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VShojo, based in San Francisco, California, is, as stated on their website, "a talent-first VTuber company, dedicated to the growth and success of its members." It was founded by Justin "theGunrun" Ignacio and Phillip "Mowtendoo" Fortunat as something of a cross between previous Virtual YouTuber groups such as hololive and the VOMS Project, providing sponsors, support, and the like to the VTubers working with them, while allowing them to operate largely as they see fit.

VShojo announced its debut on November 24, 2020, with its initial group of talent consisting of Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Zentreya, Nyatasha Nyanners, Froot, and Hime Hajime. All but the latter two were already independently-established VTubers prior to joining VShojo; Froot debuted on November 27, 2020, and Hime debuted on January 30, 2021. On April 9, 2021, Veibae officially joined VShojo as well. On July 2, 2022, VShojo would reveal their new Japan division, with Kson On Air joining and Nazuna Amemiya debuting.


From August 20, 2021 to September 30, 2021, VShojo opened up Worldwide Auditions for new talents, with Japanese speakers being accepted alongside English speakers.

Here is their official website. The announcement video can be found here.

NOTE: Melody does adult streaming in addition to her Twitch content. In the interest of adhering to the rules of TV Tropes, please avoid discussion of that particular aspect of her work here.


VShojo provides examples of:

  • All Women Are Lustful: Most prominent with Melody, who started as a Hentai camgirl before branching into Twitch content after a month of encouraging pushes from her fans, but the others aren't far behind (Nyanners and Mouse regularly freak out over cute girls, with the latter also having a thing for mature men, and Hime is a self-described "dommy mommy") save for Froot, who's more of a Covert Pervert. Veibae takes this up to eleven, making Melody seem tame.
  • The Artifact: The term "VTuber" comes from "Virtual YouTuber" and while many of the girls do regularly post on YouTube, they more often stream on Twitch, which defines them more as "Virtual Streamers" outside of YouTube.
  • Brick Joke: In episode 12 of Lewdcast, Melody (well, Malady, who is completely different in every way) says she will start a fire in your kitchen if you make a Komodo Dragon version of her. Eventually, she made good on her word.
  • Cute Monster Girl: All of them. Melody is the most human-looking, with her being a computer program being given (perverted) sentience, though she has appeared as a Slime Girl and a cow girl on a few occasions. The girls themselves are, in no particular order: Zen (android/cyborg), Silver (wolf), Mouse (demon queen), Mel (artificial intelligence), Nyanners (cat/Eldritch Abomination), Froot (lich, not a succubus), Hime (alien/cyborg/dragon), Vei (sky serpent Nature Spirit), and Nazuna Amemiya (presumably angel, though her bio suggests that to be up in the air).
    • This trend was eventually broken when Kson On Air, whose character is a completely human Delinquent, joined as part of the Japan division.
  • Description Cut: The VShojo Highlights channel includes introduction videos of some of its members, with in-video blurbs sometimes accompanied by clips that come off as this.
    "Meet Nyatasha Nyanners" Video: She is introspective.
    Nyan: If we have private parts, do we also have public parts?
  • Everybody Hates Mathematics: Everyone in VShojo does, at least, as noted by Hime in her debut stream.
  • Evil Brit: Discussed by Nyan in this clip.
    Nyan: If you have a British accent, chances are you're probably evil.
  • Fun Size: A few members would qualify, with Nazuna, Mouse, Melody, and Froot being listed as 140cm (4'7"), 147cm (4'10"), 150cm (4'11"), and 155cm (5'1"), respectively. Nyanners is often portrayed as this as well, despite being one of the group's taller members.
  • Gamer Girl: Being western-style streamers, they all tend to include video games as part of their content, though Melody noted that she was still new to the hobby when she started as a VTuber and actually needed some encouragement from her fans to take the plunge on Twitch.
    • Nearly all of them have at least gotten a start in tabletop gaming as well, with Mel, Silver, Mouse, and Zen having taken part in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with Arcadum from July 2020 to March 2021. Nyanners, Froot, and Veibae also took part in another campaign with Arcadum starting in April 2021; Hime had intended to take part as well, but scheduling conflicts due to her living in Japan's timezone prevented that.
  • Halloween Episode: Episode 7 of Lewdcast was one, with the girls each donning Halloween costumes.
  • Insistent Terminology: They, especially Mouse and Froot, tend to use the word "playdates" in place of "collaborations," feeling that the latter is too businesslike and impersonal.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: Melody's collaboration with Kson On Air when she was still independent was one, especially if you take into account, KSon's identitynote 
  • Podcast: Lewdcast, which predated VShojo and is hosted by Silver, Melody, and Mouse. All of the VShojo members, minus Hime, have appeared as guests at least once note .
    • After a significant hiatus following January 2021, Lewdcast would eventually be brought back in March 2022, albeit retooled to an extent, with Melody as the sole host.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship: There are a few notable ones.
    • Mouse and Melody fit this trope to a T, being the two most likely to collab as a duo amongst the group, as well as their conversations constantly shifting between sweet and bubbly affection for each other and full blown "bordering on NSFW" flirting with each other. Regardless of if this is just typical teasing or fun, there's no denying that Melody and Mouse are legitimately close friends and clearly care for and greatly appreciate each other's company.
    • Froot and Zen, who regularly have one-on-one streams together, and sometimes act like a couple, often in a joking manner, such as Zen acting jealous when Froot showed an interest in Takanashi Kiara. They would later add Haruka Karibu to this dynamic.
    • Silver and Vei, who have gone so far as to have an official wedding for their characters in Final Fantasy XIV.
