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Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn!
Linkara's gonna teach you all a lesson you won't learn!
What's with these awkward subjects? Why's all this art so rubbish?
For anyone who's had a bad comic published, it could be your turn!
"Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn, good comics are praised, and ignorance and hatred are unwelcome."

You'll find him here! Here, as well! Don't forget here! Also here (but no longer updated).

Meet Lewis Lovhaug's snarky alter ego, Linkara: an "eccentric" comic book fan who wears a nice hat and reviews horrible comics. He started out writing text reviews of various comics on his blog Atop the Fourth Wall. However, when doing a three-part review on Smoke and Mirrors, one of the low points of The Clone Saga, he decided to finish off with a video review as an experiment. This new format turned out to be popular with his readers (and easier on him), so he continued to make videos. Eventually, he ended up joining Channel Awesome and has had many cameos in, and several crossovers with, a few of That Guy With The Glasses characters and their series. Lovhaug is also a major Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and by extension, Rifftrax) fan and will often make numerous references to the show, either in clips, quotes, or general joke style.

In addition to his reviews of bad comics he has also completed a Let's Play of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, starring the unfraggable Ensign Munro. He and Iron Liz, his former girlfriend and occasional co-operator, also post vlogs of themselves playing Card Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sailor Moon in You're Such a Card... Game! He also has a now finished lets play of the fan made Pokémon game Pokémon Zeta and Omicron that can be found here.

He is currently producing the History of Power Rangers series, in which he looks back at the franchise (ALL of it) and gives a serious but very informal overview about its elementsnote .

Apart from his work at Atop the Fourth Wall Linkara has appeared in an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series as well as provided a voice for Dragon Ball Abridged. Linkara is not only a critic but also a writer, creator of the webcomic Lightbringer, several graphic collections in the Angel Armor series, and indie title Revolution of the Mask. His most prolific co-operator is Spoony of The Spoony Experiment, with frequent crossovers, guest-stars and stories interchanged between the two shows.

In addition to our intrepid reviewer, AT4W features a wide gallery of recurring characters who are profiled on the cast page.

The series does have a plot, and for those looking for a medium-sized summary of the plot from an outside source, find a plot guide here and here. Has a Wikia here. The plot also how has a Recap page.

Lovhaug announced in April 2014 that he was working on Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie. The Indiegogo page can be found here. The movie was released online in five parts the last week of November 2015 (coinciding with Thanksgiving). The entire film can be viewed from this YouTube playlist.

In May 2014, he launched his new website,, effectively replacing his BlogSpot page.

In March 2018, Lovhaug officially left Channel Awesome, a decision linked to the "Not So Awesome" controversy.

In May 2019, he announced that he and several other former employees of Channel Awesome were creating A Voice from the Dark, a Gothic Horror Comedy radio drama in six parts, in the style and continuity of the past Channel Awesome crossovers. It premiered in June 2019 and can be viewed here.

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"That actually happens to me."

In the middle of the review, Critic wants to do a sketch involving Walter White in Star Trek (and no, context doesn't help explain why), only for Linkara to explain that there are no sketches in his videos. Everything depicted in his story segments actually happens to him, and he lives in constant fear that the next encounter with some villain or eldritch horror would be his last.

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