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Nightmare Fuel / Bennett the Sage

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  • Most of "Top Ten Most WTF Music Videos".
  • His description of how it would feel to be Ishtar when she first woke in Hibiki's apartment in Macross II is this, especially when he starts emphasizing the sexual assault undertones.
  • At the end of his Devilman review, he holds up an uncut copy of Violence Jack before deciding not to review it, presumably because of too much Gorn and squick. He is shown throwing the videotape off of a bridge in disgust, but there's still about a minute or so left in the video... We are then treated to footage of a small chest in a dark room prying itself open, glowing red light shining through the cracks while horrible screams are heard in the background. The chest opens and the words "VIOLENCE IS COMING" in red, bloody font appear on the screen. Perhaps he would end up reviewing it, after all...
    • And later we find out that MarzGurl apparently watched it... and the results ain't pretty...
  • When Bennett's eyes are replaced by mouths in the Apocalypse Zero review, similar to the Corthinian's...and then the mouths begin chanting "Cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"
    • In the same review, the "Violence Is Coming" breakaway.
  • In the Violence Jack review:
    • Bennett and Mark the Engineer decide to try doing the review as if Bennett is slowly going insane. Knowing that this is just an attempt doesn't make it any less creepy, especially when the video cuts to Bennett cutting into a doll... which bleeds.
    • Bennett's hallucination of Mark, who speaks like he's possessed, and his later hallucination of his friend Gabe.
  • In the Love Hina Spring Movie, Bennett makes a comment about subs vs dubs before just sitting there for a few minutes... and then, suddenly, the screen has a red tint and Sage is leaning in towards the camera with scary eyes and fangs. Jesus... It's worse when you're not expecting it, though the stinger softens the blow a bit...
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  • In the Ninja Resurrection review, Bennett starts getting nosebleeds - ala Bioshock Infinite - which get more and more severe as the review goes on while a high-pitched whine is heard. Then he starts bleeding out of his mouth...
  • The Sins of the Sisters review has three Jump Scare scenes featuring the "bloody, empty eye socket" effect from Event Horizon (the page pic is the first). The first two are played for horror in-universe as manifestations of Sage's repressed guilt for putting out Gabe's left eye, but the third comes out of nowhere.
  • In the Speed Racer review, The Nostalgia Critic has not only kidnapped Sage, but has a bit of a twitchy eye as well. He also mentions casually smothering Malcolm with chloroform when he gets mouthy.
  • The entity/organization which delivers the Jojos Bizarre Adventure discs to Sage is unnerving in its simplicity. Its approach is heralded by a low rumbling sound effect, but the packages it brings silently pop in and out of existence. That, combined with the polite but firm note which the "advocates" write to Sage, gives the whole scene a sinister feel even though nothing outwardly malicious is happening.


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