    • Around the time when Vei joined VShojo, she also started to form this dynamic with Nyanners, which resulted in some jokes given Nyan's Running Gag of stealing wives. Though Silver has shown no issue with this, and suggested a threesome between them.
    • In general, all of the girls have shown a deep (if flirtatious) friendship with each other. Ironmouse has often commented how much the Vshojo girls are her dear and precious friends and family (While usually openly lusting for them in the same breath).
  • Pun-Based Title: "Shojo" can be read as "girl" in Japanese, so the company name could be read as "V Girls," which is accurate as of yet - all of the talents are female. The name "VShojo" can also be seen as a play on the term "Bishoujo," as well.
  • Running Gag: The Underworld having poor internet service. Likely drawing from Calliope Mori note , Froot played off some internet issues that she had in her second stream by claiming that the internet service is bad where she lives in the Underworld. Mouse note  later added to this by claiming that the Underworld's terrible internet service is part of the reason she left.
    • Hime's real identity being a very poorly-kept secret. The worst offender is CDawgVA, as just about every time he appears alongside Hime, he ends up referring to her by her real name by complete accident, trying in vain to fix it by saying he was talking about "someone else" or "Hime's grandmother." However, similar slip-ups have happened with other VShojo members, and even by Hime herself. This has even been referenced by the official Vshojo Twitter account.
    • Zen's Speech-to-Text-to-Speech is well-known for often messing up what she tries to say, but of particular note is how it will never fail to completely mangle Haruka Karibu's name, with particularly infamous mispronunciations being "How to Car" or "Howard Card."
  • Secret Identity: Played With as Vshojo as a whole tends to be rather fast and loose with the barriers between their Avatar persona and their real life identity, there are some like Mouse and Zen who keep it 100% separate and then there are others like Hime and Kson where it would be hard to say there was any barrier at all, with the rest falling somewhere in between.
  • Shout-Out: When Vei was added to the group, the announcement depicted this as her receiving an invitation in the form of an envelope with a specialized seal, similar to those featured in new fighter announcements for later games of the Super Smash Bros. series. This came full-circle when an animator created a video depicting an opening cutscene of a fictional VShojo fighting game, done in the style of Super Smash Bros. 64 and utilizing said envelope.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: To some extent Cooksie, a clipper that focuses primarily on humorous events involving the VShojo girls, due to his tendency to bring attention to moments that they find embarrassing. This is most prominent with Zen, but most of them will have occasional moments of realizing that he'll probably clip something that just happened, or surprise/irritation on seeing that he already had.
  • Split Personality: Both Melody and Froot.
    • Melody has Melware, an "evil" side of her resulting from the exposure to the porn virus that turned her into what she is today. On rare occasions, she takes over Melody's body, and despite presenting herself as "the Dark Queen" who's way more competent than Melody, the line between them is blurrier than she thinksnote  and typically comes across as Laughably Evil at most. ...Until Zentreya's lore video, that is. And then Melody's Racequeen persona is implied to be a third personality.
    • Froot has Terry, the spirit in her brooch who sometimes takes over just long enough to shout at chat in a deep, demonic voice before Froot retakes control. Rarer are the times where Froot gets mad enough that he comes out just enough to augment her voice so she can chew chat out.
  • Take Over the World: Several of them have this as a goal in-character. Of note, Mouse's "Demon Queen" form is stated to hail from an Alternate Universe in which the VShojo girls banded together to collectively achieve this, and succeed. Melody even lampshades this at one point, questioning why so many VTubers seem to have this as a goal during a collaboration with Pomu Rainpuff. Zentreya's lore video shows that, in the Bad Future she hails from, Melware succeeds in doing this, creating a Utopia for machines... and, in the process, causes the gods to abandon Earth drives humanity into underground shelters, and eventually wipes them out completely.
  • Talk Show: "Speak of the Devil," hosted by Mouse. Episodes usually begin with some time of freeform discussion, followed by both Mouse and her guest answering some fan-submitted questions. Her guests are usually - albeit not always - other VTubers. All the VShojo members aside from Hime, Vae, Froot, Silver and Nazuna have appeared on the show so far.
  • Toilet Humor: Nyanners borderline adores this at times, including humor involving toilets.
  • Troll: Zen and Froot often play games together. If the game in question allows you to kill your partner, it's a safe bet that Zen will have some good laughs at Froot's expense (though Froot isn't entirely incapable of getting even).
  • True Companions:
    • VShojo English's members have been associated with each other for some time before VShojo's formation, and have frequently been shown to be close. Even Froot was working with them on art, costume designs, and occasionally taking part in streams before obtaining her VTuber persona. Hime has little shown history with the others before her debut in VShojo, but the way the others have spoken about her imply that they knew her behind the scenes in some capacity well before she obtained her VTuber persona as well. This also holds true for Vei, to the point that fans had speculated ever since VShojo was first announced that she would join eventually due to her long-running and close relationship with many of the founding members.
    • As for VShojo Japan, Kson is one to the English branch through being friends with Melody since her early days, outright stating in her re-debut that Melody's presence in VShojo was among her reasons for joining. As for within VShojo Japan, anyone aware of Kson and Nazuna's longer history would know that they most certainly qualify.
  • The Voiceless: Zen, kind of. Instead of her actual voice, she uses voice recognition to run a text-to-speech device (with thanks to Comdost) to speak in a posh British accent. In-character, it is explained as being a dragon translator.

