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  • In Sage's Words of Wisdom, he talks down the whole Console Wars concept and spits in its face. Good on him. But he also says that brand loyalties mean that the SEGA Genesis kids moved onto the Sony PlayStation. What? Did a lot of Genesis franchises continue onto the PlayStation or am I seriously missing something? Not to mention, I assumed that the PlayStation mostly attracted entirely new gamers (like myself back in the nineties, though I still love me some Banjo-Kazooie).
    • I think he's trying to say that the SEGA crowd preferred to move on to the Playstation rather than start playing Nintendo's consoles. They were still bitter about their console going under so they went with the new kid on the block out of spite.
    • Part of what he may also be referring to is Sony's business practices. Nintendo's business model could be quite harsh for third-party developers (largely with regard to licensing fees and heavy charges for manufacturing costs), while Sega on the other hand was was fairly lax with the third parties they worked with. This helped to contribute to a large part of Sega's early success with the Genesis, as publishers and developers fed up with the way Nintendo did things found Sega much easier (and more lucrative) to work with. Sony, at least with the original Playstation, was similarly very forgiving with their third parties. So the publishers and developers who preferred working with Sega rather than Nintendo jumped ship to Sony when Sega began to falter, because Sony was lax the way Sega was, rather than restrictive like Nintendo.
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  • In the Anime Abandon on Ranma 1/2: Tendo Family Christmas Scramble, why does Old Man Gabe have one eye when his past counterpart lost both of them?
  • Why did Gabe stop appearing?
    • This might explain a bit.

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