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Jonathan Michael "Jon" Lovitz (born July 21, 1957 in Los Angeles, California) is an American comedian, actor, and singer. Once described by former SNL writer Conan O'Brien as "a living cartoon character", most of Lovitz's performances hinge on combining copious amounts of Ham and Cheese with his booming 1940s newsreel announcer voice.

He's best known as a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1985note  to 1990note . Lovitz's most popular recurring characters include The Master Thespian (a hammy acting teacher), Hanukkah Harry (a Jewish take on Santa Claus), Evelyn Quince (the host of a show called Tales of Ribaldry where all the stories are allegedly titillating bodice-rippers), Tommy Flanagan (a member...uh...the president of Pathological Liars Anonymous), Mephistopheles (a man in a cheap Devil costume), and Tonto (of the trio Tarzannote , Tonto, and Frankensteinnote ). Lovitz's celebrity impressions include Don Adams, Howie Mandelnote , Yasser Arafat, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Gene Shalit, Harvey Fierstein, Michael Dukakis, David Crosby, Andrew "Dice" Claynote , and Alan Dershowitznote 


Lovitz most famously did voicework on the short-lived 1990s cartoon The Critic (all three versions: ABC, FOX, and the webisodes that no one likes or wants to remember) as the title character, Jay Sherman, a fat, ugly, miserably divorced film critic who tries to stay sane in a world whose tastes in film and TV entertainment are severely going downhill. Lovitz also voiced Jay Sherman on the season six Simpsons episode "A Star is Burns"note , the season eight episode "Hurricane Neddy"note  in a quick gag where Jay is seen in a mental hospital room repeatedly yelling, "It stinks!", and in another quick gag on the season 15 episode "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner"note , which shows all of the characters Lovitz voiced on The Simpsons sitting at Moe's Tavern.


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