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  • His entire reaction to the rape sideplot in Doomed Megalopolis, explaining why both from a moral and a narrative standpoint including it is insulting to the audience. Considering the somewhat cavalier attitude some internet personalities have towards rape it's refreshing to hear him outline exactly why you don't just throw a plot like that into a story unless you're fully prepared to deal with the consequences of it and treat it with the seriousness it deserves.
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  • In the TGWTG Slashy Extravanganza episode of Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre, when the story mentions the Paw and Little Miss Gamer eloped to "Austranada", Bennett says this:
    I'll have you know that LMG is happily married to Captain S and it will take a lot more than the Dr. Insano to separate them.
  • This formspring post asking about how he feels about being part of the TGWTG crew.
  • The last minutes of the End Of Evangelion review would count...
  • All of the Macross Plus, Part 2 review in all of its gushing glory.
    Dedicated to you.
    Our future pioneers...
  • The end credits of his "Top 20 Best Number One Songs": "You three made six months of work worth it."
  • Despite it not working, the The Guyver live action review is Sage trying above-and-beyond to get Critic having fun with reviews again, especially with him, who has been portrayed as the Devil in many of his cameos/crossovers with the Critic (aside the TGWTG anniversary movies).
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  • All of the climax of the Violence Jack review. It's revealed that Marc is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who honestly worries about Sage despite his berating him earlier, that Sage worked up the bravery to admit he can't actually review the show and take the high moral ground, and ending with an expression of utter serenity as he gets over himself.
  • In his review of Video Girl Ai, he makes an emotionally heartfelt speech at the end to the people who, like the main character, have been labelled as socially inept losers for their love of their hobby. The whole speech shines with "You Are Better Than You Think You Are."
    Some of you might remember me talking briefly about the documentary, Otaku, and the way the rest of society views the culture. It comes as no surprise that otakudom has always been synonymous with social pariahs, even 20 years ago. (Plays a clip from 1994's "Otaku") And you know what? I’m kind of guilty of this too. I’ll fully admit that I have made my fair share of jokes about the fandom and I’ll even cop to the fact that a lot of them can be construed as mean spirited. If it means anything, I never meant any of my jokes to be an attack on anyone and that… I understand. I understand that being around people in general can be scary and that it’s made worse when it seems like everyone around you has you pegged as a socially inept loser. I understand the need and want to make a real connection with another person, be it platonic or romantic, especially romantic. I understand that no man is an island, but when there’s no one around you, you can feel like you’re drowning. I understand that in this day and age where talking with someone who is thousands of miles away from you is only a keystroke away, still can’t replace a friendly pat on the shoulder to help lighten the burden of life. I understand that women can seem difficult and demanding and I also understand that men can seem scary and threatening and I also understand that in the absence of this connection, what might temporarily meet this need is a figurine of your favourite character. Or a poster of your favourite character. Or even a body pillow. And I also understand that purchasing these things can make you feel ashamed. Like you’re admitting that yes, you ARE a socially inept loser because who else would buy it? But I want to tell you, not just the people who purchased a body pillow or a full length figurine or even just the otakus out there, but anyone who feels like they have no friends or anyone who can feel alone in a crowded room or anyone who just wants one person to say they care about them, I want to say: you’re OK. You are OK. You’re not a freak, you are not worthless and you are not hopeless. You are much stronger than you think you are and nothing you can ever feel can ever stop you from being happy. But first and foremost, you have to know that you are OK.
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  • In his review of FLCL, there are shots of Gabe in the ocean, and he's happy. Considering how often Gabe ends up being the butt monkey, it's a really nice change of pace.
  • His review of Read or Die sees Bennett admitting that, despite not having an eye for this sort of thing, Yomiko Readman is "pretty cute." He even goes onto say that he finds her character endearingly, charmingly awkward.
  • Seeing Sage and Gabe gush about A Cure for Wellness is fun even if you didn't like said movie, and while their praise of Dane DeHaan in The Amazing Spider Man 2 review is laced with mockery, here it seems that they've come to genuinely like and respect him as an actor.
  • Sage films his live reaction to finally weighing below 200 pounds, coupled with some Inelegant Blubbering about it.
  • Sage actually manages to find a remarkably heartwarming take away from Gantz that happens when Nishi dies: That even the most cynical, nihilistic, and jaded people in the world need hope.
  • Meta: Bennett is engaged.


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