite Musicians" list, when he talks about how Layne Staley's death affected him.
  • The Guyver movie review is surprisingly sad, as Sage practically goes into coddling territory with Critic trying to prove he's not evil, but Critic is constantly being a dick. It doesn't even end well, as Critic leaves angry and Sage ends up depressed. Critic clearly not remembering the basic plots of his three movies (it's the stuttering and looking very unsure of himself that makes it tragic) and Sage's tiredness about being mistaken for the other guy (Devil Sage) hit hard too.
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  • He spends a lot of the Violence Jack review in a state of anguish over the fact that the show is pretty much impossible to review, but he feels that he owes the fans a real review. Watching him drive himself into a really quite horrifying state would make anyone depressed.
  • His end speech at the end of the Video Girl Ai review is both this and heartwarming, as he sincerely reassures his viewers that no matter where they are in life, they're alright.
  • At the end of Bennett's Cyber City Oedo 808 review he returns to the present after shifting into past for most of the video and looks at JewWario's hat before sighing. It's very clear what's going through his mind.
    It's fun to look back on the past but the world only spins forward.

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