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Lewis Jeffrey Lovhaug (born August 19, 1987) is an internet reviewer from Minnesota, best known as Linkara, the host of Atop the Fourth Wall, as well as the host of History of Power Rangers, an overview of the Power Rangers franchise.

He is married to Viga Gadson of both Viga Loves Comics and Idols of Anime fame.

Among the stuff he's produced:


Tropes that apply to Lewis Lovhaug:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: While he didn't care for the Power/Rangers fan film, he admitted to laughing his ass off at the Hip-Hopkaido scene.
  • Alter-Ego Acting: invoked Lovhaug has occasionally referred to "the Linkara character" in interviews and commentaries, but at the same time also calls him "basically me with the volume turned way up".
  • Can't Un-Hear It: invoked Due to the character having yet to be adapted into a medium that would give him a voice, the whiny, wangsty voice he uses for Superboy-Prime has become this for the character. Lovhaug himself stated he was unsure of how he felt about this status when asked and informed about it during one of his Hitman (2016) livestreams precisely due to its nature as a mocking parody.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • A variant - Lovhaug has stated that in retrospect he wasn't happy with how the Walker Brothers characterized Linkara in the Channel Awesome anniversary specials, feeling that he was written to be too much of a Jerkass and basically became "The Nostalgia Critic but with comic books."
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    • On a lighter note, Lovhaug has also expressed great regret over not having been able to voice Superman in the "Superman vs. Goku" episode of Death Battle.
    • He's embarrassed by the self-published novels he wrote in high school, Epic Fantasy novels with a Gary Stu stand-in who adopts the messianic name "Linkara". Whenever they're brought up, he ends up asking that people don't track down the first two and only look for the third, which he is the least embarrassed by.
    • As evident by the fact that it's the page quote for Undermined by Reality, moving up a planned review of Gameboy #3 as a tribute to the then recently-deceased Justin Carmichal after learning during #ChangeTheChannel that Carmichal was a sexual predator. Much like Kaylyn Saucedo and Farewell, FamiKamen Rider, he left the video up, but disabled comments, demonetized it, and edited the description to note it no longer reflected his thoughts on Carmical.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Downplayed; Lovhaug will use words like "hell", "damn", "bitch", and "ass", but pointedly avoids words like "fuck", "shit", and certain other heavy curse words. On instances where he has to read dialogue that use those words, he bleeps himself. Lovhaug has said that he does this primarily since he feels that the reviews are generally better off without the swearing anyway and it also makes them come across as (somewhat) more professional by consequence.
  • Keet: According to Noah Antwiler, Lewis has so much energy he insisted on filming their crossover right after doing Kickassia for eight hours straight.
    Noah Antwiler: I was like "Were you not there when we invaded Molassia??" Then he told me "Yeah, just get a nap in the car. You'll be fine."
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: He values kindness, compassion, decency, and his and Viga's cats Starfire and Chieri.
  • Minnesota Nice: He is from Minnesota and often displays a kinder demeanor than his colleagues.
  • Precision F-Strike: invoked While Lovhaug is generally civil and by and large try to avoid using harder kinds of profanity, Mike Michaud struck a particular chord by creating a "response" to the #ChangeTheChannel controversy, to which Lovhaug ultimately responded by telling Michaud to "not fucking tell" him to be happy about being contractually obligated to be in the anniversary movies.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: invokedAfter he moved into an apartment with Iron Liz, so did Linkara. Likewise, after he and Gadson moved into a house, the apartment was written out, using Reality Ensues as the reason In-Universe (namely, Linkara's rent getting hiked up after the neighboring tenants complained about the battles). The second movie Lewis and Viga did was also written in (In-Universe, the result of Linkara testing out a security measure resulted in blowing up the old house — and damaging Linkara's reputation so much that the new house is in Viga's name).
  • Tempting Fate: Preparing for his review of Secret Empire, Lewis posted on Twitter a question about a man in a weird helmetonly to be utterly surprised to learn it was Isaac Newton.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: He's said he has no interest is this, even back when he was a kid. That said, ScrewAttack did once contact him to voice Superman in the Superman vs. Goku episode of Death Battle, but he couldn't as he was busy at the moment (and has since expressed regret that he didn't make time to do it).
  • We Used to Be Friends: As with virtually all former members of Channel Awesome, Lovhaug doesn't have a high opinion on the Walker Brothers (and, by extension, Brad Jones and his associates) after the #ChangeTheChannel controversy.

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