The VShojo members' Dungeons & Dragons campaigns provide examples of:

  • Actual Play: More info on the first couple of these examples can be found on the page for Verum, the universe in which these campaigns take place, but for a quick summary...
    • Several VShojo members were part of two Dungeons & Dragons campaigns called "Death and Debts" and "Steel and Silence". The participants wete Mel, Mouse, Silver, and Zen, as well as fellow VTubers Bunny_GIF and Momo (both of whom are friends of VShojo). The streams were hosted by Arcadum, who also serves as Game Master and provides the House Rules and campaigns in a universe of his own design known as Verum using a heavily-homebrewed version of 5th Edition. "Death and Debts" was a relatively introductory campaign, but, when given the opportunity, they opted to move onto a more advanced one called "Steel and Silence", where they met the players of a multitude of Arcadum's other campaigns and took their place in the overarching plot of Verum. "Steel and Silence" eventually came to an end on February 11, 2021, with a Crossover Finale on March 6, 2021 where Arcadum's various campaigns took part in the final battle against the Violet. The characters involved are as follows:
      • Melody: Terryn Zabi, a Changeling Warlock who wields Combat Tentacles (though in practice, tends more toward making gratuitous use of the Indy Ploy).
      • Silver: Revlis, a Tiefling Warlock with a penchant for shiny things. She had a wolf familiar named Daiyo when in her pact with The Laughing Mad, but lost him when she switched allegiances to Babylon, and became part-succubus as a result. She eventually gained a new familiar, a fairy butler named Shiny.
      • Ironmouse: Umi Tormenta, a Shrinking Violet Mermaid Bard, who wields a Naginata in addition to her Magic Music.
      • Zentreya: Zara, a Red Orc note  Monk/Fighter who wields a konobo and tends toward drinking, acts of violence, and randomly trying to heft up people.
      • Momo: Vaeri, a Kobold Fighter who wields metal gauntlets. Having prior D&D experience, she's probably the most normal player of the group. note 
      • Bunny: Madeline, "Le Petite Guardian", a flamboyant Wood Elf Swashbuckling Rogue, who dons the "Crimson Mask of Destiny" and switches personalities when it is taken off.
    • Froot, Nyanners, and Veibae, along with Haruka Karibu and Snuffy, are part of another D&D group also hosted by Arcadum, with the initial planning session for the first campaign having taken place on April 7, 2021. This campaign, along with others Arcadum is starting in the same arc, will also take place on Verum, but 50 years after "Death and Debts"/"Steel and Silence" and on a different continent. The first episode of the campaign, called "Otikata's Curse," took place on June 18, 2021; a playlist of the campaign can be found here. The campaign ended after information on Arcadum came out on August 31, 2021, which will not be detailed here, but can be found summarized on Verum's own page, which led to the players all dropping out. The characters involved are as follows:
    • Following the cancelling of "Otikata's Curse," the group of Nyanners, Froot, Veibae, Haruka Karibu and Snuffy moved to a new campaign hosted by BrettUltimus, taking place in his own persistent setting, the "World of Io." Session 0 took place on October 15, 2021, and the first episode of the proper campaign, called "The Altered Ballad," took place on November 6, 2021. The characters involved are all "scuffed" versions of their OC characters, some of the details of which are as follows:
      • Vei: Nia Ebonshart, a Tabaxi Fighter, a particularly brawny Cat Folk on the more bestial end of the trope, who has a rodent companion and tried to become a druid, but couldn't manage it and became a fighter instead.
      • Froot: Mei Bedumb, a Duergarnote  Barbarian, who was originally a Rogue, but in her advanced age grew impatient with all of the sneaking around stuff, and just a touch senile as well.
      • Nyanners: Looseal Ligmabol, a Dark Elf Warlock, who channels the raw energy of a hundred teenage edgelords.
      • Haruka: Sugma Dyx, a Kobold Paladin, who has two fairy companions and is every bit the Cloud Cuckoolander one might expect from someone with such a name, with her initial armor consisting of a garbage bag with the word "ARMUR"note  crudely drawn on it.
      • Snuffy: Tom, a Kobold Divine Soul Sorcerer, who sadly has not yet received a full introduction, as Snuffy has been unable to take part in the first few campaign sessions due to health issues.


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