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    Masterpiece Fanfic Theater 
  • Anytime he reads the typos out loud in My Immortal.
    • Near the end, after the umpteenth pun is explained with a "geddit cuz im goffik", a caption appears onscreen in massive letters: "FOR THE LAST TIME, YES, WE GET IT!"
  • In his reading of Cloud Mows The Lawn, he inserts footage of him eating a Baby Ruth bar in slow motion while reading a particularly disgusting scat scene.
  • From his reading of The Wolf Blood Lineage; "Like the Invisible Man jerking off, that came out of nowhere."
  • His "Web of Dimensions" review, where the reading of this Self-Insert Massive Multiplayer Crossover is vastly improved by the presence of the original author: Linkara.

    Sage Vs. 

  • 'Bending With Bennett', his segment in the Rejected "Spooning With Spoony" video. Spoony screams non-stop while Bennett just smiles at him.
  • His "Top 10 Most WTF Music Videos" list. Highlights include:
    • Claiming that the plot of the "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" video was made by a little kid, and then proceeding to explain the plot in a high-pitched little kid's voice.
    • His overall grossed-out reaction to the "Get Down" video, right up until the end of it, when the black kid gives the "nightmare viewfinder" to a homeless man.
    Sage: Will this nightmare never end?!
    • Looking up Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" in the dictionary. He finds it under "apeshit nuts."
    • Sage not being really sure about the primary goal of Primus and their music. He gives an example of one of their videos, in which frontman Les Claypool is dressed up as a lobster, and an astronaut rides a horse to a restaurant to order...lobster.
    Sage: ... Deep?
    (Character from video raises hand)
    Sage: Ha-ba-ba-ba, put your hand down, you liar!
    • "Um, so...then the guy dances with an umbrella...seductively? And...the girls' faces turn into his face. And then...I wanna die!"
    Sage: Hey, wanna never sleep again? Too late!
    (Cut to shot of the Windowlicker)
    Sage: (Wide-eyed and slack-jawed) ... Er?
    • Ending the list by pleading with Aphex Twin to "never, EVER do this again." Cut to a picture of the song's single cover, which has Richard D. James' head on a bikini-clad woman's body.
    Sage: Son of a BITCH!
  • In the commentary for Sage's review of Starchaser with The Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker ends up further behind watching his copy of the review because of the mid-roll ads, leading them to empathize with fans who complain about such ads.
  • The Top 20 Worst Number One Songs has some as well:
    Bennett: Todd?
    Todd: Yes?
    Bennett: You're not wrong.
    Todd: And?
    Bennett: It's still my number 19.
    • In the entry for Ray Stevens' "Everything Is Beautiful", he calls Ray a "part time Red Green lookalike".
    • The face he makes in the "London Bridge" entry. Ditto for the one he makes in his Milli Vanilli pick when he discovers a post defending them on YouTube.
    • Making up his own lyrics for Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" after commenting on how Scott Stapp sounds like he's, in Bennett's own words, "working a turd that's halfway through the bowl yet just won't budge", complete with impression:
    I probably should
    Have brought a book
    To take my mind
    Off this dump I took
    • His rant about "Hollaback Girl", in particular the Gratuitous Japanese intro.
    • Getting uncomfortable after hearing Michael Jackson's intro lines in "I Just Can't Stop Loving You".
    Sage: I'm 23 years old... And I still feel like I need an adult.
    • Dissing Todd in the Shadows for not putting "Goodies" in his Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2004 list.
    • Talking about the overenthusiastic dancing fat guynote  in the "Goodies" video:
    Sage: There is one part of the video that I always go back to: this guy right here. What is his deal? What does he do? Why is he looking at Ciara like he's staring at a plate of ribs? Is it racist for me to think he's staring at a plate of ribs? I'd make that face if I were staring at ribs! Who doesn't like ribs?
    "All right, you big-swinging marketing dicks, we got five little douchebag kids never seen the rough side of sandpaper, let alone life. How do we sell them as badasses?"
    • Setting George Harrison's cover of "Got My Mind Set On You" to the laughing house scene from Evil Dead 2. Which is soon followed by...
    Bennett: Wow. I cannot think of a more dissonant mix of video and sound. Well...
  • The Top 20 Best Number One Songs has these gems:
    • Grooving to his choice for Stevie Wonder and looking slightly still in control.
    • When he shows a clip from the video for "Another Brick in the Wall, Part II" by Pink Floyd, a caption reads "The feel good hit of the summer."
  • From his Twitter: "Finally have the courage to ask for John Basedow for his autograph. #DepressingBucketList"


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