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Lewis Lovhaug is an internet reviewer, best known as Linkara, the host of Atop the Fourth Wall, as well as the host of History of Power Rangers, an overview of the Power Rangers franchise.

He is married to Viga Gadson of Viga Loves Comics and Idols Of Anime fame.

Among the stuff he's produced:


Tropes that apply to Lewis Lovhaug:

  • Alter-Ego Acting: Lovhaug has occasionally referred to "the Linkara character" in interviews and commentaries, but at the same time also calls him "basically me with the volume turned way up".
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Downplayed; Lewis will use words like "hell", "damn", "bitch", and "ass", but pointedly avoids words like "fuck", "shit", and certain other heavy curse words. On instances where he has to read dialogue that use those words, he bleeps himself.
  • Keet: According to Noah Antwiler, he insisted on filming their crossover right after doing Kickassia for eight hours straight.
  • Precision F-Strike: While Lewis is generally nice and will avoid swearing, Mike Michaud struck a chord by creating a "response" to the #ChangeTheChannel, to which Lewis ultimately responded by telling Michaud to not "fucking tell" him to be happy about being contractually obligated to be in the anniversary movies.
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  • Real Life Writes the Plot: After he moved into an apartment with Iron Liz, so did Linkara. Likewise, after he and Viga moved into a house, the apartment was written out, using Reality Ensues as the reason in-story (namely Linkara's rent got hiked up after the tenants complained about the battles).
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: He's said he has no interest is this, even back when he was a kid. That said, ScrewAttack did once contact him to voice Superman in the Superman vs. Goku episode of Death Battle, but he couldn't as he was busy at the moment (and has expressed regret that he didn't make time to do it).

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